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Title: The Black Temple pt.2
Description: The Story Continues

antilovesong - September 7, 2007 02:46 AM (GMT)
"No," I thought gazing into the darkness. Throughout the time I was laying on the ground, I have experienced points in which I would wake from a nightmare, just to be in another. Dreams of the spirits that could still be here, or maybe something alive...

I don't know whether it's the dreams or not, but for some time I have been hearing someone was sleeping next to me. I didn't dare to actually grab for something, because my arms were practically glued to the ground. But, I can also feel another horrible thought...starvation. If I didn't get out of here soon, then I would certainly die to starvation. I braced myself for whatever might be in the temple, and I rised from the cold floor. Not only the darkness made my mind frail, but the fact that it smells of perfume down here at times, and after a certain time it smells of rotting eggs. "Why does it feel warm
down here?" I thought, just a few seconds ago it was cold. I was starting to feel extremely uncomfortable down here, the smells and the temperture continually chnaging back and forth, and the worst thing that I probly shouldn't have thought of... My old habits of reading ghost books sometimes would be the reason I get these nightmares, yet my odd thinking couldn't have came at a worse time, I had just remembered that if a change of smell or room temperature occurs without reason, there could be ghosts...what if both happen at the same time. I don't like this.

I took my very first steps since I fell into this place, slowly pacing and feeling for walls I can hear the sound of someone walking in the room. I stopped for a second, I tried to speak, but all that came out was a frail and shaky hello. No Answer, yet as I tried to move again, I can hear the soft footsteps of someone behind me. ...Stones, I'm pretty sure rubbed together could give me a short burst of light, or maybe perhaps it would be better if I didn't see what was down here.

So I decided to do it...if I need to get out of here I would need to use them to get the hell out of here. Rubbing the two stones together, small sparks shot out of them. Why the hell did I do that? I caught a small profile of a person sitting near an alcove in the room I was in. Even though I couldn't see it well, I could swear it's eyes were closed. Ok, so there was an opening to to the right, I grabbed for the opening, and I could swear I heard something in the back of me fall.

To hell with this, I just started to press the rocks together in haste, to my astonishment, a little piece of the stone remained inflame. Finally some luck.
Or maybe just another twist of this temple, "The more you go, the darker it gets...The darkness bears a secret, The darkness bears...death." What a nice thing to be written on a wall... <_< All of this is making me feel uneasy. To be honest, I wonder what secret this may be? To my astonishment, I felt safer in the darkness, because now with light I can see all the sinister things about my temple...included the part of the alcove in the previous room where that person was. Joy..."You will never esca," said another wall. Gee...I wonder what the rest of that sentance could possibly be...


Someone just tapped my shoulder, along with a weird breathing directly on my neck....feeling...tired...

Am I still dreaming...or do i really see the profile of a skull shape hovering over me...kill me...get it over with...

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