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 Tinker Bell
[x]Tinker Bell
Posted: May 10 2011, 01:10 AM

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General Information
    Name: Tinker Bell
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fairy
    Homeworld: Pixie Hollow
    Film: TinkerBell, -- And The Lost Treasure, -- And The Great Fairy Rescue / Peter Pan I & II
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 4 3/4 inches. Tink is particularly short for a faerie. Most faeries are slightly taller but TinkerBell is on the shorter side of the faerie height scale; they are about 4 1/2 in. - 5 1/2 in.
    Eyes: Her eyes are as blue and clear as the sky, full of innocence, sweetness but also a lot determination and a little flare of sass.
    Hair/Fur: Tink has thick medium-length blonde hair which is tied up in bun with full, side-swept bangs.
    Age: Immortal, Tink is not quite as old as her four best friends -- she is in fact the youngest of her circle of friends -- but there are only a few fairies that are younger than she is. Fairies don't like to keep track of their ages since they don't age.
    Build: Fairly petite but with a slightly rounder face and curvy hips.
    Unique Physical Traits: The tint of her skin changes when she feels anger since faeries can only feel one emotion at a time. From her upper back, she has slender but long, almost clear wings which is what she uses to fly; along with pixie dust. The constant glow around her is her light while she flies, a bright light indicates a healthy pixie, while a flickering light indicates she is hurt. Tink also has two pointy ears, it's a trait of the Neverland fairies, all of them have pointy ears.
    Other: Tinkerbell, being a tinker fairy, made herself a slender dress from a deep green leaf since the original leaf outfit was way too big for her, she simply put her own flare to it, making it fitted to her curvy body shape. Her hair is tied in a bun and her bangs are swept to the side, complete with green slippers, matching her dress and a white puff on the top of the shoe. Tink stands, flies and walks with confidence. Also with a tiny bit of conceitedness. She doesn't quite see herself above everyone else -- like a certain Fast-Flying fairy -- but she does have high self-esteem and it shows in her stance. But when she is sad, her wings and shoulders drop. It is very easy to figure out what a fairy is feeling. Their small bodies can only hold one emotion and said emotion is well shown.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Her sass and hands.
    Magic: Yes
    Other: When TinkerBell is angered, she uses her sassy nature to get even with the other person. Also, sometimes -- usually when it involves Wendy -- she uses her hands to pull at her enemy's hair or do anything else to annoy them. She doesn't really fight, as in throwing punches, she uses her small hands to grab something of her enemy's like their hair, mustache, sword...whatever it may be. She isn't the main fighter, she just assists her friends when they fight, trying to distract the other person so her friends can fight more easily.
Personal Characteristics
  • Peter Pan!
  • Flying
  • Tinkering
  • Pixie Hollow
  • Adventures!
  • Acorn butter on a Boysenberry Roll
  • Friendship
  • Lizzie
  • Blaze
  • Fairy Tag
  • Cheese the mouse
  • The Mainland
  • Chamomile tea with extra honey and milkweed whip (Terence makes the best!)
  • Hide & Seek with the Lost Boys
  • Seasons
  • The Autumn Revelry
  • Pixie Dust
  • Terence

  • Wendy!
  • Vidia's attitude
  • Pea Shoot
  • Giving up
  • Sassy attitudes
  • Captain Hook
  • All Pirates
  • The Neverland Mermaids
  • Being ignored
  • Not getting her way
  • When Peter pays attention to Wendy
  • Not being able to see the Main Land
  • Human Girls (Except Lizzie!)

  • Hide & Seek
  • Tinkering
  • Playing Fairy Tag
  • Exploring
  • Going to the Mainland!
  • Taking an adventure
  • Hanging out with Peter Pan
  • Playing games
  • Annoying Wendy
  • Watching other talent fairies
  • Mending pots and kettles

  • Losing Peter as a friend
  • Pirates
  • Hook
  • Losing Terence as a friend
  • Her light going out
  • Having no friends
  • Losing her Tinker hammer
  • Children not believing!
  • Babies never laughing again

  • Cunning
  • Overreacts if her inventions don't work
  • Selfish
  • Conceited
  • Vindictive
  • Shallow
  • Very Stubborn
  • Vengeful
  • Slightly hypocritical

    Family: Queen Clarion and Fairy Mary are like a mothers to TinkerBell.
    Best Friend(s): Peter Pan, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa, Terence, Silvermist and Vidia when she's not in one of her moods.
    Relationship(s): Fancies Peter Pan and Terence... With Peter, TinkerBell knows she can't be with him but that doesn't change the fact that she would drink poison for him (and she did!) but she knows that he loves her deeply; as family. Terence is the more realistic choice for a relationship. She is not too sure about her feelings for him but finds herself getting pretty jealous when he talks to other girls, and also finds herself extremely guilty when she yells at him since he is usually only trying to help.
    Future Goals: To visit all the children of the Mainland and to fix their lost things too. To be the best Tinker ever!


    Like all fairies, Tink can only hold one emotion; her favorites being anger and jealousy. Tinker Bell can't really help it when her emotions change but she tries to keep them in her own control but sometimes she slips, like if Peter Pan is paying extra attention to Wendy or if Vidia is getting on her last nerve, then she'll turn a deep scarlet color and do something she will later regret.

    Tink has her flaws, just like everyone else, like being extremely stubborn. She never wants to give up on anything. She is always reaching beyond the sky, knowing that she can do anything she sets her mind too even if it is against her better judgement. Also she will never give up on an argument if she absolutely thinks she is right, which she normally does. She will argue until the other person backs off.

    Going along with her stubbornness, Tinker Bell can be quite witty when it comes to revenge. She can sometimes be pretty cunning and vengeful to people who have "wronged" her -- or people she just doesn't like -- and she can have thought out plots to get back at them. Of course, most of the vengeful things she does are at a whim but sometimes, if she is really angry, she will plot something making the Lost Boys shoot someone down, almost killing them...but that's just a for instance...

    Tink uses her hands a lot to get what she is saying across. To all that live in Pixie Hollow and Neverland, they can hear her sweet voice just perfectly but to residents of the Main Land, all they hear is little bells when she speaks; which is why she has gotten used to using her hands and being very animated when she talks.

    Even though she has her flaws, Tinker Bell is sweet to those she admires and respects, especially Peter Pan. Even though she has a handful of best friends, she considers Peter to be her Bestest Best Friend, even if he does tend to talk to Wendy more. She looks up to Peter, literally and figuratively so she doesn't like to disappoint him but she isn't the one to let something that is bother her just fester, she lets it be known but that leads to hurtful words from her and to her. She has a extremely big heart and she can get her feelings hurt just the same as everyone else. Just because she is stubborn, protective and jealous sometimes doesn't mean she can't have her feelings stomp on when someone she loves says hurtful things to her. And she does feel guilty when she gets overly sassy with them.

    Tinker Bell is also somewhat of a tomboy, while still acting girly, Tink is the only girl The Lost Boys don't mind hanging out with. She loves to play games with them and also likes to tease them a lot. She is a little big of a prankster when it comes to The Lost Boys, they aren't the brightest crayons in the box and Tink takes advantage of that, but it's all in good fun! Tink knows that The Lost Boys enjoy her company and gets jealous with any other girl tries to play with them -- like Wendy or Jane.


    On a cold winter's night,when everyone else was fast asleep, in the glow of a single candle in a nursery, an unnamed baby was watching it's mobile spin and turn around in circles. The stars and moon on the mobile spun around a cow that seemed to be jumping over the moon. The baby reached for them and in doing so, the baby laughed for the very first time. The small laugh blew the seeds of a dandelion out into the cold air. They spread all over London, and spun around in the air. One seed strayed away from the rest of them and floated towards the second star to the right, ending up all the way in Pixie Hollow. With help from a Fast-Flying Talent fairy, Vidia, the petite and delicate Dandelion seed landed near the Home Tree. All the fairies were gathered around as a Dust-Talent fairy, Terence, poured a cupful of dust onto the seed. The golden glowing dust surrounded the seed and when it all settled, a blonde fairy with large piercing blue eyes looked around. It was Tinker Bell, you could hear all the hushed whispers and a few Hello's from the other fairies as they watched the innocent blonde fairy wonder what was going on. Tink greeted them back with a confused "Hello."

    Queen Clarion appeared in front of the small fairy, welcoming her into Pixie Hollow. The radiant Queen, straightened out Tink's wings, taking her hand gently and helping her to take her first flight. Tink laughed as she felt the joy of flying. Afterward, Queen Clarion surrounded things that represented all the fairy talents. It was to help Tink find her own talent. At first, Tinker Bell tried to touch the things that represented Water, Garden and the Fast-Flying talent but all three of them stopped glowing, these were not Tink's talent. But after, Tink walked past a Tinker hammer and it began glowing and floated towards her. When it finally reached her, Tink grabbed it and it burst out with light, surrounding the area with the glow; so bright Tink couldn't even look at the hammer until it stopped glowing. Cheers and claps could be heard, even a "Never seen one glow that much before" indicating that Tink truly did have a remarkable talent for tinkering.

    Tinker Bell was excited for her new life at Pixie Hollow. That is until she saw that even though she really liked tinkering, fixing and inventing things, she saw that the Tinker life wasn't as glamorous as other talent fairies' lives. When she saw Tinker's Nook, Tink was disappointed that it didn't live up to the expectations of being whimsical and beautiful like the rest of Pixie Hollow was. It was cozy and sensible. There was a small part of Tinker Bell that wanted to fit in with everyone else.

    When Clank, Bobble and Tink are delivering some inventions for the fairies who are getting things ready for Spring, they run into wild Thistles and end up crashing into a tree. It's then that Tink meets her soon-to-be friends, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta and Fawn. She learns about all their talents and what they are doing for Spring. And she also learns about the Mainland which she describes as "Flitterific!" Tinker Bell gets excited for visiting the Mainland for Spring but she is unaware that tinker fairies don't visit the Mainland.

    Afterward, she meets Vidia, who is particularly sarcastic with her and it angers Tink, making her want to prove that tinker's are just as important as Fast-Flying fairies when she visits the Mainland. In a fit of anger, Tink flies to the edge of Neverland where she finds a couple of lost things; a bell, a harmonica, a screw, a spring and a couple other knick knacks that she brings back to Tinker's Nook. But when she gets there, Fairy Mary doesn't want those useless things crowding her workshop. She is upset until Clank and Bobble tell her about the Queen's Review. Tinker Bell decides to make things that could help Spring and she could take to the Mainland.

    Tink works well into the night on her inventions, even after after all the other tinkers have gone to their homes. When the time comes to present them to the Queen, her inventions don't quite work the way she wanted them to and she gets embarrassed about them. And the Queen finally breaks the news that tinkers don't visit the Mainland. Tinker Bell tries to not let it get to telling the Queen that she "couldn't make it" and she flies off to her home. In an attempt to cheer Tink up a bit, but in a practical way, Fairy Mary tells her that she is a tinker and unintentionally gives Tinker Bell the idea to switch her talent so she could go to the Mainland.

    The next day, Tinker Bell convinces Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa and Fawn to help her out with switching her talent. First, she tried her hand at Water-Talent. Silvermist was showing her how to put dewdrops on spider webs. Silvermist made it look so easy. Tink was sure that she could do it. But Tink couldn't keep a dewdrop in her hands to save her life. She got so frustrated, she threw a dewdrop at the spiderweb, hoping it would do what she wanted. Instead, it stretched the web in the middle, gathering all the other dewdrops, making a big water drop and the web flung off the web and flew through the air and splashed over her friends! They all agreed that Water was not Tink's talent.

    Next she tried at Light-Talent. Iridessa was kind enough to show Tink how to catch the last light of day, which is the richest light there is, and give it to fireflies who need it to see in the dark. Tinker Bell watched Iridessa catch the light. It looked so easy, Tink was sure she could do it. She tried to grab some light out of her pouch and throw it into the air for the fireflies but she couldn't. It just wouldn't appear in her hands. She tried again and again but nothing. Iridessa could see that Tink was getting frustrated, again, and she tried to help but Tinker Bell, being a stubborn little fairy, wanted to do it herself. She ended up throwing the pouch on the ground and the light bounced up in every direction! It bounced off the leaves and ended sticking to Tinker Bell's -- as Rosetta would put it -- petunia! All the fireflies began chasing Tink because they wanted their light. Tinker Bell and her friends decided that was enough for today and headed home. Tink paced in her house, wondering if trying the Animal-Talent or Garden-Talent be any different. She hoped the she would be good at one of them. She desperately wanted to go to the Mainland but without a major talent, she couldn't. Her work was here as Fairy Mary and Queen Clarion had told her. But it wasn't fair! Tinker Bell just wanted to see what the Mainland was like!

    The next day, Tink was unfocused at the workshop. She was too busy thinking about the Mainland and how she couldn't go. She worked extremely slow at making her pots and kettles out of acorn tops. Tink was so frustrated with not being able to see the Mainland that she said some things she regrets to Clank and Bobble. She instantly realized that what she said was hurtful and she tried to apologize but they didn't listen. She wanted to stay and get them to understand what she actually meant but instead she just left the workshop, hoping giving them time they will forgive her. Hopefully.

    Tink flew over to where Fawn was teaching baby birds how to fly. It was time to try and learn the Animal-Talent. Tink was surprisingly nervous to try out the Animal-Talent, mainly because she didn't want to cause any more trouble or damage... Tink watched as Fawn helped a baby bird how to fly and it looked harmless enough and didn't seem like she could screw this one up. Fawn introduced Tink to the bird she would be teaching. Of course it had to be the most scared bird in all of Neverland but she was determined to help the little bird out! She went over the steps before going up to the bird. First you smile and establish trust. She was a bit overly eager to help the little guy out that she ended up scaring him half to death! She insisted that the bird not be scared but it bit her. Seeing that helping this bird was hopeless, Tinker Bell saw another bird flying in the sky, thinking it could help her out. She sun was bright so she couldn't really make out what kind of bird it was but it couldn't be anything that bad...right?

    Tinker Bell flew up, calling out to the bird but it was actually a hawk! The hawk chased Tink into a small hole in the trunk of a tree, where Vidia was hiding as well. The hawk wouldn't give up and kept bashing into the tree, trying to get Tink out. Vidia ditched the tree by going down a little hole but stopped herself at the bottom, seeing that it ended up at the hawk's feet. But Tink followed her and bumped into her, and Vidia went flying out and landed on a branch in front of the hawk. It was going to attack Vidia when all the other Never fairies started throwing nuts, fruits and anything else they had at the hawk to get it away. It finally did and Vidia was saved. Tink tried to help but she blew up at her. It upset Tink knowing that she failed at three other talents and when her friends tried to cheer her up, she flew off, feeling useless. She didn't like her own talent and she wasn't good at any other talents.

    Tink was mad at herself and she went back to coast of Neverland and found parts of something. She didn't know what they were. She began tinkering around with them and eventually it became a music box -- of course, Tink had no idea what it was. Her four friends came to find her and saw what she did. They were amazed by her talent of tinkering and they tried to make her see that it's her passion. They all knew she loved doing it but Tink wouldn't listen. She was going to go to the Mainland and she was getting mad at her friends because she thought they were giving up on her, but Tink didn't know they just wanted her to be happy.

    Tink was not giving up on her dreams of going to the Mainland, so she looked for Vidia so she could learn how to be a Fast-Flying fairies like her! Vidia didn't help her with her own talent, but suggested Tink should capture the sprinting thistles so she could be a Garden-Talent! Tink, being somewhat naive and desperate, agreed and decided to do it! At first, she was doing pretty well, that is until Vidia took it upon herself to open the gate and let them all run free again. All the wild thistles ran out of Needlepoint Meadow and straight towards the Home Tree where all the fairies were preparing for Spring, ruining them all. She could tell that her friends were very disappointed in her and Tink was disappointed with herself. Queen Clarion appeared and Tinker Bell confessed to ruining the preparations. If Spring was postponed the balance of nature would be disturbed.

    Tink felt extremely guilty and couldn't bare to see the disappointment in the Queen's face so she flew to the Home Tree where all the fairy dust gathers, Tink has decided she needs to go away for a while since she ruined Spring. She finds Terence and gives her a double scoop of pixie dust if she is going away forever. He didn't know Tinker Bell knew his name and said that he wasn't that important but Tink tries to tell him that he is probably the most important sparrow man in pixie hollow. She goes on saying that his talent makes him who he is and he should be proud of it. Terence knew what he was doing, he was proud of his talent, Tink didn't know that he was only trying to make her see that in herself. Tinker Bell thinks about what Terence said and as she sat in Tinker's Nook, she figured out a way to save Spring! She began sketching ideas of inventions to help quicken the pace of all the major talent fairies. She finally convinces the other fairies to at least try to save Spring. Vidia tries to not let Tink get away with it and Tinker Bell gets extremely angry at her bad attitude, she turns a bright red and they continue arguing and Vidia accidentally lets it slip that she told Tink to catch the thistles. Clarion tells Vidia that she needs to capture all the thistles and bring them back to Needlepoint Meadow.

    Tink finally accepts that she IS a Tinker fairy and decides to use her great talent to save Spring. All the fairies help Tinker Bell in making her inventions for the major talent fairies. With the inventions and all the fairies working together, the preparations for Spring are getting done quickly! Soon, all the preparations were done and Queen Clarion came down to review them and acknowledging that Tink saved Spring. As a reward, the Queen decides to let Tink go to the Mainland and return the music box she found and fixed back to the little girl who lost it.

    Tinker Bell finally gets to go to the Mainland with all the major talent fairies and she is so excited to go. She watches all the other fairies do their duties with a big smile on her face. Tinker Bell was so grateful that she had the support of her friends because she couldn't of gotten here without them, but she finally realized that she is the only one who can make her dreams come true. The time comes for Tink to return the music box to the child. She flies through London with it in search of the little girl's home. Looking through every window, she stumbles upon a room that has a lot of toys inside. Her heart tells her that this is the child's room. She sees the little girl entering the room and she quickly gets the tiny dancer on top of the music box ready. She taps gently on the window to get her attention and then flies behind a chimney, peeking around the side to watch the little girl's reaction. Tinker Bell is so excited that she helped make that little girl happy and that she is actually in the Mainland, she flies back to her friends so they can begin their journey back home.


    Soon after Spring and Summer, it is time to prepare for Autumn and the Autumn Revelry.. But this is no ordinary Autumn, the Blue Harvest Moon is coming out this year and the Minster of Autumn and Queen Clarion have choose Tinker Bell to make the Fall Scepter for this special occasion! When the light of the Blue Moon passes through the Moon Stone, it will create blue pixie dust which is incredibly important because it restores the Pixie Dust Tree every eight years. Being exceptionally closer to Terence ever since Spring, he has decided to help her with the scepter. And since he is an expert on Dustology, Tinker Bell agrees!

    Everything goes great at first; Terence gives her advice, gathers some supplies she could need and cleaning up the soot from the fire. Tink appreciates it but soon finds herself getting annoyed with how Terence is always around. She is obviously frustrated as the Autumn Revelry draws near but she doesn't say anything, just bears it until one day Terence brought home something he thought Tink could use -- a pocket watch -- and it accidentally crushes her scepter. She turns a bright red and begins to yell at him, saying it was his fault. He also gets mad and leaves her house. After he left, Tinker Bell was still freally frustrated that she kicked open the pocket watch and it crushed the Moon Stone.

    Tink spent the entire day trying to put the Moon Stone back together but every time she tried, it would just fall apart again. It seemed hopeless. But she couldn't just waltz up to the Minister of Autumn and Queen Clarion and say, "Oh, sorry about not having the scepter done on time. And by the way, I broke the Moon Stone!" No, that wouldn't go over too well... Clank and Bobble showed up, offering to take her to the Fairy Theatre but she declined, she wanted to try and fix it again at least one more time. But they mentioned Fairy Mary was going to be there and Tink got an idea of asking her if there they had another Moon Stone, of course without actually saying that she broke the other one; Tink can be quite sneaky when she has to be. Seeing that Tinker Bell was really upset about something, she figured she was working too hard, she convinced her to sit, relax and enjoy the theatre. She didn't want to waste time when she had to fix the Moon Stone but when Tink tried to leave, Fawn sat next to her, making her sit between Fairy Mary and she couldn't escape or else Fairy Mary might get suspicious...

    The play was about the Mirror of Incanta, which could grant anybody three wishes. It was stolen by pirates and they used the first two before their ship wrecked so one wish was left. It was said that the ship wrecked on an island North of Neverland and this gave Tink an idea to find the Mirror of Incanta and wish for another Moon Stone! And the clues to find it were in an ancient fairy chant:

    "Journey due North, past Neverland,
    Where a far away island is close at hand.

    When you're alone but not alone.
    You will find help in an arch of stone.

    There's one way across the Isle's north ridge,
    but a price must be paid at the old Troll bridge.

    At journey's end, you shall walk the plank
    of a ship that sunk but never sank.

    And in the hold of it's gems and gold.
    A wish come true always.
    We're told.

    But beware and be warned, there's a trick to this clue
    Wish only good-will, or no good will come you.

    For the treasure you seek you may yet come to rue!"

    Tinker Bell did not hear the warning of this chant, she was too eager to get ready for her journey to find the Mirror of Incanta. She began packing for things she could take, a map, a chart, cheese and extra clothes. She also needed extra pixie dust for her long journey. She went to the Pixie Dust Tree to see if she could flatter her way to getting Fairy Gary to give her extra pixie dust. But it didn't work... she asked Rosetta and Silvermist if she could borrow some of theirs but they needed it for the Mainland. Silvermist suggested to talk to Terence but they were fighting and Tink didn't want to see him right now. She was still upset with him because he ruined her scepter and -- in her mind -- the Moon Stone also.

    Tink figured it was the only way and went to see Terence. She made it sound like she was going to apologize but she didn't. She just asked him to forget what happened earlier and give her the extra dust. Terence got upset that she didn't apologize and didn't give her any. Tinker Bell got mad again and said he wasn't a "true friend" because he didn't give her the dust. She flew off, thinking she could be able to handle things without Terence; on her own. Since she couldn't get the extra pixie dust, Tink figured out a way to make it work with the dust she already had. Using her exceptional tinkering skills, she made what was similar to a hot air balloon but with a piece of cotton. Dressed for a journey, Tink sprinkled the dust onto her invention and began her adventure to find the Mirror of Incanta.

    As Tink was flying North, she got out of Pixie Hollow and was on her way to the island. She passed some trees and a lot of fireflies are being chased by a big bird and flies right past Tink. One of them get separated and lands in one of Tinker Bell's bags. She didn't noticed so she kept going, but keeping an eye out for anything else. As she continued her journey, Tinker Bell got slightly hungry. She went to one of her bags that had her Boysenberry Rolls in it but they were all gone! Tink was sure she packed some. She went to another bag where she put her more food. She found the little firefly that got separated from his group. Being upset that he ate all her food, she told him to go away and find his own friends. Yelling at the poor firefly. He finally listens but he comes back, with big eyes and Tink realizes that he could he very helpful since it was getting darker and he had light. Tinker Bell lets him stay and finds out his name is Blaze.

    As their adventure continues, they finally find land and Tink anchors the balloon and decides to search around a bit, telling Blaze to watch the balloon. She flies to what she thinks is the Arch of stone from the story but it is just a branch arch. Blaze comes to tell her that the balloon flew away. Tink and him argue, but Tink -- for the first time -- keeps calm and tells Blaze it wasn't her fault. But now she's out of food, her compass and pixie dust. She has to walk the rest of the way. Blaze felt bad because Tinker Bell had no food because of what happened.

    Tink and Blaze finally came to the Troll bridge and while the two trolls were fighting, Tinker Bell sneaked past them and into the cove where the pirate ship was. The two carefully looked around for the mirror and found it in a bag of gems and jewels. Tink picked up the mirror and began to wish. Blaze was right next to her, buzzing and she got frustrated that accidentally wished that Blaze would be quite. Tink tried to tell the mirror that that wasn't her wish but it was too late, she had already used up the last wish the mirror had. Tinker Bell felt hopeless....until Terence showed up. She apologized for everything and they were friends again, but they still needed to fix the scepter and get back to Pixie Hollow. Terence helped Tink and Blaze get away from rats and told her that he found her dust balloon with her pixie dust.

    Tink and Terence spent the whole trip back to Pixie Hollow figuring out a way to make the broken Moon Stone work. When the three of them got back to Pixie Hollow, Tink had made an even better scepter and the pieces of the broken Moon Stone made even more blue pixie dust than anyone has ever seen! All the fairies were grateful that Tink created such a beautiful Fall Scepter and created the most blue pixie dust ever!


    Queen Clarion and the Minister of Summer have decided to let the tinker's go to the Mainland for Summer this year! Since Tinker Bell has made a lot of inventions for them to use, she must be there to make sure that they keep running smoothly or to fix anything that gets broken. Tink is so excited about going to the Mainland for Summer, it's her first time! She's also curious about the's what fairies call humans. She has always been so infatuation with the lost things, she wants to know more about where they come from.

    When they get to fairy camp, Terence has to go deliver pixie dust to the other camps so Tink does some exploring even though her friend sand Vidia has warned her not to go near the humans. She find a car and begin to look underneath to see how it works. Vidia desperately wants her to get back to fairy camp before the humans see them but Tink is too stubborn and curious to listen. She accidentally gets Vidia's wings wet so they have to walk back. In doing so, they find a small makeshift fairy house that a little girl made. Tink, being very curious, wants to go inside but Vidia doesn't want to but she doesn't leave without trying to get Tink out of the little house. Tink is too focused on seeing how a pocket watch works that she doesn't even listen to when Vidia warns there that a human is coming. Vidia flies into the grass to hide leaving Tinker Bell in the house.

    The little girl peeks in and sees Tinker Bell, taking the house, and Tink, back to show her father what she found. Thankfully, the girl changes her mind because she knows if her father finds out what she found, he'll take Tink to London, so she hides her in her room. Once the girl lets Tink out, a cat tries to chase her. The girl puts Tink in a cage and leaves to put the cat outside. Tinker Bell desperately tries to get out but she can't get the latch open. As Tink sits trapped in the house with the little girl, she doesn't know that her friends are on their way to save her. When the little girl lets her out of the cage, she darts for the window but it's lock. She flies away from the girl and into the rafters of the room, not coming down for anything. She is scared that the girl will hurt her.

    The little girl begins telling Tink about how much she adores fairies and tells her about what she thinks water fairies look like -- She thought they have blue skin! Also, she thought all fairies live on tress made of sweet treats. Tinker Bell, listening to every word, wanted to tell her that none of that was true and let her know the facts about fairies. Tink begins with her name. Since she can't speak with humans, they only hear little bells jingling, she tries to pantomime her name. Finally the little girls guesses her name and she tells Tink that her name is Lizzie. As they talked, Tinker Bell realizes that she needs to go back to Fairy Camp. Lizzie understands and lets Tink go but it's raining. Fairies can't fly if their wings are wet! So she decides to stay at least until the rain stops. Soon after, Lizzie's dad comes into the room, Tink has to hide from him because Lizzie knowing about her is bad enough! He gives Lizzie a field journal and she decides to do it on fairies! Tinker Bell helps her out. She tells her about all her friends and their talents, that fairies are actually responsible for changing the seasons, about pixie dust and everything she knows about Pixie Hollow. Soon they filled the whole book! The rain stopped and Tink was going to leave back for Fairy Camp but when she does, she stays at the window and sees that Lizzie is a very lonely girl. Her father is always working and never has time for her. Tinker Bell stays at the house and fixes all the leaks so that there will be time for them to spend together.

    The next day, Lizzie shows her father her field book, he gets frustrated that she keeps going on about fairies since he thinks they aren't real. Tinker Bell, being somewhat of a hot head, turns red and zooms out of her hiding place right into his face, telling him that they are real. He can't understand her but he is in awe and she lands on a table. Wanting to show Tink to the museum, he tries to capture her but Vidia was on her way to help Tink and in an attempt at saving her, Lizzie's dad captures Vidia instead! Tink, her friends and Lizzie must fly to London and help free Vidia, but it was still pouring rain outside. Tink remembered that she taught Lizzie how to fly and also reassures Lizzie that flying to London is no big deal. Lizzie trusted her new fairy friends and agreed to fly to London to save Vidia!

    They finally got to London and caught up with her father when he was about to enter the museum. Seeing Lizzie flying, he decided to actually listen to what she had to say. Lizzie told her father that he didn't have to understand fairies, he just had to believe. And he said he did! Tinker Bell and her friends sprinkled pixie dust on him and he also began to fly! It was the most marvelous thing. Getting a grownup to actually believe. Tinker Bell felt great that she could fix their relationship. He had more time for Lizzie now and she wasn't as lonely since she had all her fairy friends and got to spend the Summer with them, having tea parties and telling stories. Terence even joined in! This summer was a summer nobody will forget!

    During a cold night in Winter, a few years after that unforgettable Summer, Tinker Bell was exploring through a place in London called "Kensington Gardens". As Tink was looking for some more lost things, she came upon a sleeping boy near some bushes. It was rather late for a little boy such as he to be out by himself. Tink flew away, looking for something to cover the boy with. He had very little covering him while he slept, he might get sick. She found a piece of tattered cloth and figured it would have to do. Tinker Bell went back to the boy, sprinkled pixie dust on him so she could move him deeper into the bushes. Tink thought he had been abandoned or something and felt sad for him and decided to take care of him.

    Having grown a liking to the boy, Tink decided to take him to Neverland -- he was obviously too big for Pixie Hollow -- but not until she was sure he could handle his own and also because the boy was only four years old and the journey to Neverland is a long on. She would also be busy with her work as a tinker so the boy would probably have to spend some time by himself and Tink didn't want to worry about him. She taught him how to survive off the forest in the Gardens since it was most similar to Neverland's setting. Tink spend the next three years going back and forth from Pixie Hollow to Kensington Gardens to care for the boy but also do her work in Pixie Hollow until she thought Peter was ready to make the journey of his life to Neverland. When they got to Neverland, Tinker Bell picked a spot for him to live right next to Pixie Hollow so she could keep her eye on him until he got the hang of things around Neverland. She wasn't sure how her fairy friends would respond to a human boy living in Neverland but hoped it didn't cause too much trouble. There was. Queen Clarion wasn't all that impressed with Tink's decision but she agreed to let the boy stay only if Tink promises to take him back to London every now and then until he is an older age to take care of himself and fight the pirates if he needed to.

    Years go by and Peter is now thirteen years old and can take care of himself pretty well. The two have become best friends over that time. They spend their days having adventures, taunting the pirates -- especially Captain Hook -- or going to the Mermaid lagoon and telling the mermaids all of Peter's adventures. Tinker Bell still keeps up with her work in Pixie Hollow though, occasionally finding lost things on Peter and her adventures and taking them back to her workshop to try and fix or make something. Sometimes the two even go to the Mainland to take lost or runaway children back to Neverland so they can help get rid of the pirates forever. Tinker Bell didn't want him getting into any trouble in the Mainland, Peter was quite curious and she had to remind him to keep away from the houses, so she went with him.


    One night when they were visiting the Mainland, Tinker Bell and Peter could hear children laughing through an open window. Tink tried to warn Peter not to get too close but he was as stubborn as she was and even more curious. Tink, wanting to know what they were laughing as as well, followed him, listening to their stories and games. The two grew somewhat font of the stories that got told by a girl, Wendy Darling, and came back frequently to listen to them. During one visit, Peter wanted to see what was inside the room. Tinker Bell followed him, wanting to keep him out of trouble. What they didn't know was there was a dog inside the room and it began barking and latched on to Peter's shadow. Tink bolted out of the room, peering over the side of the window, watching to see if Peter would be okay. He was since his shadow got separated from him and they both managed to hide before the children woke up from the barking. They watched from behind a chimney and saw that the girl put Peter's shadow away in a drawer.

    After several attempts to get his shadow back, one night the dog was tied up in the yard and this was the perfect opportunity to get inside the room without it barking up a storm and waking the children up. Tink and Peter went inside the room. The small pixie flew into the dog house and looked for Peter's shadow but it was not there. Tinker Bell was too interested in the things on the desks to help Peter look for his shadow. She found a music box and opened it, wanting to know how this one worked. The music began playing and she quickly let the top go to stop it before the children wake up. She flew over to a hand mirror and looked at herself, examining her hair and dress. She then noticed how big her hips were. She measured them with her hands and brought them up to her face to see how big they were. Tinker Bell didn't have time to get upset over her curvy hips because she heard something coming from a drawer. She looked inside the keyhole, seeing Peter's shadow. She quickly told Peter of her discovery and when Peter opened the drawer, she went inside to fish it out but before she could fly out of the drawer, Peter -- being excited that he found his shadow -- closed it quickly, locking Tinker Bell inside.

    As Petered wrestled with his shadow, Tinker Bell looked around the tiny sewing drawer, being interested in the things in it, until she heard a girl's voice. She looked through the key hole and saw that the girl had woken up and was talking to Peter. Tink tried to fit through the key hole to get out but her hips wouldn't fit and got stuck. She saw Wendy coming and tried to get unstuck so when she opened the drawer she could fly out but she didn't get out in time. When Wendy slammed the drawer shut, it sent Tink flying to the back of the drawer and a thimble fell on her head. This got Tinker Bell upset. She could hear the infatuation in the girl's voice and she could sense that she was getting a little too excited to be with Peter. Tink got extremely jealous and turned a bright red, lifting the thimble from her head. She was desperate to get out and tried propping the door open with a pin. She pulled but it didn't work. Then she decided to try a pair of scissors, thinking that it would give her more leverage. As she was putting them in place, she heard that Peter was going to take Wendy to Neverland. This upset Tink even more and she quickly tried to open the drawer. Thankfully, Wendy was stalling -- that girl talked a lot -- giving Tink time to pry the drawer open. She pulled and pulled but it was what Wendy said that made her give one last hard pull. She said she was going to kiss Peter! Tinker Bell finally got the drawer open enough for her to fly out. She flew to where they were and began pulling Wendy's hair. Seeing Peter coming at her with his hat, she flew away from her, but Peter was quick and caught her but not without waking up the two other children. Still being quite upset, Tinker Bell calls Wendy a "Big ugly girl" and flies out of Peter's hat towards a shelf. Tinker Bell makes faces at the girl and rolls her eyes until Peter decides to use her pixie dust to make them all fly. As they make their way to Neverland, Tinker Bell is not happy about it but doesn't want to get left behind. Plus, she has to keep her eye out on Wendy in case she tries to kiss Peter again.

    When the five of them get to Neverland, Tink convinces The Lost Boys to shoot the "Wendy Bird" down with whatever they have. She says that it's special orders from Peter. And they do it. Wendy would of fallen to the ground if Peter hadn't of saved her. Jealousy was the emotion Tink had trouble with getting rid of. She confessed to trying to hurt Wendy, knowing all too well that her plans could of killed her, and Peter banishes her from Hangman's Tree for a week. Tinker Bell is so aggravated, she burns through a leaf as she leaves for Pixie Hollow.

    Tinker Bell just made her way back to Pixie Hollow, she had a lot of work to catch up on and she could just hear Fairy Mary counting to ten because of all the stress Tink gives her. It's not like she actually meant to, she was just excited to be spending time with Peter. Plus, all the inventions Tink made had made the work at Pixie Hollow go ten times faster! She was still furious at that stupid Wendy-Bird. Tinker Bell wanted to figure out a way to take her back to London but she couldn't, Peter was probably spending every moment with her. She left Pixie Hollow again to maybe calm herself down, sitting down on a tree stump, looking out towards the sea. She was so upset that she didn't even notice that Captain Hook's stooge, Smee, was behind her. Before Tink could fly away he captured her in his hat and took her to Hook's ship. Hook wanted her to tell him where Peter and The Lost Boys' hideout was. She woudn't tell him. But, Hook being just as cunning as Tink was, conned her into telling that Peter's hideout was Hangman's tree. Tink had thought maybe that would get Wendy out of Neverland but she overheard the pirates talking and that he was giving a bomb to Peter Pan! Tink was trapped in a old lamp but after she got out, she flew straight to Hangman's tree, not stopping for anything. She tried to take the package from Peter -- it had a tag that said it was from Wendy -- but Peter insisted on opening it, thinking it actually was a present. When Peter opened it and revealed the bomb, Tink grabbed it and flew as far away from Peter as possible. The bomb exploded as Tink was still holding it. It had hurt her badly and her light was flickering. As the smoke settled, Peter came to save her even though Tink wanted him to save Wendy and her brothers. Peter confessed that Tinker Bell means everything to him and that he had to save her first.

    Tinker Bell and Peter went to the Jolly Roger and save Wendy and her brothers. As Peter fought Hook, The Lost Boys and the Darling family were fighting the other pirates. Tink helped in any way she could to distract the pirates. She helped Peter, telling him to use the rigging to shoot himself at Hook. Peter fought off Hook and made him fall overboard, the crocodile chased him away. Tink flew around the Jolly Roger, sprinkling pixie dust on it so they could take it back to the Mainland to take the Darlings home.

    Captain Hook wasn't done yet, years later, he captured Jane, thinking it was Wendy, as bait in an attempt to get rid of Peter Pan once and for all. Peter and Tink find out that it's not Wendy but her daughter. Tink, obviously not liking the way that Peter takes such a liking to her quickly, doesn't like Jane and doesn't want anything to do with her. But Jane is soon wanting to go home because she has responsibilities and such back home. Jane is way more "grown up" than Wendy was at her age. The Lost Boys, Peter and Tinker Bell try to help her by teaching her to fly. During their break, because Jane got frustrated quickly, they decided to play a game of "Keep-Away" with Jane's notebook. Cubby accidentally swallows it and Jane begins yelling at The Lost Boys, telling them she is fed up with their childish behavior. Tinker Bell gets very angry and pulls at Jane's hair. Jane gets upset more and yells at Tink that she doesn't believe in fairies. Everyone is shocked and Peter tells Jane "Good Riddance!" Soon after, Tink cannot fly, Jane not believing in fairies left her very sick and if The Lost Boys and Peter don't get her to believe in fairies, her light will go out.

    The boys decide to help Jane believe by letting her be part of their group. Jane agrees but what the boys don't know is that Jane made a plan with Hook to lure Peter so he can get rid of him. Peter finds out about her plan and calls Jane a traitor and tells her that it's because of her that Tink is dying. Jane feels guilty and tries to find Tink but her light already went out. But it was Jane's new-found belief that saves Tinker Bell at the very last minute. The two go to the Jolly Roger to save Peter and the Lost Boys from Hook. Tink shows Jane how to fly so she can save Peter from walking the plank and unties him. Tinker Bell and Peter escort Jane home to the Mainland. Tink and Peter meet Wendy again. Even though she is grown up, Wendy assures them that she hasn't changed. They say their goodbyes and watched as the family reunited before making their journey back to Neverland.
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    Example Roleplay Post: (in character, please!)
"Stupid Wendy-Bird!" Tink said, while kicking a dandelion, watching the seeds go every which way. "Stupid Peter!" She was so angry that Peter would actually banish her! She was only trying to have some fun with The Lost Boys. That's what happens when you play, sometimes you get hurt. Obviously, this Wendy wasn't tough enough to spend time with Peter and The Lost Boys. Plus, she was a girl! Peter doesn't like girls except her...she was the only "girl" they could handle and didn't think she was icky. But, no, they obviously only wanted to hear Wendy's stupid stories. Tinker Bell could tell better stories in her sleep! And Lyria could tell even better stories! Tink wondered why they couldn't just listen to Lyria's stories? She was a Story-Telling talent!

Tinker Bell stormed into Tinker's Nook. Everyone could tell that Tink was mad because of the bright red color of her face. They usually steered clear of her when she was in her moods. Tinker Bell knew the only way to calm down was to tinker with her pots and kettles. She took her tinker hammer and began to work. She could see from the corner of her eye that Bobble and Clank were trying hard not to look at her. Also, every time she looked up, they would quickly look away. Tink sighed deeply, turning to them, "Guys, I'm fine..." She said but the hammer in her hand made the two sparrowmen more scared of what Tink might do. Tinker Bell looked at it and rolled her eyes, putting it down on the table in front of her, "It's just....this stupid girl named Wendy is hogging all of Peter Pan's attention!" Fairy Mary must of overheard because she chimed in, "There's another child in Neverland? Tinker Bell, you know bet - " "I didn't bring her! Peter Pan did!" Tink argued. She knew all too well what would happen if she brought another child into Neverland. It was bad enough bring Peter and letting him in on all the secrets of the fairies, Queen Clarion was not impressed at all. "It's all he talks about now. Wendy this, Wendy that. Like she is some goddess or something! She isn't even that pretty, she has this stringy brown hair and....ugh!" Tinker Bell went on about Wendy for a while. Clank and Bobble had stopped listening a while ago. Tink knew this but she wanted to get this out, even if they weren't listening.

After a while, Fairy Mary told Tink that Cheese's cart wheel needed to be fixed, she also told her that it could help her calm down. Tink flew from the workshop and found Cheese. Tinker Bell flew down to the grey mouse, patting him on the head, Hey, Cheese. At least you won't leave me for some stupid girl, huh?" Tink gave a half smile and got to work on his wheel as Cheese roamed around slightly. "But I was Peter's best friend first! Does she honestly think she can just come here and take him away?" Her jealousy was getting in the way of her work and she wasn't getting much progress done on the cart. Sighing, Tink knew she had to calm down and get her work done before she leaves again to show the Wendy-Bird who's boss in Neverland and who Peter's best friend is... She just didn't know what she was going to do yet...maybe she could tell Tiger Lily to flirt with Peter.

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[x]Tinker Bell
Posted: May 19 2011, 02:12 PM

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Finished Tink's app!

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Walt Disney
Posted: May 19 2011, 06:14 PM

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First off, well done! I can just HEAR Tink in your example post. :) You really have her down. Just two things I wanted to mention for you to keep in mind: we noticed some switching of the tenses in your writing, so keep an eye out for that. And watch out for choppy sentences. But otherwise, welcome, the fairies are glad to have their 'leader' back!


Welcome to Fantasmic!! Your application meets our
qualifications, and we have approved your character. Please be
sure to create a thread in our Eventboard to get started in the RPG!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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[x]Tinker Bell
Posted: May 19 2011, 06:24 PM

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Thank you so much! Yeah, I know what you mean...choppy sentences and fragments are my enemies. I'll definitely work on them. But thanks again!! :D

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