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 5th Edition
Posted by Thantos - 01-21-08 10:47 - 10 comments
Some of you guys may have heard WH40K 5th edition is rumoured. Its nothing concerete yet but we may have to buy another rulebook shortly read more
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 Switching Moderators
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 07-11-06 22:11 - 27 comments
Some announcements:

Tiry hasen't been around for a while now and throught his mate The Dark Apostle I've recieved the message that he wanted to stop with moderating the forum.
His interrest have moved more to other GW stuff.< ...read more
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 Main Site Update!
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 05-30-06 20:17 - 6 comments
Yep finally I've startedd with updating the main site. I've added a fourth gallery with picca's of some new models I've been painting recently and longer back.
I still have a few days free time so there will be more updates prob ...read more
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 New Forums
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 03-11-06 10:28 - 6 comments
Well I thought it was about time to do a little clean up so I've deleted some, very little used, forums and I've got an idea to make some new forums.

I kinda like pics of other peoples armies and thought I would be nice to get al ...read more
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 Pics From Warhammer World!
Posted by Captain Tiry - 08-18-05 17:18 - 6 comments
well it seems i got some picks from warhammer world! (sadly the only from bugmans bar fucked up)

but i got som other nice

unfourtenary i dont got them on the comp yet but i will soon they will be up here in a few days time ...read more
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 Weekly Ultramarines Story
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 04-28-05 18:19 - 28 comments
In cooperation with The Dark Apostle is started a ongoing weekly story about the Ultramarines!

Check out the main site, you can read the update there every week.
Chec ...read more
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 New Thunderhawk Update
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 03-28-05 12:21 - 10 comments
Check out the new Thunderhawk pictures on the main site!

New thunderhawk pictures here!

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 Merry Christmas And A Happy 2005
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 12-26-04 17:10 - 16 comments

Well I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a real good and happy 2005

Thanks for joining this forum and visting the internet site.< ...read more
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 Vehicle Design Forum?
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 12-26-04 16:29 - 0 comments
To follow the question of Tiry, here the poll for a new vehicle design forum.
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 Website Update 31 November 2004
Posted by Captain Uriel Ventris - 12-1-04 15:09 - 0 comments
Added new pictures of my Thunderhawk in gallery IV, go check it out!!
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