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Title: 6/3-Political Championship Wrestling
Description: PCW Extreme Political TV

PCW - June 4, 2009 02:13 AM (GMT)
6/3-PCW EXTREME POLITICAL TV from the Palace of Political Extreme, PCW Hall in Archbold, Ohio
HOSTS: Johnny Suave and his life size cardboard cut-out of Shania Twain

Johnny Suave interviews Quadruple R-Randy ‘Road Rage’ Richardson from Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance. Suave reviews Quad R's recent match with Starz N. Stripes from the Progressive Alliance and his firing from Domination Inc. Quad R says he's changed and brings down the pious pair known as the The God Squad (Rev. Falwell Jr., Rev. Robertson) to show it. Quad R challenges Starz N. Stripes to a match at PCW Loose Cannons Unleashed 5. Starz appears and accepts with one condition- if he wins he gets 15 minutes with Dick Cheney at Club Gitmo. Dick Cheney appears and accepts with one condition- if Quad R wins Starz gets waterboarded at Club Gitmo.

Pulp Fiction Promo Segment featuring: PCW TV Champion SNAFU and Dr. Phil wannabe Dr. Bill/Dave the Mechanic and Tequila Sheila/Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit- Wall Street Analyst with the man crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit/Domination Inc. CEO ‘Sports Entertainment Genius’ Mr. McMann.

‘The Queen of Political Extreme’ ANN COULTER and ‘Texas Cowgirl’ HALEY DALLAS (American Patriots) def. JANEANE GAROFALO and CODE PINK w/Emily List (Progressive Alliance) when Dallas is able to hogtie Code Pink for the win.

Movie Classic riffs from the movie '300' and tries to find another volunteer from the Island of Misfit Wrestlers to wrestle Big Monster Wahlie. Michael Hunt of Guys With Unfortunate Names' raises his hand.

‘Domination Inc’s Seven Foot Tall Weapon of Mass Destruction’ BIG MONSTER WAHLIE w/Domination Inc. vs. MICHAEL HUNT w/Richard Headd of Guys With Unfortunate Names (Island of Misfit Wrestlers). Domination Inc. immediately jump and attack Hunt after the bell effectively scrubbing the match.


The final card for Political Championship Wrestling Presents: PCW Loose Cannons Unleashed 5:

PCW Champion O’Beck Bahama (Progressive Alliance) vs.
Domination Inc’s ‘Seven Foot Tall Weapon of Mass Destruction’ Big Monster Wahlie!

Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit- Wall Street Analyst with the man crush on ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit (Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance) vs.
Cadillac and Jaguar (Domination Inc.)

Kathryn Randall Collins aka…KRC (Progressive Alliance) vs. Kalee Jones- The Eskimo Queen (SarahPAC) vs. Mercedes (Domination Inc.) vs. PCW Women’s Champion ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (American Heartland Coalition)

PCW TV Champion SNAFU (Independent) vs.
Newt Tron Bomb (American Patriots)

Angry Left Wing Bloggers (Progressive Alliance) vs.
Right Wing Brigadiers (American Patriots)

Janeane Garofalo (Progressive Alliance) vs.
‘Queen of Political Extreme’ Ann Coulter in a Grudge Cage Deathmatch.

And Starz N. Stripes (Progressive Alliance) vs.
Quadruple R-Randy ‘Road Rage’ Richardson (Dick Cheney’s Extreme Neo-Con Alliance)
-if Starz N. Stripes wins, he gets 15 minutes with Dick Cheney at Club Gitmo.
-if Quad R wins, W’s Image Rehab and Truth Squad gets to waterboard him

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