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Title: THE RULES !?
Description: read them and you won't get bitten!

lou , - January 4, 2012 05:36 PM (GMT)
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make sure you read them!
<p>On this site, we require you to make individual accounts for each character you have.
When you make your account, use your character's full name (including their middle name) as the username, and type it all in lowercase.
<center><i>Example: raekwon emmanuel todd , justin freider case, etc</i></center>
<p>The current character limit is ten characters, that should be plenty of characters to play for anybody and we expect all of them to be all equally active.
<p>Some hand resources to get you started are
<p>the plot, the ratios, the shifter claim, the face claim, the F.A.Q., and the application. <p>Please use these to your advantage, and please do not use names or face claims that are already taken.
For avatars - we ask that you have a picture of your character's face claim, and the dimensions should be 200x300 pixels. You may instead of a medium sized .gif if you so choose, but please don't let it be too large.
<p>For signatures - we don't allow them. The only exception to this are the member icons located in a few members' signatures. These were released during the Countdown to Christmas event the site had, so if you see one you like, feel free to add it to yours. As long as you don't pile them on, then we're okay.
<p>If you need any help resizing please feel free to pm MARZIPAN, she’d be happy to help you with any graphic woes

<p>Please make sure you reserve the face claim for the character you're planning on bringing to the site, and if you're making a canon, make sure you also claim them as well. This will ensure that no one else can come in and kyfe it from you while you're working on the application, and it only takes a few moments of your time.
<p>When you do start on the application, we ask that you fill everything out completely and as in depth as you possibly can. We have both interview style and free style applications at your disposal, but please keep in mind not no one is perfect. Entertain us! There’s no fun in a Mary Sue. Mary Sue cans stay home and be excluded forever.
<p>When you're finished with your application, please post it here and wait patiently to get feedback. While waiting, please don't post anywhere else on the board except for OoC places (such as the games section, general chat section, etc), and don't repeatedly beg us to look at your application in the cbox; we know it's there, so we'd appreciate it if you only reminded us after a day has passed. We want to get you accepted as fast as possible too!

Once you're accepted, you're free to post wherever you'd like. Please no godmodding or powerplaying; if you need an explanation on what these two terms mean, look them up. We won't tolerate this behavior at all. We have a very minimal word count of 200 words, so please post at your own comfort level. We don't like one-liners here.
<p>As for the site rating, WTSE is rated PG-13. Don’t get us wrong, your character can curse like a sailor and want to punch the entire world but please keep in mind some taste. If your thread is becoming too crude or graphic please continue it someplace else. We fade to black here, lights off when the clothes come off. Also we'd prefer if the number of pregnancies and other dramatic events (such as death) were kept to a low degree. We don't need everyone having babies and committing suicide. That’s just weird.

Out of Character:
All we ask is that you respect everyone and are kind to everyone, including guests, fellow members, and the administrators. Everyone had a part in this site's existence and have kept it going for over two years, so we hope it stays that way. Disrespect will not be tolerated under any circumstance, along with fighting and bullying, whether it be in the cbox or via private message. We highly recommend that you save the drama for your llama, but if you are a victim of this, please report it to one of the admins, and we'll handle it. Other than that, we hope you guys have fun here at Where the Sidewalk Ends!
<p><center>xoxox the staff</center>
<p>ps. We can tell when someone doesn’t read the rules, so please read it in full. Thank you, and here have a cookie because this is WTSE and WTSE loves you.



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