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Title: "Her Choice": A Terra fanfic

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:32 PM (GMT)
This is my first story. So, try not to laugh at it much. Well, hope you will enjoy it.

{The story starts out as a up-close of a statue of a young girl named Terra. But, this is no oridnary girl. She was once a titan, then a apprentice of a evil mad-man, and now she's a hero. The teen titans, her friends, have been searching for a way to free her. But, they haven't had much luck of finding it. Someway, they will find it to rescue their friend in need. Until then, Terra remains trapped within her prision-form and deep down inside, she's still doubting herself of being nothing but...a failure...}

{Opening theme}

Chapter 1:

{As the picture moves closer to titan's tower on a bright day and sets inside where the titans are in the lounge. Starfire is mediating with Raven and Cyborg is playing cards with Robin. The sliding door then opens and Beast Boy pops-up. But, instead of making a big hello to everyone, Beast Boy just starts to walk past everyone ans headed for the couch to sit. Everyone doesn't really notice that Beast Boy wasn't himself today. Starfire stops mediating and so does Raven. Starfire whispers over to Raven....}

"Raven? Why does Beast Boy not greet us today? It is very strange."she said.

Raven:"Yeah, I don't know. Usually by now, he would've annoyed us. But, today nothing."

"Perhaps we should ask him to join us?" Starfire said as she flew over to him.

{Raven stays behind, but then decides to follow considering no one else was with her.}

{As Beast boy keeps walking, Starfire flys next to him. Then asks...}

"Oh, hello Beast Boy!{Smiling} Do you wish to part-take with me and Raven? We are mediating.It is quite fun if you would try it. WE will have muc-"

{But, then Beast boy interrupts her by saying...}

*Sigh* "No, thanks Star..."

{Starfire stops and watches Beast Boy walking straight on with her face with saddness}


{Raven comes next to her and stops as well}

Raven:"Sometimes I think that guy keeps getting annoying when he's not trying."

{Beast Boy keeps walking forward, without looking at anyone. He walks past cyborg & Robin playing cards. Robin stops looking at his cards and sees Beast Boy. Looking kind of confused, Robin wonders what's wrong with Beast Boy. He then turns to Cyborg & says..}

"Hey, Cyborg? Do you have any idea what's wrong with
Beast Boy?"

{Cyborg is still looking at his cards, while talking}

Cyborg:"I don't know, man. Beast Boy is full of mysteries, you know? But, here's a mystery solve{as he puts his cards down to show Robin}
Alright, baby!All ace's! How y'all like me now?"

{Robin looks at him with a pithy look on his face of the way Cyborg was acting}

Robin:"Um...yeah, Cyborg. I think I'll call it quits for me." {as he gets up and walks off}

Cyborg:"What?! Already? We just started, man!" {with the angry look on his face. Then looks at his cards and decides to quit too, considering the fact, Robin had left him alone. He then follows Robin.}

{Beast Boy finally arrives to the couch and presses his back against his seat. He then sinks slowly down and grabbs the remote to turn on the T.v. All the other titans stand behind the couch, watching Beast Boy acting strange. As the T.v. turns on, Beast Boy is flipping through channels with a space-out look on his face. The titans stare at each other about how Beast Boy didn't say a word to them. Then they decided to talk to him to see what's the big deal with him.}

Starfire:"Um, Beast Boy?"
Raven:"We just wanted.."
Cyborg:"To know..."
Robin:"What's wrong?"

{Beast Boy then stares down on the floor and turns off the T.v with the remote in his hand. He then moves his head straight forward to only look out the window in front of him. Then he decides that he needs to let them know what's been bugging him. Beast Boy begans to speak to them...}

"Well, I've been thinking alot ever since Slade came back with his new vodoo fire powers and wanting to steal Raven from us{He turns to alittle to look at Raven} No offense?"

Raven:"Um, don't worry about it. It's in the past."{as she smiles a little}

"Thanks{as he turns straight forward again}Well, what am trying to tell you guys is that I've been thinking about....Terra."

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:32 PM (GMT)
Chapter 2:

{All the titans stare at each other in shock about what Beast Boy had said. They all knew they haven't found a way yet to free her.}

Beast Boy:"So, I've been wondering{Then turns to look at Cyborg & Raven} have you two found a way yet to free her?"
{Beast Boy then stares at them hoping for a good answer}

Cyborg:"Well, BB{Scratching the back of his neck with his hand and slowly putting it back down} me & Raven really haven't found anything ye-"
{Raven cuts him off by saying...}

Raven:"Well, actually, I think I might have found something of one of my books when I found them in my closet.But, {Raven turns to Cyborg} I need your help to see if it would work though."
{Raven exits then and Cyborg follows her}
Cyborg:"Um? Sure thing. Just tell me what to do."
{He then exits too.}

{Beast Boy's expression just liid-up in front of him knowing that maybe Terra might finally might come back}

Beast Boy:"Wooho! Yes! This is so awsome!"

Robin:"But, don't get your hopes up yet."

Starfire:"He is right, Beast Boy. We have to see if it will work first."

Beast boy:" I know, but I can't wait if it does. Terra might come back and she can stay here with us again."

Robin:"Um, Beast Boy? About that, we still don't know tha-"

{Beast boy looks at Robin in shcok}

BEast Boy: "What?! I thought we all agreed that she was still welcome here and she could be a titan again."

Starfire:"Please, Beast Boy. Calm down."

Robin:"Yeah, cool it for a sec. What I was trying to say is that we still don't know if she wants to. I mean, with Slade back & all and she might be thinking that she shouldn't stay with us."

Beast boy:"Yeah, right Robin. Look, I know Terra might get freaked-out by Slade being back & might come after her, but she knows that we're here for her. So, don't worry about it."
{Beast Boy walks forward to go see Cyborg & Raven}

{Then Robin saids to himself}
Robin:"But, it might not be that easy."

{Starfire flys over to him}
Starfire:"Robin? Do you wish to see if Cyborg and Raven were successful?"

{He turns to her & saids..}
Robin:"Sure, Starfie. Let's go."

{They both follow Beast Boy and exit out of the room to see if Cyborg & Raven had found a cure.}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:33 PM (GMT)
Chapter 3

{The three titans arrive inside Raven's room and find Cyborg & Raven there.}

Beast boy:"So? You guys found anything yet?"

Cyborg:"I don't know,but Raven might have a guess."

{Raven was sitting on her bed looking through a book trying to find that page that might solve their problem. Seconds later, she finally finds the page. She stands up from her bed and walks over to the others.}

Raven:"Well, I found the page of what we need{showing the page from the book}now all we have to do is to go see if it would works or not."

Robin:"Um, I guess it sounds good enough."{headed for the door}

Starfire:"Oh, yes! Let us go see if we can rescue our friend in need."{as she flys out the door}

{Then Beast Boy looks over to Raven & Cyborg}

Beast boy:"You guys think we might have a good shot at this?"

Raven:"Well, we're not making any promises but..."

Cyborg:"Yeah, BB. Now, let's get all to stepping on out of here to work some magic."

{They all exit out and left for Terra's cave. All their hopes were setting on that page that will bring her back at last.}

Note: Sorry. Chapter 3 is kinda short, I know. But, chapter 4 is really long. So, I'll post it up soon!

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:33 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4

{The picture sets in a cave where the titans are walking in. The cave is dark and gloomly as they look around while walking. They finally arrive to the statue of their dear friend. Raven moves in front of them and sets the book, with that page open, in front of the statue. She turns to Cyborg and saids..}

Raven:"Alright, Cyborg. What I need you to do is while I chant the spell the magic will appear in front of us and will start to head for the statue. When it gets close enough, I want you to use your sonic cannon, but only a small amount of it. The magic will cover the statue and with your energy, that will increase the power to save her. So, you got all that?"

Cyborg:"Shoot small at vodoo magic, see if it'll work, and go home for waffles."

Raven:"Um...yeah, right. Okay, let's do this."

{Raven finds her center and her eyes began to glow. she then begans to chant the spell.}

Raven:"Nazerath, Mentios, Zinthios, heai, ilve, meca, akbc..."

{As Raven finished, a source of magic came out of the book and surrounded Terra's statue.}

Raven :"Alright, Cyborg! you're on, go!"

Cyborg:"No sweat!"

{Cyborg then put his sonic cannon arm towards the statue and shot a small bolt of light to Raven's magic. The magic then covered Terra's statue completely. Then a ball of light flashed and the magic disappeared. There was still some smoke and no one could see if it worked.}

Starfire:*Cough*"Did it work?"

Raven:*Cough*"I don't know. We have to wait till the smoke clears."

{The smoke fianlly cleared and it seem it that Terra was still in her rock-form.}

Beast Boy:"What?! It didn't work?!!!"

{Beast boy felt anger & saddness combined in him about what had happend. He just thought that all that was for nothing.}

Cyborg:"Hey, BB? We tried. We have to find some other way to free her."

Beast Boy:"And when will that be, huh?! Another year?! I can't wait anymore!"

{He ran over to the statue with tears., He stared at his best friend, Terra, and then fell on his knees.}

Beast Boy:"Terra, please come back. J-Just ...come back."

{Just then, Terra's statue started to move. The statue was cracking and small amounts of light flashed through them. then the statue pieces broke through. everyone could see Terra's human form. But, Terra wasn't awake yet. she began to fall when Beast Boy caught her before she hit the floor. Beast Boy was so speechless that she was back.}

Beast Boy:"Terra's....back? She's back!"{Smiling}

Raven:"Now, we have to get her home and have her rest for awhile."

Robin:"Raven's right! Terra should rest and get her energy back."

Cyborg:"Alright it's settle! Let's go home!"

Starfire:"Yay! Our friend has finally returned at last."

{Then they all started to head back home even while Beast boy was still carrying Terra in his arms. He thought now everything would go back to normal, but what he didn't know is that Terra wasn't quite sure if nothing would ever be the same again...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:34 PM (GMT)
Chapter 5:

{As they all arrive back to the tower, they decide to go into Terra's room to put Terra to bed. Terra's slide door opened and they all go inside. Beast Boy then carrys Terra over to her bed and places her there. The other titans follow him there and Robin says....}

Robin:"Starfire? Raven? Can you both stay here and help her change. I think she's needs to be comfortable when she wakes up, you know?"

Starfire:"Of course, Robin. We will do whatever we can to make Terra feel welcome as possible."

Raven:"Yeah. We'll take of her."

Robin:"Thanks, guys. {then he looks at Cy & BB} Come on, you two. Let's go!"

{Robin then heads out the door while Cyborg follows him. But, Beast Boy walks over to Terra one last time. He brushes her hair with his hand while staring at her.}

Beast Boy:"Welcome back, Terra. Please, get better soon."

{He then turns to leave and says to Starfire & Raven...}

Beast Boy:"Please, take care of her. I-I really don't want anything bad happening to her, okay?"

Starfire:"Of course, Beast Boy. We will."

Raven:" Yeah. she's in good hands."

Beast Boy:"Thanks, guys!"

{He then exits out of the room and the door closes behind him. Starfire walks over to Terra's drawer and looks for her clothes. She finally finds her black shirt with the "T" sign in front of it and her shorts. Then she carried them over to Raven, where she was next to Terra.}

Starfire:"Raven? I have her clothes ready."{showing her}

Raven:"Alright. Place them next to Terra. I'll use my powers to switch her apprentice clothes back to her old ones."

{Starfire did what she was told, putting Terra's clothes next to Terra. Raven chanted her special words she used to use her power..}

Raven:"Nazerth, Menithos, Zinthos.."

{In seconds, Terra's body glowed and so did her other clothes beside her. then, the clothes that were next her had magically were on her and her apprentice clothes were off from her even those electrical things on her head were gone..}

Starfire:"Yay, Raven. Thank you for helping friend Terra."

Raven:"Yeah, well...she really needed to have Slade's old gear off before he finds out she's alive and trys to do something. And she's...been through enough already."

Starfire:"Oh, yes. That evil-man was the cause of this. Well, all that matters is that she is here with us & we will be able to help her."

Raven:"Yeah, I guess. But.."{turning away}

Starfire:"What? What is it , Raven?"

Raven:"Well, I just have this feeling that..Terra is doubting herself. And stills feels guilty about what she did. So, there might be chance that...she might not stay here. But, I can't say for sure."

Starfire:"Well, I hope it doesn't come to that. I mean, we would all miss her. But, mostly our Beast Boy will. So, we just hope that she will stay here."

Raven:" Yeah, maybe your right. Maybe.."

{Raven knew there might be a chance that Terra will have to decide whether or not she will stay. But, all she can do is wait for Terra to wake up and see what happens...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:35 PM (GMT)
Chapter 6:

{The picture moves up to Terra, showing her move her head turning back and forth. Terra was having a nightmre about all the evil things she did to everyone she knew. Watching her friends fating away from and leaving her alone like she felt she was suppose to be. Then she saw the titans come at her. Raven & Starfire were the first ones to come out and grabbing one of her arms. Terra just keep saying,"No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" The picture blanks out of Terra's dream and just showing her shaking her head back & forth. Starfire & Raven were on each side of her telling her...}

Starfire:" Terra? Terra? It is me, Starfire. What is wrong?"

Raven:"Terra, take it easy. We're only here to help."

{Terra stops and slowly opens her eyes. As she open them, she sees Raven & Starfire. She looks at them and screams.}

Terra:"No. W-What am I doing here? I-I shouldn't be here! I should be dead. H-How did I come back?!!"

Starfire:"Terra, please take it easy."

Raven:"Yeah, don't waste your energy. We found a way to free you."

{Terra then looked at them in a calmly stage. And couldn't understand why in the world they would do that after all she did to them.}

Terra"Um...why did you guys do that for me? I mean,{she walks away from them & looking out of her window} I did all those evil things to you & to this city. I've been given so many chances, and wasted them. So, why did you guys do it?"

Raven:"Because we thought one more chance wouldn't kill us."{smiling at her trying to cheer her up}

Starfire"Besides, Terra{as she stands next to her} we have all forgiven you even our city has. You saved us from having a big mess in our beloved city and stopping that evil-mad-man, Slade. So, please do not think your not worthy of staying. You will always be welcome with us, always."

Terra:"Um...I don't know.."

Raven:"How 'bout we go see the others. They missed you too. Even Mr. funny guy misses you alot."

Terra:"Huh? Do you mean Beast Boy?"

{Terra wasn't sure if Beast boy had really forgiven her. She then had a flashed back about the last time she saw him. It was when Beast Boy & her were hugging each other right before Terra was going to do the unspeakable to save the city. All she could remember saying to him,"you were the best friend I ever had!"{echoing} then her flash back ended and looked back at the other titans}

Terra:"Well..if it's okay. I guess.."

Starfire:"Alright! It is settle then. Let us go!"

{She grabbed both Raven & Terra. then ran out the door.}

Raven:"Just like old times,huh?"{as Raven was meaning Starfire always did to them as she always grew happy}

Terra:"Huh? Oh, yeah. Old times."
{Putting on a fake smile and turning the other way.}

{Terra was so unsure of herself that if it was a good idea that staying with them might not be a bright idea. Maybe running was the answer again, but she knew they worked hard in bring her back for nothing. "I'll try to stick it out for them for awhile and then I'll decide."Terra thought to herself. Now, all she could think about how the others would react when they saw her, but mostly Beast Boy. She knew that Beast Boy got hurt the most, but she couldn't understand that, was bringing her back was a way of forgiveness or just a feeling of feeling sorry for her.Well, she was going to find out once they got there and know for sure what will happen..}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:35 PM (GMT)
Chapter 7:

{Starfire is racing down the hall trying to get where the others were while dragging Raven & Terra by the hand. Terra didn't knopw how to act when she got there. She was just so nervous & scared of being rejected by the others, including Beast Boy. But, she knew that she had to face them sometime. This might as well be it...}

Starfire:"Oh, Terra! Wait until you see the others, They will be thrilled to see you again!"

Raven :" I really hate to say this but...Starfire's right. We all missed you. It just wasn't the same. And no one couldn't handle Beast Boy like you did. Now, maybe we can all get some peace around here now."

Terra:"Oh, yeah. Um...I'm just glad to help."
{"Yeah, right Terra. Come on, you have to stop worrying. Nothing has happen yet. So, don't get all freaked out. Just...stay..calm." Terra thought to herself.}

{Starfire finally arrived to the slide door where everyone was. She pushed the button and the door flew right open. Terra hid behind Starfire & Raven, that way no one could see her until one of them said something. Starfire then said out loud..}

Starfire:" Greetings, friends. Raven & I have wonderful news."


Starfire:"Here is ...friend Terra."

{Starfire & Raven moved away showing Terra. Terra could see Robin & Cyborg surprised.}

Terra:"Um...H-Hey, guys?"

{Robin & Cyborg got up from the couch where they were playing video games and walked up to Terra.}

Robin:"Hey, Terra{holds out a hand for a handshake}It's good to see your finally awake & rested. We were kinda worried about you, but we're just glad your okay."

Terra:"Um..{shakes his hand}Thanks. I'm really glad to be back."

Cyborg:"Hey, Ter!{Has a high-five holding up in the air for her high-five back}How's my favorite rockin roller girl feeling?"

Terra:"Um..{High-five back}awsome, I guess."{smiling}

{Terra then looked around & behind Robin & Cyborg and there was no sign of Beast Boy anywhere.}

Terra:"So, have you two seen Beast Boy around?"

Robin:"Yeah, I think he said he was going to the roof until-"
{Cyborg cuts him off}

Cyborg:"Until I get him if Terra wakes up. Aw,man! I knew I should've gotten hiom earlier! Let me go get the little joker!"

{he then starts to walk out the door, but Terra catches up to him and said..}

Terra:"Can I tag along too? I kinda wanna see Beast boy in person if it's okay?"

Cyborg:"Sure,Ter! Let's go!"

{They both left for the roof. As they were walking, Terra was nervous & happy at the same time of not knowing how Beast Boy would react. All she knew was he was worried about her & wanted to see her again...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:35 PM (GMT)
Chapter 8:

{The picture moves up-close to the roof where Beast Boy is sitting on the edge of the roof looking at the sunset. He was so worried about Terra ever waking up again. Terra meant everything to him. She was his hero, his best friend, maybe even something more, but if something would've to happen to her, he wouldn't know what to do anymore. Now, he was hoping that Cyborg would come soon to let him know what's going on. As his mind was in another place, Cyborg & Terra finally arrived, but Cyborg decided to see Beast Boy first, so that way he could surprise him. Cyborg moved in front of Terra so Beast boy couldn't see her and said..}

Cyborg:"Hey, BB! How's the weather up here?"

{Beast Boy quickly turn his head and jumped up running towards Cyborg}

Beast Boy:"Cy! Cy! W-What is it? Is she okay? Did something happen? W-What's happening? Come on! Tell me what's up!"

Cyborg:"why don't you ask her yourself?"

{Cyborg moved aside and showed Terra standing there staring at Beast Boy having no idea what to say to him. When Beast Boy saw her there standing, he just couldn't believe she was finally alive and standing a few feet from him. Cyborg looks at both of them seeing that they were too nervous to say anything. He thought the next best thing to do was...}

Cyborg:"Well, it looks like you two crazt kids are hitting it off, so I'll just go now!"

{As he said that, he was gone in a heartbeat leaving Terra & Beast Boy staring at each other having no idea what to say...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:36 PM (GMT)

Chapter 9:

{As Beast boy & Terra were still staring straight at each other, Terra knew she had to say something or this staring thing would go on forever. Beast Boy was thinking the same thing as well. They both were going to snap if no one was going to say anything. So, then at the same time…}

Both {Beast Boy & Terra}:”So, how are you?”

Both: “I’m fine. Ha-ha...”

Terra: “um…so? {as she walks next to him and sits down on the edge of the roof}
How’s life been here since I was…um, gone?”

{Beast Boy then sits next to her and said…}

Beast Boy: “Oh, um…Let’s see…Uh….Oh, yeah! Starfire almost got married, Cyborg
was going to be the new leader of the new titans in Steel city called “titans east”,
Robin went on a quest to master his fighting skills so, he could beat up this guy who
thought he was more hot-stuff than Robin was, and um…you missed Raven’s
surprise birthday party. That’s really pretty much it. Um...”

Terra: “Wow! I missed out on a lot. Sounds like I’ve been gone for years.”

Beast boy: “Um…yeah...” {fake smiling, but feeling sorry for her that she missed out}

Terra: “So? I heard you guys worked hard to get me back because you kind of missed
me, is that true?”

Beast Boy: “Um…yeah, we did! We must’ve tried like hundred ways of bring you
back, but nothing worked. I was so-, I mean, we were all getting worried. We tried
one last thing and boom! You’re here. We’re all just glad your back. It really wasn’t
the same without you.” {smiling}

{Terra turned away and got up. She then stood up and looked at the sunset. Beast
Boy jumped up from his seat and stood next to Terra. He put his hand on her
shoulder and said…}

Beast boy: “Terra? What’s wrong? Was it something that I said?”

Terra: “Uh, no. It’s just…I can’t understand why would you guys do that for me?
Starfire kind of explained it to me, but…I-I don’t feel this is right if I’m still alive or
even…even stay here with you guys. I-I don’t deserve anything of this.”

{Beast Boy slowly turns Terra to face him. He then said...}

Beast boy: “Please, don’t ever say that, Terra. You did so much for us than you
realized. You do deserve to be here & alive. All those chances we gave you and blew
each one away, you still came through for us by saving us & the city. You are the
bravest person I have ever known. And nothing will ever change that. You’re my
hero, our hero.”

{Terra then hugged him with tears of happiness. That was the most beautiful thing
that Beast Boy had ever said to her…}

Terra: “Thank you, Beast Boy. That means so much to mean to hear that. No one
has ever said anything that nice to me before. Thanks.”

{Beast Boy was blushing red as Terra embraced him}

Beast Boy: “Yeah…uh…I-I meant all of it.”

Terra: “I’m so glad you’re still my best friend.”

Beast boy: “Um…yeah, best friend. About that, Terra. I-“

{But, then the other titans came and appeared out of no where. Terra & Beast Boy
were shocked to see them. The titans were still staring at them. Terra & Beast boy
Didn’t know why, but then they knew it was cause they were still hugging really
close. They both looked at each other in a blush & nervous face. And slowly let go of
each other acting like nothing had happened between them….}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:38 PM (GMT)
Chapter 10:

{Terra & Beast Boy decided to walk up to the others considering the fact that they were interrupted by them, they had to ask what's the big news they came for.}

Beast Boy:"Uh, so, guys? What's up?"

Terra:"Yeah, is everything okay?"

Robin:"Not really, Dr. Light has broken into another bank. We have to go. Terra, do you feel up to it to help us out?"

Terra:"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I think so."

{Terra then tried to use her powers as she lifted her hands out in front of her to call forth her boulders. Suddenly, a boulder appeared on the side of the roof. Terra then walked over to the edge & climb on her floating boulder. she then looked at the others and said..}

Terra:"Come on, guys! Let's rock!"

{Terra started to fly ahead. Starfire grabbed Robin, so he wouldn't have to walk and Raven started to lift her self in the air then followed Starfire & Robin. Beast Boy started to tranform to fly, but Cyborg stop him for a second.}

Cyborg:"Hey, BB?"

Beast Boy:" What, Cy? We have to go!"

Cyborg:"Just cool it for a sec., man. I just want to know one thing...did you tell Terra about Slade yet?"

Beast boy:"Cy, its like I told Robin, we don't need to worry about it. We're here for her. Nothing will happen."

Cyborg:"But, at some point she's going to know."

Beast Boy:"Look! Maybe they're some things that are best unsaid."

Cyborg:"Yeah, like the same thing, you won't tell Terra how you feel."{smiling with the look knowing he's right}

{Beast Boy looked at him with a grin.}

Beast boy;"Do you want me to drop you in the ocean when I take you to the city?"

{Cyborg's smile fated away and shakin ghis head saying "No"}

Beast Boy:"Then, shut it! {turning straight forward} I know I need to tell her. I just...have to find the right time. When ever that is."

{Cyborg walked up to him and said..}

Cyborg:"Don't worry, you will. I know its not easy, but you will."

Beast Boy:"Thanks, Cy! Now, come on! We're running late!"

{Beast Boy tranform into a flying dinosaur type and grabbed Cyborg by the shoulders with his claws. they both caught up with the others and were almost to the city...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:39 PM (GMT)
{OOc: I don’t really know anything about Dr.Light. I never really noticed what he does, so, just a heads up, I just made him throw devices that are electrical. So, I hope you guys will still like my chapter. Thanks!}

Chapter 11:

{The setting of jump city moves closer to the picture and showing a bank that someone has broken into. The image of person moves up, showing it was none other than…Dr. Light….}

Dr. Light:”Haha…! {Laughing evilly} I’m finally expanding my “unique” powers of finally getting what I truly should get!”

{He breaks the bank volt and money fly out for him to grab.}

Dr. Light: “Maybe even destroy the “Teen Titans”! HaH-“

{Then a boomer rang weapon flew out of no where and almost hitting Dr. Light’s arm. He then knew that only one person used that in battle before. Then he turned around and saw the titans…}

Robin: “I wouldn’t count on your “unique” powers just yet, Dr. Light!”

Dr. Light: “So? The Teen Titans have returned once again. No matter, I will succeed!”

{He then started to make a run for it through the hole wall he blew up earlier. Beast boy transformed into a bull, racing towards him. Dr. Light turned and saw the bull coming straight at him, but that didn’t scare him. He threw one of his electrical devices on the floor that landed next to Beast boy. Then it blew up and electrically shocked Beast boy, leaving him with static hair and a daze look. Starfire and Robin were next to take him by going at him. But, Dr. Light had another trick. he threw a bomb like device that pop out. Out came an electrical net that tied Robin & Starfire together.}

Robin: “Ugh! Dr. Light, you won’t get away!”

Starfire: “Yes. you are a very bad man!”

Dr. Light: “Ha-ha! And I just get badder by the second!”

{He started to run again and Cyborg then tried to catch up with him.}

Cyborg: “Yo! Mr. Night-Light! You’re not getting away!”

{He stood still and ready to aim his sonic cannon at Dr. Light to stop him}

Dr. Light: “Fool! I won’t go down that easy!”

{Then a ball- Like toy, slipped out of Dr. Light’s hand. It then landed into Cyborg’s cannon, preventing him from blasting}

Cyborg: “Huh? What did you do to my arm?!”

{He then tried to get it out, but the ball blasted out, having two electrical ropes tied his feet together and fell on the ground}

Cyborg: “OOH! Get back here, you walking flashlight!”

Dr. Light: “No, can do! Besides, you seem tied up at the moment! Ha-ha..!”

{As Dr. Light was still running, a figure from the shadows pops up. It was Raven.}

Raven: “Did you miss me?”

Dr. Light: *Gasps* “Oh, no! You! Ahh…!”

{He then made a run for it by going the other way}

{Raven then cried out}

Raven: “Terra! Now!”

{Terra appeared next to her, floating on her boulder.}

Terra: “Right! Alright, pal! We’re not done with you, yet!”

{Terra then hit her hands that looked like fists in the air. That made the ground started to split down straight where Dr. Light was running off to. As Dr. Light was almost gone, the cracks in the ground stopped in his way and the ground made a huge hole. Dr. Light was falling into it, but Raven then caught him with her dark energy. She then placed him on the ground, but the ground pop up that circled and tied him up, so he couldn’t get away.}

Dr. Light: “Okay, okay! You caught me! Now, please take me to jail! I can’t deal with that dark girl!”

{The other titans managed to break free from their problems from Dr. Light. They came up to Dr. Light and Cyborg & Robin started to drag him away. But, Raven stops them for a second.}

Raven: “Dr. Light? One more thing?”

{Dr. Light looks at her with one eye, being too scared to see her with both eyes.}

Dr. Light: “Y-Yes?”

Raven: “Um…boo!”

Dr. Light: “Ahh…!”

{He then fated. The titans stared at Raven}

Raven: “What?! Just because Beast boy gets to do stupid stuff, I can’t have some fun either?”

Beast Boy: “Well, it’s my thing. For you, it’s just…weird.”

{Raven grins at him, then touched his hair with her finger that made him get zapped again by the device Dr. Light use on him earlier.}

Raven: “Forget it! Have your stupid fun!”

Beast boy: *Coughing out smoke from his mouth* “It’s not stupid! It’s my hobby!”

Terra: *Laughs* “You, guys!”

{As the others were walking ahead, Terra suddenly stopped for a second. She felt as if someone was watching her. Then she quickly turned her head and saw no one there.}

Terra: “Huh? I felt someone was- Nah! I must be losing it again!”

{Starfire cried out}

Starfire: “Friend Terra! You are alright?”

{Terra turned back and started walking quickly to catch up with the others}

Terra: “Yeah, Star! I’m coming!”

{As she left, a figure came out from the shadows. It was…Slade!}

Slade: “So, Terra? You’ve returned and they accepted you back in. You must think you will live happily ever after. But, it won’t be for long, my dear. Not for long!”

{Slade then hides back in the shadows and then the picture then fades out black…}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:40 PM (GMT)
Chapter 12:

{The picture sets back in, showing its night time at titan’s tower. Inside, the titans come through the open slide door after returning the evil Dr. Light back to his jail cell.}

Robin: “Terra, great job out there! It was cool seeing you in battle with us again!”

Starfire: “Oh, truly it was! We are most grateful!”

Cyborg: “Yeah, Ter! You totally kicked that flashlight guy’s butt!”

Terra: “Guys? Guys? It-It wasn’t all me! It was mostly Raven.”

{Then Raven stood by her and said…}

Raven: “Terra, come on. So, I spooked out Dr. Light because he’s afraid of my dark powers. I never would’ve got him if you hadn’t stopped his getaway. Thanks!”{Smiling}

{Beast Boy pops up next to Terra as well…}

Beast Boy: “Yeah, Raven’s right! You were totally rockin out there!” {Big smile}

{Terra stared at her two friends that were beside her. They were giving her words of encouragement & trying to give her full credit of what happened today. Terra started to blush a little of how she was in the spotlight of everyone. But, then she smiled at them, knowing that they made her feel kind of wanted.}

Terra: “Um, no problem. And it was kinda neat being part of the team while kicking that bright guy’s can!”

Starfire: “Oh, yes! {Then a yawn came out from her while covering her mouth. She then said…} It was.”

Robin: “Maybe we should get some rest. It’s been a long day, for all of us!”

{He opened the slide door and headed out, followed by Starfire who was flying out with a sleepy look.}

Raven: “Rest, sounds really good about now.”

Cyborg: “Yeah, I- *yawns* need to get charged up! Night, y’all!”

{Cyborg & Raven then left as well to get some sleep. Terra started to walk out, but Beast boy stopped in front of her with his nervous look.}

Beast Boy: “Um-um, Terra?”

Terra: “Yes, Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: “C-Can I-I walk you to your room? You know, if you fate or get scared or- “

{Terra then put a finger on his mouth to make him. She put her hand back down and smiles a little.}

Terra: “I would love that, thanks!”

{Beast Boy gave her a big smile. He then stood outside the door and bowed his head down & held out his hand, telling Terra to go first. She thought it was alright to go ahead and go, so she walked out. Beast Boy stood back up and followed Terra out the slide door, then it closes behind them…}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:41 PM (GMT)
{Showing the halls of titans tower, Beast Boy and Terra are walking beside each other that are on their way to Terra’s room. Beast Boy looks at Terra back & forth, without her noticing him staring. Then Beast boy starts thinking in thought….}

Beast Boy {Thinking}: “Aw, man! I really want to tell her. I’ve been wanting to ever she…she…ugh! I don’t want to think about the past. I have to think about now. So? How am I going to do this? Hey, maybe I could ask her out again. I know the first time didn’t go too well, but second time’s the charm.”

{They both finally arrived in front of Terra’s door. As they stood there, Terra then said…}

Terra: “Um, well, this is me. Thanks for walking me to my door.”

Beast Boy: “N-No, problem!”

Terra: “Well, good night!”

{she opens her slide door as she steps in, but Beast boy speaks up before she completely closes her door…}

Beast Boy: “Terra? Terra, w-wait!”

{She turns around and looks at him }

Terra: “Yeah, Beast Boy?”

Beast Boy: “Well, I was wondering if, that is if you’re up to it, if you wanted to hang out tomorrow. Just the…two of us?”

{Terra was little surprised about what Beast boy had asked her. She didn’t know what to say to him and she had this feeling that she felt afraid of what might happen. Their first date was Terra’s worst night of her life. So, she didn’t know how things would turn out with this one. But, she least wanted to try. Beast boy still made her feel special and she’ll do anything to make him happy…}

Terra: “Yeah, Beast Boy! Sounds cool!”

Beast Boy: “Really? I-I mean, okay sure! I’ll come by here at 7:30. Is that okay?”

Terra: “Yeah, sure! 7:30 it is! See you tomorrow!”

{She waved goodbye to him as she step inside her room and her slide door closed. Beast Boy jumped in the air saying “Yes!” He then started to walk away while saying…}

Beast Boy{to himself}: “Oh, yeah! Who’s got a date? I do! I can’t hear you! Who’s got a date? I do!”

{Back inside Terra’s room, Terra sits on her bed staring outside her window thinking how things would turn out here now that she’s back.}

Terra{thinking}: “Well, things here are okay so far. I even get to hang out with Beast Boy tomorrow. Even though I have this funny feeling of going or…hurting Beast Boy again. I looked into Beast boy’s eyes that day and saw his heart torn into pieces. He had every right to be angry with me. I’ll do the same to myself. I just hope things will be different now that Slade’s gone. I guess I’ll have to see what’s in store for me tomorrow.”

{She then got under her covers and turned off her light switch that was beside her bed. Her eyes slowly closed and she fell asleep….}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:42 PM (GMT)
Chapter 14:

{A up-close picture of titans tower, where the sun is shinning showing its morning. The sun light shines through Terra's window which then wakes her up. She yawns and gets out of bed. Then she decides get ready and head out of her room to see the others. As she walks down the halls, somthing made her stop. She felt someone was behind her . Her head turns and sees...Starfire & Raven. Terra's relieved to know it was just them.}

Terra: "Oh, hey guys. Y-You guys gave me a little scare."

Starfire: " Oh! We are very sorry if we did scared you."

Raven: "Yeah, sorry for making you jump."

Terra: "It's cool, guys! I was just on my way to see you and the others right now. Where are you two off to?"

Starfire: " Oh, Raven and I were going back to Raven's room to mediate. Remember we use to do it all the time? You must join with us!"

Raven: "Yeah, Terra. It will cool if you would come with us."

Terra: "Okay! "

{then they all started to head back the other way and on to Raven's room. Terra thought this might be a good chance to get to know her two friends. She really wanted to have their friendship grow with everyone of her former friends. But, she knew that their trust would have to take awhile for them to trust her again. In the mean time, she just wanted to have some fun with her friends, but for real this time...}

{As they arrive in Raven's room, they all sit together in a circle & started to prepare to mediate. }

Raven:"Alright, guys. Forcus and find your center."

{she then closed her eyes and her glowing energy surrounded her, feeling that she was at peace in her mind.}

Terra: "R-Right. Forcus & find your center, got it."

{She then closed her eyes as well and began to relax.}

{Starfire looked at her two friends, seeing how in tune they were with this. She started to let out a big smile on her face. Her friends were together at last. She thought this was the most exciting thing.}

Starfire: "Oh! I'm so glad we are once again together. This is so wonderful!"

{Then Raven & Terra then said, without opening their eyes...}


Terra: "Sure."

Starfire: "Indeed, it is! Terra, do feel welcome here?"

Terra: "Yeah, Star!"

Starfire: "Glorious! So, our battle yesterday wasn't too much for you?"

{Terra then opened her eyes..}

Terra: "No, not really. After I got more rest last night, I feel much better."

Starfire: "We are so glad to hear that. And how about..."

{As Starfire asked another question, Raven couldn't forcus anymore because Starfire couldn't stop talking. Raven knew Starfire only wanted to be kind to Terra to see how she was & everything, but she needed to forcus, She then opened her eyes and said...}

Raven: *sigh* "I give up for now. {she then stands up & walks to the door. She turns to look at the others & says...} Guys, I'm going to grab a soda. You guys keep doing whatever your doing. Then maybe when I came back we could mediate some more then catch up with the others later."

Starfire:" Oh, yes Raven! Good idea! We will wait for your return soon. Then we'll mediate & see our other friends after."

Terra: "Yeah! Can't wait!"

Raven: {smiling} "Okay, be right back."

{Raven then steps out her door and the silde door closes. She then walks away and head for the lounge to get a soda. She thought this spending time with Terra was neat. Maybe she could know the real Terra instead the fake one who tricked all of them. But, she was nervous because she hadn't told Terra yet about Slade and her destroying the world. That was going to be hard for her to know. But, she will tell her when Terra was more at home with them and more relax with them, so she wouldn't be too freaked out too much. She knew telling her the truth was the right thing to do, even though it would be hard to say it...}

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Chapter 15:

{A silde door opens where Beast Boy walks in whistling a happy tune. He walks up to where Robin & Cyborg are. They were playing video games on couch, but they suddenly stopped and turn their heads to see Beast Boy in a good attitude..}

Robin: "Hey, Beast Boy! You're in a good mood today."

Cyborg: "Yeah, BB! Did they finally built a tofu take-out place or something?"

Beast boy: "Nope! {smiling} Guess who's got a date for tonight?"

{Cyborg turns to Robin and says...}

Cyborg: "So, Robin, you finally asked Starfire out?"

{Robin gave him a mean glare and turned his head away. Beast Boy 's smile disappeared when Cyborg said that and gave Cyborg a grin...}

Beast Boy: "Ha, ha! Very funny, smarty-pants. I asked Terra out."

Robin: "Good for you, Beast Boy!"

Cyborg: "See I told ya you had the guts! So, where are you two kids going?"

Beast boy: "Oh, I-um..."

{Beast Boy had just realized he hadn't pick a perfect place to take Terra.}

Beast Boy: "Oh, no! I don't know where to take Terra for tonight! There's so many places, but...which one?"

Robin: "How 'bout the movies?"

Beast boy: "Nah, too dark."

Cyborg: "Dancing?"

Beast Boy: "too much moving."

Cyborg: "Well, BB! It's your call."

Robin: "He's right! Go where you think is a right place to go to."

Beast Boy: "I know, but its kinda hard to think when there's so manu places. IT's tough to pick just one."

{Just then Raven pop out from the door and heads to the fridge to grab a soda. As she grabs it & closes the fridge door, she over hears Beast boy's problem and walks over to him. She then said...}

Raven: "Beast Boy, I think you should do what Terra did when you guys went on your first date, take her to a place that means something to you."

Beast Boy: "I don't know. There's not really anything place like that."

Raven: "Just try to think really hard with that brain of yours and you'll find it. Well, see you guys later."

{She walked out of the room and the silde door closed behind her. Beast Boy knew she was right. Terra had taken Beast Boy out to a little theme park that was like her second home. So, it showed that place meant alot to her. Beast Boy thought he should do the same. He then was thinking of many places that meant something to him, but then...he got. He knew the right place to take her. Then he said to Cyborg & Robin...}

Beast Boy: "I have it! I know where I'm taking Terra! Yes! Well, I'll see you guys later or when a mission pops up. Whatever comes first. Bye!"

Cyborg: "See ya, BB!"

Robin: "Later, Beast Boy!"

{Beast Boy steps out and walks over to his room. On the way, he gets another idea, buit this time it involved a gift. He couldn't wait to get started on it. This day really meant alot to him. All he can do now is wait and see what happens...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:44 PM (GMT)
Chapter 16:

{Outside titan’s tower, the sunny bright day fast-forward to the night, showing the glowing moon & shinning stars. Then showing inside Beast Boy’s room, where Beast Boy is looking at himself in the mirror, thinking about the date…}

Beast Boy {to him}: “Okay, I have to stay & calm. It’s just another date with Terra. No worries. You can do this! Breathe in {sucks air in his mouth} breathe out {sucks it right back out}…”

{The picture now shows Terra doing the same thing as Beast Boy.}

Terra: “…this night is going to be great. Slade’s gone, so what there to worry about?...”

{Then the picture divides itself showing Beast Boy on one side and Terra on the other…}

Both: “…I just have to be myself. Nothing will go wrong, I hope.”

{Terra & Beast Boy then steps out their doors, which closed behind them. They saw each other & walked up to one another.}

Beast Boy: “Hey, Terra! R-Ready to go?”

Terra: “Yeah! Let’s go!”

{They both walked through the halls then found the exit to the tower. As they stepped outside, Terra then sees a moped, ready for them to ride on. She had never seen this moped before…}

Terra: “Beast Boy? Is this your moped?”

Beast boy: “Um, yeah. I know. You probably don’t remember me having one here, huh?
Well, long- short {then images pop out from his story} this tofu monster thing was taking over the world, so I stole his moped. Then battled his army of “Bob” guys, don’t ask. And I saved the world. Robin and the others then agreed to let me keep it.” {Then the pictures disappeared}

Terra: “You? Saving the world? I was gone for a long time.” {laughs}

Beast Boy {laughs}: “Yeah! Okay, {He then walks over to the moped & sits on it while putting on his helmet.} Let’s roll!”

{Terra walks over to the moped while Beast Boy hands her a helmet as well. She puts it one & hops on the moped, while holding on to Beast Boy. Beast boy was blushing from his cheeks then he cleared them off as he smiled at Terra. The moped started to move, but Beast Boy twisted the handles on the side which the rocket packs of the back of the moped pop out from. The moped started to fly up in the air. Beast Boy & Terra were cheering as they flew up in the air. Then the rockets were fully charged and the moped took off, on their way to Beast Boy’s special place…}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:44 PM (GMT)
Chapter 17:

{As you see the moped flying in the sky, Beast Boy looks around down below to find his place. But, something spots his eye & realize that it’s the place. He flys the moped down to the park & lands. Beast Boy & Terra take off their helmets and hop off the moped.}

Terra: “Wow, Beast Boy! This moped is so awesome!”

Beast Boy: “Heh, thanks! Well, we’re here, but not here, here. Can you wait here for a second? I just want to check on something up ahead & I’ll come back to get you.”

Terra: “Sure, Beast Boy! I could wait.”

Beast Boy: “Alright! Be back in a sec.!”

{He then walks up ahead, leaving Terra alone for a while. As Terra waits alone, she looks around her to see what’s there. So far she sees trees & a playground. Then a voice pop up from behind her…}

Voice: “Hello, Terra. Feeling better, aren’t we?”

{Terra recognizes that voice. It was…Slade. She turns around behind her, but no one is there.}

Terra: “Was that…Slade? No, that’s impossible. Slade’s not here. He’s- “

{the voice cuts her off}

Voice: “I think you should rethink your theory , my dear.”

Terra: “No! You can’t be alive! You can’t!”

{She then started to run ahead. Her head was looking side to side & thought she was seeing Slade’s shadow following her. She didn’t know if Slade was real or not. All she knew is that she had to get away from what or who ever this was. She ran & ran until she crashed into something or someone. The figure was on the floor and then started to get up. Terra got up as well, but she started moving backwards slowly not knowing what or who was going to do. Then the figure said….}

Voice: “Terra…”

{Terra then started to walk backwards a little faster, but realize it was a tree that she stopped against. She felt trapped & didn’t know what to do. The figure walked towards her & out came from the shadows was…Beast boy. Terra looked at him & gave a sigh of relieve, knowing it wasn’t Slade.}

Beast Boy: “Ugh…Terra? Are you alright?”

Terra: Y..yeah! I’m fine. Something kinda spooked me out back there, but I’m cool. Um…sorry for bumping into you like that. I wasn’t watchig where I was going.”

Beast Boy: “It’s okay. Forget about it. Now, that I’m back, close your eyes & follow me.”

{He took Terra’s hand and started towalk in from of her}

Terra: “Okay, but don’t let me crash into any trees.” {laugh}

Beast boy: {laugh} “I won’t. Trust me.”

{She closed her eyes while Beast boy lead her to their perfect date…}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:45 PM (GMT)
Chapter 18:

{The trees & bushes were moving & out came was Beast Boy, leading Terra out. When Beast Boy stopped & so did Terra, Beast boy then said…}

Beast Boy: “Okay, Terra. We’re here. You can open your eyes now.”

{Terra opened her eyes and saw nothing, but a dark place.}

Terra: “Um…Beast Boy? Where are we?”

Beast Boy: “Oops, forgot to put the lights on.”

{He then let go of Terra’s hand and ran to the dark place that Terra was seeing. She couldn’t see him because the place was pitching black but she knew he was there. Then seconds later, lights from the trees glowed up like the lights were little star sparkling. All the trees lid up in a straight row in the place. The place was….a zoo. Terra thought it was so beautiful. She had never seen a zoo like this before. Then Beast Boy came out from the side of the zoo and walked up to Terra, who was still so surprised…}

Beast Boy: “Okay, here’s the real place. This is my second home.”

Terra: “It’s so cool!”

Beast Boy: “It’s even cooler inside. Come on!”

{He took Terra’s hand and they both walked together inside the zoo. Inside, Terra noticed that all the animals were locked up, but not in cages. The animals roamed free. Beast Boy & Terra looked at all the animals. They even got to pet & ride some of them. Terra rode a giraffe & Beast Boy was trying to manage riding a rhino, but it suddenly kicked him in the air. Terra rode by with the giraffe & caught Beast Boy as he fell back down & landed behind Terra. He smiled with an embarrassing look while Terra giggled a little. Then as they walked around, a lion stick out his head out from the fence he was in so someone could pet him. Terra saw him & pets him on the head then waving good-bye to him as she walked ahead. Beast Boy thought the lion was friendly too & walked over as well to pet him. But, when he got up to the lion & started to move his hand towards him, the lion growled & almost bit off Beast Boy’s hand. Beast Boy moved his hand back while grinning. He then glared at the lion with his eye & so did the lion. The lion then let out a big roar to Beast Boy. The Beast boy grew sick of this & transformed into a T-rex to roar at the lion back. The lion got scared & ran away, hiding behind a rock. Beast Boy smiled at himself, thinking he rules & proceeds walking with Terra. Terra saw a lake with dolphins jumping in the air. Beast Boy walked up to next to Terra & they both gave the look that it would be fun to jump in. So, they jumped over the fence & jumped into the lake. Terra caught one of the dolphins & rode with it underwater. Beast Boy transformed & rode next to Terra. The surface was about to come up and Terra & her dolphin jumped out of the water & so did Beast Boy. But, instead of Terra going back down with the dolphin again, Terra jumped off in the air & Beast Boy transformed into a flying animal while catching her & flew to dry land. As they landed, Terra drenched her hair out, but then splashed Beast Boy as he changed back to his human form & Terra started to laugh as she ran ahead. Beast boy smiled as he was soaking wet from Terra’s splash. He shook his head to clear the water off then went after Terra. They both ran out of the zoo & back into the park. Then they both tripped & started to roll down a small hill while laughing, showing they were having a blast. When they stopped, they lifted themselves up, but still sitting on the hill. Then the sky showed the glowing stars, shinning brightly & the moon, as being as big as ever in the sky. Beast Boy & Terra thought this was the best night. Terra then looked at Beast Boy & said…}

Terra: “Beast Boy? Thanks for showing me this place. I never saw anything like it.”

{Beast Boy looked back at her & said…}

Beast boy: “It was no problem. I only did the same thing as you did a while back ago, I showed you my second home. I…I use to come here with my parents a long time ago. I use to love coming here. It’s great, isn’t?”

Terra: “Yeah, it is! Now I see why you love it so much. It’s awesome. And this night sky is so pretty too.”

{Terra then looked back up in the sky staring in the sky. Beast boy looked at Terra & said…}

Beast boy: “Yeah…pretty.”

{As Terra turned to look at Beast Boy, He got nervous & looked back up in the sky.}

Beast Boy: “I-I mean, the sky is pretty. It’s like nothing I ever seen before.”

{Terra the looked back up & Beast Boy gave a sigh, knowing that Terra doesn’t know his feelings yet. Then Terra looked straight in front of her, thinking if Slade was really back. She then said to Beast Boy…}

Terra: “Um…Beast Boy? Are you sure nothing else happen while I was gone?”

{Beast Boy couldn’t tell yet about Raven destroying the world & the one person she doesn’t want to know that’s alive or not. He didn’t want anything to spoil the evening as what had happen back.}

Beast Boy: “Um…nothing that would interest you. Now, if you want to hear how this freaky woman, who wanted us to call her “Mother-may-eye”, got Raven to put on a dress, that’s a whole another story.” {laughs}

{Terra laughs to herself but then thinks if Beast boy was telling her everything. That voice & shadow all seem too real for her. Or maybe she thought she was just having flashbacks of him. But, all she knew is that she wasn’t sure Slade was alive or not…}

Beast boy: “So, Terra? You want to hit the road back to titan’s tower now?”

Terra: “Sure! Let’s hit it!”

{Beast Boy then got a remote out from his back pocket & pressed a button that call forth the moped back. Then in the sky, the moped flew above them & landed next to them. Then they got their helmets & put them on while hoping on the moped. Terra then held Beast Boy again, but she smiled and rested her head on his shoulder with her eyes closed. Beast boy turned his head back at her & smiled with red cheeks. He then twisted the handles on the moped & it started to fly in the air again. Then it took off, back to titan’s tower…}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:47 PM (GMT)
Chapter 19:

{The picture shows titan's tower where the moped is parked outside. Up-close inside the tower, where Beast Boy & Terra arrived at Terra's door...}

Terra: "Beast Boy, thanks again for a great night. It was really cool hanging out together again."

Beast Boy: "Yeah, it was. I...I really missed you doing all this stuff like before."

Terra: Thanks, Beast boy. Me too and we should do this again sometime. better get some rest. We all have to prepare for anything for tomorrow, huh?"

Beast Boy: "Like Starfire's cooking?" *laughs*

Terra: *Laughs* "Yeah, maybe. Well, good night."

{Her door opens & she almost steps inside when Beast Boy suddenly realize he forgot something. He tapped on Terra's shoulder that made her stop & looked at him.}

Beast boy: "I'm sorry, Terra. I forgot something. Wait here for a sec. , please?"

Terra: "Sure."

Beast boy: "Great!"

{He dashed like the speed of light to his room & back to Terra, holding a wrapped package.}

Beast Boy: "Sorry, I took so long. I made this from all of us & me."

{He handed her the package & Terra started to open it. As she tore out the last wrapping, she realized it was...the heart-shape box Beast boy made a while back for her. She couldn't understand why he would this to her again. But, she didn't want to make him feel bad about his gift. So, she opened the box & saw her reflection ,but this time, they were images of her friends next to her reflection. Above her reflection, had a note that said: "You are never alone when you have us." Terra thought this heart-shape box was beautiful than ever. Then inside the box, was another small package. She put the heart-shape box on her table in her room & took out the small package as she walked back out to Beast boy. The wrapping was coming off as Terra tore it & saw a little box. She had no idea what it could be, so she opened it & saw a...necklace. Terra put the necklace in her hand & notice that her butterfly clip she once had was the object that the chain of the necklace was holding. She had completely forgotten about it. Then she saw a inscription on her clip that said...}

"To my hero, {Terra}

You have given me hope I never thought I had. And strength that I thought was never there. I just want you to know that I'll be there for you, no matter what life brings us. And you will always continue to rock my world."

-Beast Boy

{Tears of happiness came down Terra's face as she looked at Beast Boy. These presents that Beast Boy had made were the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for her...}

Terra: "Beast boy..."

{She then hugged him as Beast Boy hugged her back while blushing & smiling.}

Terra: "...thank you for all of these gifts. They mean so much to me."

Beast boy: "Your welcome, Terra. I just wanted to do something nice for you. Oh, I forgot to show you something...."

{He slowly let go of Terra & slipped the necklace from Terra's hand. Then he put his hand into Terra's room while holding the necklace & switched off the light. Seconds later, then was a glow from the neckalce. Terra could see it glow brightly. Beast boy then puts back the light & moved his hand back out of Terra's room. He then gave the neckalce back to Terra & said...}

Beast Boy: "....I kinda sneaked into Cyborg's room & used his extra jar of glowing the dark goo. I thought it would be cool for you."

Terra: "It is cool, Beast boy. Thanks again."

Beast boy: "Terra, I just want to say that...{but for some reason something still hold him back from telling her his feelings. He didn't know what, but he couldn't say it} ...that sleep tight & I'll see you tomorrow."

Terra: "Okay, Beast boy. Sleep tight too & I'll see you later! Night!"

{She waved good-night to him aas she stepped inside her room & the door closed behind her. Beast boy walked away thinking how he was a idiot for not telling her. He always felt like a chicken to tell Terra the truth. Back inside Terra's room, Terra looked at her heart-shape box & then looking at her necklace in her hand while walking to her bed. But, then she noitced that her window was open. She didn't know why, so she decide to walk up to it to close it. Then suddenly a voice pop out...}

Voice: "So, Terra. Had a good time with your little green friend? It must be nice that I'm not interrupting your evening this time, huh?"

{Terra looked around her room, not knowing where the voice was coming from.}

Terra: "Slade?...."

{Then three small balls of sleeping gas came next to her. Terra couldn't get away in time. She fell on the floor while letting go of her necklace. Looking through her eyes, they were closing slowly , but you could see Slade's mask right before she got knocked out cold...}

cartoongirl - August 10, 2005 07:47 PM (GMT)
Chapter 20:

{All the titans are hanging out in lounge & just relaxing. Starfire watches Robin & Cyborg play video games & Raven sitting on the side of the couch reading a book. The slide door opens & Beast Boy pops up. He walks to see what the others were up to. The screen of the video then ended, declaring Cyborg was the winner. Cyborg stood up dancing & cheering while Robin growled at losing to Cyborg. Starfire then said to Robin…}

Starfire: “Do not worry, Robin. You will kick the butt next time.”

{Cyborg then said to Robin…}

Cyborg: “She’s right, Rob. You’ll win next time. Next time you try winning anyway! Ha-ha!”

{Raven looked of how childish Robin & Cyborg were acting, so she rolled her eyes & continued to read her book. Then the others noticed Beast Boy was walking their way. Beast Boy then stood next to them & said…}

Beast Boy: *Sigh* “Hey, guys?”

Cyborg: “There’s the man of the hour!”

Raven: “How did the date go?”

Starfire: “Yes, Beast Boy! Please tell all of us every detail of your enjoyable evening with friend Terra.”

Robin: “Yeah. Come on, Beast Boy. Spill!”

Beast Boy: “Um…well, everything went alright, I guess. I took Terra on the moped, flew her to our date place, had such a blast, we took off once again on the moped back here, walked her to her door, gave her some gifts, and- “

{Then Cyborg & Raven interrupts…}

Cyborg: “…and told her how you feel?”

Raven: “And about Slade?”

{Beast Boy started to move slowly backwards & said…}

Beast Boy: “Um…well, no…and…no.”

Cyborg: “What?! Why haven’t you told her?”

Raven: “Yeah, she needs to know about Slade!”

Beast boy: “Well, I couldn’t tell her about Slade because I-I thought it would freak her or something. And for telling her about my feelings, I…I kind of, sort of, chicken out.”

{Robin & Starfire walked up to them as well. Robin then said…}

Robin: “Okay, how ‘bout this, guys? We’ll tell Terra first thing in the morning about Slade together as a team. Then if she gets worked up, we’ll try our best to calm her down. And then, only if she wants to, if she wants to join the team again. Does everyone agree to let her back in if she agrees?”

Starfire: “Robin is right! We have to help friend Terra get pass this Slade drama. I agree fully to let Terra back in.”

{She then puts her hand out in front of her. Robin puts his hand also on top of hers, showing he agrees also.}

Cyborg: “Even though she betrayed us, she still came through for us.”

{He puts his hand on top of Starfire’s & Robin’s hands.}

Raven: “She was a spy for Slade & pretended to be a friend to us, but she risked her entire life to stop Slade & saved us & the city too. If that’s not a true friend, I don’t know what is.”

{She puts her hand on top of the others.}

Beast Boy: “Hey, you all already know my answer. Count me in too!”

{He placed the last hand with the others. Then everybody cheered as they threw their hands in the air & placed them back down. Beast Boy started to walk out the door while saying…}

Beast Boy: “Okay, we’ll tell Terra about Slade tomorrow. And since there’s nothing else. I’ll just go get some sleep.”

{Cyborg blocks his hand in the door way in front of Beast Boy that made him stop. While everyone stood next to Cyborg to stop Beast Boy from leaving…}

Cyborg: “Stop right there, Romeo! Yeah, we agreed that we’ll tell Terra about Slade in the morning. But, you are going to tell her right now about how you feel about her.”

Beast Boy: “I…I…uh...look slikie flying!”

{Everyone then looks & Beast Boy slips out the door in a flash. As Beast Boy makes it half way down the hall, he gives himself a big sigh of relieve.}

Beast Boy: “I lost them.”

{He looked back behind him to make sure they weren’t there. While he was looking, there was a glowing shadow behind the other side of him. It was Raven’s magic which brought everyone with her. Beast Boy thought the coast was clear & turned back. But, he saw his friends blocking his way. He started to run a little the other way, but Robin & Cyborg grabbed him by the arms, dragging him to Terra’s room while Starfire & Raven walked behind them. Beast Boy was kicking & yelling saying…}

Beast Boy: “Please, no! Don’t I have any rights to say how I feel to Terra when I’m ready?! Let me go!”

Robin: “Sorry, Beast Boy.”

Cyborg: “Come one, man! You’ll feel better once you get this out of your system.”

Starfire: “Please, do not hate us for this, Beast Boy. We only want to make you happy.”

Raven: “Yeah. So, stop acting like a wimp & tell her!”

{They all arrived at Terra’s door. Cyborg & Robin knocked on the door. The door started to open slowly & the titans then hid behind another wall, leaving Beast Boy there alone. the door opened Beast Boy closed his eyes & said…}

Beast Boy: “Terra, it’s not my fault for begging you again. They made me do it! They-“

{Then he opened his eyes & noticed no one was in the room. And it was completely dark. The other titans stood next to Beast Boy as they all walked inside the room. Then Starfire pointed out…}

Starfire: *Gasp* “What is that glowing object on the floor?”

{Beast Boy walked up to it & picked it up. Raven put the light switch back on that lid up the place. Then Beast Boy said…}

Beast Boy: “This is the necklace I gave Terra. W-Where is she?!”

{Then the signal that they were getting a call from their screen was ringing. Everyone ran back to the lounge where the screen was. Robin place in the coed to unlock the screen picture. Then on the screen was…Slade.}

Robin: “Slade!”

Slade: “Hello, titans. Did you all have a great evening as your long-lost friend did?”

Robin: “Cut to the chase, Slade!”

Beast boy: “Yeah! Where’s Terra?!”

Slade: “Don’t worry titans. Your friend is with me. Come to my lair if you want her back!”

{Then screen went black. Robin then got a fix on his location to where Slade was. Beast Boy felt anger inside of him, feeling guilty for leaving Terra alone. He started to rush out the door & said to the others…}

Beast Boy: “Come one, guys! Terra’s in trouble! We gotta go!”

{He ran out the door while the others followed him. They all had to try their best to save their friend before Slade does anything to make matters worse for Terra…}

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