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Posted by: Thantos Jan 21 2008, 10:47 AM
Some of you guys may have heard WH40K 5th edition is rumoured. Its nothing concerete yet but we may have to buy another rulebook shortly sad.gif wink.gif

There are some speculations going around of what is going to change (not all of it good).
Has anyone heard anything? And opinions on this?

Here's a little something from "".

5thí edition 40K is due for release in 2008 although we have conflicting reports about the release date, itís going to be either summer or more probably autumn (GDUK 08).

There will be a new rulebook and new starter set which will be Orks vs marines, it will include both troops and vehicles (a marine dreadnought is likely and possibly others). The 3up grot seen at UKGD í07 is also for the starter box.

Rumoured rules amendments
1. the addition of a Ďruní option (similar to fleet but with a trade off to keep fleet special).
2. Improvements to the cover save rules.
3. Rending toned down (auto wound if you roll a 6 to wound & reduction in effectiveness against vehicles).
4. Template(Blast) weapons rules streamlined.
5. Sniper weapons rules amended (rending probable)
6. Close combat rules amended with a combat resolution phase similar to fantasy
7. Single vehicle damage table.
8. Vehicles without a WS in CC always get hit in the rear armour.
9. Vehicles able to ram
10. Other vehicle amendments
11. Mission rules changed in a similar manner to Apocalypse (no more Alpha, Gamma or Omega).
12. Only non vehicle non swarm troop choices are scoring units (Note I did not say infantry)
13. Vehicles types are adjusted (the rumoured skimmer nerf)

Overall the ruleset hasnít changed dramatically but areas have been clarified, streamlined and in some cases brought closer to 2nd edition. Iíll add to the list as we hear more.

Donít forget these are rumours and should not be treated as the truth.

-There's now a reason to have a BS higher than 5 (can we say 2+/5+?).
-All models friend or foe now block line of sight. Vehicles and Monstrous Creature can be targeted over intervening infantry.
-Area terrain does not block line of sight.
-All blast weapons now scatter.

-Defensive weapons on vehicles are now Str 4 and below.
-Skimmers Moving Fast is now a 5+ cover save. (I have heard this is the new rule for All Obscured Targets)
-Dedicated transports can now carry any unit (subject to normal restrictions, i.e., no Terminators) and are no longer the deathtraps they have been (no entangling, just pinning).
-AP 1 weapons add +1 to the vehicle damage chart instead of doing as they do now.
-Ordinance weapons roll 2d6 and pick the highest on the vehicle damage table.

-Independent Character targeting restrictions have been eased.
-There is no IC protection any longer unless he is joined to a unit
-ICs within 2" of a unit automatically join it.
-Dark Eldar are not gone, as they're mentioned in the rules (their jetbikes DO get the 6" assault).
-Frag grenades operate as plasma grenades now.
-Monstrous creatures get move through cover, not a reroll.
-Saving Throws are now made AFTER wound allocation. This means you could still roll all your generic troopers as a group, but will need to roll for each special model (serg, heavy weapons, etc) one by one. Torrent of Fire is gone.

-The missions are different enough that Troops only counting as scoring isn't as big a deal as it would be today.
-Victory points are calculated differently in "cleanse" style missions (points calculated depending on the FOC slot the dead unit took up).
-Scouts and Infiltrators can now try to outflank the enemy and come on as reserves from a different board edge.
-Deepstrike is the same, but if you can't place all the models, you roll on the "deepstrike mishap" table (50% you're dead, 50% you place yourself anywhere you like).

Overall, the rules look a lot more detailed. Not as detailed as 2nd edition, but now there's a difference between a guy standing on the roof of a building and a guy standing in the basement. Actual line of sight matters a lot more than "pretend" line of sight now.

Posted by: kal Jan 22 2008, 01:25 AM
oh cool cant wait to get the new rules book

Posted by: brother-captian dobbo Jan 24 2008, 10:06 PM
well iv always promised my self if thay change the rules agen i will not move on to it as i feel there taking the mik now, i may even revert back to 2nd ed shore it tolk longer but i do miss the 2+ armour save on 2D6 for terms and being able to lob frag greanades and kill with them and the more relistic damage results on tanks

Posted by: Maclode Jan 24 2008, 11:31 PM
It was a 3 up save on 2 d 6, not a 2+ save, other wise you'd never fail a save on a 2+ on 2d6.

The new rules are needed, as of now tanks need adjustment, infact the 5th edition is looking to be the best incarnation of 40k, closer to a playable 2nd edition than ever before.

Oh and Tyranic Vets can kill with grenades in the edition we have right now, throwing grenades was way over powered in 2nd edition it turned waves of gretchin in to a killing wave of little mad bombers.

I will have to SEE 5th edition and play before I whole sale turn my nose up on it.

Posted by: brother-captian dobbo Jan 25 2008, 02:03 PM
2nd was along time ago im just geting fed up with all the rule changes and the haveing to reorganize my armie lists thanks to needing to get new codex's at £30 a fro for the rules and a ferver £18 a codex's it sucks donky ****!! but i still always did prefer 2nd ed and... grots could not have grenades in 2nd thay got an auto gun if thay where lucky

Posted by: Thantos Jan 25 2008, 04:30 PM
Im fine with it changing rules as long as they dont "dumb it down" too much so your army is not as flexible and all armies for each race become the same or very similar.
If i have to rework my Falcon Guard list.. grr dry.gif

But i can easily see people rejecting these new rules and using the old variants...

Posted by: Kroshnir Jan 25 2008, 05:44 PM
in short terms its not handyto buy a rulebook now>?

Posted by: Maclode Feb 6 2008, 12:14 PM
No I wouldn't buy a rule book, rumor is that 5th edition will be out before 2009. It's a rumor though, but I wouldn't buy a 50 dollar rule book, you just might be buying another one in a few months.

Posted by: Maclode Feb 12 2008, 11:25 AM
Looks like we will be seeing 5th edition by July, and a new Codex Space Marines in October, cross your fingers, theres allot weighing in the balance this year.

Posted by: Thantos Feb 12 2008, 08:46 PM
cross your fingers, theres allot weighing in the balance this year

Referance to GW's profit margin and share price? sad.gif

Posted by: Maclode Feb 13 2008, 01:29 PM
QUOTE (Thantos @ Feb 12 2008, 08:46 PM)
cross your fingers, theres allot weighing in the balance this year

Referance to GW's profit margin and share price? sad.gif

Well your spot on everyone that is going to continue playing will need a new fancy rule book, and especially marine players will also need the new codex in Oct. With the new box set coming in August and drop pods some time before Christmas, it looks as though GW is pulling out all the stops this year to make a financial turn around.

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