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Sithspawn is an intermediate to advanced play-by-post role-playing forum. Set in the immensely rich Star Wars universe, the game takes place some years after 3,000 Before Battle of Yavin. For more information on the Timeline, History and events on Sithspawn please browse the links under Navigation.

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Numbers that are usually inaccurate.

Alliance: 17
Confederation: 16
Mandalorian: 17
Jedi Order: 11
Cult: 12
Criminal: 7
Neutral: 9

We don't update this as much as we should.

Timeline year: 305 ARE
Reports coming from Coruscant show a marked increase in crime statistics, specifically vigilante justice. The Judges are cracking down on the vigilante groups but have so far been unsuccessful.
According to Confederation sources the Jedi Order has joined the conflict on the side of the terrorist organisation calling itself the Alliance of Free Planets, declaring war on the Confederation of Dolomar. The Confederation openly condemned this move by the former peacekeeping group, one representative going so far as accusing them of indoctrination of the youth and fearmongering.
The galactic superstar Mystiq Venus had her recent album 'Tangerine Kisses' go platinum. In celebration of this tremendous success Venus is planning on launching a tour through the Core, Inner, and Mid Rims to thank her fans for their dedication. A percentage of the proceeds will be given to The Norman and Valzeek Charity for Wartime Orphans.

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 Active Characters, Overview
Posted: Mar 22 2008, 08:33 PM
Quote Post

Captain Kirk
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Group: Alliance Admin
Posts: 1,608
Member No.: 1
Joined: 30-April 06

Complete list of all active characters and their species, organised by faction:

Alliance: 17
Aella Taridon | Human
Cameron Muse | Human
Cor Ischoron | Epicanthix
Crowe Ischoron | Human
Devar Kelren | Human
Ember Shoan | Miraluka
Evelyn Harper | Human
Florence Blue | Morellian
Hadrian Locke | Human
Mac Cheydin | Human
Malneth | Togorian
Molly Grimm | Human
Pax Lorraine | Human
Rumi Talionis | Trianii
Stroud Darling | Human
Teucer Achean | Vahla
Wes Loran | Human

Confederation: 16
Algernon Trellian | Morellian
Avery Marin | Human
Constance Bravil | Human
Isayev Kuryakin | Human
Janus Dresvyanin | HRD
Jarrek Aquethes | Kiffar
Katia Anastasia Vasilyev | Human
Kirill | Spider People
Lucifer Vice | Human
Maelibi Viago Dune | Human
Maris Kala'myr | HRD
Maximilian Dorel | Human
Morena Monroe | Zelosian
Paol Ciat | Human
Reatir Pax | Human
Quental Brentioch | Human

Mandalorian: 17
Arken Ischoron | Arkanian Offshoot
Asha Ha'rangir | Vahla
Chayaikir Ha'rangir | Zeltron
Da'chetre Rahl | Horansi
Erisi Rahl | Human
Ja'swi Rahl | Horansi
John Ischoron | Epicanthix
Kara Ca'rell | Zeltron
Ilian Ischoron | Epicanthix
Mastiv Ischoron | Human
Merci Rahl | Human
Orar Rahl | Chev
Rhia Ischoron | Epicanthix
Shyla Vantras | Miralan
Skadi Ha'rangir | Epicanthix
Tamzin Ha'rangir | Atoan
Traven Ischoron | Human

Jedi Order: 11
Callan Lash | Human
Cordelia Diora-Trest | Human
Il'quoshyn Rhyl | Hapan
Kime Mushin | Human
Lysander Odakota | Human
Nathaniel Stone | Human
Nereus Sark | Kiffar
Shae'andri'lar Marin | Human
Tarissa Rysand | Human
Veyron Rumare | Human
Xion Odanau | Epicanthix

Cult: 12
Byron Hreidmar | Human
Cara Delarosa | Human
Fiona Athiachos | Human
Izu-Dar-Mauli | Tiss'shar
Lannis Palar | Human
Leto Ineferic | Sarkhai
Lucretia Demici | Human
Nia'ana | Twi'lek
Siiwook | Lucent
Tristanian Pax | Human
Vati Eshana | Zeltron
Ziyado Idani | Miraluka

Criminal: 7
Bernard Sirat | Human
Charlie Quill | Human
Emma Briggs | Human
Fierran Kynaston | Morrellian
Garlan Bawoosh | Human
Sabriel Wickham | Umbaran
Saul Pike | Epicanthix

Neutral: 9
Cortana Halsey | Theelin
Ezekiel Valtieri | Zeltron
Haze Coeus | Twi'lek
Kara Tenai | Zeltron
Kareena Brenner | Epicanthix
Robert Dorn | Human
Seras Amadis | Miraluka
Vyntiras Moneta | Mirialan
Zaphod Axltoss | Icarii

Name: John Wesley Garik Loran [BANK]
Nicknames: Wes
Callsign: Casanova, "Nova"
Alias: Eldar Sercess, Falkieri Phelan, Pike Kunta
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Ship: TL-1800 freighter, S-250 Chela-class starfighter

Faction: Alliance of Free Planets
Rank: Director of Intelligence, Grand Admiral/Marshal
Class: Pilot/Smuggler/Spy
Flagship: Foreigner, Keldabe-class Battleship

  • Rebel Body Armour
  • Baragwin Stealth Unit
  • Force Mask
  • S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Vibro knuckler
  • Controller FP (extendable)
  • Wrist Launcher
  • Tranquilizer Darts (x10)
  • Vibrosword
  • ABC Scrambler
    - 3x ABC pods
  • TD2.3 Electrobinoculars
  • Light amplification goggles
  • Mechanical interface visor
  • Headset comlink
  • Sonic pacifier
  • Stokhli spray stick
  • Gyrda keypad
  • FD-62 security de-scrambler
  • Level D Implant
  • Cortical Datasplint
  • x15 Frag grenades
  • x5 Smoke grenades
  • x10 G-20 Glop grenades
  • x3 Detonation packs
  • Bounty Hunters' Guild License
  • Marksman-H Remote
  • Medallion
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