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 Helga Sinclair
Helga Sinclair
Posted: Jun 30 2009, 09:41 PM

nothing {p e r s o n a l}
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General Information
    Name: Helga Katrina Sinclair
    Title: Lieutenant, "Adventure Capitalist"
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: America (Washington, D.C.)
    Film: Atlantis
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5'71/2"
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Hair/Fur: Blonde
    Age: 30
    Build: Helga stands at 5'71/2", more than half of which is taken up by her legs. She is a statuesque blonde, but of athletic build, not curvy. She is, in fact, mostly angular -- Helga possesses very few soft traces either in personality or appearance.
    Unique Physical Traits: One small, triangle-shaped birthmark beneath her left eye
    Other: Helga's appearance can be summed up in that she is angular, but with a classical feel. Her blonde hair is usually kept swept back into a loose braid, (though she has been known to leave it down when on more leisurely pursuits), with a lock of bangs curled and swept to the right of her face. Her dramatically arched eyebrows are extremely expressive, as is her mouth, leaving Helga a very facially communicative person -- not a bad thing, considering her lack of expressing emotions verbally.
    Helga will wear whatever the occasion calls for, from seductive black dresses to sturdy explorer's gear. She prefers pants of some sort over dresses, however, simply out of a feeling of vulnerability -- she would rather have maximum flexibility and reach at any given moment.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Pick one: chances are, Helga will know how to use it, or find out quickly. She is partial to her personal Luger P08 pistol, and has been known to use a Mauser C96 on occasion. She finds the latter rather cumbersome, however.
    Magic: No, though she is not startled by the use of it.
    Other: She is highly skilled in many forms of small-arms combat, as well as various martial arts: she has studied Aikido extensively, expert in disciplines of Henka Waza, Tanto Dori, and Tachi Dori, (all forms of Aikido: Variations, Knife Taking, and Sword Taking, respectively), skilled in savate, tactical combat knife fighting, Colt throwing knife, bo staff, kama, field tantô, katana, as well as most conventional small arms.
    Also, it is probably worth noting that Helga is one of only three (living) people who have beaten Rourke in both unarmed combat and chess.
Personal Characteristics
    -Learning languages, cultures
    -Japanese culture
    -Hobakseon and Bulgogi (Korean dishes, steamed stuffed zucchini and barbecued beef, respectively)
    -Military history
    -Driving, whatever vehicle it may be
    -Dressing up, every once in a while
    -large displays of emotion
    -Staying in one place for too long
    -Moliere, in general
    -Cookie's "fine" cuisine
    -inane questions
    -Weapons training
    -Aikido, various martial arts
    -Cooking (ssh, don't tell!)
    -Feeling the loss of a loved one again, after Christopher
    -Letting down her father or Rourke
    -Being humiliated
    -Outliving her usefulness
    -Affected more by duty and gain than by sympathy
    -Unable, or at least unwilling, to show great depth of emotion
    Family: U.S. Army Major Alexander Sinclair (father), Frieda Jane Bowie (mother), 5 younger brothers
    Best Friend(s): None
    Relationship(s): Formerly married to U.S. Army First Lieutenant Christopher Jenkins
    Future Goals: Make a nice profit off of the "Heart of Atlantis," and perhaps settle back down into the quiet life she's led the past few years. Minus the employment of Mr. Whitmore, of course.

    Personality: Just as comfortable giving orders as taking them, Helga is no stranger to command. Though she has the capability of leading, she is just as content as second-in-command. She is good at delegating tasks, and will oversee to make sure a job gets done. She is easily frustrated by slow workers, slipshod work, or (frankly) people in general.
    Helga comes off as cold and aloof, and for good reason -- she is. Helga made a commitment to herself, after her husband died, that there really was no one else worth worrying over. The one person alive who seems to have weaseled past Helga's nigh-impenetrable guard is Lyle Rourke.
    Her relationship with Rourke is one of a teacher and student, though it means considerably more to Helga than to the average classroom attendee. While her attraction to him is not romantic, it is perhaps only a hair away. Helga has focused most of her life on striving to win Rourke's commendation and approval since the age of 17. She wanted to be noticed, seen, validated as an individual -- and Rourke would give her that. His affirmation meant the world to her, and she based her actions on the best way to get that. Eventually, imitation with enough belief became truth, and Rourke's tenets became Helga's, as well.

    I see Helga as a (somewhat inconsistent) ISTJ personality.

    Helga's parents were US Army Major Alexander Sinclair, and German native Frieda Jane Bowie. Though Frieda's father was a Scottish emigrant, he had settled down with a German wife, and Frieda had been born in Germany. The Bowie family left their hometown of Frankfurt am Main for America in 1854, following the failed Revolutions of 1848, dismayed by the state of events. It was in the United States that Frieda Bowie met Alexander Sinclair. Alexander was a newer recruit to the army, stationed at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, NYC, NY. The two married in 1880, after a whirlwind romance. Frieda had little memory of Germany, being young when her family immigrated, but had a great desire to move back to her home country. In 1882, Alexander acquiesced, though he kept his military occupation and position.

    Once in Frankfurt, the Sinclairs began to settle down into a comfortable life, and Helga was born on November 15, 1884. 2 younger brothers, Achim and Gustav, followed soon after. In 1887, the decision to move to Mannheim, Germany was made. Another brother, Johann, was born there. At age four, Helga began to show some athletic ability. Frieda tried, in vain, to harness this ability in dance lessons. Helga took to dance well enough, but proved herself an even more skilled combatant against her brothers. Alexander began to train her in a few martial arts, and Helga would continue lessons in various venues throughout her life. In 1889, the Sinclairs moved to nearby Stuttgart, where Alexander became active again in the US Army. Frieda had agreed to most of the moves in an attempt to find the Germany she had created in her childhood dreams: the place she would escape to. Frieda had apparently set up an unattainable standard, as none of the cities the Sinclairs settled in quite suited her fancy. The last of the Sinclair siblings, Rodolf and Stephan, arrived while in Stuttgart.

    The US Army made the decision to move Major Sinclair to Torii Station, in Tomitan, Okinawa, Japan, in 1892. Helga was more than midly disturbed to be moved from Germany to Japan. She had spent all of her eight years in Germany, and the language and cultural barriers she found in Japan were an great source of aggravation at first. Helga already spoke both English and German, however, and soon found a knack for picking up various languages. She would never be particularly fluent in several, and her accent was lacking, but her abilities were enough to suffice. Helga's skill level at Japanese would remain minimal, however, as after only half a year, the Sinclairs were relocated to Vicenza, Italy.

    For whatever reason, Italy did not suit the Sinclairs, as far as the US Army was concerned. After only a year, Major Sinclair and his family were moved back to Japan. This time, to Camp Zama in Kanagawa. Helga began to pick up a true flair for Oriental culture. In 1894, the family was moved to Yongsan-gu, in Seoul, Korea. The Sinclairs would stay in Korea until 1897.

    In 1897, the Army called Major Sinclair back Stateside, relocating to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Helga would remain there with her family until August of 1903. In 1901, Alexander Sinclair introduced his family to a fellow Army man, Lyle T. Rourke. Helga then began tactics and firearms training under Rourke, at the recommendation of her father. When Rourke began a freelancing career with the British Museum in May of 1903, Helga was not terribly pleased to be ending her training so abruptly. When word came in August that she could join him, she jumped at the chance. The expedition that Rourke was leading headed to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. At 19 years old, Helga was the junior member of the expedition by far.

    The next year, at Rourke's suggestion, Helga went to the Philippines, then on to Japan, to study under Morihei Ueshiba. The style of martial arts developed by Ueshiba would later be called Aikido She rose to the rank of Yûdansha-yo Dan (black belt) under his teaching. She remained in Japan until 1907, save for a year (1905), during which she went with the return expedition to Egypt, led by Rourke.

    While in Japan, Helga had become acquainted with a young soldier in the US Army, Lieutenant Christopher Jenkins. Christopher was a handsome man, originally from a little town in Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. He was a long way from home, and thankful for any English spoken near his assigned base in Japan. Helga ended up being his favourite visitor. In 1907, the two were married. Their joy was shortlived -- Christopher was assigned to a reconnaissance mission, and never returned. He was presumed dead in 1908.

    Not wishing to simply pine away, lest the loss of her husband set in to a true depression, Helga contacted Rourke once more. She joined an expedition in 1909, bound for Antarctica, at the behest of the Smithsonian Institution. The intent was to find the lost city of Shub Nigruth -- unfortunately, the expedition both found and destroyed it. The historical society mourned the loss of what they believed to be a treasure trove -- members of the expedition were amazed to have escaped alive. The entire city was filled with monstrous plants. They were black in color, and soon found to be well as large enough to quickly consume a man. The expedition credited Rourke and Helga for their survival, and the presumed eradication of the volatile plant-life.

    After the Antarctica incident, Helga settled down in Quantico, Virginia. She began to teach rifle and shotgun at both the Marine Corp base and the FBI training headquarters. In April of 1911, Helga was approached by a representative of Whitmore Industries. Preston Whitmore funded an expedition, lead by Rourke under Thaddues Thatch, to find the Shepherd's Journal. After the Iceland trip, late in 1911, Helga settled into being Whitmore's bodyguard and chaffeur -- a much more leisurely lifestyle than she had enjoyed in a long time.

    In 1914, Whitmore revealed his plans to find the city of Atlantis. Helga signed on under her old mentor in a heartbeat. Before the expedition took off, Rourke revealed to Helga that he had swiped a page from the Shepherd's Journal before the former expedition had ever even left Iceland. The two developed a plan to bring the "Heart of Atlantis" back topside, and see what could be done to harness its power. Even if they couldn't do anything with it, they knew several countries who would pay dearly to try.

    Upon the discovery of a living, breathing Atlantis, Helga began to backpedal on the scheme. There weren't supposed to be people down there; to her, the existence of Atlantians changed everything. To Rourke, however, it changed nothing. Helga was quick to catch her teacher's enthusiasm. Perhaps doubling their asking price would soothe her already-seared conscience, later.

    Everything went precisely according to plan, until a few of the expedition decided to develop bleeding hearts right at the exit. True, the Heart of Atlantis had bound itself to the Atlantian princess -- but they were already possibly killing off the entire race, what harm would one more do? If anything, they were doing the princess a blessed favour -- who would want to be the last of their kind?

    Just as the few rebels came rushing to the princess' aid, the Ulysses' escape balloon began to show signs of trouble. Thatch promptly crashing an Atlantian device into one of the smaller side balloons certainly did not help. Helga, on Rourke's orders, threw everything overboard that could be spared, "unless someone wants to jump."

    Rourke promptly seized Helga by the shoulders, and threw her over the side. Helga's training, thankfully, went into overdrive through her surprise, and she swung back onto the platform. Shock turned to heartbreak, but only for a split second before it became sheer fury. Blinded by anger, elementary mistakes blighted her attempts to fight Rourke, and he was able to quickly throw her back over -- this time, for good.

    The volcano bed was just soft enough to let her survive impact, but Helga quickly realized that she was unable to move her lower body. She could, however, reach her last remaining firearm, and aimed it at Rourke's balloon.

    "Nothing personal."
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: Linds
    Account Custom Title: nothing {p e r s o n a l}
    Roleplay Experience: A couple years past experience, about a year current experience. Mostly in SailorMoon and various anime RPGs, only recently in Disney.
    How Did You Find Us: Staff!
    Other Characters: Attina, Captain Hook
    Other: Okay. The neutral/villain debate was REALLY getting me on this one. Helga, by all means, is redeemable. However, most villains have their likable qualities. We can't all be Maleficent -- "The Mistress of ALL Evil!"
    If I decide later on, or a good enough argument is presented to me for, Helga's neutrality, I may try to switch her. For now, I'm content to approach her as a villain.

    Also, quick trivia: I chose her birthdate due to the Berlin Conference, which I felt at least was applicable, though the issue there was Africa and Colonization, not Atlantis and Annihilation. Berlin Conference Info

    Also, the timeline states that Rourke led an expedition to Antarctica to discover Shub such city has ever existed, even in legends. The closest reference to such a thing or place that I could find was Shub-Niggurath, some form of fictional diety from a book series I have certainly never read. I attempted to reconcile a similar idea with the newly-mythologized city of Shub Nigruth...not sure how well I succeeded.

    Heavens to betsy, I think I learned more about German history, US Army bases, and random martial arts while writing this...

    -How To Draw: Disney's Atlantis
    -Atlantis Timeline
    -Nothing Personal (A Helga fansite)
    -Femme Fatale (Helga Fanlisting}
    -Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 2-Disc Collector's DVD

    Example Roleplay Post:
(See Attina Bio)

Rules Password: CORRECT!

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