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 First Playthrough - The Mad Spirits
Posted: Jan 28 2012, 06:26 PM

Group: Members
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Guided by the tutorial spirits, I start to make my way in the world. I find a village close by and setup camp near their river. All is going well until the food runs out. I keep trying to fish but come up empty handed. I made some wooden bowls and mugs, but the villagers aren't interested and worse, they don't even offer me any food.

I keep fishing in desperation, it sustained me well for several weeks. I begin to starve, while I fish night and day, rain and shine. I manage to scrape by with an occasional small fish but start to become desperate. I drink lots of water to fool myself that I had eaten, but I begin to become frail and weak from starvation.

I strike out in search of another river to fish at. The forest is very thick so I cannot see very far. I climb trees to get a better view, but being so weak I keep falling as I try to climb. I bruised my neck falling, but I had spotted a large river and headed for it. The rain kept up for over a week, and in my dire state I did not dare take time to build a shelter. It was still warm enough I didn't even make a fire. I fished for another week, moving from spot to spot, catching only a few small fish. I ate some raw, not wanting to waste time cooking them. I started to get violently sick, but I persisted in fishing, moving along the shore, and fishing some more. Then it happened - I had caught some large fish!

I had caught two five pound fish and a three pound fish. It looked like at last I could beat starvation out! I quickly cut some branches off a nearby tree and started roasting my catches. Not wanting to waste any time, I returned to the riverside to catch some more. This seemed like a great fishing spot! I caught many more smaller fish and started roasting these. Sadly, the fire went out before any fish were ready. I cut more branches from the tree, which immediately caught fire from the embers at my feet! I was badly burned on my left hip, fell and also burned my right eye!

I crawled out of the fire, and collapsed exhausted. While the fish resumed roasting, I tore my cloak to make some bandages and applied a cold compress to my burns. I cursed the rain and the fire, which had combined to make me in a miserable state. Feeling wretched from the sickness and the rain, I built a shelter and ate some of the fish that had finished roasting.

Over the course of the next two weeks I was able to regain my health and obtain a good store of roasted fish. The spirits still wanted me to hunt, so I left camp and started to look for some wildlife. I spotted a squirrel moving through some trees and started to stalk it. I got close and readied my axe... but it was too high in a tree to reach! I didn't have a bow or even arrows to shoot it. I stared up at the creature, and cast about for something I could use. There were some rocks in the distance, maybe I could knock it out of that tree...

I backed slowly, keeping a sharp eye on the prey while I gathered a couple small rocks and one large stone. I threw the rocks and chased after them many times, only striking the squirrel once, but it held fast to the tree. I threw the fourteen pound stone and struck it! But it hit the ground running and I was forced to give chase. Curse the spirits, I thought. They want me to hunt an animal but I haven't the skill to finish off one measly squirrel! It ended up in a tree where it stayed, and I rested a moment to catch my breath. I threw some more rocks at it and eventually it fell down and was stunned! I moved in and finished it off with my axe. The spirits acknowleged my efforts, and I skinned the carcass and cut the meat off it's bones.

I headed back to the village and learned the rough process of tanning the skin. A villager happened by while I was waiting for the skin to cure and helped me with my burns. My other wounds healed as I waited, though handling the animal skin was rough work. At the end of the four day process, I was rewarded with a ragged bit of squirrel leather. I patched my tattered cloak with it, and looked forward to the next task the spirits wanted me to complete. They wanted me to find a village! Well I was already in one, so maybe they wanted me to find another one.

I wandered a while and returned to the village empty-handed, but those crazy spirits had affirmed that my task was complete. They must be stark raving mad! Well, now they want me to buy an animal, and this village does not have any. I catch many fish and prepare for my journey, and set t to find another village that has animals for trade.

I found a village that has reindeer.. well I rather wanted an animal I could use for milk, but a reindeer would do for the mad spirits.

I approached a villager and started to barter for a reindeer. He didn't want anything I had but the most useful of my items. I surrendered my spare knife, and nearly all of my clothes. Finally I had a reindeer, but where was it? He put it behind me for some reason. I took a step towards it, but it started to run away! It was now too far to use the rope on as a leash. I chased after it, but it was quickly gone.

Fuming mad, I returned to the village to have some words with the villager. He should have handed me the leash, not let the animal free some distance away! I couldn't find the words I wanted to say to him, so I stewed in anger as I pondered my next move. They had a bunch of reindeer penned in a fence...

Looking around to make sure nobody saw me, I smashed the fence and went into the pen. I couldn't get any of the reindeer to accept my leash, so I backed out and let them run free! HAH! That will teach that cheating old bastard. I cornered the last reindeer, determined to have it on my leash. It wouldn't comply, so I hit it with my axe and tried again. This went on for some moments and eventually the reindeer died of it's wounds rather than be leashed in the end.

I skinned the carcass and cut the meat off it's bones, but by this time the whole village had caught wind of what I was up to! I found myself nearly surrounded by angry villagers, some were throwing rocks and one started shooting arrows at me! I fled for the forest, and wound through the trees so they wouldn't get a clear shot. Carrying all of the reindeer meat, I couldn't run very far before I was tired, and the villagers were still coming and attacking!

I eventually made my escape and vowed never to return to that village unless I was going to sack the whole place. The mad spirits still wanted me to obtain an animal, however. I roasted the meat and cleaned the skin as I pondered my next move. I decided to look for another village that had animals, and after a couple days of gorging on sweet reindeer meat I was quite fit again. The effects of starvation had finally passed, though my eye was still suffering from the burns.

I found another village, but they also had reindeer. This time I knew I had to get that leash on very quick once I had completed the trade! I struck a bargain this time - the villager accepted the cleaned reindeer skin and most of the meat in exchange for a live reindeer! What a fool he was...

Now the mad spirits want me to obtain a companion. I found an older tribesman and started to tweak his ear about joining me in a hunt. He only accepted once he took all of my food and two of my weapons. Still sore from the last dealing with these villagers, we ventured into the forest. This old tribesman is in for a surprise, allright! I readied my axe and got behind the old man and cut him down with one swift blow to the head. He still had some fight in him, but I needed those clothes he was wearing! I finished him off with two more blows to the head.

Once I gathered all of the loot, I found that he had eaten almost all of the food! No wonder he wanted so much food. Well now I am far from the lake, and I am getting hungry...

I did some unspeakable things in that forest that night. Unspeakable but quite tasty. I would have loved some old tribesman boots, but I just didn't have the skill to skin a human. I trundled on home with my loot and reindeer in tow, the mad spirits finally satisfied...
Callan S.
Posted: Feb 8 2012, 05:13 AM

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Crazy stuff! tongue.gif
Posted: Feb 8 2012, 06:09 PM

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