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Ruby Quinn - February 5, 2010 03:09 AM (GMT)

Mal wants some romance or something, plus some other stuff. Well, not really romance in the strictest sense. Whatever, just read on! I'm just gonna copy+paste the ad I'm putting on all these other sites, because I already wrote all this up and I'm lazy sometimes. XP

It would be super awesome if I could maybe get a potential girlfriend for one of my girls, Debra (yes, it has to be a girlfriend). Or even an ex-girlfriend would rock hardcore. I have a few ideas, and since Deb is notedly quick to lose interest and not very good with commitment so this could go several ways. You know, they broke up and the girl is pissed about the fast dump and wants to get back at her, or they keep getting involved with each other all the time only to break up again in a week, etc. I'm very open. Deb is a sweetheart who just can't keep her romantic ADD under control, essentially. XD

Another lover request is for my character Michi. Michi has recently gone through a trauma (being attacked and mauled by a werewolf) and is prone to sleeping around with people, feeling safer when someone is with her at night. Male or female is fine for this. I'm looking for either a) someone to routinely call for one nighters, or b) someone to put her with in a more permanent fashion. B is my preference and in specific I am looking for it to be a more abusive relationship than something lovey-dovey. I don't want nice. I want it drawn out, and mean, and ending on bad terms. She would stay with this person feeling it better to be with anyone than no one.

For my character Ruby (Quinn) I'm looking for someone to fill this canon, who would be her friend:

Fitzroy, _____
twenty-eight drummer uninfected shane west
user posted image
Hell steal your woman! Not really, but he probably could if he wanted to because hes so hot and a drummer and got that bad-boy attitude that chicks swoon over him. Or they should. Hes too absorbed in carving his own drumsticks to notice most people. Mini-obsession of his. But he isnt a complete jerk. Quite the contrary; you befriend him and youve got yourself a bodyguard. He makes a point of protecting those who he thinks need it, such as QUINN, whom he keeps telling needs to wise up or be run over. Hes tried to convince her to get a new car too, but failed. Hes also not too keen on this new old man shes taken cigs and a pillow from, BRUNO. Whats his deal? FITZROY is pretty sure hes a wolf too, which is just a no-no. Wolves are savages. And dont you deny it, buck.

And for my character Cerise (Lestrange) I would love it if someone took this character for her to pester:

Casanova, _____
twenty-six accountant uninfected seth rogen
user posted image
CASANOVA. He's a good guy, he really is, but he just can't seem to get a break. If it's not someone making fun of his name, it's another making a fat joke. And he never defends himself, he's a complete doormat, just letting everyone wipe their dirty boots off on his face. He always feels like he's walking on pins and needles around everyone. No matter what he does, someone's going to be disrespecting him. Still, he's very trusting. He's like a little puppy, and everyone has the potential to have treats in their pocket. He'll probably love you until you prove yourself to be just like everyone else. Then he'll just try to slink away. One of the people he works for, LESTRANGE is both nicer to him than most, and more awkwardly annoying. He can never tell if she's making fun of him, using him, or really just trying to be friendly when she starts distracting him from his work all the time by calling him up and talking about all her problems to him for hours on end sometimes.

Sophie Laurent - February 5, 2010 03:49 AM (GMT)
I volunteer for Michi or Deb.

Sophie's pretty much as devious as it gets. She can be Michi's one night stands. She can be a y'know kinda nice about and understanding about the whole fear of sleeping alone. She can also be the one who lets her down because obviously, she can't bail on every job.

Or she could be one of Debbie's latest infatuations with the idea that Deb doesn't know about her day job. Or she does and they are ex's because of it.

OR BOTH. Sophie's flexible. Lol.

Ruby Quinn - February 5, 2010 03:57 AM (GMT)
XD Do you have a preference for which? I'm cool with anything.

Sophie Laurent - February 5, 2010 06:21 AM (GMT)
I am down with whatever you feel is appropriate, masta. Lol.

Ruby Quinn - February 5, 2010 06:27 AM (GMT)
Okie-dokies. I posted this ad on a couple of other sites, so give me a few days to either decide where I prefer to fit you, or for other people to graciously fly in and steal one of the other spots to make the decision easier. XD

Sebastien Traverse - April 5, 2010 11:05 AM (GMT)

And he gets rabid after like, the 3 fuck. And then I was thinking around about that time, they're lying in bed or something and he's like "I think we should you know, date" all serious, or as serious as Sebface can get. And then he can rapidly get more irate from the rabies and be all "OMFG MICHI YOU'RE SUCH A STUPID WHORE!" and stuff XD

Oh and I figured that it'd be behind closed doors, you know, kind of the whole "omg Michi how'd you get bruises?" from a friend and she's like "oh I fell down some stairs" but it's really Seb being a psycho boyfriend at dinner time because she didn't cook steak. :3


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