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Title: Goodbye
Description: VS. Dominic Pericolo

Rick Majors - January 12, 2010 04:50 AM (GMT)
This roleplay is meant to be an homage to the way it was. There is a link in the text that will open in a new window. There are several links on that page and you will need to click around to find them all. If you want, you can click the "LOST?" link at the very bottom for a straightforward list of all of the links.

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The scene opens in a downtown Toronto condo. As we pan around the room we can see that this is the home of Rick Majors. On the wall are various pictures of his in-ring triumphs. On a coffee table sits the NLCW Undisputed World Championship. We pan across and see Rick Majors sitting at a desk. He is wearing a black t-shirt and black dress pants. In front of him is a laptop computer. He looks up from the computer, turns toward the camera and starts to speak.


Here we are. This is the final show. After six long, amazing years the NLCW is finally closing. And I sit here with mixed emotions about it. On one hand I have realized that the wrestling world is a corrupt, dangerous one that destroys lives and throws legends aside when they are no longer necessary.

On the other hand I am faced with the death of a company that has meant a lot to me.

Majors turns toward his laptop. He closes the email program that is open, leaving his desktop visible. His computer's wallpaper is an NLCW logo. He turns around once again and faces the camera before continuing.

This company has meant various different things to me throughout my life. When I first walked through those doors I saw it has a proving ground. During the Higher Authority days I saw it as a kingdom that I was meant to conquer. Later in my career I saw it as great organization that I needed to defend.

Last week I saw it as a terrible scourge that destroy lives.

None of those opinions hold true today. To be honest, I do not know how I feel today and that is because I have many mixed emotions. As you've probably noticed, I am an emotional mess. And the closure of this company is only adding to my inner turmoil.

My brain is filled with a million thoughts. My mind is racing. Every moment I change how I feel about this company and I do not know what to think.

When it all comes down to it, I only know one thing. The NLCW is closing. This is the last Avulsion in company history. I was on the very first Avulsion and I will be on the very last.

On that first show I held the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship above my head and, if I can defeat Dominic tonight, I will hold a title in the air again tonight.

I don't know how I will accomplish that. Will the Rick Majors that brutally destroyed Chris Champion at Slamfest come out? Will the old man that can barely walk be there? What about the spirited competitor that overcame the odds in 2007?

All of those a possibility, but only one sure path to victory.

I need "The Impact."

Not the cornerstone or the legend. I don't need to be "unbreakable." I do not need to be a standard bearer or an icon. I need to be Rick "The Impact" Majors.

Rick Majors looks down for a moment. He sighs. He then slowly stands up. He groans as he does so and a loud crack is heard coming from his knee. He stretches and walks over toward the kitchen of the condo. He reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a bottle of champagne. He opens the bottle and pours himself a glass. As he walks back to his desk chair the camera catches a glimpse of the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship hanging in a frame on the wall. Majors sits down and takes a sip of his drink. He continues to speak.

I was undefeated in this company for a very long time. I have stood toe-to-toe with the greats and usually I have triumphed. Well... that's not right.

"I" didn't do any of that. Not the broken man that sits in front of you today.

Rick "The Impact" Majors did that. The man cocky enough to call himself the Cornerstone of this company within minutes of walking into it. The man that was actually announced as "One half of the NLCW Tag Team Champions, the NLCW Cruiserweight Champion, and undefeated in singles competition: RICK "THE IMPACT" MAJORS!!!!" The 2004 wrestler of the year. The Hall of Famer.

He did all of that.

Obviously, I cannot wind the clock back six years. I cannot magically heal my neck, my knees, my back and my emotional state. But I can look back at the man that dominated this company and do everything in my power to bring him back for one last night.

After all, if I don't bring "The Impact" back tonight, what am I saving him for? It's worth a shot. Can I be that person again? I'm not sure, but I'm definitely going to try.

I have to.

This is my final show. This is OUR final show. This is the last episode of NLCW Avulsion and, Dominic Pericolo, it will be an honour to step onto the ring with you.

It's the first time.
It's the last time.
It's the only time.

Maybe I can bring "The Impact" back for one more night. Maybe I can do what I always thought was impossible. Tomorrow I will go back to sitting at my injured wife's bedside, but tonight... tonight I will be the Center of Attention.

Au Revoir.

Rick Majors leans back in his chair and he takes a sip of his champagne. He places it down on the desk and turns back to the computer as the scene fades to black.

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