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Sithspawn is an intermediate to advanced play-by-post role-playing forum. Set in the immensely rich Star Wars universe, the game takes place some years after 3,000 Before Battle of Yavin. For more information on the Timeline, History and events on Sithspawn please browse the links under Navigation.

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Timeline year: 305 ARE
Reports coming from Coruscant show a marked increase in crime statistics, specifically vigilante justice. The Judges are cracking down on the vigilante groups but have so far been unsuccessful.
According to Confederation sources the Jedi Order has joined the conflict on the side of the terrorist organisation calling itself the Alliance of Free Planets, declaring war on the Confederation of Dolomar. The Confederation openly condemned this move by the former peacekeeping group, one representative going so far as accusing them of indoctrination of the youth and fearmongering.
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 Nathaniel Stone, Jedi Master
Nathaniel Stone
Posted: Mar 30 2008, 04:07 AM
Quote Post

Group Icon

Group: Jedi Order
Posts: 136
Member No.: 229
Joined: 28-March 08

Personal Information
Name/Handle: Kosmos
Age: 20
Gender: Female
How did you find us?: I already play Lysander and another character is pending!

Character Information
Name: Nathaniel Stone
Nickname/Alias: Stone, any nicknames give to him by students
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Force Sensitive: Yes.

Body Information
Clothing Outline: Stone isn’t doesn’t do much covert work, and as such, he’s almost always in his Jedi attire. For him, this consists of dark blues and light greys in fabric, as well as dun color leathers.
Face Outline: A wide face with well set features, Stone has a face that could easily be considered gentle. That is, it would be so if he smiled a little more often. A smile from this Jedi Master is a rarity, and when it does come, it’s been well earned by the recipient. His eyes are a clear blue and his hair is a lightening dark grey kept short. His complexion is slightly darker than fair.
Body Outline: Though the colors he wears suggest a softer side of a man, first sight of Stone tends to be rather intimidating. He stands tall and strong, with wide shoulders and strong build. He’s not hulking, but paired with his personality, he seems to be one to one you might want to tread carefully around.
Physical Build: Athletic
Height: 6’ 1”
user posted image

Combat Information
Faction: Jedi
Rank: Council Member (master)
Class: Jedi Consular
Weapon: Green Lightsaber (single blade)
Spaceship: Delta Aethersprite, the Hope’s Fire
  • While not his focus, Stone is an expert melee combatant--he’s had the years to practice.
  • As a Consular, Stone can sense the future and danger in the galaxy through meditation. His specialty is mind tricks, which he excels at. This often makes combat unnecessary for him.
  • With a good amount of time spent at the Jedi Temple itself, he has had opportunity to work with the sick and learn how to heal through both medicine, herboloy, and the Force.
  • He’s a standard Jedi pilot, thought he does know a few tricks for escape during dogfights.
Additional Items: Datapad, comlink, small first aid kit

Lightsaber Info
Handle Design: Silver cylinder with more ornate gold designs. Pic
Blade Colour: green
Techniques: Ataru (moderate) Makashi (moderate) Soresu (mastery)

Additional Information
Personality: The easiest way to describe stone in one word would to be to resort to the definition of “stern.” He’s not mean, per se, but it’s obvious he means business. He believes rules are there to be followed and breaking them without damn good reason is more than enough to upset him. He dislikes it when people--especially Jedi--toe the line on purpose, and being disobeyed is one of his greatest pet peeves. He doesn’t make a ton of friends mostly because he scares others off with his “no funny business” attitude.

He’s stubborn and idealistic, with a very realistic viewpoint on life.

However, he’s not all ice and bite. He is capable of making friends who he trusts dearly, though that may not be obvious, even to them.
History: Born well before the turn of the millennia, in this time of turmoil, Stone has a lot of experience under his belt. He was born to parents on Coruscant who understood the need for Jedi in the galaxy as many of the distant ancestors had been taken as Jedi during the millennia. He was whisked away just before his first birthday.

As just an initiate, life was pretty simple growing up. He knew little of the outside conflicts going on in the world. It was only when he was nine and taken as an apprentice that he began to realize what an interesting state of affairs was going on in the world.

He was a fast learner and a steady student growing up. His Master was a Consular of the order and taught young Stone everything he knew. He grew strong in the Force and the manipulation thereof. He learned to heal and to change the minds of others, and has since perfected much of the art.

Through the years, he remained at the Temple much of the time, spending most of his time in study of knowledge. He would participate when needed in the galaxy at large and has successfully trained a number of padawans. He was a Master by his early thirties and in his mid-forties he was put on the Jedi Council.

In recent years, he has kept close to Ossus for Council matters, but he has traveled to lend support to the galaxy at large as it suffers between the conflicting parties. He is determined to uphold justice in the galaxy.

RP Sample: Jedi Master Nathaniel Stone had successfully infiltrated the Coruscanti prison. Having moved his way through the outer doors with some story about visiting his brother who worked as a security guard here and a few well-placed credits, he’d made it past the less secure parts of th building.

However, if he was going to successfully free young Knight Fraelander from the depths of the high security area, he was going to have to put his years of experience to the test. If he was found out in the middle of this duracreet building, without any weapons on him, not even the Force was likely to keep him free with how many guards manned this place.

But he feared not. With a little skill and persuasion in the right places, he felt sure he could make it in and out without raising any alarms. Still, without his ‘saber, he did feel a bit on the vulnerable side.

He walked towards the high security doors, dressed in his civilian clothing, determination in his steps. Even when the guards raised their blasters in warning, he did not falter.

“No Civilians beyond this point, sir. Turn back,” One husky guard stated with authority.

Nathaniel frowned, as if disappointed in the guards. Calling on the Force and his powers of mind trickery, Stone moved his hand ever so subtly--a habit from his earlier years that wasn’t all necessary anymore--and stated calmly, “You were told to be expecting me. You’ll gladly let me through. Your orders are to tell no one else about me.”

Thankfully, despite their authority, it seemed both men were softened and weakened from their easy job here guarding this door in the deep confines of the prison. The first guard blinked, eyes glazed slightly as he stated. “I was told about you. Go on through. I’ll tell no one else about you.”

Master Stone stepped through as the guard pressed the combination to let the door open behind him. Stone stepped through, but even as he did so, he felt the warning in the back of his mind that a silent alarm had been set off. He spun around to find the second guard with his blaster leveled at him.

“Wait on second. I didn’t hear anything about you,” he growled. “Stop right there.”

Eyes tightening tersely, Stone nodded as if in cooperation. It seemed his mind trick had only affected the first of the guards for long enough. So much for soft minds.

At least he was through the doors. With above-average speed and reflexes, Stone turned, using the Force to close the door behind him, blocking the guards as he turned to bolt down the hall to his intended cell of destination. This just got harder, but hopefully by no means impossible.

user posted image

Name: Nathaniel Stone
Nicknames: Old Stoneface, Buzzkill, Buttons, Brickwall
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Species: Human
Birthplanet: Coruscant
Ship: Hope's Fire, Delta Aethersprite (Class 1 Hypderdrive Ring)

Faction: Jedi
Rank: Sage Master/Council Member
Padawan: Seras Amadis

  • green lightsaber (corusca gem, velmorite crystal)
  • personal comm
  • datapad
  • small first aid kit
  • Jedi Master Robes
  • Jedi Utility Belt
  • ^Antidotes for various poisons
  • ^A99 Aquata Breather
  • ^Gauntlet holo-projector
PMEmail PosterAIMMSN
Xira Stone
Posted: Mar 30 2008, 04:20 AM
Quote Post

Bantha Fodder

Group: Dead
Posts: 0
Member No.: 92
Joined: 26-January 08

Your character has been accepted!

Welcome to Sithspawn. We hope to see your character involved in a topic soon, and hope you have fun on SS!

The Staff

user posted image

Name: Xira Stone
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Species: Human
Birthplanet: Dolomar
Ship: Atonement, Super Star Destroyer

Faction: Confederation
Rank: Grand Admiral

  • Two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols
  • Kylan-3 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • ACP Array Gun
  • Agonizer-6 nerve disruptor
  • Spider-silk Armour (Confederation naval uniform)
  • Spider-silk Armour (civilian clothes)
  • Identification (not always on person)
  • Comlink

PMEmail Poster
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