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 Bits and pieces... Collaboratively Ame's Art.
Posted by hageshii_AME - 08-23-08 18:28 - 6 comments
I am in no way as good as all of you in making graphics or drawing... but, here's a few that I've done

user posted image

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 My little things
Posted by Yumi Yan - 08-3-08 18:01 - 4 comments
I love art.
um.... I have so much stuff! and it's almost useless so I thought maybe you guys might find it usefull! :) I'm actually a crazy photoshoper lol and not even....I also have some fanfics and photography...
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 Pokito art by me
Posted by TaggedWithColour - 03-4-08 03:30 - 3 comments

here's my deviant art.. It only has a few pics on it, but they are some of my best pics (because I'm not amazing)
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Posted by Ai-U - 02-23-08 05:01 - 4 comments
Just thought I'd show off some puricutes I did usagi.gif .

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 Graphix by Khimme
Posted by Khimme - 01-22-08 13:27 - 4 comments
user posted image
user posted image
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 [FANART] Ryo "You....."
Posted by naho - 01-5-08 15:04 - 3 comments
this is a fanart I made the last summer...'cause I just love his hat <3 th_wawa.gif

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 [FANART] NewS - Weeek
Posted by makochin - 11-28-07 08:51 - 10 comments
This is my first sharing. th_emo-13.gif

I try to draw the member of NewS from PV Weeeek.

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