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 News #16 -- POTC Apps & Summertime!
Walt Disney
Posted: May 22 2011, 05:13 PM

The Imagineer
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    It's been quite a while since we've had an official newsletter posted, but there's no better time than now. We the Staff feel the need to address a number of issues that have been creeping up in our community, before they get out of hand. Recently, there has been a lot of gossiping both in the CBox and on Facebook regarding many Fant-related topics, such as character applications and board politics. Please remember that what you post on Facebook can be seen by EVERYONE, and it doesn't go unnoticed. This has brought up a number of issues, which we will now try to address.

    There has been a lot of discussion between members about what character so-and-so is going to app for, as well as discussion of current applications. We want to stress that characters cannot be "claimed." This isn't to say that you cannot app for whoever you want or that you won't be accepted even if your application is up to Fant standards (and our current members are such wonderful writers!) but we're afraid incoming members are getting intimidated by this sort of talk. We want to be an open and welcoming community, and don't want to limit opportunities for anyone.

    There has also been a lot of chit-chat about board politics. We love you all, but PLEASE leave these matters to the Staff!! We don't make any decisions without talking it over amongst ourselves--we know what we're doing. We are more than capable of handling applications, as well as managing ourselves and the behavior of other members. If you have an issue with anyone or anything, please contact a Staff member, and please don't jump to conclusions. We have reasons for doing what we do, and we are more than happy to discuss with you any problems or concerns you might have. We remind you all to THINK about what you say before you say it. Think about how it will be perceived by other players and how it will make them feel. If it isn't your business, please leave it be! And again, what you say on Facebook CAN BE SEEN by other members if you're friends with them, and gossip spreads like wildfire. Please be mindful of what you say!

    Please don't feel as though we are trying to parent you! We just want to make sure that Fantasmic is the best it can be, and that everyone is treated fairly here. All of this behind-the-scenes chatter and "elitist" mindset is exactly what makes other boards become cliquey and inaccessible, and unwelcoming. All of us at Fant--both members and Staff--pride ourselves for being accepting and open. We are a COMMUNITY here! A Fant Family! Let's keep it that way, guys.

    We would also like to remind everyone that when it comes to applications, we are dedicated to giving EVERYONE a fair shot. We do not pick applications based on any bias. The basic criteria for accepting an application are the quality of the writing and insight into the character, and if it is a current member, their level of activity. Whether you are a current member, friend/family of a current member, or a brand-new guest to Fant, we look at applications extremely objectively. We PROMISE you we do not pick favorites, nor do we discriminate for any reason. The most important thing to us is approving an application that is of a level of quality appropriate for that particular character.

    Which brings us to a very important and exciting order of business--ON STRANGER TIDES APPS! We know you guys are very, very excited. Just as with Tangled, we are anticipating a fair number of applications for this one. We really hope that we will be seeing some new members to join our Fant community with the release of this film, and hope that our members are spreading the word to friends and other comms! We encourage both current members and guests to app for whatever character they wish, even if someone else is also apping for them. Some healthy competition never hurts, and we would love to have options to choose from to make sure we have the very best player for each new character!

    With summer on the way, everyone is anticipating their time off to write things that AREN'T essays and papers. Believe us, we are too! Muses are overflowing now that they can finally be released, and we completely understand that. However, we have to remind you again: please really consider if you really need another character before putting that summer application in. Yeah, you've got freedom now, and that character you've been eying is starting to look mighty fine with the prospect of free-time on the way. But do you REALLY need them? Consider your current characters; are they getting the love they deserve? Are they active in threads? We realize we've touched on this before, but its very important that characters, ESPECIALLY leads in their own films, are not neglected. It is not fair to others who may wish to thread with them, and its certainly not fair to the poor character themselves. If you feel you can take on another, by all means, put in an app. But we WILL be looking at the activity of your other characters, and we also expect that this new character will have activity AFTER the summer is over.

    Also keep in mind: come early June, Fant will be hosting it's second set of Fant!Quests, in which Maleficent will be up to no good and our NPC characters will be seeking assistance to put a stop to her evil plans! Not to mention classes will be starting within the month at Oswald Academy. So you'll have plenty to do with your current characters, trust us. ;)

    All of this said, we look forward to having a very exciting summer with our Fant family!

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