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 { infinite space }, brand new | au star trek
Posted: Jan 20 2012, 03:37 AM


Welcome to a world set far and away into the future – the
year 2259 to be exact. Humans have not only ventured to
outer space, but live and work in it. They’ve not only gone
to the moon, they’ve gone to the outer reaches of the galaxy
itself, beyond our own solar system. They’ve come in contact
with life forms both like and unlike their own – made allies of
some and enemies of others. The galactic order is kept in
semi-harmony by the organization known as Starfleet. Within
the last year, a lowly ne’er do well farm boy has risen among
the ranks to command his own starship, after an astounding
display of leadership and bravery in the face of certain death
by the Romulans. His crew members consist of a lovely linguist,
a neurotic doctor, an enigmatic alien, a hyperactive teen, a talented
pilot, a brilliant engineer, and you. It takes a crew of 500+ to run a
ship the size of the Enterprise – will you be just another cog or
are you gonna make a name for yourself in this universe? Step out
into the spotlight and take a stand next to the others as a security
officer, a pilot, or a doctor (NOT a scientist! Okay, fine, you can be
a scientist). But you’ve got to start somewhere – that’s where Starfleet
Academy comes in. Training the world’s youth to be the leaders in
any field they choose to go into, to teach them about discipline, hard
work, and honor in one’s self. That is, if you answer the call of duty...
. If not there’s always the option of living your life as a civilian, or a
council member of the United Federation of Planets. Perhaps you’re
not even one of the ‘good guys’. Whatever your choice, it’s more than
welcome here. But choose wisely as we embark on this
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Fast facts
  • Newly Reopened
  • Cleaned up and Cleaned Out – we’re a whole new site!
  • Active & Friendly Staff
  • Abundance of canons and positions available
  • Great time to join, since we’re just starting off
  • Endless possibilities for character creation
  • Detailed canon, species, and positions listings.
  • We’re awesome =3
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