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Who is AA's most insidious character up to this point?
Wensicia Corrino

Lorian Uguisubari

Kaluu Harkonnen

Alia Atreides

Gaius Helen Mohiam


Xuttuh-fyn Benlyrs

Other (please specify)

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 Zensunni Wanderers
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 01-21-09 19:05 - 6 comments
As you may have already noticed, the new forum is in an offline state, and may even disappear from view altogether. wink.gif

This is due to the fact that I'm quitting our host and moving to a new one (Yes, YET AGAIN!) but unfortunately, due to the extreme unreliability of the people in New Jersey I am forced to do whatever it takes, to make us running smoothly. laugh.gif

Anyways, I hope this game of cat and mouse will soon be over - and we can get back into RPing once more. tongue.gif

--please keep an eye on this thread regarding updates!
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 Request For Stilgar
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 01-7-09 20:23 - 2 comments
Stil, if it's not too much trouble, could you please move your Storyline images to the new forum? I've got a thread set up for them already - it's located in the Councill of Naibs, like it was, here. smile.gif
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 New Year - New Host - New Board
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 01-7-09 02:33 - 18 comments
Hey everyone smile.gif

I hope this is not going to drive anyone crazy - but I'm thinking of having our AA RP board hosted on a fully functional IPB board (like the kind we started out with at first), as I have acquired another license for it and I think it would be a nice change for all. Perhaps it would even attract new members, as I hope to have it feature a sleek, sophisticated new look.

I just wanted to get some feedback from you, given that I don't want to make a hug decision like that for all of us without everyone's input. I'm already setting the board up, it should be finished sometime tomorrow. If we decide to move there, I will need your assistance in transfer of posts, as I don't have a first clue about converting ipb 1.3 to ipb 2.3.6 - for all I know, the 2 might not even be compatible and IPBFree does not release backups of their forums to us, we only rent this board, we do not own it...

So if you get the chance, please state Yes or No, whether you think a new board would suit you. We could have it personalized and 'spiffied' up as much as we like, and have more options like personal blogs, gallery and downloads on the site, if we wish them. There are many exciting options that come with the newer IPB, ones that would definitely enhance our role-playing experience and make it more personalized.

I hope to hear from you soon! smile.gif
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 Worldwide Topsites
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 10-14-08 22:54 - 0 comments
I've added our site to the Sci-Fi section of Worldwide Topsites. The link/button for voting has been added to our Portal page (where the rest of our affiliation buttons are located, at the very bottom of the left hand side), and hopefully this will help us get some more exposure in the public eye. wink.gif

If you could cast your vote daily (or even weekly), it would be greatly appreciated. I'm also including the voting link below:

Vote For Us @ World Wide Topsites!

Thanks in advance! smile.gif
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 AA Forum Community
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 10-14-08 21:58 - 1 comments

I just thought I'd take the time to find out from all of you whether you're happy with the current forum setup and if you think it could use any changes or enhancements? To me, it's a role-playing board, so it has everything that it should already, but I could be overlooking things because of my innately simplistic nature. tongue.gif

That's why you're here - to set me straight. laugh.gif

If you think the board could use some sprucing up (like a new skin, more non-RP content, etc.), please let me know - whether by posting in Jester's Square or via PM. I think having the ads disappear really makes a difference - as much as I understand IF's reason for advertisements, I also found them distracting. But other than that, do you feel there is anything else we could do, to improve our little community?

I hope to hear from some of you soon, your opinions are most appreciated. biggrin.gif
Read 536 times - last comment by Wensicia Corrino   Print email

 October News!
Posted by Irulan Corrino - 10-14-08 21:52 - 0 comments
Greetings to all! smile.gif

Well, it seems that our activity on the board has picked up a bit once more - which is awesome to see! We welcome our newcomer, Xuttuh-fyn Benlyrs, who has added his villainous presence to the Arrakis Awakening cast. I'm very excited to see how his insidious machinations will affect the lives of the citizens of the Known Universe! ninja.gif

While Kurro is away (enjoying a timely holiday in Canada), we've been fortunate to have Amy (Lady Jessica) return to us, after battling some health related demons. We wish her all the best and hope that she feels herself again, soon. biggrin.gif

For a while now, I've been considering advertising our board more, perhaps placing a banner or two at some of the more notable Sci-Fi Toplist sites, to generate more interest. I love our community as it is now, and I think the writers are imaginative and wonderful, warm and supportive of each other - and as such, I think having a few more people join in would really perk up everyone's spirits and make for even more exciting storylines.

There is also a new poll up for the month of October - this time featuring famous Villains of Arrakis Awakening. You can find it here:

AA's Most Insidious Character

Thanks in advance for your votes! cool.gif
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