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The year is 3574, and Crystal Tokyo is no more than a memory distorted by the all-knowing, subtly-operating White Regime. Life has gone on, and most planets are relatively prosperous. But the White Regime is spying on its people, stifling those who know too much, and doing whatever it takes to remain on top. Will the reawakened senshi be able to overcome unlikely odds, or is it just too late this time around?

Resonance is an advanced forum with an R rating. We still have several canons up for grabs, and made-ups are welcome. So step into the world of Resonance, where the battle of the age is about to begin.







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 Elements of the White Regime
Posted: Jun 24 2011, 02:53 AM

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The Eye in the Sky

Every planet (save the usual exception of Mars) has an Eye in the Sky to monitor the movements of the people down below. There is very little this Mercurian invention misses out on, and as a result, very little crime. Depending on your planet, the Eye in the Sky may be a bit more... watchful. Earth and the Moon share the most alert Eye in the Sky, with Venus and Uranus bringing up the rear on watched protection.

The Wire

What good would it do if you couldn't plaster the name and face of everybody the Eye in the Sky saw attempting to go against the norm in every household? The moment you're found attempting to break a law, it's spread across the Wire. If you're lucky, it'll stay within your planet, popping up on the viewscreens in the cities and homes of all around - if you're unlucky, it'll be across the solar system. Of course, the Wire isn't all the law and justice. The White Regime has been known to use it for their own propaganda, as well as the usual media programming.

The Feet Who March

Those who enforce the laws with an iron fist, it has been rumoured that the Feet Who March aren't actually men at all, but terrible beings hidden in their armour. Again, these are just unkind rumours - you can wager that if you're caught by the Eye in the Sky, you'll have these soldiers of the White Regime to deal with... and the dark magic they've been said to possess.

The Hand That Feeds

Nobody is entirely sure whether the Hand That Feeds is an extension of the White Regime, or simply operating off of it. Regardless, it is well-known that the members of this small organisation are well-hidden and few and far between. They've been known to make people rich, or simply cause them to disappear... they can even grant passage from one planet to another (namely, to Earth) - for a price. You do not bite the Hand That Feeds. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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