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  1. Pinned: Newsletter, Lifetimer Badges And Enormous Tube
  2. Pinned: Development News Forum Created
  3. New Forums Launched
  4. Size Specific Animal Purchases
  5. Cubs And Calves - Rise Of The Young Animals
  6. Spells, New Spells, New Spells Screen
  7. Future Of The Skulls, Logs And Forums
  8. Antler Time
  9. Them Bones Then...
  10. 3.40 Stable Released
  11. 3.40 Stable Released On Steam And For Lifetimers
  12. Stopping Some Time And Trap related Abuses
  13. Quest Stuff; Better Directions, Learn From Npcs
  14. 2015 And 2016 Development History Entries
  15. Beta-2 Nag Message: Hoard Wisely...
  16. Greetings, Whaddup Now?
  17. The Finnish Museum Of Games, We Salute You!
  18. Happy Winter Solstice And Approaching Holidays
  19. Monstrous Summary About Quests And Spells
  20. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
  21. Guinness World Record For “longest Update Support
  22. The Last Of August, The Last Of Quests
  23. Progress With Quests And Elk Spotting
  24. Short Movie In The Making
  25. Noro, Cars, Night Of The Elks, Thanks, Video Works
  26. Tampere City Rarities
  27. New Video Greetings On All Fronts
  28. Summertime - And There Went June...
  29. Birds Laying Eggs
  30. Simulation Talks On Roguelike Radio
  31. Gradual Fish Spoilage In Unretrieved Nets
  32. Companion Equipment Tweaks, And Discussion
  33. Need To Pay Companions & Their Inv. Restrictions
  34. Pull Command And Hourly Net Catch Checks
  35. Real World Moods And Woods
  36. Steam Key Delivery And Preliminary Release Dates
  37. Steam Store Page And Community Hub Open
  38. New Trailer And Release Dates
  39. Build, Build, Build... Media, Media, Media...
  40. Ask Npc Weapon Skills, And Other Fixes'n'tweaks...
  41. Jan Final Spurt, Feb Release Spurt, Quests Unsure
  42. Add No More, Fix Some More, And Mix The Intro Song
  43. Setting Up Stuff, And More Sound Based Task Pauses
  44. Steam Version Faq
  45. Scattered Thoughts And Code Snippets
  46. Back With New Performance
  47. In-game Setup Menu And More About Frozen Soil
  48. Season's Greetings, And Now Off To Holidays
  49. Weekend Of Weatherlore And Pixel Art
  50. Whole Lotta Tiles And Words - Approaching Alpha

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