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 Magus Vs Serge, Trigger & Cross crossover
Posted: Jun 22 2011, 04:34 AM

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Joined: 12-June 09

Algumas semanas atrás eu comecei a participar de um grupo de interpretação de Chrono Cross, pelo Tumblr (quem quiser olhar e, quem sabe, particupar, é o Chrono Cross Masterlist).
E esses dias recebemos um Magus.

Em meio à conversas, e considerando a personalidade de um dos personagens, Serge, este pediu à Magus que o treinasse, para poder ser mais forte, e proteger aqueles que ele se importa.
Essa foi a primeira sessão de treino.

(Está inglês, but...)

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Posted: Jun 22 2011, 04:59 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 1,764
Member No.: 2
Joined: 12-June 09

QUOTE (Legenda)

A ferocious wind picked up kicking up dust and stray leaves swirling around across the barren field that sat just outside the edge of the forest. This forest sat right outside the town that Kid’s inn was. It was night time, obviously the time of night a person like Magus would choose to operate. The moonlight carried downward on this cloudless night, that fierce wind causing the trees to bend ever so slightly so that the shadows cast by the moonlight carried over into the field.

From these shadows a dark energy crackled and carried upward outlining the shape of a humanoid in a deep red. Eyes of the same color appeared next where one would expect them to be, followed by flowing blue hair, a long cape and the rest of the dark magicians form. Magus, The Fiendlord, finished his teleportation and breathed in the crisp night air. This would be the place he would train the young boy who supposedly freed Schala from Lavos’s captivity. Arms crossed over his chest. He’d wait here, and hopefully Serge wouldn’t leave him waiting too long. There was much to be done.

Distantly, the sound of steps could be heard. Fast-paced stomps, as if someone was running. It was Serge, and he was indeed running. He wasn’t sure whether he was late or not - there was no set hour, but better early than sorry. In the end, it was a good warm up, he thought.
Where was he headed? To find Magus, of course! He believed he had made a little improvement, at least, in what he was asked to. It was a start. It was all up to himself in the end, he knew it, but with Magus help, he would no doubt become much stronger, or so he thought.

So there he was, Swallow in hand, running fast past the forest, to that open space just outside the woods. The ‘perfect’ place for atraining session. He knew Magus was there, or wished he still was.

It was hard to spot Magus. Serge started to slow down, his eyes scanning the place, looking for someone. He was already just walking when he saw the man, standing there like a statue. Serge smiled, but a small chill ran down his spine. Things were about to become serious. And Serge didn’t want anything less than that.
So he stood there, a few feet away from Magus, holding his Swallow with both hands in front of him.

From the distance he had spotted the boy called Serge running toward their meeting spot. A bit late, but no matter. There was no set time for what was about to transpire. This boy had gained a good amount of respect from Magus, that much was certain, but that would afford him no special treatment. The dark wizard wasn’t exactly sure if this boy knew what he was getting into, or who Magus himself was, but by the time he was done with Serge he would either be tougher than he had ever been, or dead.

Finally, he was here. There was no time to waste. His weapon was a swallow. Interesting choice. Curiosity peaked as to why he would choose such an obscure item as a weapon, but no matter. His right hand shot outward to the side, tossing that long cape out toward the same respective side before it would swing back behind him. A quick flash of light, and a scythe appeared. Gripping it, he stuck the sharpened bottom end into the ground but held firm.

Eyes of deep crimson focusing on the boy, he smirked.
- I hear you have faced The Time Devourer itself.. and freed my sister Schala from its clutches. I thank you.. but this will not play into what is about to transpire. My assault will gradually increase, and either you will learn, and come through this.. or you will die.
Picking the scythe out from the ground he pointed it toward the youth, welcoming his attack.
- The first move is yours..

Serge’s eyes widened in surprise. That child ‘inside’ the Time Devourer, Schala, was Magus sister!? That was unexpected. Anyways, Serge listened and noded.
- I was not alone. Yes, I did defeat the Time Devourer, but I could only do it with the help of my friends.
Technically, Serge didn’t really beat the hell out of the Time Devourer, but it was defeated, by Serge, and that’s what matters.

He took a better hold of his weapon, lifting the right end of it. That was it, time to fight again. He know he shouldn’t hold back, he could sense Magus was not kidding with all that talk of dying. And he had the first strike.

Serge dashed to his left, right of Magus, towards the man, already swinging the Swallow’s left edge up, aiming for Magus arm.
He would then use his left leg as a foothold to turn around himself, now using both edges of the Swallow - right then left - to hit Magus side/back.

At least the boy had a strategy. He was smart enough not to come head on, and instead take the fight to an area at which he would be open. His back. Unfortunately, he had chose Magus’ right side. This would make for an easier, and quicker time defending.

Left foot shifted backward, and off to an angle using the soft soil underneath them to ground himself. Using his left hand as support, it gripped the lower portion of the scythe to prepare himself for the shock of the two weapons colliding. He had turned the weapon forward so that the curved blade of the scythe itself faced downward, and the spike on top of it pointed toward Serge. The problem with Serge’s weapon was that the blades were simply for offense and could barely be used for defense, and due to that they were at the ends of the weapon. Magus wouldn’t have to collide with the actual blade to stop him. Thrusting the weapon forward he caught the long handle of the swallow in between where the blade met the pole, and the spiked top, jamming it so that Serge’s momentum would cease. His right leg though had been placed behind Serge’s during his advance. Magus had not stopped moving forward after his thrust and used the force to shove Serge backward which would cause him to trip over Magus’ leg.

To think that his attacks would always hit, that was one of Serge’s worst flaws.
Taken by surprise by the thump in his weapon, Serge took a step back, to regain balance. Too bad his foot didn’t reach the ground, being instead blocked Magus leg.
That caused Serge to start falling on his back. He quickly put one of his arms down, now holding the Swallow with the other, using it to support his fall. And as soon he hit the ground, using the free leg, Serge pulled himself back, to avoid any counter-attack Magus could possibily have made.

There, on the ground, the looked up to Magus. He got up as fast as he could, and put himself in attack position once more.

The Fiendlord felt the pulse of battle course through him, and although this was a training session there would be no rest for Serge. Magus smiled that wicked smile, and with a wave of his hand invoked minor shadow magic that created after images behind him.

With that, Magus floated backward slowly, only to suddenly rush forward. His feet weren’t touching the ground. The demon magician flew forward looking like a wraith, especially with a weapon like a scythe. The after images created behind and around him were to disorient his opponent at the speed he was moving. The scythe was lifted, right hand gripping toward the top, while the left held toward the bottom and was used as the leverage that would do the majority of the swinging. It would be a wide swing approaching from Serge’s left side, but just then, Magus had vanished. It was a ruse.

A moment later, he reappeared behind Serge the same swing of the weapon continuing, except now that he had appeared behind Serge the weapon was now going for his right side.

Serge didn’t expect Magus to use magic. Not at this moment, at least, in the beginning of the fight. The spell, though, was only a support spell. Serge was happy.

Even though he didn’t understand at first what was the magic supposed to do, Serge soon realized the intent. That realization, however, did nothing to help him. With ‘so many Magus’ heading in his direction, all he could do was defend, and try to use the Swallow’s length in his advantage, once he figure out where the real Magus was.

Serge didn’t have to. A few inches from him, still not sure where do defend, Serge saw the Scythe cutting the air from left to right. He quickly turned his hand in that direction, but only to see the image disappear.
Stunned, Serge let his guard down for less than a second.

The sound that came from behind was that allerted him. The scythe.
Serge didn’t have time to move his whole body, nor position and prepare himself for the attack.
Hitting the Swallow, the impact pushed Serge back with enough strength to take him to the ground once again. This time, more violently, leaving him with a few scratches.

He got up back on his feet faster this time.
And didn’t think too much, ran in Magus, Swallow pointed forward. He would try a direct frontal attack, using the pointy part of the weapon, and then a slashing horizontal attack.

Not bad at all, for a young boy. Another wicked smile. Magus always planned ahead, and he could see the frustration building in Serge. This is where he could take advantage, but not just yet. For now he’d simply stay a step ahead. There would be much more for Serge to overcome other than physical combat, but would he be able to withstand what Magus had in mind?

Serge had hit the ground hard, but gotten to his feet rather quickly. This boy showed promise. Since the dark wizard had swung from his right and Serge was attacking directly from the front his next move was a mere matter of flowing with momentum. Serge had hoped to spear, and then drag upward, but Magus had continued to spin his body around after the initial swing. His after images spun around him in a circle, almost blurring him to the naked eye entirely. As the swallow neared The Fiendlord he brought the hooked weapon a bit higher, but then downward suddenly to catch his swallow yet again, but under the curved part of the scythe blade this time. The swings downward force would force Serge’s weapon down with it, and into the ground.

Magus couldn’t help but look up, and into Serge’s eyes, a sharp toothed grin as Magus diffused his own Shadow magic. The after images dissipated, and the two were left weapons locked.
- Very good.. but don’t lose your cool. There’s more to come!
In this locked position, Serge would be facing Magus’s right side, as Magus would’ve had to turn that way to force his weapon downward which left his elbow facing Serge’s face. It was forced right into it to jar him a bit.

With a fierce and determined look, Serge kept his eyes straight into Magus’, not blinking nor looking away.
- I won’t.

And with his words still echoing in Magus’ ears, Serge let go of his weapon, jumping in Magus direction. His first action, to punch Magus in the face. Then, hopefully at the same time, he would try to step in the pole of Magus scythe, impelling himself up, to try and kick his adversary.

Quick little thing, he was. Luckily, the time it took him to jump into the air gave Magus the opening he needed to release the scythe from his right hand, and bring it shooting downward, open palmed. Whenever Magus would cast a magic spell a barrier would form around him to protect from oncoming attacks, giving him the time to cast the spell. This barrier also had a little trick to it, but that would only be revealed at a certain time.
- Don’t get cocky!!

The silver orbs that formed around Magus cast the barrier, protecting him from the oncoming physical assault. This is where the wizard excelled. Magic. What resembled a blue shock wave burst forth from Magus in all directions. This was the first part of the spells assault. It would freeze his opponent in their tracks, and the temperature in the area would drop below freezing. Afterward, two gigantic chunks of ice would rain down from two different directions converging on his frozen foe. This was an advanced form of ice magic that only the most skilled sorcerer’s could wield.

Serge groaned to himself once he realized his punch did not make it, and that there was a barrier around Magus now. He was casting a spell, another one.
Thinking fast, Serge remembered his Element Grid. He too knew a few tricks. And he should have enough energy for one.

Reaching out his right hand, light began to emanate from it, quickly covering Serge’s body. Like a holy aura. MagNagate. Serge would be invulnerable to any magical attack while the aura was there. It wouldn’t last long however. He had put it in a lower level in the Grid.

Not frozen, as Magus would have hoped, Serge ran to his Swallow, and picked it up. That was all he could do, since that barrier was still there, around Magus.
And that meant the spell was not over.

Had Serge known what would come next, he would have certainly had used it in his advantage. However, his first impulse was to run and dodge the two icebergs coming in his direction.

Magus stopped. He looked at Serge, and couldn’t help but smile. Here was a boy who, days ago, was much less confident than he was right now, that was for sure. The smile on his face was one that held a certain respect, and perhaps Serge himself didn’t realize it, but he was a more formidable opponent than he made himself out to be.

Magus dropped his barrier, and waved his arm to dismiss his weapon. This was good. And certainly an excellent start. His spell also diffused itself, the giant chunks of ice exploding into millions of pieces of snowflakes that would coat the field in a frost.
- You have impressed me tonight, Serge. You’re quick to react, and come up with a solution to the situation.
The Fiendlord stood with his hand on his hip, cape blowing in the wind. Would it be too egotistical to feel that Serge would make an excellent prodigy?

Serge kept his attack/defense position even after the scythe vanished (actually, he was aware of his surrounding, waiting for it to appear out of nowhere to attack him). It was only when he started to talk that Serge relaxed for real.

Now, breathing heavily - he was obviously tired, he listened to Magus words, answering, firstm with a smile.
- Well, I guess it just come easier to me, the more deep into battle I am…

And he stood there, trying to catch his breath, happy with Magus words. He didn’t know for sure, but it might not be easy to wring out a compliment from him.

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