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 A Complete Guide to a Successful Captain N Series
Patrik the Yoshiguy
Posted: Aug 13 2008, 07:38 AM

Captain N follower

Group: Members
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Joined: 25-July 07

So Diddy's the only N-Team member, that remains for the next season, other than Kevin, Lana and Duke. I wonder which company, that's going to replace DiC, with producing Captain N.
Posted: Sep 14 2008, 09:01 PM

Captain N groupie

Group: Members
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After about a month, I’ve finally figured out what Season 10 will look like. This will, as mentioned before, be the debut Season based on the Nintendo 64 era games. But first, I would like to summarize what has happened in the series thus far.

It all started in 1988, with Kevin Keene being drawn into Videoland to join forces with Princess Lana, his faithful canine companion Duke, and videogame characters Simon, Megaman, and Kid Icarus. Together, they would do battle against the evil forces of Motherbrain and her lackeys King Hippo, Eggplant wizard, Dr Wily, and so much more. The debut Season began with 13 fun-filled episodes centered around various worlds in the videogame universe.

Then in 1989, with high ratings for the first Season, NBC would order an additional 26 episodes, and give Captain N a full hour time slot.

Captain N continued to be successful, and another 26 episodes were ordered for Season 3, bringing the total up to 65. But there were also many noticeable changes made to the show. In addition to new teammate Gameboy, the show also had completely different background music, slightly different animation, and parody songs in place of real songs. Instead of having a Smurf-like opening that lasted for 1:00, the opening was only 30 seconds, with Lana narrating the sequence. Also, by the end of this Season, the very first Captain N movie would premiere.

Then Season 4 came. it was much like the last Season, with another 26 episodes, and Kevin Narrating the opening this time. This would also mark the final defeat of Motherbrain, and the destruction of Metroid. With peace as last, Simon, Megaman, and Kid Icarus would return to their home worlds. However, Simon and Megaman would rejoin the N-Team in the next Season.

Then, by Season 5 onwards, much would change in the series. A new super villain by the name of Tanzra, and demonic warlord from Actraiser, became the series main villain. His minions included but were not limited to Solid Arm from Soul Blaze and Illusion of Gaia, Goroh from F-Zero, and Andross and Pigma from the Starfox series. Dr Wily, who did independent contracting work back in the NES era episodes, did likewise for Tanzra.

On the N-Team side, Kevin and company were joined at various points in the series by Doug Falcon from F-Zero, Ezra Blazer from Soul Blazer, Fox McCloud from Starfox, Diddy Kong from the Donkey Kong Country games, and new generation gamer Zack Emerson from Kevin’s home world. With each succeeding season, at least one N-Team member would join and/or depart. Returning members Kevin, Lana, Simon, Megaman, Duke, and Gameboy were given new wardrobes or designer looks.

The series also changed name from “Captain N: The Game Master” to “Captain N: Super Power.” This new series lasted for 5 Seasons, with 26 episodes a piece, accept for the last season, which had 27.

Another difference that viewers may have noticed during the latter series was more continuity. Seasons 5-9 had a lot more continuity than Seasons 1-4, and it was a lot easier to tell which episodes were in order, chronologically. Plus, the SNES episodes had many more cliffhangers as well. The first 91 episodes only had 3 multipart episodes, all of which were 2-parters, consuming 6 episodes altogether. But the latter 131 episodes saw 14 multi-part episodes, including 8 2-parters, 4 3-parters, and 2 4-parters, for a grand total of 36 episodes.

Additionally, Kevin got married to Princess Lana at the end of the last season, making him now co-ruler of Videoland. The theme will carry over into the next season.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Captain N is now the longest series ever to be produced by Dic Entertainment, and the largest quantity as well (222 episodes). It stands just behind its predecessor on NBC The Smurfs as the American children’s cartoon with the most full length episodes (262, including 6 specials).

Moving ahead, Captain N will no longer air on NBC, due to cancellation of its cartoon lineup. Instead, it will be showing on CBS Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM. Like previous seasons, Season 10 will have 26 episodes. 13 will air before the new year, starting on September 13. The other 13 episodes of the season should start airing in February of the next year.

Additionally, the series will no longer be produced by Dic. Instead, Hearst Entertainment will handle production of the show. You can view what other animated works they’ve done [URL= http://www.hearstent.com/animation.html]here[/URL].

The series will now be called Captain N 64. And while Hearst Entertainment will try to emulate Dic’s style for continuity purposes, their will be several noticeable changes. For one thing, all the new characters will be animated to look identical to their videogame counterparts. However, characters from past seasons will maintain the seem physical features as before, should they appear later in the series.

Also, the show will be more continuity oriented, with more multi-part episodes and more ongoing plots. That’s not to say that they show wasn’t heading in that direction in the latter SNES era seasons. But it will be even more apparent here. Of course, that does not mean that there won’t be filler episodes.

The music of the series will be different from the past, mainly because it will have a different composer. However, some archived music from no earlier than Season 8 may be heard occasionally in the early N64 episodes. The newer music will be a combination of Captain N versions of videogame tunes, the series opening, and original composed BGM.

The throne of Videoland will no longer be located at the Palace of Power. Instead, the home of Kevin, Lana, and the others will be called Video Castle. I will explain the background for this when I write up the first episodes of this season. All I can say for now is that Video Castle will resemble Peach Castle from Super Mario 64, only much larger.

And instead of the Warp Wagon being the primary mode of transportation, the N-Team will travel in the N-Jeep, N-Cruiser, or N-Jet. They are all the same vehicle, and it’s name will depend on whether it is situated on land, sea, or air.

Additionally, the opening sequence will be 1:00 long, and will be an actual song, rather than a narration by one of the characters. 30 second previews of the next episode, which started last season, will be maintained.

Up next, I will provide profiles of the N64-Team members, as well as the villains. I will also go over the departing main characters, and determine what the chances of them making guest appearances in later episodes.

After that, I will go over the new theme song.

Finally, I will start writing up the Season 10 episodes. It will kick-off with a 3-part introductory episode. Like I did with the SNES era kick-off, I may actually write up an actual script, rather than simply summarizing it.

Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
Patrik the Yoshiguy
Posted: Sep 15 2008, 12:06 AM

Captain N follower

Group: Members
Posts: 132
Member No.: 165
Joined: 25-July 07

I just say Red and Pikachu for the N64-Team, while Giovanni and his Team Rocket appear as common villains.
They're the best choices for the N64 era.

Besides, a cliffhanger-episode based on Pokémon Puzzle League and/or Pokémon Puzzle Challenge could feature Lip, the other fairies, Yoshi, his friends from Tetris Attack, and the return of Mayor Squaresly, Kamek the Magikoopa, Hookbill the Koopa, and Naval Piranha, or whatever he's called, as well as Corderia, involving her background story, as the once peaceful story as the mighty fairy goddess, who're the original Queen of Fairyland. If you feature that kind of cliffhanger episode, then you can get one plus from me.

But, don't make any episodes based on Conker's Bad Fur Day, since it's not child-friendly.
Posted: Sep 25 2008, 07:03 PM

Captain N groupie

Group: Members
Posts: 265
Member No.: 58
Joined: 14-April 05

Character Profiles

I’m going to start with the departing main characters.

N-Team Members

Simon Belmont

Appearing in all but one of the last 222 episodes, the most well known hero of the Castlevania game series will finally make his departure as a key member of the N-Team alliance.

Simon Belmont is probably known most in the show for his extreme vanity. In the beginning of the series, Simon showed much disdain for Captain N due to his rookie battle skills at the time, and his returned affection towards Princess Lana, whom he was also affectionate towards. The vampire hunter also ended up being much of the series’ comic relief, often due to his own miscalculated actions. Despite these character flaws, Simon was quite skilled in combat, using his trusty whip.

As the series progressed, Simon’s character seemed to develop for the better. Not long after the first season, his competition with Kevin seemed less bitter and more of a friendly rivalry. As time went on, Simon seemed to gain more and more respect for Kevin, the N-Team, and the values that come with being a defender of Videoland. In fact, by the tail end of last season, he enthusiastically accepted Kevin’s offer to be the best man at his wedding with Princess Lana.

It is unknown whether or not Simon will appear in any future episodes, as the next Castlevania game will not be released for more than a year. Most likely, it will be Reinhardt Schneider, one of Simon’s many distant relatives, that makes a guest appearance, rather than him.


The hero of the game series by the same name shared the exact same episode as Simon. And likewise, he will no longer be a main character in the series.

The creation Dr Right (as he is called in the Captain N series), Megaman was designed as a midget and was colored green, which is much different than his look in the games. Megaman had what many described as a ‘chain-smoker’ voice, and often used the term “mega” before speaking a word. He was known for having super strength in the series, able to lift up to 10 mega tons (no pun intended). He was often the one to report emergency transmissions, leaving the impression that he was in charge of communications.

As the series progressed, Megaman made increasingly more use of his trademark quality… the ability to use the weapons copied from defeated robot masters. In the Super Power series, Megaman was repainted blue to mesh with his color from the games, though his size remained the same.

Looking ahead, rumor has it that the new season might feature episodes based on Megaman 8 and Megaman X4, which Megaman would surely appear in. If so, then this would be the first time that the series has had episodes based on non-Nintendo games.

Ezra Blazer

The hero of Soul Blazer made his debut in Season 5. Ezra was welcomed into the N-Team with open arms after playing a major role in the first defeat of demon lord Tanzra. He was considered at first to be just an imitation of Kid Icarus (though without the ‘icus’ speech impediment). But he had much more of a background.

Aside from working together with the N-Team to defeat the forces of evil, Ezra also trained in the ways of warrior-hood to become a fighter just like his long lost father. And throughout the series, Ezra was also seen as stepping into the shoes of numerous boy heroes of RPG games, each of whom were absent from the episodes based on their particular games.

With the Soul Blazer trilogy concluded, there is no reason to believe Ezra will appear in any future episodes. If he does, it will be briefly as a non-speaking cameo.

Fox McCloud

The hero of the Starfox franchise became an ally to the N-Team by the 6th season of the series. A popular character among gamers, Fox remained part of the team for 4 straight years. As an ace sky pilot, Fox would be the one most often to mann the Warp Wagon.

Looking ahead, unlike Simon, Megaman, and Ezra, Fox is almost certain to make a guest appearance in the future. In fact, I’ll wager that we will likely see him within the next 10 episodes.



The final boss of Actraiser became the series main villain in Seasons 5-9, proving to be an even more formidable foe to the N-Team than Motherbrain ever was.

Awakened after 1000 years of rest, Tanzra used his evil magic and his dreaded monsters to wreak havoc on Videoland. In the last season, his final effort included an ongoing plot to use the Orbs of Darkness to change the fabric of Videoland forever. He was nearly successful. But thanks to the resilience of Captain N and the N-Team, Tanzra was finally put out of commission for keeps, along with the evil that he enveloped.

While Tanzra remains a prominent figure in Captain N history, he will most likely not appear in any future episodes… partly due to the fact that there are no more Actraiser games planned in release. But also due to the fact that he was ultimately destroyed in the last season, and there might not be a credible way to bring him back into the series.

Solid Arm

A boss from Soul Blazer, as well as a special boss from Illusion of Gaia, Solid Arm appears to have been in alliance with Tanzra during his previous awakening over 1000 years ago.

Despite his own abilities and personal history, Solid Arm usually comes across little more than a bumbling incompetence who alongside Pigma (and previously Goroh) messes up nearly every assignment. After failing to kill Ezra whom he has a personal vendetta against, he was consumed by Tanzra and later destroyed with him.

Given that the Soul Blazer trilogy has concluded and the fact of his demise, it is almost certain that Solid Arm will not make another appearance in the series.


The main villain of the Starfox games joined Tanzra’s evil ranks in Season 6, and served as his second in command. Though often times, he would challenge the great demon’s authority. In the end of last season, Andross was consumed by Tanzra’s lust for power, and ultimately brought down with him.

There is a good chance that Andross will reappear later in the series, due to his status as the main villain in the Starfox series. Though it is unclear how he would reemerge, due to his demise last season.


One of the key members of the Star Wolf team in the Starfox series, Pigma did not even appear in a released game until very recently (nor did Star Wolf for that matter). He was also a character in the unreleased Starfox 2 for SNES in 1995. That said, many fans are baffled as to why Pigma would appear as early as 1993 in the series. Some theorize that Nintendo gave the producers info on him in advance. But most believe that he actually originated in the Captain N series, and was later brought into the games.

Pigma served alongside Solid Arm in Seasons 6-9 to form the bungling duo that messed up almost every assignment. In the end he was consumed by Tanzra’s evil, just like everyone else that served him, and then destroyed with him.

Given that Starfox 64 is the first released game to feature Pigma and Star Wolf, it would be pointless not to have the wild boar reappear in the series. But how he would return is still unknown at this point.

Now onto the new N-Team formation, as well as the new villains.

N-Team Members

Prince Kevin Keene a.k.a. Captain N

After leading the N-Team to victory for 9 straight years over the forces of evil than threaten Videoland, Kevin finally made a full commitment to Videoland. He married Princess Lana, effectively making himself co-ruler of Videoland in the absence of King Charles. However, it will undoubtedly take him some time to fully understand his duties and responsibilities. Likewise, it will take the masses of Videoland time to fully adjust and accept his position as Prince of Videoland.

In combat, Kevin now possesses the N64 Powerpad. Like the other two, it is the equivalent to the controller of the System with the same name. The N64 pad is attached to a wristband, so instead of wearing it around his waist, it will cover Kevin’s left hand.

It has far more functions than the previous powerpads. In addition to the basics, which are already known, the N64 Powerpad allows Kevin to do tricks such as the triple midair jump, minimize the gravitational pull when falling, and run up walls. It also allows him to utilize various physical attacks both on the ground and in midair.

It also has an inventory setting, which allows Kevin to electronically store weapons, ammo, armor, useful items, healing potions, and currency. The following will often appear as the result of destroyed enemies. To use any particular item, Kevin will shift through the inventory. As he examines them, they appear visible in transparent form. Once he selects the item of choice, it becomes physical for intended use. And the fact that Kevin has the inventory setting, means that he will no longer require an equivalent to the NES Zapper or the SNES Super Scope.

Like the previous two, this Powerpad has limited energy. But unlike the others, it recharges automatically.

Kevin will also have a new outfit: two, in fact. The first will be his civilian clothes. This is basically a blue dress-up suit with a tie and a white under shirt. The other is his combat outfit. It consists of gray and navy colored outfit from top to bottom, with the N64 insignia imprinted on the lower left corner of his shirt, and a black headband.

Princess Lana

Lana has been the legal ruler of Videoland since her father’s disappearance. Looking ahead, her role in the series will be very similar to what it was in the past 9 seasons. Like before, she will tag along with the rest of the N-Team in her commitment to defending Videoland against vicious threats, exploring and learning about new Video Worlds, and finding a way to bring her father home.

Like Kevin, Lana will sport two new outfits: out for civilian use and one for combat. Her civilian outfit will be a yellow gown with some white lineage, and a butterfly design in back. Her combat uniform is a black crop top and shorts.

Lana’s new weapon in battle will be a crossbow.


Kevin’s canine companion has fought alongside him during his entire Videoland experience. He will continue to do so this season.

Duke’s main abilities are and have always been his bark and his bite. But he will also make more use of his keen (no pun intended) sense of smell.

Diddy Kong

The only videogame character to remain on the N-Team as the new era begins. Diddy joined the series two years ago, and will stay on board for a third season.

As before, Diddy’s main weapons will be his punch, his kick, his bite, and anything he can throw at his enemies.

Now onto the new N-Team members and villains, all of whom have not appeared in the series until now. As stated before, the newer characters will be identical to their videogame counterparts, so I won’t need to go into a description of what they look like, or what weapons they possess.

Tal Set

The Hero of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is simply referred to as Tal in the series. He is a time traveling warrior known as a “Turok.”

Tal arrives in the year 1997 using his Time Gear device based on information that leads him to believe that the cybernetic warrior known as the Campaigner has arrived in this time as well. But with his time traveling gear shattered, he is force to remain in this time. Realizing that they have a mutual adversary in the Campaigner, Tal joins forces with Captain N and the N-Team.

But things don’t go so smoothly, since Tal and Kevin have conflicting interests. Kevin sees defending Videoland as the most important obligation, whereas Tal has a greater interest in taking down the Campaigner, whom he considers his lifelong enemy. Tal is uncomfortable with Kevin’s leadership, and often disobeys him for sake of his own personal gain. Nevertheless, he does tolerate the game master because of his impressive skills in battle.

Colonel Aaron Maverick

Aaron Maverick is a playable character in Dark Rift for N64. He hails from Planet Core on Primeland.

As in the game, Aaron is part of the Colonial Commando Special Task Force (or CCSTF). But he withdrew to be part of the N-Team after criminal mastermind Sonork Nezom escaped confinement and joined forces with the Campaigner.

Unlike the other two members of the N-Team, Aaron is dedicated and loyal. Like Fox McCloud previously, he is almost always the driver/pilot during travels.

Marina Liteyears

The hero of Mischief Makers hails from the Video World known as Clancer. She will not join the N-Team until after the 3-part season intro.

Marina is referred to as an Intergalactic Cybot by her creator, Professor Theo. The professor’s initial intention for Marina was to have her serve as a maid. But a mistake in her schematic resulted in Marina having super strength. At first, the professor was reluctant to have Marina be a fighting warrior. But he changed his mind and let Marina join the N-Team after she help them save Theo and Planet Clancer from the Campaigner and his forces.

As a member of the N-Team, Marina is quite mischievous. She often moves ahead without thinking and gets herself and/or her teammates in trouble they otherwise would not be in. She is very fond of Princess Lana.


The Campaigner

The final boss in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter becomes the new main villain for this season. The Campaigner is Cyborg from a different time, whose strength even outmatches that of Marina’s.

The Campaigner traveled to the present time, using his Chronosceptor, which he would always use to evade justice. But like Tal’s Time Gear, the Chronosceptor was destroyed, limiting the Campaigner’s reign of evil to only this time period.

Unlike Tanzra and Motherbrain, the Campaigner will only be the series main villain for this season. But also unlike the former two, he will be the main villain for all 26 episodes of this season, rather than having other villains (Dragon Lord for example) fill in for selected episodes. However, it is also worth noting that the Campaigner’s underlings will not necessarily be present in every episode.

Sonork Nezom

This bug-like creature from the game Dark Rift is the most wanted criminal on Planet Core. Rumor has it that he is the one responsible for the planet’s dying state. He was actually caught by Aaron Maverick at one point and locked up. But he escaped confinement due to a short circuit in the holding cell. From that point on, he joined forces with the Campaigner, where he served as second in command and often lead in direct attacks.


This character form the N64 game Mace: The Darke Age as the chief intelligence agent for the Campaigner’s legion. She is a master of disguise and makes full use of her cunning ability to obtain useful information for the forces of evil.

Koyasha is also a martial artist of the highest order, which makes her even more deadly. However, she can never seem to beat Aaron Maverick in battle.

Lunar, Tarus, and Merco

This trio is known as “the Beastector” from Mischief Makers. At first, they might seem like nothing more than your average bungling baddies who can’t do anything right. But they do have at least some personality. Lunar tends to be the smartest one of the trio, generally planning ahead before acting. Then there’s Tarus, who is the strongest of the three. Oh, and he has a really short temper. And of course we have Merco who can fly and has considerable skill in combat, but also possesses a little Simon-esque vanity.

Like Marina, the Beastector trio will not appear in the series until the 3-part season intro.

I will have the new theme song up next.

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Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
Posted: Sep 25 2008, 08:18 PM

Captain N worshiper

Group: Members
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Interesting choices, I look foward to seeing what is ahead

My collection as posted on IGN
Brawl Friend Code Brawl - 0645-9140-7216
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Patrik the Yoshiguy
Posted: Sep 29 2008, 12:02 AM

Captain N follower

Group: Members
Posts: 132
Member No.: 165
Joined: 25-July 07

Including the GameBoy game of Turok, there's at least going to be 5 Turok games to be "based off" in this series. Also, since the series, haven't stopped being based on SNES and GB games, Killer Instinct, Smash TV, Total Carnage and Mortal Kombat, as well as Capcom fighting games like Super Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Final Fight, Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3, has possibility to be used in future episodes. Also, it wouldn't surprise me, if they made episodes based the Cruis'n series, as well.

By the way, can you let people like Joshua Fireseed, and villains like Demitron appear in later episodes?
Posted: Oct 5 2008, 12:34 PM

Captain N groupie

Group: Members
Posts: 265
Member No.: 58
Joined: 14-April 05

Here is the opening sequence and theme song for season 10:

Length: 60 seconds


Not much to say on this, other than the instrumentals being a poprock-ish, upbeat sounding tune.


The introduction opens up with the word “CAPTAIN” zooming in. The letters are revealed to be three dimensional, with the front of the letters in blue, the top in red, and the right side in yellow. Then the “N” appears and spins around clockwise, revealing blue, red, yellow, and green colors. It then stops, revealing red in front, yellow on top, and green on the right. Then “64” becomes visible right next to “N.” The 6 displays yellow in front, green on top, and blue on the right. The 4 has green in front, blue on top, and red on the right.

The screen then pans to the exterior front of Video Castle.

Inside, Kevin pushes the start button on his N64 Pad, and a Moonraker Laser (fromGoldeneye 007which is called Video Maser in the series), a Crossbow, a Steel Blade, and a Flamethrower appear. These weapons are grabbed by Kevin, Lana, Tal, and Aaron respectively. The N-Team next exits through a warp.

On the other side of the warp, our heroes emerge in the lost land.

From his Fortress, the Campaigner commands Sonork, Koyasha, Lunar, Tarus, Merco, and his Ancient Warriors (A-Warriors) to attack.

Outside, Kevin pushes the forward C-button to dash forward. He comes to a cliff and pulls down on the analog stick, enabling him to run up the wall.

Marina is seen flying in midair using her jetpack. Beside her is Aaron in the N-Jet.

In the jungle, Duke sniffs the ground as moves forward. Tal follows, using his Blade cut the vines that obstruct his path.

At the Treetop Village, Lana fires a grappling hook from her Crossbow. It connects to the rooftop of one of the houses, and she starts to scale it. Diddy on the other hand, uses the trees to scale the village. Up top, they are confronted by Koyasha and several A-Warriors.

In the air, Aaron takes out several Raptors with the N-Jet’s artillery. On ground, Marina picks Tarus up and throws him into Merco, and they both crash on the ground.

In the jungle, Tal disarms club carrying A-Warriors with his blade. Lunar prepares to ambush him. But Duke gets the jump on the wolf, and he flees in panic.

At the treetop village, Diddy wipes out other A-Warriors by rolling a TNT barrel right into them. And Lana flips Koyasha onto her backside.

Elsewhere. Kevin does a spin Kick Chun-Li style to eliminate the A-Warriors in his vicinity. He then uses his Video Maser too destroy ATV that Sonork is manning, and the king-sized ant falls to the ground. He then beats a hasty retreat, along with whichever A-Warriors still remain.

From his fortress, the Campaigher slams his right fist into his left palm.

In the next sequence, The N-Team has gathered on a grassy field. Standing from left to right is Tal, Aaron, Duke, Kevin, Lana, Diddy, and Marina. They all raise their fists in triumph. Up above, the same ”CAPTAIN N64” logo from the start of the intro is displayed.


“Captain N64

It’s the games that he plays
It’s the power that’s in his hands, Yeah
It’s the world that lies beyond
And he can always understand, Alright

When danger’s at your doorstep
And the enemy’s come your way
Look just around the corner
He’s come to save the day

Captain N64 has the courage to face it all
Captain N64 will never give up, will never fall
When the hero meets the enemies face to face
They’ll turn around and run in defeat and in disgrace

Captain N64 has a power greater than before
Captain N64 has a team that can take on more
They’ll warp in to face the danger that endeavors
And protect their friends that last forever more
Captain N64"

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Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
Patrik the Yoshiguy
Posted: Oct 18 2008, 03:26 PM

Captain N follower

Group: Members
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Member No.: 165
Joined: 25-July 07

Well, since its a new company producing the show, that means that Roll might be able to appear!
Please, we want Roll from the original Mega Man Classic series, to appear in the show! And Pokemon, as well! Put in Red and Pikachu, as well as, Team Rocket!
Posted: Nov 15 2008, 05:15 PM

Captain N groupie

Group: Members
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Member No.: 58
Joined: 14-April 05

I finally finished the first episode of Captain N64. Sorry it took so long.

223. The Chronoscepter
Part 1 of 3
First Aired September 13, 1997

Scene 1

The episode begins with Kevin Keene recalling his experience in Videoland at a grassy field.

”My story began about a decade ago. Back then, I was just a normal kid who loved to play videogames. But one day, my life changed forever. I was pulled into an alternate dimension where the games I once thought were nothing more than a cartridge you hook up to a monitor screen, became the real thing.

I was told that it was my destiny to protect Videoland. At first, I didn’t know what that meant. But I have seen many worlds, faced untold challenges, and formed lasting friendships. My dedication and commitment to Videoland has now become stronger than I ever believed it could have when I first arrived.”
Lana, Duke, and Diddy then appear behind the game master.

”This is Duke, my faithful friend since before I arrived in Videoland. And next to him is Diddy Kong, a primate whose native to the jungles of Kongoland. And this is Princess Lana, the official ruler of Videoland in the absence of her father King Charles, and my faithful companion in marriage. My name is Kevin Keene. But you can call me Captain N, Prince Kevin, or just plain Prince is fine. I am known as the game master of Videoland. And I also serve as co-ruler with Lana.

Together, we form the N-Team, the group responsible for overseeing the protection of civilian life on Videoland, and fighting off the evil that threatens our world. And although one year has passed since the last evil threat to Videoland, we are always on guard in case anything happens.”

Scene 2

Deep within a primordial jungle, three Beetles are seen crawling about, and a Pur-Lin hangs from a tree vine. Then suddenly, a mysterious man sporting Native American attire emerges from out of nowhere, and the animals scatter. He takes out a stopwatch that reads “TIME GEAR.”
“The Lost Land, 1997” the man says as he reads his time gear. “If my time tracker is on target, this is my chance in a lifetime to put him away for good.” He makes a right turn down a wooden trail. “He’s nearby. I can sense it.” Suddenly, he gets cut off by a Raptor near the bridge, and the time traveler is knocked course. “Ahhh!” He rolls down the hill, losing hold of his time gear device. Fortunately, he stops just meters before going over the edge of the canyon. But his watch goes over the cliff. The Raptor then extends its claws and leaps in for an attack, but the time traveler rolls out of the way before it can land. He then stands up and draws his blade. When the Raptor tries to chomp on him, the time traveler beats it to the draw and strikes inside its mouth. The Raptor then becomes transparent before evaporating altogether. In place of the dinosaur appears a red ring-like object. The time traveler picks it up and examines “Hmmm! This looks just like one of the Campaigner’s Neuro Rings.” He then takes a closer look. “It is. That means he’s not only in this time, but he must be very close too. I must hurry.” And he dashes forward.

Scene 3

Meanwhile at a vicinity filled with log roads and tree houses, the locals appear surrounded by dozens of monsters with skull heads and green layered coating below the chest. They appear to be commanded by a skinless creature with red glowing eyes, a large mace in his right hand, a black helmet, black plated armor with spikes around the shoulders, and additional black plated armor around the elbows, wrists, chest, waist, above the knees, and below the knees.
“Well, have all the Treetop villagers been rounded up” the leader asks.
“Yes lord Campaigner” replies one of the troopers.
“Excellent work my Ancient warriors.” The Campaigner turns his head towards three of his A-Warriors. “You three! Search the village for the Encryptor Chip. The rest of you! Escort our beloved prisoners to my Fortress. I’ll be along in a moment.”
“You heard the Campaigner. Get moving” one of the A-Warriors orders the villagers. They all gasp in horror as the troopers point dart guns at them.
Then suddenly, a line of fire creates a barrier that separates the Campaigner and his troopers from the villagers. “What in blazes” the Campaigner exclaims.
“Hold it right there Campaigner” a familiar voice calls out. Everyone turns to see the same time traveler in Native clothing from before. He currently holds a bow and arrow.
“Tal Set the time traveling Turok” the Campaigner responds. “Once again, you have chosen to meddle in my affairs. A most regrettable choice.”
“Enough fun and games Campaigner” Tal replies, aiming his bow and arrow at him. “Its to time end this here and now.”
“Fool! After all this time, do you really think your fancy weapons can bring me down so easily?” The Campaigner snaps his fingers, and about half a dozen Beetles and Dragonflies emerge out of nowhere. “Go my primordial warriors, and eliminate that bothersome Turok.” The Beetles and Dragonflies do as told and attack Tal Set.
“Ugh! Not these guys again” the Turok retorts. He strikes a Dragonfly with a Tek Arrow as it swoops down for an attack. The creature becomes transparent and evaporates, and the Neuro Ring appears in its place. “This is getting really old and predictable.” The A-Warriors watch the battle, and the Campaigner watches them.
“Well, what are you waiting for” the evil Cyborg questions his minions. “Don’t just stand around like a bunch of useless spectators. Hurry up and find the chips.” The A-Warriors scatter.
Meanwhile, Tal continues to battle against the insects controlled by the Campaigner’s Neuro Rings. Attacks, but the Turok beats it to the draw with his blade, and the creature evaporates. But then another Beetle blindsides Tal, and he falls to the ground. Luckily, he is able to strike before the insect munches on him. Then the last beetle makes a jump for him, but Tal tosses his blade at the creature, and it hits right on target. He then stands up and dives out of the way as one Dragonfly swoops in for him. It then circles around for another attack. And the other remaining Dragonfly attacks from the other direction. Timing things just right, Tal jumps, and the two Dragonflies collide. While they are confused, the Turok swiftly and simultaneously eliminates them with two Tek Arrows. “Alright. See that Campaigner. You still have learned a thing. Your weak powered Neuro Rings are no match for me. Huh!” Tal finds no trace of the Campaigner. Then suddenly, a line of blue light strikes the Turok. “What the” Tal begins, realizing he can’t move a muscle.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” the Campaigner laughs evilly as he emerges from behind the Turok with a large weapon in his hands. “On the contrary my dear Turok. It is you who hasn’t learned. With my new and improved Chronoscepter, not only can I travel through time, but I can also suspend movement of anyone hit by its light beam.
Then the three A-Warriors return. “Lord, we have the Encryptor Chip” one of them says, holding a golden chip.
“Excellent” the Campaigner replies. He then turns to mock Tal. “Don’t go away. Ha ha ha.” He then walks over to collect the chip. He then raises it with his right hand. “With this in my possession, I can begin the first phase in gaining the greatest source of power in all of time” the Campaigner states triumphantly. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”
“Somehow, I must get the Chronoscepter away from the Campaigner” Tal Set thinks out loud. He clinches his fist. “Somehow, I must.”

Scene 4

Elsewhere on Videoland, on a somewhat barren planet, dozens of military tankers as well as men in uniform are circled around an abandoned mine shaft in a desolate area.
One of the cadets turns to a dark skinned man in a black vest and asks a question. “Colonel, are sure this is the place?”
“Absolutely” the Colonel responds. “Our extraterrestrial life-form tracking equipment has highlighted all known locations and movements of Sonork Nezom in the past year, and all possible projections have us to this very place here and now.”
Inside the mineshaft, a human-sized ant peers outside. “So, Colonel Aaron Maverick and his forces have finally found me” the creature sneers under his breath. “Well, Sonork won’t go down that easily. Eh heh, eh heh heh heh.”
The Colonel, who is obviously Aaron Maverick, puts a bullhorn. “Attention Sonork Nezom” he begins through the bullhorn. “The Colonial Commando Special Task Force has you surrounded. We know are in the mineshaft. You have 30 seconds to come out and surrender, or we’re coming in after you.”
“Oh, I’m coming out alright” Sonork retorts quietly as he climbs into a flying saucer-like vehicle. “I’m coming out with a bang.”
Aaron looks at his watch. “Okay Sonork. Time’s up.” Then suddenly, the ground starts to shake.
“What’s happening” a cadet reacts. Aaron sees rays of light coming from the mineshaft.
“Everyone take cover,” the Colonel warns swiftly as laser beams head their way. Everyone scatters as the beams hit the rocky ground, and some strike their vehicles.
“Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh” Sonork laughs triumphantly as he takes to the sir from his spacecraft. “Now that I’ve warmed them up, it’s time for the real fireworks.” Sonork then continuously releases a barrage of pellets that drop to the ground and explode like firecrackers in the vicinity.
“We must get to our vehicles” a cadet responds. But as he makes his way to a tanker, Sonork hovers right above him as his attack continues.
“Nick! Look out” Aaron warns. He pushes Nick out the way just in time avoid getting hit by pellets. As they get back up, another cadet runs over to them.
“Colonel. Our position is inferior,” the cadet says. “I suggest we pull back.”
“No” Aaron replies after a moment of silence. “We’ve come too close let that slimy insect slip away.” He clinches his right fist.
“What are you planning do Colonel” Nick asks, as Aaron pulls out what looks like a Billy Club. He then fires off a grappling hook from the club. The hook attaches itself to Sonork’s flying saucer.
“That’s insane” the unnamed cadet exclaims as Aaron gets pulled up by the spacecraft. Sonork takes notice of him.
“Sorry. No Hitchhikers,” the alien responds. He pulls a lever, and the craft swerves back and forth, left and right, and up and down he tries to shake off the colonel.
“Whoa” Aaron cries out as he tries to maintain his grip. The hook starts to lose its hold of the spacecraft.
“Aaron” Nick shouts out of concern for the Colonel. But Aaron regains his grip and pulls himself up the rope as the grappling hook loosens even more. As he reaches the spacecraft, Aaron grabs what appears to be a timed mine. It is currently at 20 seconds.
“Say Adios Colonel” Sonork says. “Heh heh heh.” He makes a sharp left turn, causing the hook to finally lose its grip. But Aaron is able to attach the mine just before he plummets and lands in a pool of sludge. “Scratch one Human” Sonork proclaims gleefully, unaware of the timed mine. It is down to 2 seconds; the 1; and then, kaboom. “What,” Sonork exclaims as the spacecraft starts to descend a 45 degree angle. “I’ve lost control.” The alien tries desperately to pull up, but to no avail. “Wha, what has he done. I’ll get you for this Aaron Maverick” he declares just before he crashes into a field of shrubs.
Meanwhile, Nick and the cadet run up to Aaron Maverick.
“Colonel, are you alright” the unnamed cadet asks as he Nick help Aaron out of the sludge.
I’m fine Charlie” he starts, brushing himself off. Given I just had a mud bath.” He then turns his eyes toward the crash site. “But the important thing is, we finally have Sonork right where we want him”

Scene 5

Back at the grassy field, Duke and Diddy stand about waiting on Kevin and Lana. The game master is not far behind, and he is currently escorting a blindfolded Princess Lana.
“How much further Kevin” Lana asks.
“Just over the next hill” he answers. Once the get over the hill, the two heroes meet up with Duke and Diddy.
“Arf, Arf, Arf” Duke barks.
“Ooh Ooh Ooh Ee Ah” Diddy gibbers.
“Okay princess” Kevin begins. You can open your eyes now.” Lana removes her blindfold.
“Oh wow” she responds in amazement upon site of structure that looks precisely like Peach Castle from Super Mario 64. And the exterior surroundings also match that from the same game. “It’s, it’s truly incredible.”
“Glad you like it” Kevin replies.
“How did you” Lana begins, unable to finish her question.
“Oh, it was easy” Kevin answers. “After the old palace fell to the forces of darkness, I couldn’t just let us stay crammed up together in your brother’s apartment for the rest of our lives. And I’m he wants the space as well. So I used up the last remaining powers of the Starstones to create this, before they returned to the abyss of Videoland where they belong. Welcome to Video Castle.”
“You are magnificent my prince” Lana compliments, planting one on Kevin’s cheek. The game master blushes.
“I’m flattered princess” Kevin responds. “But save some of that stuff until after you’ve seen the inside.”
“I’m looking forward to it Kevin” she replies.
“Then let’s go” they game master says.
“Arf Arf” Duke barks in agreement.
“Ooh Ooh Ooh” Diddy gibbers, agreeing as well.
As our four heroes head into Video Castle, they are unaware that they are being watched by a woman in a red suit, red boots, a red buccal mask, and two swords in her hands.

Scene 6

Meanwhile back at the treetop vicinity, the villagers are all on route to the Campaigner’s Fortress as the surrounding A-Warriors watch them closely. Among the prisoners of the Campaigner, at the rear, is Tal Set, who is being restrained by two A-Warriors, as well chains with shackles that are locked around the Turok’s wrists and ankles. Behind them is the Campaigner with two more A-Warriors.
“We’re almost there” the Campaigner states, referring to his Fortress. He and the A-Warriors notice as their Turok prisoner holds his head down.
“Not so eager to fight now” the warrior to his right mocks.
“Yeah! You’re not so tough without your fancy weapons” the other one beside him adds. Tal develops a grin on his face. He then kicks one A-Warrior in the shin with his right foot, and elbows the other one in the gut with his left elbow. Once broken free, the Turok makes his way to the Campaigner.
“Impetuous fool” the Cyborg retorts. Drawing his Mace. “You’ve already lost.”
“Haven’t you heard Campaigner” Tal replies as his nemesis strikes, but misfires and ends up cutting the chains that restrain him instead. “I never lose.”
“Aaagh” the Campaigner yells out, frustrated. He throws his mace. But the Turok ducks, and it ends up hitting one of his A-Warriors instead. Tal then takes this opportunity to tackle the Campaigner to the ground. The two of them roll back and forth for several seconds. But in the end, the Campaigner ends up on top, with Tal Set’s hands restrained. “You still haven’t learned Turok,” the Cyborg states. “Defiance is futile.”
“And you haven’t learned lesson 101” Tal retort. “Never leave your possessions” he begins, using his free left foot to kick the Chronoscepter from the from the Campaigner’s side strap “where your enemies can reach it.”
“My Chronoscepter” the Campaigner yells out as the time device flies over the edge of a cliff. The Cyborg forgets about Tal Set and goes for his weapon. But it’s too late. “Noooo” he cries as the Chronoscepter passes through a warp. He then turns his attention back to Tal Set. “Get him,” he commands of his A-Warriors. One A-Warrior tries to smash the Turok with his club, but he ducks and trips him. Another one tries to attack, but Tal grabs him, picks him up, and tosses him onto two other A-Warriors. Unfortunately, the Turok doesn’t notice dart being fired from an A-Warrior behind him. It strikes Tal’s neck, and he begins to feel drowse and collapses on the ground.

Moments later, Tal is being restrained... this time by four A-Warriors.
“There’s been no delay my lord,” another A-Warrior informs the Campaigner. “The prisoners are still on schedule for arrival at Campaigner Fortress.”
“Excellent” the Campaigner replies. He then walks over to Tal Set. “You miserable maggot. Your fate is already sealed. Did you honestly believe that you alone could stop me?”
“Well, if I’m already dead, I might as well go down with a bang” Tal responds. “Without your Chronoscepter, your campaign of conquest is suspended.”
“We shall see about that you insolent cockroach” the Campaigner retorts angrily, pounding his fist into his palm. “Get this eyesore out of my sight,” he orders of his A-Warriors. They do as told. “I’ll deal with him later.”

Scene 7

Meanwhile, Nick and Charlie are currently escorting Sonork in maximum-security prison vehicle. Charlie is at the wheel as they ascend rocky mountain terrain. It the transport bay behind them, a handcuffed Sonork rams himself against either side, in a blatant attempt to break free.
“Let me out of hear” the alien cries as he hits the right side. He then tries the other side. “You’ll be sorry.” He continues back and forth. “You can’t keep me hear. C’mon guys. Give me a break.”
Ugh! How much longer do we have to put up with this sleaze ball” Charlie wonders.
“Just until we reach the coast” Nick answers. “The Videotraz prison guards will take it from there.”
“Are you sure those walls are reinforced” Charlie asks him.
“Positive” Nick answers. “This van is made of solid steel and titanium,” he explains. “No way anyone can break through.”
Unknown to Nick, Charlie, or Sonork, a warp opens behind them, and the Chronoscepter falls through. When it touches ground, an earthquake starts. Additionally, a fragment of the Chronoscepter that is shaped like an antenna breaks off and falls down a drainpipe.
“Hang on tight” Charlie tells his partner as he tries to maintain control of the van.
“What’s… going on” Sonork wonders as he is knocked about in the bay. The van suddenly gets knocked off course and rolls down a hill.
“Ah” Nick exclaims as the van is side swiped into boulder structure and stands upside down.
“Huh” Sonork thinks, as the back door breaks open. “I’m free,” he proclaims as he escapes the prison van and prances about the vicinity. “Free.”

Scene 8

Back at Video Castle, Kevin just finished giving Lana the guided tour, along with Duke and Diddy.
“So what do you think of our new home Lana” Kevin asks.
“Oh Kevin” she begins, happily. “It’s... it’s... I can’t think of a word to describe it.”
“Magnificent, splendid, remarkable. Take your pick” the game master replies.
“All of the above” Lana answers. She gives Kevin a hug. “Oh, how can I ever thank you for all you’ve done for Videoland?”
“Just your gratitude is thanks enough” the game master responds. Suddenly, alarm sirens go off.
“Arf, Arf” Duke barks. Kevin and Lana let go of each other.
“That’s the red alert siren,” Kevin explains. “Come on.” He and the others run into the gallery in front of them. But Lana looks a little baffled.
“What are you doing Kevin? The control room is on the 10th floor.”
“No problem Lana” the game master responds. “There’s a communications monitor in every room of the castle for convenience.” Kevin flips a switch, and Aaron Maverick appears on the room’s monitor screen.
“Hey, it’s our old buddy Aaron Maverick from Primeland” Kevin informs everyone.
“Arf” Duke barks,
“Ooh ooh” Diddy gibbers.
“Hey there Prince Kevin” Aaron greets. “How’s the new castle coming along?”
“Great” Kevin responds. “It’s like a new home.” He pauses. “It is a new home... for all of us. And hey... just call me Kevin.
“I hate to interrupt Colonel” Lana chimes in. “But you didn’t call us on red alert just to chitchat?”
“Call me Aaron” Aaron replies. “And I’m afraid not Lana. Do you guys remember Sonork Nezom?”
“Ah yeah” Kevin responds. “He’s that alien dude that’s been causing problems for Planet Core for years.”
“Look... I know you generally don’t like to get involved in domestic problems. But at this rate, things might actually spread to other Video Worlds” Aaron explains.
“How so” Lana asks.
“We were this close to finally apprehending Sonork” Aaron explains. “But then an earthquake that came of nowhere knocked his escort van off course and he escaped. So far, we haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of the quake, or link it to Sonork. But we know it means trouble and could really use your help.”
“We’ll meet you at CCSTF headquarters” Kevin says. He then flips off the monitor and turns to Lana, Duke, and Diddy. “C’mon, let’s go.
“Arf” Duke barks as the four heroes begin heading off. But then Lana tugs Kevin’s right arm.
“Hold it Kevin” she begins. “Aren’t you forgetting your battle gear?”
“Well, the thing is” Kevin begins.
“Oh no” Lana interrupts. “You have that look on your face.”
“I uh, sort of sacrificed my powerpad and zapper to create Video Castle.”
“You did what” Lana reacts, disgusted.
“Lana, it was the only way,” Kevin explains, defensively. “The Starstone just didn’t have enough power by themselves.
“I can’t believe you were so careless” Lana retorts, completely ignoring Kevin’s explanation. “What if there’s a threat… like this? How are you supposed to defend Videoland without them?”
“I didn’t think I would need them” Kevin responds. “And who knows? Maybe I don’t.”
“Arf” Duke barks
“Ooh Ooh Ooh” Diddy gibbers. The two animals wait impatiently for their comrades.
“We’ll talk about this later” Lana states, pulling on Kevin’s arm.
“Ow” the game master exclaims.
“You can count on it.”

Outside the castle, the mysterious swordswoman from before watches from behind a tree as our come out. In order, Duke, Diddy, Lana, and Kevin (the latter two now wearing their combat outfits) jump through a warp just above the moat. The swordswoman then jumps in after them.

Scene 9

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, the Campaigner arrives via elevator lift to a chamber filled with mainframe computers, one gigantic super computer, and his legion of A-Warriors. As he steps forward, the four A-Warriors who have Tal Set in their possession.
“Sir. We have all the captives locked away,” an A-Warrior states, addressing the Campaigner. “Shall we do anything more with them?”
“No” the Campaigner answers. “Their greatest use will come later. Have you found the coordinates to the Sun Lenz yet?”
“Not yet” the A-Warrior replies. “The Encryptor Chip in heavily encoded.” The Campaigner frowns. “But we did manage to cross reference the warp transfer point for the Chronoscepter” he continues, somewhat defensively.
“You have” the Campaigner asks, encouraged. “Tell me the location.”
“Our scanners indicate the warp leads to the Rocky Hills of Planet Core on Primeland” the A-Warrior answers.
“Ah, excellent,” the Campaigner responds, rubbing his hands together gleefully. “Soon, the Chronoscepter will be at my possession once again. And I shall have the key to the ultimate weapon. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” He then walks up to a helpless Tal Set. “You see Turok. All along, your pitiful efforts were all for naught” he states in a sinister tone as he places his hand on Tal’s chin. “Argh” the helpless Turok tries to bite it, but the Cyborg pulls away.
“Now, how should we handle you,” the Campaigner wonders aloud of Tal Set.
“I know master” an A-Warrior answers. “Let’s feed him to Thunder.”
“Aw, an excellent idea” the Campaigner agrees. “Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex hasn’t received a meal in two days,”
“Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex” the Turok repeats, knowing it cannot possibly be good.

A few moments later, the Campaigner and his minions bring Tal Set to a large, wide-open dungeon. The A-Warriors toss the Turok in the middle of the room, and he lands with his backside up.
“Come along” the Campaigner instructs his troopers. “We have a time table to keep. Enjoy your digestion Turok. Ha ha ha ha.” He pulls a lever, and a barred gate closes downward, trapping Tal Set inside. But just as he and his minions are about to leave, the Turok asks him a question.
“Not so fast Campaigner. You still haven’t told me about this Bio Rex.”
“You’re about to die” the Campaigner retorts. “What could possibly satisfy you with this information?”
“Just curious” Tal Replies.
“Well then, I might as well give you the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be torn to shreds by my latest biology experiment” the Campaigner responds. “You already know about my Neuro Rings.”
“Uh-huh” Tal nods his head.
“Which realign the brain sensors of inferior species to total obedience,” the Campaigner continues. “Well, my latest invention, the Bio Enhancer does more. It can expand the physical nature of any creature under neurological control, giving it genetic superiority. Call it a mutation if you will. Thunder just happens to be my first test subject.”
“Oh Joy” Tal remarks.
“Well, it’s been fun chatting with you” the Campaigner says. “But I have a time table to keep. Ta ta, ha ha ha.” He pulls up another lever as he and the A-Warriors leave. A larger barred gate opens at the other end of the dungeon opens.
“Great! How am I going to get out of this one” Tal wonders, as a large thumping sound is heard, causing the ground to shake. The Turok gasps as Thunder makes his appearance. The Bio Rex then unleashes a ball of spitfire.

Scene 10

Meanwhile, Kevin, Lana, Duke, and Diddy arrive at the entrance of CCSTF headquarters on Planet Core.
“Arf” Duke barks, as Aaron Maverick comes out to meet them.
“Kevin, Lana, I’m so glad you’re here” the Colonel pants.
“We came as quickly as we could” Lana responds.
“There’s not a moment to waste” Aaron continues.
“Why” Kevin wonders. “What’s so urgent?”
“One of our rescue crew members spotted Sonork from the air” Aaron explains. “He’s still in the Rocky Hills where his escort van crashed. If we hurry, we can still catch him. “C’mon, lets go” he says impatiently. “We’ll take my jeep.” And our heroes rush off.

Scene 11

Out in the Rocky Hills of Planet Core, Sonork Nezom, still handcuffed, wanders about.
“Hmm, what do we have here” the alien wonders as he spots the Chronoscepter lying on the ground. He then picks it up and examines it. “This state of the art weapon looks like just what I need to rid myself of Aaron Maverick and his commandos” Sonork observes. But he looks dumbfounded when he pulls the trigger, and nothing happens. “huh” he wonders, as the Campaigner and ten A-Warriors enter through the warp nearby.
“The Chronoscepter is mine,” the Campaigner proclaims. “Give it to me.”
“Oh, this gizmo” Sonork inquires, examining the weapon. “You can have this worthless piece of junk.” He tosses the Chronoscepter to the Campaigner.
“Worthless piece of junk” the Campaigner grumbles, insulted by such remarks. He then looks shocked as the Chronoscepter lands in his hands. “This can’t be,” he cries. “The guiding antenna is missing. The Chronoscepter won’t function without it.” He then notices Sonork trying to sneak off. “Hold it coward.” The A-Warriors surround the alien, and then the Campaigner picks him up by the chest.
“Uh” Sonork panics.
“Alright you miserable worm” the Campaigner begins as a screeching sound is heard in the background. “Tell me what you did to my Chronoscepter and I might spare you.”
“I... I didn’t do anything” Sonork stutters. “h-honest. I just found it on the ground.”
“And that’s the last thing you’ll ever find anywhere Sonork” Aaron Maverick states offscreen.
“What” the Campaigner exclaims, dropping Sonork. The villains turn to find the Colonel with Kevin, Lana, Duke, and Diddy.
“Looks like we got more than we bargained for” Kevin observes.
“Please don’t let ‘em get me,” Sonork begs.
“Who the blazes are you,” the Campaigner inquires, brushing Sonork aside.
“I am Kevin Keene, the Prince of Videoland. Also, Captain N, leader of the N-Team.”
“I am Princess Lana, ruler of Videoland.”
“I am Colonel Aaron Maverick, leader of the Colonial Commando Special Task Force.”
“Ooh Ooh Ee Ah.”
“So, you the Leaders of Videoland, eh” the Campaigner retorts. “Well, then let me introduce myself. I am the almighty Campaigner, and I shall conquer this universe.” Our heroes gasp. “How convenient that you should appear before my very eyes, just days after I arrived in this time continuum. Take them,” he orders of his minions.
“Whoa, look out” Kevin cries as the A-Warriors fire off a round of darts. Our heroes dive for cover, as the darts strike Aaron’s jeep, and slash the tires.
“You won’t take Videoland that easily,” Lana proclaims, drawing her crossbow. She fires a bolt, striking an A-Warrior and causing it to transparently disappear.
“I have a yearning, for a burning” Aaron recites. He fires off his flamethrower, taking out three more of the Campaigner’s henchmen.
Meanwhile, Kevin ducks to avoid getting clubbed. But then two more warriors come his way. So the game master turns around and runs, only to trip on a rock. “Aaagh” he cries as he falls down backside up.
In the meantime, Diddy stares down another A-warrior. Then Duke comes up behind it, and while the warrior is distracted, Diddy makes his move. The primate jumps the A-Warrior, and snatches his club. “Ooh Ooh Ee Ee Ah” he gibbers, before doing a summersault rollout and knocking over all the remaining A-Warriors like bowling pins, including the ones trying to shanghai Kevin.
“It’s time to exterminate these pests,” Aaron states. He turns to Lana. “What do you say princess?”
“I couldn’t agree more” she nods. The two of them fire off rounds of bolts and flames, evaporating the remaining A-Warriors. Lana then walks over to Kevin and helps him to his feet. “Well, still think you don’t need you don’t need battle gear” she asks sarcastically.
“Alright, alright, I was wrong” Kevin admits, defensively. “Let’s go. Our heroes surround the Campaigner and Sonork.
“Alright Campaigner” Aaron begins. “It’s time for you and your pal Sonork to surrender willingly.”
“Pal” the two villains exclaim simultaneously, looking at each other. “No way.”
“And you can forget about my surrender” the Campaigner adds, drawing his mace. “The Campaigner never concedes.”
As the two sides stare each other down, a canister suddenly lands by our heroes, and gas pours out.
“What’ *cough* going on” Aaron wonders, as he and the others feel the effects.
“Smoke *cough* bomb” Kevin replies.
“Ooh *cough* Ooh Ee *cough* Ah Ah” Diddy warns, noticing a third shadowy figure show up and take off with the shadowy figures of the Campaigner and Sonork. But it’s too late. When the smoke clears, they’re already gone.
“We have to go after them,” Kevin states, ready to move forward.
“Hold it Captain N” Aaron cautions. “They didn’t leave a trail. We’ll need my special tracking equipment.”
“That’s all” Lana responds impatiently.
“My special tracking equipment is back at the base, my jeep was seriously damaged during battle, and it’s a long 20 mile walk back. By the time we get there, the Campaigner and Sonork will have escaped completely.”
“Great! Just great” Lana grumbles, kicking her foot in the dirt.

As our heroes ponder what to do next, the mysterious woman that was following the N-Team earlier joins the Campaigner and Sonork in a trench a few hundred yards away.
“What’s this,” the Campaigner asks of her. “Why have you brought us to this accused ditch?”
“I was saving your necks” the woman replies.
“I don’t need your saving” the campaigner retorts.
“Don’t be a fool” she responds.
“I am the mighty Campaigner. No force in Videoland can prevent me from conquering this miserable universe... especially not that measly N-Team.”
“I’ll have you know that this measly N-Team has fought successfully for decades against adversaries far more powerful than you” the woman replies. “Did you not notice that your skull brained minions got taken down rather easily?”
The Campaigner grumbles.
“How do you know this” Sonork asks.
“I have my ways,” she answers. “I know how to get a hold of information that SOME just can’t seem to comprehend.
“Just who are you,” the Campaigner asks angrily. “I demand to know.”
“Oh, forgive me” she apologizes, realizing she forgot to introduce herself. “I am Koyasha... kunoichi assassin for hire. And my services don’t come cheap. For saving you, I want 500 videograms of gold.”
“That is an outrage” the Campaigner retorts.
“Perhaps we can make a deal,” Koyasha offers. “Since this is my first service, I’ll withhold the charge and just add to your bill when I perform my next service to you.
“I already told you,” the Campaigner answers... “That I don’t need you services.”
“That’s what you think” Koyasha responds, quietly. Then a beeping sound is heard. The Campaigner answers his communicator.
“What is it,” he asks.
“Good news my lord” his minion responds. “The super computer has decoded the Encryptor Chip. We now have the location of the Sun Lenz.”
“Oh, excellent news,” the Campaigner replies, pleased. “Have a detailed assessment of the terrain upon my return,” he instructs. “Campaigner out.” And the transmission ends
“Um, you have business elsewhere” Koyasha observes.
“Yes” the Campaigner answers. “But perhaps I was a bit hasty in assessing your usefulness to me.”
“Oh” Koyasha wonders.”
“Tell me what you know of the N-Team’s animal friends,” he instructs.
“The canine Duke is Captain N’s personally trained companion” Koyasha begins to explain. “The primate is Diddy Kong, a skilled fighter from the jungles of Kongoland. But why do you wish to know?”
“If the N-Team is truly as strong as you claim, then think what they could do for me.”
“I’m listening” Koyasha is curious.
“I want those two in my power” the Campaigner states. “Accomplish this, and I will pay you 2000 videograms of gold in person.”
“Deal” Koyasha agrees.
“Then I shall provide you the necessary resources.”
“What about me” Sonork asks.
“You… you sad excuse for a bug, will find Chronoscepter piece that you lost for me” the Campaigner demands
“Yes, master Campaigner” Sonork agrees. “Just one, little thing.”
“What is it,” the Campaigner asks impatiently.
“I need my hands free,” Sonork holds out his hands, which are still chained in cuffs.
“Hi-ya” the Campaigner splits the chains with his mace. “Are you satisfied?” Sonork nods his head. “Good. Now go.”

Scene 12

Back at the dungeon of Campaigner Fortress, Tal set jumps to avoid getting hit by Thunder’s tail swipe attack.
“I... can’t take much more of this” he pants. Tal then spots a grate leading through the ceiling. “But maybe, I won’t have to.”
Thunder lets out a mighty roar.
“If I can time this just right” Tal gets ready to make his move. He leaps up about a millisecond before Thunder pounds the ground. The BIO Rex then lunges in for a bite. But instead, he grabs Thunder’s snout and climbs up. “A-ha”
Thunder roars again, trying to shake the Turok off. When Tal is in reach of the ceiling grate, he makes another jump and grabs hold of it.
“Alright! Now all I have to do is open this blasted thing.” Thunder prepares to fire from his Laser Eye. “Uh-oh” Tal swings to a set of nearby pipes, and grabs them with his legs as Thunder fires his laser. It strikes the grate, creating an opening. “Ha” Tal swings back to the opening and climbs into what looks like a ventilation shaft. “So much for the Campaigner’s biology experiment. Now to get out of here.” And onward he goes.

Scene 13

Back on Planet Core, a helicopter lands by the Rocky Hills, and Kevin, Lana, Aaron, Duke, and Diddy meet up with Nick of the CCSTF.
“Thanks for coming” Aaron says. “We really need the help.”
“No problem Colonel” Nick replies. “I brought the gear you requested.” He holds out an N64 Controller gadget with a wristband attached to it.
“What’s this thing” Kevin wonders.
“It’s the one and only N64 brand Powerpad” Aaron explains. “It’s the most powerful creation developed by the CCSTF, and I’d like you to have it.”
“Me” Kevin wonders modestly.
“You are Videoland’s Number one protector afterall” Aaron replies. “Besides, Lana told me you could use an upgrade with your game gear.”
Lana chuckles as she and Aaron exchange looks. “Go ahead Kevin. Give it a try.”
“Alright” Kevin agrees, slipping the N64 Powerpad onto his left wrist. “Here goes...” he tugs forward on the analog stick, and suddenly thrust forward. “Whoa” he cries as he flops to the ground on his stomach.
“Arf” Duke barks
Lana chuckles again
“I guess I’ll need some training” Kevin confesses as he picks himself up. “But isn’t there something else” he wonders. Aaron and Nick exchange looks.
“What Kevin means, is that his previous powerpads always came with a zapper for combat,” Lana explains.
“That’s why the N64 Powerpad is so great” Aaron responds. “You don’t need to carry any extra weight. “Push the red button in the center.” Kevin does so, and an inventory projection of various rifles, potions, gold, ad the like suddenly appears.
“Wow” Kevin reacts.
“You like it” Aaron responds. Kevin nods yes. “With the N64 Powerpad, you can store anything ranging from weapons, ammo, elixirs, and currency for later use. Then, all you have to do is select which ever item you wish to use.”
“This is great” Kevin opines.
Suddenly, a familiar scream is heard down below. Our heroes turn to find Koyasha being chased by three A-Warriors.
“Those are the same creeps we fought before” Kevin observes.
“Arf” Duke barks
“But why are they chasing that woman in the middle of the desert” Lana ponders.
“I’m not sure,” Nick answers. “But there’s something vaguely familiar about her.”
“Well tell us when you figure it out... okay” Kevin responds.
“Guys, can the chitchat” Aaron tells them. “Right now, we have a maiden in distress to rescue.”
“Right” the others agree. But as our heroes head downhill, hundreds of more A-Warriors suddenly emerge from ditches, behind rocks, and from the ground.
“Ambush” Aaron states the obvious. He knocks two aside with his flame thrower. And Lana evaporates another with a crossbow bolt.
Kevin sees four A-Warriors surrounding Nick. So he pushes up on his Powerpad to dash forward. When he reaches his enemies, he pulls up on the analog stick to do a back-flip kick. This causes all four A-Warriors to evaporate. “Alright” he exclaims, triumphantly. “This thing really works.” He then turns to Nick. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine Captain N” Nick replies. “But I just figured it out.”
“Figured what out” Kevin asks.
“That woman... Koyasha” Nick answers. “We have to stop the others before they reach her.”
“The woman were saving” Kevin wonders. “Why? What’s so urgent?”
Up ahead, Aaron fires his flamethrower into the crowd of A-Warriors. This evaporates some, but it also creates an open path that leads straight to Koyasha. Duke and Diddy head straight through that path before it closes as Lana and Aaron fend off against the remaining A-Warriors. Once the two animals reach her, the three Ancient Warriors with Koyasha scatter.
“Arf, Arf, Arf” Duke barks.
“Ooh Ooh Ee Ah Ah” Diddy gibbers.
“Thank you for coming to my rescue my fine animal friends” Koyasha greets in a sinister voice. “Please allow me to return the favor.” She takes out two Neuro Rings, and attaches them to their necks.
Behind, the A-Warriors start to back away.
“I think we have them on the run” Aaron observes.
Duke, Diddy, get away from her” Kevin yells out as he and Nick run to join the others.
“What” Lana wonders.
“It’s a trap,” he continues.
“I think we’re already too late” Nick realizes. Red, glowing eyes are revealed in Duke and Diddy stare at the others with aggression.


1. This is the very first episode of Season 10, and the Captain N 64 Saga.
2. This episode is primarily based on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Dark Rift, both for Nintendo 64.
3. This episode is also mildly based on Mace: The Dark Age and Super Mario 64, also for Nintendo 64.
4. This episode marks the first appearance of Tal Set, Aaron Maverick, the Campaigner, Sonork, and Koyasha.
5. Marina and the Beastector Trio of Lunar, Tarus, and Merco were not in this episode, despite appearing in the opening sequence. They will all become regular characters three episodes later.

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Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
Patrik the Yoshiguy
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Why do you say either "mildly", or "loosely based on", rather than "featured game elements from"? Wouldn't it make more sence the other way?
Patrik the Yoshiguy
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I still think there should be more anime-related episodes based on games, like Ranma ½: Hard Battle and Ranma ½: Neighborhood Combat, along with elements from Street Combat, each one of them for SNES!

I might stop bother you, if you just give it a try!
Or at least make an episode based on the Super Game Boy accessory for SNES, involves Game Boy gain an upgrade, there he gains a much better quality for his screen/face, with more bits for the graphics, as well as to additional buttons, as a reference to the X and Y buttons on the SNES Controller!

Well, maybe there'll be a few episodes with elements from Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, and Diddy Kong Racing, as well as Donkey Kong 64!
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I really like the new intro.

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Diddy is on the team, I'm sure those games with him will be involved, but probably not with Ranma seeing it's a liscenced that already has it's own show, and the fact that the SNES era has ended and the focus will now be on the N64 games.

Patrik, you really need to stop with the "requests", it's quite annoying when you keep telling people what they "should" be doing with their own works.

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Here is Part 2 of the N64 series intro episode. Sorry it took so long. But hopefully, I won't take as long with the next part.

224. Race for the Sun Lenz
Part 2 of 3
First Aired September 20, 1997


We begin with Captain N explaining the events of the previous episode.

Last time on Captain N64, the N-Team is called to Planet Core of Primeland by Aaron Maverick to help capture warlord Sonork Nezom.
Meanwhile, the Campaigner, a conqueror from another time arrives in the Lost Land. His forces steal a mysterious Encryptor Chip from the Treetop Village and imprison the villagers.
Tal Set, a time traveler known as Turok, pursuits the Campaigner, only to be apprehended and forced to face the Campaigner’s Bionically Enhanced T-Rex, but later escapes.
Sonork, the Campaigner, and kunoichi warrior Koyasha then join forces. Koyasha leads the N-Team into a trap, and Duke and Diddy wind up under control of the Campaigner’s Neuro Rings.

Scene 1

“Duke, Diddy, what’s gotten into you” Kevin calls out, but his words don’t reach them.
“It worked Campaigner” Koyasha states loudly through her communicator. “The mutt and ape are yours to command.”
“Campaigner” Lana gasps.
“So this was his trap all along” Aaron realizes.
“Excellent Koyasha,” the Campaigner replies. He turns his attention to Duke and Diddy. “Now, for my first command... I order you to rip Captain N and his N-Team to shreds.”
“Arf” Duke growls in obedience.
“Ooh Ooh Ooh” Diddy gibbers. The two animals charge at full speed towards Kevin, Lana, Aaron, and Nick.
Kevin gasps, unable to believe his animal allies could turn on him.
“This is no time to go into shock,” Aaron states, pulling the game master by the arm. “We must flee.” The two of them, along with Lana and Nick run from Duke and Diddy. But they are suddenly cut off when the A-Warriors emerge from the ground before them.
“We’re trapped” Nick exclaims.
“No kidding” Aaron replies as he whips out his flamethrower. “It seems we were set up by our enemies.” He fires off a round, and the warriors back away.
“Yeah. We were just bait to get Duke and Diddy under the Campaigner’s control” Kevin adds as he eyes the two approaching animals. “And we fell for it.” Duke takes a mighty leap for his master, growling as he gets ready to chomp on Captain N. “Aagh” Kevin ducks, and the canine flies right over him. When Duke lands however, he goes for another attack. This time, he grabs onto Kevin’s right ankle. “Youch! Down boy” the game master tries to shake him off, but Duke continues his grip. So Kevin pushes back on his new powerpad, causing him to dash backwards into a rock. On impact, Duke is shaken off.
Meanwhile, Diddy jumps from a boulder ends up blinding Lana. Owe… let go” the princess responds as she falls to the ground.
“You heard the kind lady” nick replies, grabbing Diddy by the neck. The primate cries in pain as he loses his strength. “Let her go.” Nick tosses Diddy several meters across the barren hillside.
“Nick” Lana scoffs.
“What” he wonders?
“Can’t you be a little more gentle” she continues. “Diddy’s our friend.”
“Can we have this discussion later” Nick replies as the two of them are suddenly confronted by A-Warriors. Nick gets tackled by at least four of them… and three more apprehend Princess Lana.
“Take your grimy hands off me,” she demands. But struggling is useless.
“There’s too many of them,” Aaron observes as his flamethrower gives out, and the A-Warriors advance. He then turns to Kevin. Captain N… it’s all up to you now.” Kevin looks confused. “Use the inventory,” he continues, while knocking aside a warrior with his flamethrower. Kevin nods.
“I know just what I need,” the game master thinks out loud. Kevin then shifts through the contents inside his N64 pad (coins, bullets, a canister). He ends up selecting a hand grenade. “This isn’t what I wanted” Kevin reacts with great surprise.
“Quick! Get rid of it” Aaron warns, as the grenade is about to explode.
“Aagh” Kevin panics, throwing the explosive uphill. It explodes, causing a rockslide.
Koyasha gasps. “Ancient Warriors, fall back” she orders. They, do as told, escaping the rockslide from the left, as do Diddy and Duke. But in the process, the four A-Warrior who have subdued Nick are forced to relinquish him.
“C’mon” Aaron instructs to his cadet as he pulls him up. “We must find cover.” They, along with Kevin run to escape the rockslide.
“Hurry! We’ll be safe underneath tat rock formation” the game master advises as he spots one just before them. And so Kevin, Aaron, and Nick take cover as the rockslide passes by, creating dust.
Meanwhile, Koyasha and the Campaigner’s warriors stand at the top of the hill.
“Curse the luck” the kunoichi warrior starts. “We’ve lost Captain N and that Colonel. But, at least we have one prisoner to boast about” she snickers, looking at Lana. The princess frowns. “And we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do.” She looks at Duke and Diddy. “Now to collect payment.”

Downhill, Kevin, Aaron, and Nick take a breather.
“It’s all my fault guys” Nick apologizes. “I should have told you about Koyasha sooner.”
“No Nick” Kevin disagrees. “It’s my fault for not using my new powerpad more effectively. If I hadn’t pulled that grenade, we might have been able to save Lana, Duke, and Diddy.” Aaron puts his hand on Kevin’s shoulder.
“If you hadn’t pulled that grenade, we might have been captured as well,” he replies. “But now, we’ve got more on our plate to worry about.” Aaron turns to Nick. “What do you know about Koyasha?”
“All I know is that she’s an assassin for hire, and she charges an incredibly high price for her work” he answers.
“An alliance between Sonork and the Campaigner is bad enough” Aaron starts. “But if Koyasha is as bad as you say she is, then her being in on this only makes things even worse.” Kevin nods in agreement. “I’m going to follow them using my infrared tracking equipment. I might learn something before it’s too late.”
“I’m going with you” Kevin declares, ready to get moving.
“No Captain N” Aaron reacts. “It’s best if you return to base with Nick. He’ll help you learn the functions on your new powerpad.”
“But she’s my wife” Kevin argues. “I can’t just turn my back on her.”
“I need to go alone,” Aaron explains. “This is a delicate mission, and I can’t risk either being seen or getting held back.”
“But…” Kevin resists. Aaron puts his hand on the game master’s shoulder.
“It will be okay” he assures him. “We’ll get Lana, Duke, and Diddy back.” Kevin nods in understanding.

Scene 2

Meanwhile, Tal Set continues crawling through the vents of Campaigner Fortress.
“That looks like a way out,” he thinks as he spots sunlight up ahead. So the Turok crawls up to the grate ahead and punches it open. “Oh great” he scoffs as he notices that there is a river of water right below him. “I hate getting my feet wet. But I guess beggers can’t be choosers.” So he jumps into the water and gets washed downstream. Tal then swims to the right and grabs a branch overhead to pull himself out.

Scene 3

Meanwhile, in the sewers of Planet Core, Sonork watches quietly from a drainpipe as Charlie converses with an unnamed CCSTF agent.
“Look what I’ve found,” the agent says, showing Charlie the guiding antenna to the Campaigner’s Chronoscepter. Charlie takes it in his hands and examines it.
“Hmm… this looks like something out the future zone,” he thinks. “Well, whatever it is, we’d better get it back to headquarters for examination, on the double.” And so Charlie and the other agent dash off.
“Uh oh” Sonork thinks. “The Campaigner’s not going to like this. And he’ll probably have my head for allowing that gizmo to fall into the hands of Aaron Maverick.”

Scene 4

Meanwhile in the jungles of the Lost Land, Aaron Maverick discovers infrared footprints with his high-tech tracking equipment.
“Those tracks are fresh,” the Colonel observes. “If I hurry, I can still catch up to them.” And so he runs forward.

Moments later, Aaron catches up to Koyasha, Duke, Diddy, and the A-Warriors. They are currently dragging Princess Lana (now in shackles) along.
“There they are. Better lay low until I find out where they’re taking the princess” Aaron Thinks.
“A few more miles, and I can collect my 2000 videograms” Koyasha boasts as she moves along. “But perhaps I overcharged just a bit. This mission was way too easy.” She then turns to Lana. “Now, as for you my pretty one, Videoland has no more use for your leadership. Instead, it will be lead by the Campaigner, and you shall join his ranks, just like your fury friends.” Duke and Diddy are shown on screen red-eyed.
“We’ve protected Videoland against far more powerful foes than those you’ve allied with Koyasha” Lana retorts. “Whatever evil scheme you’ve concocted, I assure you that Captain N and our friends will put a stop to it, and free Duke and Diddy from your control.” As she and Koyasha argue, they are both unaware that someone is watching from the bushes.
“Hah” Koyasha scoffs at the princess.” “You do not have the same bank of information as I. You shall soon learn that the Campaigner is a different enemy then that which you have ever faced before.”
“Campaigner” the man in the bushes repeats is a familiar voice. “Hiya” he emerges, revealing himself to be Tal Set, and wipes out two A-Warriors with his blade.
“What the” Koyasha reacts. “What manner of circus freak are you?”
“I am Turok… warrior of time” Tal answers. He then points his blade at Koyasha. “And any who are in league with the tyrant Campaigner must be brought to justice. But Koyasha responds by spraying pepper spray in his face. “Hey” Tal reacts, covering his face.
“You fool” Koyasha starts. “No clown will interrupt Koyasha’s schedule. She then puts two fingers in her mouth and blows. Several Raptors and a Dimetrodon suddenly appear out of nowhere. “Prehistoric forces. Terminate this nuisance at once.” The Raptors and Dimetrodon proceed as instructed.
“Whoa” Tal reacts as a Raptor goes in for the attack. He swiftly draws his Tek Bow and fires an arrow right into the creature’s mouth, eliminating it.
“You’re a lot like your employer Koyasha” he taunts as he shoots another arrow into an airborne Raptor. “Always depending on others to do your dirty work for you.”
“Baugh, insolent pest” Koyasha retorts. “If by chance you survive this, it will do me great pleasure to slash you to pieces myself. Now come along you skull brains,” she instructs of the A-Warriors.
The Turok then fires two more Tek Arrows, eliminating the remaining Raptors. But then the Dimetrodon charges him. Tal tries to strike it with an arrow, but the shot just bounces off. “It’s not working” he realizes. “So I’ll just have to try the hands-on approach.” The Turok jumps onto the creature’s spike-lined back and pulls on one of its spikes.
Dimetrodon gives out a mighty roar and tries to shake him off, but to no avail. So it starts running instead.
“This guy is completely insane” Aaron observes from his hiding point. Lana also observes from up ahead.
“Right this way princess” Koyasha demands, dragging her along. “We have our own show to get to.” She then turns to Duke and Diddy. “You two… keep that lame brained human for the moment while I escape. Then follow my scent and catch up.”
“Arf Arf Arf Arf” Duke barks in acknowledgement.
“Ooh Ooh Ee Ee Aah Aah Aah” Diddy acknowledges as well.
Meanwhile, Tal Set is still riding the Dimetrodon. “Time to steer this thing right” he says. The Turok pulls one of the Dimetrodon’s spikes rightward, causing the creature to roar and make a sharp right turn, straight to the edge of a cliff. Tal quickly jumps up and grabs a tree branch. “Happy landing” he says, just as the Dimetrodon goes over the edge. As he touches back down on the ground, Diddy and Duke come at him.
“Ooh Ooh Ee Ah Ah” Diddy gibbers, lunging in for an attack.
“More Neuro trash” Tal responds, swiftly grabbing the primate by the neck.
“Ee” Diddy screams.
“Here… join your friend” Tal finishes, tossing him over the edge. But Diddy manages to grab a rock ledge with his tail to keep from falling.
“Arf” Duke barks, launching himself at the Turok. But Tal just kicks him into a tree. He then pulls out his blade, ready to slay Duke.
“Noooooo” Aaron cries as runs out from his hiding place and tackles Tal Set to the ground.
“Let go of me” Tal retorts, kicking him off as Diddy pulls himself up. “They’re getting away” he finishes, going after them. But Aaron blocks his path, allowing Duke and Diddy to escape.
“Those two are my friends you butcher” Aaron retorts.
“So you too are one of the Campaigners accomplices” Tal assumes, grabbing Aaron by the wrists and pushing him back. “Then you must be annihilated as well.”
“Don’t be a fool” Aaron replies, reversing the hands-wrists position and backing Tal up against a tree. “Our friends Duke and Diddy were put under a spell by weird looking rings, and the princess of Videoland was kidnapped by the Campaigner’s forces. I was going to follow them back to the Campaigner’s base. But I lost them, thanks to your reckless interference.”
“Oh” Tal reacts. “I know where the Campaigner’s Fortress is located.” Aaron releases him.
“Then you can take me there?”
“No” Tal answers. “The Turok works alone. I must finish off the Campaigner myself.”
“Look buddy” Aaron begins. “I want the Campaigner and his accomplices brought to justice as much as you do… but I can’t let you harm my friends in the process.”
“It can’t be helped” Tal Set replies. “Once an animal creature is put under control of a Neuro Ring, the effect can’t be reversed. Aaron looks worried. So Tal puts his hand on the colonel’s shoulder and reassures him. “Look, I promise I’ll do whatever I can to keep your friends out of harm’s way. But if it reaches a point where only one of us can survive, I won’t hold back.” He then walks off.
“Wait” Aaron pleads, and the Turok turns around. “I’ll make you a deal. Help us rescue the Princess Lana and save Videoland, and me and the N-Team will make sure you personally have your justice against the Campaigner.”

Scene 5

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, Koyasha enters the Control Chamber via elevator lift and approaches the Campaigner. Behind her are Duke, Diddy, and three A-Warriors restraining Princess Lana.
“I have carried out your orders Lord Campaigner” Koyasha starts. “And as you can see, I even brought along a bonus” She adds, referring to Lana.
“Excellent” the Campaigner replies, rubbing his hands together. “With Princess Lana in my possession, I shall have one of Videoland’s most powerful fighters at my command.”
“Me” Lana retorts. “I will never follow you.”
“Don’t be so sure princess” the Campaigner responds. “In just a short while, the will of you and all those you represent shall be my own. Throw her in with the Treetop Villagers” he orders. Duke, Diddy, and the A-Warriors do as told. A Warrior Priest then walks up to Koyasha and hands her a bag. “As a reward for your services, 1000 videograms of gold.”
“1000! You promised me 2000” Koyasha replies.
“Of course I did” the Campaigner begins. “You carried out my orders with such efficiency, that I’d like to keep you around. This is my insurance policy, and I paid you half my debt as good faith.”
“If you say so,” Koyasha concedes.
“What happened to you anyway on your back,” the Campaigner asks. “You look beat.”
“We… um… had a little interference,” Koyasha answers.
“What kind of interference?”
“Some guy in funny clothes attacked us sire,” she explains.
“Some guy in funny clothes” the Campaigner repeats, curiously.
“He called himself a Turok,” she answers.
“Blast it” the Campaigner shouts, slamming his fist on a console and scaring Koyasha. “Tal Set must’ve escaped Thunder somehow. Is there no getting rid of that accused Turok?”
“Um… someone you know” Koyasha wonders.
“Yes” the Campaigner answers. “Everywhere I turn, that Turok hinders my advance. My conquest of worlds has been set back time after time, year after year because of him. But no longer.” He grabs a rock out of his pocket. “If Tal Set stands in my way this time, I shall crush him.” To prove his point, he crushes the rock into sand particles. Then a ringing sound is heard. The Campaigner and Koyasha walk over to the communications monitor. The Campaigner then flips the on switch, and Sonork appears onscreen. “What is it?”
“Bad news sire” Sonork starts.
“Bad news” the Campaigner repeats angrily. “Will nothing go right around here?”
“CCSTF agents got to the Chronoscepter Guiding Antenna before I did.
“What” the Campaigner exclaims.
“They took it back to their headquarters.”
“You dimwitted slug” the Campaigner scoffs. “Can’t you do anything right?” Sonork just shrugs. “Never mind. Just return to base. I’ll deal with you then.”
“But sire” Sonork protests. “Don’t you want me to pursue the missing part?”
“No” the Campaigner answers. “You’ve bungled enough. I repeat… return to the Fortress at once. That’s an order. Campaigner out.” And the transmission ends. “I’ve spared enough time. I must assemble my forces on route to the Ancient City at once if I am to acquire the Sun Lenz by sundown.”
“But you will need the Chronoscepter in one piece to use it” Koyasha reminds him.
“I know” he responds. “That’s why I want you to retrieve the Guiding Antenna.”
“Me” Koyasha wonders.
“If you do this for me, I will add 1000 videograms of gold in my debt to you” the Campaigner offers.
“Deal” Koyasha agrees. The Campaigner then hands her a map.
“This spare map will help you find your way around the Ancient City” he explains. “Once you have obtained the Guiding Antenna, meet me at the spot marked ’X.’”
“Yes my lord” Koyasha acknowledges. “But what if that Turok joins forces with the N-Team?”
“Ha ha ha ha” the Campaigner laughs. “Tal Set is guided by his own personal desires. He would never allow an alliance to slow him down. Besides, with Videoland’s Princess Lana as my prisoner and those two mangy fur balls in my command, there’s little N-Team left to ally himself with.” He pauses for a moment. “No more questions. Get me that antenna.” Koyasha salutes him and heads off.

Meanwhile, the A-Warriors toss Lana into a cell with all the other prisoners.
“Enjoy your new home Princess” one warrior taunts. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” He then slams the cell door shut and walks off with the other A-Warriors, Duke, and Diddy.
“Who is that” one prisoner wonders of Lana, as he and the others stare at her.
“I bet this is one of the Campaigner’s tricks” another prisoner guesses.
“Pay your respects” an elderly voice instructs. A man whose age matches his voice then steps forward. “This is Princess Lana of Videoland.”
“Chief Whirlwind” Lana recognizes. “It’s been so long since I last saw you.”
“Yes” the chief acknowledges. “And you have matured so much over those years Princess.” The two of them hug. “I only wish our reunion could have come under better circumstances.”

Scene 6

Meanwhile, Kevin is on a battle arena inside a rundown Coliseum, currently fighting against Morphix for Dark Rift
“Whoa” the game master exclaims, doing a back flip to avoid the energy demon’s blades. But Morphix then spins like top swiftly towards Kevin and strikes again, his blade just barely missing him and nailing the wall. “Oh yeah. Two can play at that game.” Kevin pushes the ‘A’ button on his console and jumps. He lands on the wall and jumps again. Kevin then pushes more buttons along with moving the analog stick and yells out “SPIN DRILL KICK.” He spiral downward at a 45-degree angle, and lands a powerful kick on Morphix. The energy being then disappears by teleportation.
“Huh” Kevin wonders, as Zenmuron suddenly appears to challenge him next. He jumps backwards to avoid the horned demon’s downward katana thrust. Zenmuron then charges him. “Time to slide” Kevin pushes Down and A on his controller, narrowly ducking Zenmuron’s attack before sliding. In the process, he gives the creature a trip. When Kevin stands back up, Gore suddenly appears.
“More bad news” the game master observes. He ducks when Gore tosses his battle-axe. But then it reverses direction. “Aah” Kevin cries, diving to the ground as the axe returns to its owner. Kevin gets back on his feet, but unfortunately, so does Zenmuron. “Oh great’ the game master sighs. “I guess it’s time for, the play of the day. Alright you overgrown creeps,” he shouts. “If you want me, come and get me.” Kevin runs across the arena, and Zenmuron and Gore give chase. As he nears the wall of the coliseum, the game master readies his powerpad. He then pulls down on the analog stick and runs right up the wall. Gore and Zenmuron wind up crashing right into each other, and the wall. Kevin then flips backwards into upright position and comes in for a landing. He stomps on the two demons, and they both disappear. “Alright! Touch down!”

Kevin is suddenly teleported into a military training room. It turns out that his recent battle was just a simulation run by CCSTF headquarters.
“Wow! You really learn fast Captain N” Nick observes. “No wonder they call you the game master.”
“Thanks Nick. That training battle really gave me a good work. I’m starting get the hang of my new power gizmo.” Kevin videocom beeper then goes off. He picks it up and finds Aaron on the other line. “What’s up Aaron?”
“Hey there Captain N” Aaron greets. “How’s training with your new powerpad?”
“He’s mastered almost everything about the N64 Powerpad” Nick adds.
“That’s great to hear” Aaron acknowledges. “Hey listen, I have a friend who’s decided to tag along. He says he’s dealt with the Campaigner before, and he knows where to find Princess Lana, Duke, and Diddy.”
“That’s great” Kevin responds. “I’ll meet up with you.”
“Not yet Captain N” Aaron replies. “You should stay here and continue your training.”
“Huh” Kevin wonders. Then Tal Set appears on his Videocom monitor.
“Hi, I’m Tal Set… Turok time traveler at your service. And you must be the Prince Captain N that Aaron told me about.” Kevin chuckles.
“You could say that. But just call me Kevin.” Then Charlie walks in the door.
“Nick, you’re not going to believe what I found in the sewers,” he states, holding up the Guiding Antenna.
“What” Nick wonders.
“It looks like some form of alien technology,” Charlie suggests. “Possibly belonging to Sonork.”
“Or worse” Nick thinks. “Latest scoop is that Sonork has formed an alliance with even more powerful evil forces.”
Tal Set gasps. “Let me take a look at that” the Turok requests. So Charlie brings the antenna up to Kevin’s Videocom monitor. “That’s a Guiding Antenna” Tal explains. “It must’ve broken off when the Chronoscepter got separated from the Campaigner.”
“What’s a Chronoscepter” Kevin asks.
“It’s an evil weapon programmed specifically to be used by the Campaigner” Tal explains. He uses it to travel the space-time continuum. And, it’s the source of most of the Campaigner’s technology… for example, his Neuro Control Rings.”
“You mean the same ones used to take over the minds of Duke and Diddy” Kevin wonders. Tal nods his head. Then a buzzing sound is heard.
“Huh” Kevin wonders.
“It’s the customer service bell,” Charlie explains.
“I’ll get it” Nick volunteers. And he heads out.
“Listen Kev” Tal starts. “The Campaigner’s Chronoscepter will not work with the Guiding Antenna. So he bound to send his forces out for it. At whatever cost, don’t let them get hold of the antenna. Do you understand?” Kevin nods his head.
“We’ll keep it locked up safe. Right?” Charlie nods. “By the way Aaron, why don’t you want my help against the Campaigner’s forces?”
“Well… um… you see… the thing is” Aaron begins.
“I’m listening” Kevin assures him.
“We’re undercover right now, and it’s best to keep our weight as light as possible” Aaron continues.
“Fine” Kevin acknowledges. “But there’s something else you’re not telling me.”
“I get dibs on the Campaigner when this is all over” Tal boasts.
“What” Kevin wonders.
“In exchange for his help, I promised Tal we would not interfere with his personal crusade to bring the Campaigner to justice” Aaron explains. “It was the only way he’d accept.”
“If you say so,” Kevin concedes.

At the service entrance, Nick peers through the eyehole and sees a blonde woman with a purse.
“May I be of service miss,” he asks.
“Why yes” the woman answers in a southern accent. “I was driving down good ol’ Riverside when suddenly, my engine went bust. I was wonderin’ if y’all had a spare. Nick opens the entry door.
“You’re in luck,” he says, as the woman steps inside. “We at the CCSTF are always available to be of service to those in need.”
“”Why thank ye” the woman responds. “It’s so nice to be out of that hot ol’ sun, and into a nice, fresh, air conditioned room.” As she speaks, Nick notices a bulge coming out of her back.
“Um, pardon me miss” Nick starts. “But you seem vaguely familiar.”
“Oh, that probably cause I’m from the good old South Core” the woman answers. “We all look alike there.”
“Okay” Nick concedes. “Have a seat. I’ll be back with some papers to sign.” He puts a keycard up to a door marked “EMPLOYEES ONLY,” and enters through when it’s opened. Then, the woman slips her foot in just in time to keep the door from closing all the way.

Scene 7

Back at Campaigner Fortress, Lana and Chief Whirlwind continue to converse.
“I wonder what the Campaigner’s up to” Lana expresses. “He kept saying I was going to serve his will.”
“That’s exactly what he told us,” Whirlwind adds.
“But, why didn’t the Campaigner put us under his control” Lana wonders. I mean he already has Duke and Diddy. Why not us?”
“Perhaps hasn’t the power yet to control the minds of humans as he does other beings in the chain of life” the chief suggests. “That is the power he currently seeks.”
“But what could it be” Lana wonders. “I mean, how could he gain control of all the minds in Videoland?”
“Perhaps it has something to do with the computer circuit he stole from our village technology exhibit at the same time he took us prisoner,” Chief Whirlwind thinks. Lana’s facial expression reveals curiosity. “It is rumored that the artifact stolen by the Campaigner is a guide to eternal light and happiness.”
“That doesn’t seem so dangerous” Lana thinks.
“But if this power were to fall into evil hands” the chief continues. “All life would be consumed by darkness. But most believe this all to be just a legend.”
“Is there a way to overcome the darkness,” Lana asks.
“The legend claims that when the light shines through, darkness is shattered” Whirlwind explains.
“That’s all pretty vague” Lana says. “But don’t worry chief. Captain will find a way to save us all. He always comes through when we need him.”
“You have inherited the hope and optimism of your father Princess” Chief Whirlwind observes. “He would be very proud of you.”
“Alright people… enough chatter,” Sonork demands. Everyone gasps. The humanoid ant is seen at the cell door, holding up his fork-bladed cannon, with Duke, Diddy, and A-Warriors right behind him. “You humans are about to go out and see the world… for the very last time ever. Eh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.”

In the next moment, Lana and the other prisoners are forced into a barred cage on a wagon by the A-Warriors, and the neuro controlled Duke and Diddy, along with Raptors, Triceratops, and Dragonflies. The wagon is attached to Thunder, the Bio Rex, who will apparently haul the cage carrying the prisoners. Additionally, the bionic enhancement of a Raptor and Dimetrodon are present as well.
In the meantime, Lana is writing something down on a piece of paper.
“What are you doing” the chief.
“I’m taking notes of what you said earlier,” Lana explains. “I have a feeling it could be the key to stopping the Campaigner.”
Up in front, Sonork converses with the Campaigner. “ All the prisoners are in position, and your forces are present and accounted for” the alien informs.
“In that case, move out” the Campaigner orders of his forces. As the cyborg’s forces mobilize, Lana crumples up the piece of paper she wrote on, and tosses it out onto the dirt path.

Moments later, Aaron Maverick and Tal Set arrive at Campaigner Fortress.
“This is the Campaigner’s nesting grounds” Tal explains. “But be careful” he warns. “This place has breaded quite a few of his lethal experiments.”
“I’m not sure what lethal experiments you’re referring to” Aaron replies, looking at his scanner. “I’m picking up no life form readings inside the Fortress, and very little electronic activity. But wait” he notices footprints and treads in the ground. “It seems our enemies are on the move. Let’s see where they’re going.” As Aaron scans the area some more, Tal notices the piece of paper left by Lana. He picks it up and uncrumples it. The note reads “Campaigner after power of Darkness. Engulf Dark Power in source of Light.”
“What’s that?” Aaron asks.
“Oh, nothing” Tal responds, crumpling the paper back up and putting it in his pocket. “Just an old laundry list.”
“Never mind” Aaron responds. “My scanner picked up heavy life activity heading northeast. “We must hurry.” So the two heroes start running.

Scene 8

Back at CCSTF headquarters, the mysterious woman is snooping around the hallways. Suddenly, a door she was standing in front of hits her.
“Ouch” she exclaims.
“Oh, I’m sorry mam” Kevin responds, as he and Charlie come out the door. The two of them then proceed through the halls.
“The Guiding Antenna” the woman whispers in a familiar voice as she notices it in Charlie’s hand.

Elsewhere in the base, Nick heads back to the reception area with the paperwork.
“I can’t put my finger on it, but I know I’ve seen that woman somewhere. Nick then opens the door to the reception room. “Miss. I have your paperwork. Huh” Nick notices that the woman isn’t there. “Wait a minute.” He visualizes the woman standing before him, and then envisions Koyasha in her place. “Darn! I should’ve guessed.” So Nick quickly turns around and heads back.

Meanwhile, the mysterious woman follows Kevin and Charlie as they head into a room.
“Freeze” Nick commands, and the woman turns around to find him holding a laser rifle at her. “You’re under arrest Koyasha.”
“Koyasha” Kevin repeats from inside the room.
“You catch on very quickly” the woman states, taking off her disguise and formally revealing herself to be none other than Koyasha. “But unfortunately for you, not quick enough” Koyasha ducks, turns around, swiftly disarms Nick with one sword, and holds the other sword up to his neck.
“Alright Koyasha” Kevin says as he and Charlie step out of the room. “I don’t know how you got in here, but you’re about to check out.”
“Oh, I’ll be checking out” she replies. But first, a parting gift for you Captain N.” Koyasha throws a canister on the ground and slips on a gas mask.
“Knockout gas” Kevin realizes as smoke leaks out from the canister. But it’s too late. He, Nick, and Charlie have already collapsed on the floor.
“Night night boys” Koyasha taunts. “And thanks for the souvenir.” She grabs the Chronoscepter Guiding Antenna from Charlie’s hand and dashes off.

Scene 9

Meanwhile, the Campaigner and his forces continue en route to the Ancient City.
“We’re almost there your lordship” Sonork reports.
“Excellent” the Campaigner replies. “Soon, Videoland will be under my control. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” The villains then come to vicinity with lots of temples scattered about.
“Look… there it is” Sonork states the obvious.
“At last” the Campaigner expresses. Suddenly, they get attacked by hundreds of Pur-Lins and Giant Beetles.
“Uh oh” Sonork reacts. But the Campaigner isn’t so nervous.
“Ancient Warriors and animal forces” he addresses. “We have guests. Let’s ring them up” The A-Warriors (at least six) toss Neuro Rings at the beetles, hitting right on target and putting them under the Campaigner’s control. Then a quartet of Raptors and Dragonflies (two each) strike several Pur-Lins with additional rings. Even Duke and Diddy get into the action, adding a Beetle and Pur-Lin respectively to the Campaigner’s neuro controlled army.
“So that’s how the Campaigner controls the animals,” observes Lana from the prisoner cage.
“Ah” Sonork sighs, excited by all the action.
“Come along you bug brain” the Campaigner commands, pulling Sonork away. “We must now find the Sun Lenz.”

A bit further back, Aaron and Tal Set continue following the trail of footprints and tread mark.
“The tracks are getting fresher,” Aaron observes. “We’re definitely catching up. Then, Tal stops cold in his tracks.
“What is it Tal” Aaron wonders. The Turok sees a Dragonfly overhead coming right for them.
“Don’t mind me Colonel. But now would be a really good time to DUCK.” Aaron swiftly drops to the ground, and the Dragonfly passes right above them. But before it can turn around for another attack, Tal swiftly draws his Tek Bow and strikes the creature out of existence. A Campaigner Neuro Ring then drops to the ground.
Thanks for watching my back buddy” Aaron replies. “But now, we have to keep moving.” The two of them move forward. “I just hope we don’t run into anymore creatures.”
“There will be lots more when reach the Campaigner” Tal explains. “He doesn’t leave himself out in the open without others to do his dirty work.”


Back at CCSTF headquarters, Kevin wakes up.
What happened” he wonders. He takes a brief look around and notices that the Guiding Antenna is missing from Charlie. “Now I remember. Koyasha was here. Oh, she must’ve stolen the antenna while we were asleep. Nick, Charlie, come on… get up” he tries to wake them both up, but they keep on snoozing. “Oh man! I have to warn Aaron somehow.”

Scene 11

Back in the Ancient City, the Campaigner and Sonork are inside one of the temples. Up ahead is a light bulb shaped object sitting on a pedestal.
“Look boss… over there” Sonork directs.
“Oh at long last, the Sun Lenz is finally mine” the Campaigner gloats. He takes the Lenz and loads it into the Chronoscepter’s breech. “Now, all I need is the missing Chronoscepter piece, and all of Videoland will do my bidding.”

Meanwhile, Aaron and Tal Set make their way into the Ancient City.
“Look” Aaron notices Lana and the other prisoners in their cage being guarded by the Campaigner’s army of followers. He then turns to Tal. “I you strike the lock on that cage with one of your arrows, we might be able to free the princess and everyone else. “Can you hit it?”
“Don’t forget our agreement” Tal reminds him.
“I know, I know” Aaron reassures him. “I promise you’ll have a free shot at the Campaigner when this is all over.”
“I’ll need to sneak in closer for a clear shot,” Tal explains. So the two heroes creep forward. But then Tal stops dead in his tracks.
“Why did you stops,” Aaron asks.
“I just realized we’re in the Ancient City of the Lost Land” Tal begins to explain. “Home of the legendary Sun Lenz.”
“Is that bad” Aaron wonders.
“If the Campaigner gets hold of it, everyone’s free will is at risk” Tal explains. His Neuro Ring will be powerful enough to control the minds of humans, as well as animals.” Aaron gasps. “But don’t worry. The Sun Lenz is useless to the Campaign without the missing piece to his weapon. So as long as your back there is as reliable as you say he is.” Tal is interrupted by a beep in his Videocom.
“Arf” Duke barks, alerted to the noise. Aaron switches on his Videocom monitor to find Kevin at the other end.
“You picked a really bad time to call Captain N” Aaron states.
“It’d be worse if I didn’t” Kevin replies.
“I think were in deep trouble,” Tal observes as the A-Warriors and neuro controlled animal forces swarm about him and Aaron. But the Colonel is only focus on his conversation with Kevin right now.
“Koyasha stole the Guiding Antenna,” the game master continues.
“What” Aaron exclaims.
“Colonel, you might want to turn around” Tal warns as a Dragonfly swoops towards them. But Aaron just holds out his hand, motioning that he doesn’t want to be bothered right now.
“She’s on her way to meet the Campaigner right now” Kevin finishes.
“Duck Colonel” Tal shouts” But it’s too late. The Dragonfly collides with Aaron.
“Aah” the colonel cries out as he is forced to the ground, dropping his Videocom in the process.
“Aaron… are you there” Kevin calls out, right before a Raptor crushes the Colonel’s Videocom with its bare foot.

Aaron, do you read me?” the game master continues. But then his Videocom monitor is replaced by static.

Aaron and Tal remain surrounded by the Campaigner’s army.
“It’s Colonel Aaron Maverick” Lana informs Chief Whirlwind. “He must have gotten my note. And he’s with that other guy I told you about earlier. The one who fought against the Campaigner’s forcing during my routing by Koyasha.”
“Ah yes” the chief acknowledges. He’s quite the brave one for standing up to the Campaigner when he took me and my villagers prisoner. Tal Set’s his name.
Well, well, well. So nice to see you again Colonel Aaron Maverick” Sonork taunts as he and the Campaigner enter the scene.
“Feeling’s not mutual” Aaron retorts.
“And you came with a friend” the insect continues.
“Yes” the Campaigner replies. “I’m quite surprised myself. I never expected Tal Set of all people to come to my party with a friend.”
“I’m just full of surprises today, aren’t I” Tal muses.
“Shall I dispose of these bothersome humans” Sonork begs, holding out his fork-bladed cannon.
“Not yet my hasty assistant” the Campaigner replies, pushing his arm downward. “Let them join the others in celebration of my ultimate triumph.” He then looks at Tal Set. “It will be a blast to finally have my greatest adversary under my power.”
“If it’s a party you want, how about some dancing” Aaron suggests. He fires his flamethrower at the feet of a Raptor. The creature roars in pain before falling on top of four A-Warriors. “This way” the Colonel motions. He and Tal run through the opening.
“No! Stop them” the Campaigner cries. And his loyal followers give chase on the two heroes.
“I’ll hold them off” Aaron sates. “You free Lana and the others. Tal nods his head and runs off as Aaron fires his flamethrower to the ground, temporarily warding off his enemies. Then with one Tek Arrow shot, Tal Set breaks off the lock from the prisoner cage.
“We’re free” Chief Whirlwind celebrates, as he, Lana, and the others escape from the cage.
“Thank you Tal. I” Lana starts.
“No time for talk princess” the Turok interrupts. “Now we must fight.” Lana nods in acknowledgement. She then proceeds to do a karate kick against a Beetle that launch itself at her. As a result, goes rolling and knocks over several A-Warriors as if they were bowling pins.
“Arf, arf, arf” Duke barks frantically. The canine jumps in for an attack on the princess.
“Aah” Lana cries, covering her face. Luckily, Tal Set intercepts Duke and by placing a sack before his aim.
“Arf” Duke cries as he winds up in the sack.
“How’s that for a neat trick” Tal comments.
“Ooh ooh Ee Ee Ah” Diddy tries to scrape the Turok. But he just grabs the primate and tosses him in the sack as well.
“In you go scruffy.” Tal then tightens the sack so as to prevent Duke and Diddy from escaping. Aaron then gives him a glaring look. “Don’t worry. They’re perfectly safe in here” Tal assures him. He then points upward, warning the colonel of yet another Dragonfly attack. This time however, Aaron is ready for it. He swiftly fires his flamethrower up in the air, burning the Dragonfly to a crisp before it crashes to the ground and disappears.
While Lana, Aaron, and Tal hold there own against their enemies, Chief Whirlwind and the Treetop Villagers don’t do so well. The chief ends up getting dog piled on by Pur-Lins, and others are put out of commission by darts from A-Warriors.
“I must get to the Campaigner” Tal says to himself as he navigates through the terrain. But then Thunder (who is right in front of him) makes a mighty stomp on the ground, completely immobilizing the Turok. But in the process, everyone else, including the Campaigner and his followers, are immobilized by the quake as well.
“Aah” Sonork panics.
“Watch where you’re stomping you bionic menace” the Campaigner shouts to his own creation. “Where is Koyasha?”
“Right here” the swordswoman replies, appearing behind him.
“At last” the Campaigner sees the Guiding Antenna in Koyasha’s hand.
“It looks like your boys have made things quite messy” she observes as she hands the cyborg the antenna. “I for one like to keep tidy.”
“Never mind” the Campaigner replies as he attaches the Guiding Antenna to his weapon. “Now that the Chronoscepter is in one piece again, I shall now see if the Sun Lens works as the legend foretold. He fires off a pulse blast from the Chronoscepter, at a box laid on the ground by Sonork.
“No” Tal shouts, moving in to stop his archenemy. But Thunder cuts him off once again.
“There! It is done” the Campaigner states. “Now the Black Neuro Rings shall seek out human hosts. On cue, black colored rings fly out of the box and into the battlefield. One aims for Tal Set. Fortunately, the Turok knocks it aside with his blade. But Princess, Lana, Aaron Maverick, Chief Whirlwind, and the Treetop villagers aren’t so lucky, as the Black Neuro Rings hit on target and attach themselves to the necks of their hosts. “Now for the final test” the Campaigner states. He then puts bullhorn to his mouth. “Attention new recruitees. Solute your master.” The humans do as told. “Ha ha, success. At long last, I have won. Videoland belongs to me. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Tal Set looks on in horror. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”


Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
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Here's Episode #225... FINALLY

225. Campaign of Conquest
Part 3 of 3
First Aired September 27, 1997


We start this episode with Captain N explaining the events that occurred in the last two episodes.

Last time on Captain N64, a cyborg warlord known as the Campaigner joined forces with Sonork Nezom and Koyasha, two of Videoland’s most dangerous enemies. Working in alliance, they kidnapped Princess Lana and placed Duke and Diddy under control of the Campaigner’s Neuro Rings.
In response, Aaron Maverick left for the Lost Land in hopes of undoing the Campaigner’s evil deeds. He later teamed up with Turok Tal Set in hot pursuit of their enemies.
Meanwhile, the Campaigner and his forces arrived in an Ancient City and discovered the legendary Sun Lenz. Fusing it with his Chronoscepter, the Campaigner increased the force power of his Neuro Rings, and begun his conquest of Videoland, and its populace.

Scene 1

“At last, Videoland belongs to me” the Campaigner shouts triumphantly.
“Not yet Campaigner” Tal Set retorts, about 50 feet from his nemesis. “Not while I still oppose you.”
“Foolish Turok,” the Campaigner replies. “With the hearts and minds of Videoland in the palm of my hand, you can’t touch me.”
“We’ll see about that” Tal responds, charging for the Campaigner. But the Cyborg fires his Chronoscepter, creating an electronic barrier. “Aah” Tal crashes into the barrier as if it were a brick wall, and falls down backwards.
“Ha ha ha ha. Your impetuous actions are quite amusing Tal Set” the Campaigner taunts. He then walks over to the hapless Turok. “Normally, I’d crush you myself. But this time, I think someone else should have the pleasure of humiliating you.” So he turns to face his crowd of followers. “Attention my loyal soldiers.” The Campaigner points to Tal Set. “We have a traitor in our midst. Defeat him, and I shall reward you handsomely.” The neuro slaves obey and storm towards the Turok.
“Oh no you don’t” Tal retaliates, standing up to face his opponents. The Turok fires off a round of three Tek Arrows, striking down two Dragonflies and a Beetle. He then storms into the thick of the crowd of monsters. He dodges a bit attack from a Raptor… then ducks to avoid an A-Warrior dart, which instead strikes the Raptor, causing it to evaporate.
During the course of battle, Aaron frees Duke and Diddy from containment inside Tal Set’s sack.
The Turok then knocks down four A-Warriors with one kick. But now, he must contend with the tribesmen. “Sorry it must be like this” Tal begins, as he knocks down two tribesmen. “But as long as you serve fiends like the Campaigner, I will fight you until I’ve let out my very last breath of air.” He then kicks down several other men and makes his way for Chief Whirlwind. The two then clash; blade against spear, respectively. “Your fighting skills are impressive chief” Tal comments. “Just one thing.” He slashes Whirlwind’s weapon in half, right down the middle. “Never battle with an unpolished weapon.” Then a thick line of flames passes right before the native warrior. He turns to see Aaron with his flamethrower activated, and charges at him. So he fires another round, and the Turok stops in his tracks, covering his face. Aaron then advances as the smoke clears, thinking he’s finished off his enemy. But then Tal emerges and grabs hold of the Colonel’s flamethrower. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous to play with fire” the Turok retorts. As the two struggle for possession of the flamethrower, Lana prepares to fire a crossbow projectile at the Turok from behind. But her shot misses and strikes the flamethrower instead, causing both Tal and Aaron to drop it on the ground. As a result, the ground is set ablaze. Tal, Aaron, and several tribesmen scatter from the flames. The Turok continues running, until he comes to a pit filled with ravenous Raptors, where he stops dead in his tracks. But just as Tal starts to turn around, Lana gives him a mighty kick in the backside to force him into the pit. But fortunately, the Turok grabs hold of a ledge to keep from falling in.

Meanwhile, Kevin arrives in the Ancient City by the temples’ vicinity.
“This is the point of Aaron’s last signal before we got cut off” the game master states. He hears battle cries from over the hills. “Sounds like trouble” he observes. “I’d better investigate.” Kevin power dashes up the hill. “I only hope there’s still time.”

Back at the pit, Tal attempts to pull himself up as one Raptor, and then a second one jump up for a bite, just barely missing his feet. But as the Turok lifts himself upward, Lana stands before him with dark, evil eyes.
“Enjoy becoming Dinner Tal Set” the princess greets in a sinister voice as she attempts to step on his right hand.
“Sorry princess” Tal retorts, grabbing her foot instead.
Lana screams as she is pulled down into the pit.
“But I think those dinosaurs would prefer something lighter.” The Turok then gets himself back on solid ground and makes his way towards his arch-nemesis. “It’s time to conclude this once and for all Campaigner.”
“I couldn’t agree more” he responds. The Campaigner fires his Chronoscepter at the Turok.
“Aah” Tal cries in pain as he is weakened magnetic electrons.
“You have caused me quite a commotion Tal Set,” the Campaigner retorts angrily as he steps towards the Turok. “But now, you shall bow before your master.”
“Never” Tal responds defiantly.
“Never say never” the Campaigner replies. Using the Chronoscepter’s magnetic pull, he forces Tal Set against a pillar, knocking him unconscious. The Campaigner then turns to Sonork. “Take the Turok back to the Fortress” he commands. “I want him to serve me as a bionically enhanced enforcer.
“Yes Campaigner” Sonork solutes. The insectoid makes his way for the Turok. But when he gets within a few feet of him, a laser blast passes right before him.
“What!” the Campaigner exclaims. He and everyone else turn to see Kevin making his way over to them. “So, you’ve come to us Captain N” the Campaigner muses. “How convenient. It would have been most troubling to search you out.”
“Forget it Campaigner” Kevin retorts, kneeling down to check on Tal. “I’m not staying for the party.”
“But you have no choice” the Campaigner informs him. Soon, you’ll share the same fate as your friends.”
“What are you talking about” Kevin asks, worried
“This is what I’m talking about” the Campaigner snaps his fingers, and Kevin is suddenly surrounded by everyone, including his friends. “Lana, Duke, Diddy, Aaron, what’s come over you? C’mon, snap out of it.” But it’s no use. They just keep coming.
“You’re too late Captain N” the Campaigner muses. “Their minds belong to me. And now, so will yours.”
“Not on my life” Kevin retorts, defiantly. He pulls a grenade his N64 inventory.
“Look out! He’s got a bomb” Sonork Panics, clinging to the Campaigner.
“Get off me you fool” he responds, shoving the alien aside.
“Call off your zombies, or I pull the plug on your whole operation Campaigner” Kevin warns.
You’re bluffing” the Campaigner responds. “You wouldn’t dare sacrifice yourself and your friends, just to stop me.” He turns to his neuro slaves. “Seize him.” The zombies continue to advance on Kevin, with Duke and Diddy going in for an attack.
“Aah” Kevin cries, back dashing. In the process, he drops his grenade to the ground, and the pin fall off.
“Oh no” the Campaigner exclaims. He, Sonork, Koyasha, and all the zombies drop to the ground and cover their faces as steam emits from the grenade. While they’re distracted, Kevin dashes up to Tal.
“Don’t worry. I’ll get you to a safe place” the game master assures him. He then dashes off with the Turok securely over his shoulder.
“Seconds later, Koyasha opens her eyes, confused. She taps Sonork on the shoulder.
“Aah” the insectoid reacts. “Don’t scare me like that Koyasha.”
“But we’re still alive” she observes.
“What” the Campaigner exclaims.
“How can this be?”
The Campaigner looks at the grenade as the steam recedes. “Nooo! We’ve been tricked. Where are Captain N and the Turok?”
“They vanished” Koyasha answers.
“So they have” the Campaigner responds angrily, pounding his right fist in his left palm. “No matter. All they’ve done is prolong the inevitable. They can’t resist for long before they are completely in my power, or destroyed. He then turns to Sonork. “We’re stepping up our time table. I want Neuro Ring production to increase at ten times their current rate. We must make full use of our new resources, if all of Videoland is to be conquered in the next 72 hours.”
“Understood” Sonork solutes and heads off.
“Speaking of timetables” Koyasha interrupts. “When do I receive my next payment?”
“In due time” the Campaigner responds, halfheartedly. “You will excuse me if I have more important matters to attend to.”
“I know, I know” Koyasha replies in a snotty, sarcastic tone. “It’s your insurance policy to withhold payment and keep me in your employ.”
“Watch you tongue while it is still attached to your mouth Koyasha” the Campaigner warns. Koyasha then gives him a nasty look when he turns away.

Scene 2

Later at Video Castle, Kevin tends to Tal Set’s wounds as he rests. The game master places a cup filled with an orange substance up to the Turok’s mouth.
“Here. Drink up. This herbal medicine will help your wounds heal faster.” The Turok subconsciously does as told. Then, he opens his eyes slowly.
“What’s going on? Where am I? How did I get here” the Turok wonders.
“You’re awake” Kevin reacts. “The Campaigner’s forces nearly did you in,” he explains. “It’s a good thing I got to you in time.”
“Is this your place,” the Turok asks.
“Yeah, it’s the N-Team’s base of operations for all of Videoland” Kevin answers. “And it’s also where we live.”
“Not any more” Tal corrects him. “Now it’s just where you live. I suggest you keep it that way.”
“What happened” Kevin wonders. “Why did everyone in Videoland suddenly turn on me back there? Why were they taking orders from the Campaigner?”
“Because you were careless. That’s why” Tal responds. Kevin is dumbfounded. “You know, you were warned to keep the Chronoscepter piece safe from the Campaigner. Instead, you let his forces march right in and take it.”
“Hey, I had no Koyasha would be in disguise” Kevin responds, defensively. “And besides, I wasn’t the one who let her in.”
“So now you’re making excuses” Tal replies, disgusted. “Well I guess I was wrong about you after all. You’re not worthy of being ruler or game master.”
“I didn’t mean to” Kevin begins.
“Forget it” Tal interrupts. “None of this matters anymore. You can’t rule a kingdom without subjects, now can you?” The Turok then gets up and starts walking.
“Wait a minute. Where are you going” Kevin wonders.
“I’m going to finish what I came here for” Tal responds. “The termination of the Campaigner for his crimes.”
“But that’s crazy” Kevin argues.
“Is it now” Tal Set asks, rhetorically.
“Yeah” Kevin responds. “I’d like to do away with the Campaigner myself, but he is not someone to take on alone, especially now. You need help. The N-Team’s help.”
“Have you forgotten that the Campaigner has control of your friends through his Neuro Rings” Tal reminds him. “What help can they be? At least if I eliminate the Campaigner, his zombies can no longer respond to his destructive commands.”
“Then we’ll free them” Kevin figures. “We have to free them.”
“Wake up and smell reality kid” the Turok responds, forcefully. “I’ve been trying to tell you that once a Campaigner Neuro Ring attaches itself to a host, that host’s mid is taken for good. You cannot save them anymore. You have to look out for yourself.” Kevin looks shocked at what he’s hearing. “Look. I appreciate your hospitality, but I can’t discuss this with you any longer. I really must be going.” But as the Turok gets moving, he suddenly feels great pain. “Ow” he reacts, putting his hand to his gut.
“Easy there” Kevin places his hand on the Turok’s shoulder.
“I think I strained myself.”
“You’re still recovering from your injuries.” Kevin then looks the Turok straight in the eyes. “I know I’ll regret saying this. I won’t stop you from seeking revenge against the Campaigner. But just tell me why.”
“Very well” Tal agrees.

The scene shifts to what appears to be the Treetop Village of the Lost Land as Tal Set, through voiceover, explains his story through flashback. “165 years ago in time, and 10 years back in my life, I lived in the Treetops as a member of the Tolnac Tribe." A younger looking Tal Set is seen with his right arm around someone younger than himself. He, the younger boy, and other natives, whose outfits bear striking similarities to the Treetop villagers of the present time, stand before a man dressed similar to Chief Whirlwind. “I, my younger brother Andar, and the rest of the Tolnac Tribe, lived in peace and harmony under the guidance of Chief Hutec.” Suddenly, a man strikingly similar in appearance to U.S. President Andrew Jackson shows up on horseback at the entrance to the trees, followed by men (on horseback as well) dressed similar to British Soldiers. “It was at that moment that I laid eyes on the Campaigner for the very first time. Though more human in appearance, his heart was filled with the very same evil that lives within his Cyborg suit. He came to the Treetop Village every month to demand we turn over our homes, and provide him with full knowledge of the secrets to making our weapons, threatening endless war if we refused. The Tolnacs fire Tek Arrows at the Campaigner and his soldiers, forcing them to flee. “But despite his threats, we always repelled him and his army of invaders. Despite being forced to retreat, the Campaigner always vowed to return. I had always believed his threats to be empty… that no matter how many times the Campaigner returned with his idle threats, we would always draw him off… until that one fateful night.
It happened one day… Andar told me that by Hutec’s instruction, he was going out to gather more Tek Berries for our arrows. I told him not to wander to far into the forest, and to return within an hour… but 24 hours had passed and Andar still had not returned with the patch of berries. So I went searching for him. I spent weeks searching through perilous mountains, riverbanks, and trenches. But Andar was nowhere in sight. Then one day, horror befell my eyes when I finally discovered my brother miles away deep with the forest. Andar was tied to a tree… slain.”
Tal Set clinches his fist as tears fill his eyes. “I hurried back to my to village, only to find it shattered in ruins.” The trees appear burned down by fire, which is still in the process of receding. “I gathered up all the Tolnac survivors… Chief Hutec among them. The chief then told me that the Campaigner had somehow learned the secret to the Poison Tek Arrows, and the making of fire. And that he had used that knowledge to destroy our village, and slay thousands of innocent Tolnacs.” Tal Set’s face fills up with rage. “I realized then that the Campaigner was also responsible for the death of my brother Andar. I should’ve been there to help defend the village from the Campaigner’s onslaught. And I should’ve been there to protect my brother. But I made a solemn vow to my fellow Tolnacs, and to Andar, that I would make the Campaigner pay with his life… even if it cost me my own.” And the flashback ends.

“The Treetop Village” Kevin wonders. “Was that the same…”
“Yes indeed” the Turok replies. “In fact, Chief Whirlwind is a direct descendent of Chief Tolnac.”
“But how did the Campaigner end up here in the future” Kevin asks. “How did you follow him? And whatever happened to the Campaigner’s human form?”
“Those questions can all be answer another time” Tal replies. He sighs. “If there is another time.”
“I’m really sorry about your brother” Kevin replies, sympathetically.
“Don’t be” Tal responds. “You have nothing to be sorry about. In fact, I’m grateful that you saved my life. And I have yet to repay you.” The Turok takes the crumpled sheet of paper out of his pocket.
“What’s this” Kevin wonders.
“I’m not sure” Tal replies. “Your friend the Colonel and I found it when we followed the Campaigner’s trail to the Ancient City.” He hands the sheet to Kevin. “No guarantees, but it could be a clue to reversing the Campaigner’s Neuro Rings.” Kevin uncrumples the sheet.
“’Campaigner after power of Darkness. Engulf Dark Power in source of Light;” the game master reads. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I have no idea,” Tal answers. “You’re on your own with that one kid.” The Turok then begins to walk off.
“Wait” Kevin pleads. Tal stops and turns his head. “Getting revenge won’t bring back Andar or your tribe,” he reasons.
“It’s too late Captain N” Tal replies. “I’ve already chosen my path, and I’m not turning back.” Kevin looks worried. “But I’ll promise you the same thing I promised the Colonel. If I cross paths with your friends, I’ll spare them as long as I can sustain my own life.” He then continues to walk off as Kevin watches helplessly.

Scene 3

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, the Campaigner sits down relaxed in his personal quarters as someone knocks on his door.
“Enter” the Cyborg responds, and Sonork walks.
“Status report your Excellency,” the alien begins. “We have completed production of one million Black Neuro Rings.”
“Outstanding” the Campaigner replies. “It is now time for the attack to begin. Prepare our troops for an offensive all across Videoland.
“Yes master” Sonork solutes him and starts to head out.
“Oh, and Sonork” the Campaigner continues. The insectoid stops and turns around. “I want all organized opposition fully neurolized, so I’m leaving you personally in charge the invasion against that brigade on Primeland.”
“Understood” Sonork nods his head and moves out.

Scene 4

Later on the jungle world of Kongoland, the blue-skinned humans of the local village, including a husband, wife, and baby in a stroller go about themselves peacefully. Just outside the village, a squirrel from a treetop, and a bear and tiger from the ground watch the scene. Then suddenly, a Black Neuro Ring strikes the squirrel, and it falls from the tree. Black is seen in the animal’s eyes as the ring takes effect. The bear and Tiger look up to find Lana, Diddy, and several Raptors have appeared on the scene. Diddy tosses out two more Black Neuro Rings, which attach themselves to the necks of the Bear and Tiger, putting them in control of the Campaigner as well. The three animals then join in with Lana, Diddy, and the Raptors as they invade the Kongoland village. Screams are heard as the villagers scatter to find cover, but they are all caught by their necks in Neuro Rings, including the husband, wife, and baby.

In an oriental valley on Mace World, a similar invasion takes place. Duke and dozens of A-Warriors and Beetles attack a monastery. Inside, the monks are praying when the assaulting force suddenly breaks in by force. Some of the monks guard themselves against the invaders while others attempt to flee. In the process, Black Neuro Rings fly about as if by automatic control, and one-by-one, they begin to attach themselves to their hosts (the monks).

In the Lost Land Jungle, Chief Whirlwind leads his Tolnacs along the trail in two single file lines. They appear as if they are about to launch an invasion of their own. In the distance, Tal Set sees them and escapes their view by hiding in the bushes.
“Looks like the Campaigner’s already begun his attack” the Turok observes. “I’ll have to move fast.” Tal Set waits for the army of zombies to pass by, and then makes his way for the Campaigner’s Fortress, unaware that Koyasha is eyeing him from a distance.

Scene 5

Later at CCSTF headquarters on Primeland, Nick rushes into to the communications room to meet with Charlie, who’s currently sitting at the control panel.
“I can’t find any of troops at the base,” the lieutenant explains. “They’ve all gone missing.” Charlie stands up.
“It gets worse than that,” he reports. “None of our troops in the field have reported back. And communication seems to have broken off.”
“Great, just great” Nick sighs. “What else could go wrong?” Suddenly, the lights go completely out. Next thing, Sonork shows up on the scene with dozens of CCSTF men… some of them carrying torches. “Sonork Nezom.” Nick and Charlie brace themselves. “We should’ve terminated you when we had the chance.”
“Don’t give that a second thought,” Sonork taunts. Because in mere moments, you won’t even have any thoughts left to give. Seize them!” The Possessed soldiers hold Nick and Charlie at gunpoint, and the two of them are restrained by the arms.
“You won’t get away with this Sonork” Charlie retorts defiantly… “once the Colonel returns.”
“Heh, your Colonel has already given his mind away to the Campaigner” Sonork proclaims. To prove his point, the insectoid reveals Aaron Maverick in their presence wearing a Black Neuro Ring around his neck, Nick and Charlie gasp. “You see, he is completely given up him free will. And in mere moments, you two shall do the same. Eh heh, heh heh, heh heh heh heh heh heh heh” Nick and Charlie look on in horror as two of their comrades approach them with Black Neuro Rings in hand.

Scene 6

Back in the Campaigner’s personal quarters, the Campaigner rests peacefully in his chair. Then the visual monitor before him turns on, and Sonork appears on the other end.
“Good news sire” the alien reports. “The resistance at CCSTF has been neutralized. They are all under your control and await your command.
“Oh excellent” the Campaigner reacts. Ready them for Phase 2 of my plan. We will march on the Throne of Videoland at sunset.” Sonork salutes him. After the transmission ends, Koyasha appears on screen in the jungle. “What is it Koyasha? I’m much too busy for your babbling.”
“Nothing special” Koyasha replies. “I just thought I’d give you the courtesy of letting you know that your archenemy Tal is coming for you as we speak.” The Campaigner looks anxious. “Oh he is, is he? Well, we’ll just have to see who has who’s head.” He pushes a button, and the transmission ends. “Oh this is too perfect” the Campaigner remarks, gleefully rubbing his hands together. “At long last that meddling Turok will finally be in my power.”

Scene 7

Moments later, Tal Set approaches Campaigner Fortress. He stops behind the trees as two zombified Tolnacs pass by, and then he makes towards the side of the Fortress.
“This should do it,” the Turok observes, as he spots a series protruding rungs that lead up to an opening overhead.

As Tal Set begins is ascension towards the entrance, he is unaware that the Campaigner is eyeing him from his quarters.
“So you’ve come for me Turok,” the Cyborg gloats. “I’ll help you find me in a hurry, ha ha ha.” He presses a button on the control panel.

As Tal Set continues climbing, he sudden feels the wall pushing outward.
“What’s happening” he wonders. It appears that the entire wall is coming out. So the Turok drops back down to the ground and dives for cover as stone blocks fall his way.

“Very good Turok,” the Campaigner remarks. “But now, you’re going to take the big fall.” He then pushes another button on his control panel.

A trapdoor opens beneath Tal Set, and he falls in.
“Aagh” the Turok cries out as he plummets seemingly to his doom. He stabs his blade into a sidewall to slow his fall. But then water spills out from a drainpipe, forcing him to continue downward. He lands on a hard surface, where he is apprehended by four A-Warriors. Then, the Campaigner appears before him.
“I’ve been expecting you Tal Set” the Cyborg greets. “How nice of you to drop in.”
“Campaigner” the Turok shouts defiantly, but he’s helpless to do anything as he currently restrained in both the arms and legs.
“You truly are a fool to come after me,” the Campaigner taunts. “Did you really think I could be overtaken?” He then walks up to Tal Set with a Black Neuro Ring in hand.
“I don’t care what you do to me” the Turok retorts. “Some how, some way, I’ll make you pay for the death of my brother Andar and the massacre of the Tolnacs.”
“Ah, you that little Indian boy in the woods and the tribe living in the trees were your family” the Campaigner questions. Tal angrily shakes his head. “Two bad I didn’t have me Neuro Rings back in those ages.” He pauses for a moment before continuing to speak. “It was nothing personal. I’d do the same to anyone else that refused to serve me.” Tal continues to struggle, but it’s still no use. “Lucky for you” the Campaigner places the Neuro Ring around the Turok’s neck. As with everyone else, Tal Set’s eyes blacken as his mind surrenders itself to another power. “At long last, Tal Set the Turok is finally under my command” the Cyborg gloats. “Onward to victory. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Scene 8

Meanwhile at Video Castle, Kevin continues to ponder the meaning of the clue written on the crumpled piece of paper.
“I still don’t get” the game master comments as he paces back and forth. “’Power of darkness. Source of light.’ What could those things mean? Oh it’s hopeless,” he concludes. “If only I could think of something.” He then pauses for a moment before something clicks in his mind. “Hey that’s it” Kevin suddenly realizes. “Maybe ‘Videoland Interactive’ can scan my mind and come up with the answer.”

Moments later, Kevin is in the communications room. The game master places two implants on his forehead and inserts the ‘VIDEOLAND INTERACTIVE’ CD into the disk drive.
“I hope this works,” he says to himself. “Alright computer. Scan for any possible power of darkness in the last 48 hours” he instructs.
“Command acknowledged” the computer replies in a female voice. “Scanning brainwaves now.”

As the computer searches through the archives of Kevin’s mind, the game master is taken into a world of virtual reality. His first stop is at the CCSTF headquarters, where he was the other day.
”Hey I remember this. Charlie came in with a strange looking antenna. Tal Set warned us that it was part of the Campaigner’s super weapon called a Chronoscepter. But what does this Chronoscepter look like?”
Kevin’s virtual reality trip then takes him to the Ancient City, where he faced off against the Campaigner and his army. The VR simulation then zooms in on the Campaigner, who’s currently holding the Chronoscepter.
”Of course. I remember. The antenna is fixed on top of that bazooka. That must be his Chronoscepter. That must be the source of his control over Lana and everyone else.”

Kevin then removes his implants and returns to the view of his present condition.
“But there’s something else I don’t get” he ponders. “Tal said the antenna had broken off from the Chronoscepter. If it was connected before, I wonder why the Campaigner never bothered to use its full power. Unless…” Kevin thinks for a moment. “He needed something else. And another thing I wonder. Why did the Campaigner gather his forces in the Ancient City?” Kevin pauses. “Hey that’s it” he realizes. “Computer. Tell me about all sources of energy located at the Ancient City of the Lost Land.”
“Affirmative” the computer responds. “Legend foretells of an ancient artifact called the Sun Lenz, buried deep within the Center Temple.” An onscreen visual displays the Sun Lenz sitting atop its pedestal. “The legend claims that the Sun Lenz has the magical power to bring light and goodness in times of darkness and despair.”
“That sounds light the ‘source of light’ the note was referring to” Kevin realizes. “What could the Campaigner possibly want with it? Unless… he found a way to distort its power. Of course!” Kevin stands up. “The Campaigner must be harnessing the power of the Sun Lenz into his Chronoscepter. That’s how he’s controlling Lana and the others. So then all I have to do is get to the Campaigner, separate him from his Chronoscepter, and retrieve the Sun Lenz. Then maybe I can reverse his Neuro Rings” he realizes. I know it’s a little too convenient, but it’s the only chance I have.” Then suddenly, an explosion strikes the castle from above. “Aagh” Kevin falls as the ground shakes. He then quickly pulls himself back up. “What’s going on? Give me a visual.” The monitor switches to a visual of the exterior to Video Castle. Kevin then sees that the Campaigner’s entire army (which includes his A-Warriors, the prehistoric creatures from the Lost Land, as well as other Videoland species, Chief Whirlwind and the Tolnacs, CCSTF members, and Kevin’s companions on the N-Team) surrounding the castle. “Looks like their panning a hostile takeover” the game master observes. “Activate defense shield. Full power.” A force field then surrounds the castle, giving several Raptors a shocking experience as they make contact. “This should keep them at bay for now. But even full power can’t hold off this much resistance for long” Kevin realizes. “I’ll have to escape somehow. Even if it means abandoning the castle.” But he then notices the Campaigner in plain view. “Oh it looks like they’ve got Tal” Kevin sees the Turok standing right behind the Cyborg with his Neuro Ring on. “But if the Campaigner’s here, then I won’t have to go looking for him.” Kevin pauses for a moment. “But my plan will only work if the sun is up, and it’s two hours until dawn.” Then another explosion is heard overhead. “I have no choice” the game master hesitates. “I must go now.” Captain N grabs his N64 Pad and dashes out the door to confront his enemies.

Scene 9

Outside the castle, the Campaigner’s A-Warriors and Neuro soldiers fire various projectiles at the force field, in unsuccessful attempts to break through.
“Continue artillery fire” the Campaigner orders, and his minions do as told.
“This blasted force field just won’t give” Koyasha interjects. “Might I suggest we try a different approach?”
“Captain is the only one now standing in my way Koyasha” the Campaigner responds. “Are you actually suggesting that I, the soon to be ruler of all Videoland, adjust my entire schedule just for him?”
“Why of course not” Koyasha answers sarcastically. The swordswoman then turns around. “Your majesty” she whispers underneath her breath.
“Ooh, ooh, Ee, Ah, ah” Diddy Kong jumps up and down, tugging at the Campaigner’s arm.
“What is it scruffy,” the Campaigner asks rhetorically. “I’m much too busy for your shenanigans.
“Ooh, ooh, Ee, Ah, ah” Diddy continues, pointing towards some shrubs.
“So I see” the Campaigner realizes. “Well we’ll just have to smoke this one out.” He fires off an electron blast from his Chronoscepter. Just before the blast strikes the shrubs and burns them to a crisp, Kevin dives out, revealing himself. “How convenient of you to show up game master. Now I don’t have to waste my time looking for you. Now how about making things even more easy by surrendering.”
“Forget it Campaigner” Kevin shouts defiantly. “You’re not taking the throne of Videoland. I’ll stake my life on that.
“Don’t be a fool Captain N” the Campaigner retorts. “It’s you against the whole Video Universe.”
“Let’s just blow him away,” Sonork suggests, aiming his cannon at the game master.
“No you fool” Koyasha disagrees, pushing the alien’s weapon down. “We want him in our power.”
“Quiet you two” the Campaigner interrupts. “Since Captain N wishes to fight, we’ll grant it.” The Cyborg turns to Kevin’s companions. “Princess Lana, Aaron Maverick, Tal Set, Duke, Diddy Kong.” He points to the game master. “Defeat Captain N and bring him to me alive.”
“Yes master” Lana, Aaron, and Tal all respond simultaneously.
“Arf, arf.”
“Ooh, ah, ah” Duke and Diddy respond with the other three. And the five charge straight at Kevin, with Duke taking the lead.
“Not again” Kevin reacts, readying his powerpad. He holds down on the analog stick and pushes the A button to slide under the canine when he jumps up for an attack. Duke then turns around and goes in for another attack. “Easy there by” Kevin holds out his hand defensively. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He pushes right on the D-Pad to dash towards a tree, where he then pulls down on the analog stick to run right up the tree, skillfully avoiding running into any branches, as well as dodging all of Tal Set’s Tek Arrows. “Uh oh” Kevin notices Diddy climbing up after him. So when gets to the top, Kevin leaps to another tree. “Whoa” Kevin is force to make another jump when Aaron burns the entire tree to crisp with his flamethrower. He lands on all fours on the ground, and then swiftly picks himself back up, only to get a swift kick in the backside by Lana. “Aagh” the game master is then grabbed by Aaron and Tal. Then, the Campaigner walks up, and Lana is by his side with a Neuro Ring in hand.
“Bravo” the Campaigner claps his hands. “My soldiers work efficiently just like a well oiled machine.” He looks at Kevin. “Any last words before you join your friends?”
“Just a request” Kevin answers. “Since you mentioned machines, tell me how you became one.”
“What purpose does that serve you” the Campaigner wonders.
“Well, Tal Set told me you used to be human” the game master answers. The Campaigner glares at him. “What happened? How did that change?”
Why you can’t possibly want to know something your mind will be wiped clean of in an instant” the Campaigner replies. “But it was all worth it in the end.

A flashback to the Lost Land in the middle ages takes place as the Campaigner tells his story. ”Over a century ago to this day, I was a general leading an expedition of men to establish territory over new lands for my campaign of conquest.” The Campaigner, in human form, and his soldiers warp into the Lost Land. ”Our expedition lead us to a strange unknown world inhabited by creatures reminiscent of prehistoric dinosaurs, as well as tribal groups who appeared to possess the power of witchcraft.” In view, members of a native tribe fling a series of stones at two Raptors, three Pterodactyls, and a Triceratops. ”Strange as this lost world appeared, it was ripe with open spaces… the perfect layout to set up my base of operations. After establishing my command post, I spread out in search of tribal warriors, many of who were at war over territory, food and water, and the like.” Two tribes are seen in an open field, one firing arrows at the other, and vise versa throwing spears. ”I approached these varying tribes with a simple offer they could not refuse. In return for pledging their allegiance to me, and divulging their secrets, I promised them harmony, prosperity, and safety. In the coming years, numbers swelled to over ten thousand men strong as tribe after tribe sought to join. Those that refused were viewed as a threat by both me and my alliances, and were terminated ASAP, including a very resistant tribe that lived in the trees.” Like before, a view of the Treetop Village is seen as it burns to a crisp, while Tolnac warriors lay helplessly on the ground. The Campaigner and his warriors wander away, leaving them for dead.
In the next view, the Campaigner is standing before his allies by a rocky mountain canyon. ”Believing at long last that all resistance to my rule over the Lost Land had been extinguished, I gathered my forces up on the mountains to celebrate our great victory. Then suddenly, several of the Campaigner’s soldier cry in pain as they take a fall. ”Only to have my celebration interrupted by what remained of the resistance.” A golden Tek Arrow lands before the Campaigner’s feet. ”The weapons used by the assassin had familiar markings on them.” He then looks up to see a familiar face. ”In the distance, I saw a man bearing the same cloth as the tree dwellers I had recently fought. He said he was here seeking vengeance for the destruction of his people.” Tal Set then readies another round of Tek Arrows. ”Before I could assemble my forces to counterattack, the tree dweller struck the mountain cliffs with his arrows, resulting in a devastating chain effect.” Rock formations break off from the cliff, and water begins to spill out. ”Those that were lucky enough not to get crushed by the rocks were washed away by the waters.” Among those getting washed away was the Campaigner. He and his followers end up going over a fall.
The next event takes place in a futuristic looking citadel, where the Campaigner is seen in his new (current) cybernetic form. ”I later awakened in a strange place, suppressed by metal armor. I was greeted by a strange young woman who displayed two pins sticking out of her forehead, and seemed to possess witchlike powers. The witch told me she brought me to the future, precisely 3988 A.D. Because my life could no longer be sustained in human form, she used advanced technology to resurrect me as a Cyborg. Additionally, she provided with a powerful new weapon.” The woman hands the Chronoscepter to the Campaigner. ”With it, not only can perform a range of electronic attacks.” He uses to the magnetic function on the Chronoscepter to magnetically open and close the metal door nearby. [B]”But it could also alter the frequency of large rings made out of lead, which can be used to control underdeveloped species through neuro-link. And with the right additional materials, I could control the entire universe as well. And the best part is, at the right frequency in the correct focal points of space and time, I can instantaneously travel to another point in space and time. But was confused as to this woman would so freely give me such power. She explained that she knew all about my past, and that I was the perfect candidate to fulfill her vision of ‘UNITY,’ in which an entire universe follows a single power without question. I gladly accepted this mission, and in return, the witch provided me with an obedient army of skeleton warriors from the grave, brought to life through protoplasm materials.” The Campaigner is shown standing before hundreds of A-Warriors, just outside the citadel. And the flashback ends.

“My mission would have succeeded a long time ago,” the Campaigner proclaims. “And we might not have had the occasion to even cross path… had that tree dwelling friend of yours not followed me through time after time, interfering with each and every one of my attempts to gain greater power. But no longer. Tal Set now does my bidding, and so will you.”
“So all this is the doing of a greater power. Then you’re just a pawn” Kevin believes.
“A pawn am I” the Campaigner responds angrily, clinching his fist. “You’ll soon know what it means to be a pawn.” He turns to Lana. “Place the Neuro Ring around his neck.” As Lana approaches Kevin, he looks up over the horizon.
“Looks like I still need more time” the game master thinks to himself. So he readies his next move. “Sorry, but I prefer to keep my brain intact.” Despite being restrained in both arms, Kevin manages to press the red button in the center of his N64 Pad. As a result, a container of orange gooey liquid emerges from his inventory, and spills all over Tal Set, causing him to let go. Kevin then rotates the analog stick counterclockwise, resulting in a position where Aaron Maverick stands between him and Lana. Then he presses the forward dash button to ram Aaron and Lana into a boulder, knocking them both unconscious, and Lana drops the Neuro Ring.
“Arf, Arf.”
“Ooh, ah, ah” Duke and Diddy both launch themselves at Kevin, who draws a freeze ray from his inventory.
“You two need a timeout” he responds, freezing both animals in blocks of ice.
“You’ll not escape me that easily game master” the Campaigner retorts, pressing some buttons on his Chronoscepter. Several Neuro Rings encircle Kevin. So the game master presses the yellow ‘C’ buttons in clockwise order.
“TORNADO SPIN” he yells. Kevin’s body spins rapidly around in circles. In the process, he fires electrons at each one of the rings, causing them all to fall to the ground in a burning crisp. The A-Warriors then charge at Kevin in droves, but he evaporates them all with blazing fire from his ray. Now he must deal with the Raptors and Tolnac Warriors, who charge at him from opposite directions. So Kevin presses the jump button and leaps up and out of site in the trees as the two parties crash into each other. The Campaigner looks around, but Kevin is nowhere in site.
“You’re here somewhere Captain N,” he shouts. “You can’t hide from me forever.” Atop one of the trees, Kevin once again looks over the horizon as the sun makes its appearance.
“Looks like I don’t have to hide” the game master realizes. So he leaps out from the tree and emerges high up in the air.
“What the” the Campaigner reacts as he looks straight up.
“MAGNETIC PULSE” the game master yells, aiming his ray downwards and firing off a series of sonic waves from his shockwave cannon. The outward ripples cause vibrations in the ground.
“Nooo” the Campaigner cries as he falls to the ground, losing hold of his Chronoscepter. Kevin then lands by Campaigner’s weapon, opens up the breach, removes the Sun Lenz, and holds it up to the sky. Light reflects upon the Sun Lenz in all directions, resulting in a chain of events. “My Chronoscepter” the Campaigner exclaims as his ultimate weapon is destroyed in a brief explosion. As a result, the Neuro Rings around, Lana, Aaron, Tal Set, Duke, Diddy, Chief Whirlwind and the Tolnacs, the CCSTF members, the animals of the Lost Land, and everyone else break off in shattered pieces.
“What happened” the chief wonders.
“Where am I” Charlie asks. As everyone takes a moment to come to their senses, the Campaigner angrily faces Captain N and draws his mace.
“You’ve ruined my entire operation game master,” he cries out. “But at least I can still destroy you.” He then charges towards the game master, who tries to dash using his N64 Pad, but nothing happens.
“Ah, I must be out of power” Kevin realizes.
“Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf” Duke barks frantically.
Terry the T-Rex acknowledges and leaps in to interfere with the Campaigner’s pursuit of Kevin. Terry pounds the ground, causing the Cyborg to fall once again.
“Terry, what are you doing” the Campaigner reacts, picking himself up. “Don’t you know who I am?” Terry licks his lips as if he’s about to feast on something. “I am your master, the Campaigner, and I command you to stop.” But it is no use. Terry just leans in for a metal appetizer. Fortunately for the Campaigner, Koyasha pushes him out of the way before the T-Rex can bite. The two then stand up, and along with Sonork and the remaining A-Warriors, brace themselves.
“We are completely outnumbered,” Koyasha observes. “We must flee at once.”
“Agreed” the Campaigner acknowledges. He then stares down his enemies as his accomplices turn around and run away. “But rest assured, I will return. And I will be victorious some day.” The Campaigner then turns around and runs with the other villain as the Lost Land animals give chase.
“That was some skill you showed back there Captain N” Aaron remarks, walking up to Kevin. “You’ve really learned the N64 Powerpad functions.”
“Thanks Aaron” the game master replies. “But I didn’t do this all by myself. I had a lot of help. And without Tal Set there to give me Lana’s note, I think we’d all have been permanent zombies at the mercy of the Campaigner by now.” He then turns to the Turok. “So what do you say? How would you feel about joining the N-Team?”
“Thanks for the gracious offer, but I’m going to have to decline” Tal replies.
“But why” Kevin wonders.
“I’m just not fit to work on a team” Tal responds.
“But you could be a great help” Kevin argues. “The Campaigner is Videoland’s latest threat, and you know more about him than we do.”
“I’m sorry Captain N” Tal answers. He turns around and walks away. “That’s just the way it is.” Kevin looks disappointed, as does Lana. Several Raptors, Beetles, and Dragonflies are then seen wandering about aimlessly.
“What will you do about all these lost animals Captain N” Chief Whirlwind wonders. “Surely they cannot just roam about.”
“Duke and Diddy can help them find their way back home” Kevin answers. He then turns to the canine and primate. “What do you think guys? Are you up to the task?”
“Arf” Duke barks affirmatively.
“Ooh, ooh” Diddy agrees. Aaron then removes the metal badge from his shirt.
“What are you doing Colonel” Nick wonders. “That’s your CCSTF badge.”
“I know” Aaron replies. “I don’t need it anymore.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, it now belongs to you Nick. You’ve just been promoted to Colonel of the Colonial Commando Special Task Force. You’ve earned it.”
“Well, what about you” Nick wonders.
“Unlike Tal Set, I know what it means to be part of a team” Aaron answers. “And with the ongoing threat of the Campaigner and his allied forces, I can best serve Videoland by fighting alongside the N-Team.” Kevin and Lana affirm their agreement with Aaron in their facial expressions.

Scene 10

Meanwhile at the Campaigner’s Fortress, the Campaigner goes into a fit of rage as Sonork, Koyasha, and the A-Warriors stand by.
“My Chronoscepter destroyed. My Neuro Rings vanquish. My bio experiments ruined.” The Campaigner clinches both fists. “I’ll make Captain N, Tal Set, and the N-Team pay for this if it’s the last thing I ever do.”
“Speaking of pay, you still owe me,” Koyasha reminds him. “And for all the trouble I’ve been through, your debt now comes to about 10,000 Videograms of gold.” The Campaigner just glares at her angrily.

Scene 11

Later inside the courtyard of Video Castle, various residents are gathered about as jazzy music plays in the background. After a few seconds, the music stops, and Charlie grabs a microphone on a stage platform.
“Um, may I have your attention please” the CCSTF cadet begins. A brief pause takes place before he finishes. “I now give you Captain N, the Prince of Videoland.” Everyone claps as Kevin walks up to the stage and takes the mic.
“Thank you Charlie. We are gathered here this evening to celebrate a great victory against a powerful enemy. But remember, tomorrow, another day begins, and we must continue to guard against those that threaten our universe. My N-Team comrades and I will continue to in that effort, to ensure everlasting peace for all of Videoland.” Everyone then applauds as Kevin exits the stage.
“That was a great speech Kevin” Lana acknowledges. But, you seem troubled by something my prince.”
Kevin mumbles, implying that the answer is yes.
“Are you still upset about Tal?”
“Not at all princess” Kevin responds. ”He just made a choice, and I’m fine with that.”
“Well maybe you can give this some more thought” Lana says, seeing that Tal Set is approaching them. Kevin looks over as well. “I’ll leave you two alone to settle this matter.” She gives Kevin a kiss on the cheek and walks off.
“What are you doing here,” Kevin asks the Turok.
“I’ve given what you’ve said, and you’re right” Tal Acknowledges. We both have the same enemy, and I think we can both learn from each other.” He pauses for moment as Kevin looks on. “So what do you say? Can I still be part of the N-Team? Kevin smiles, indicating that the answer is yes, and they both shake hands as the episode comes to a close.

1. The flashbacks for Tal Set and the Campaigner are taken directly from events of the Turok: Dinosaur hunter Comic strip, as well as its predecessor, Turok: Son of Stone.
2. The young woman that assembled the Campaigner’s metal suit resembled Erica Pierce (Mothergod) from Valiant Comics’ Unity series, which included events that took place in the Lost Land of the Turok series.
3. This is the last episode of Season 10 before Marina joins the N-Team, and the Beastector Trio joins forces with the Campaigner.

Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
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Here is episode 226, at last.

226. The Professor and the Cybot
First Aired October 4, 1997

Scene 1

We begin with a view of the exterior to Planet Clancer as Marina Liteyears gives a prelude to the upcoming events in this episode.

”I am Marina Liteyears. I am a Cybot; half robot, half Cyborg. For 14 years, I have yearned to discover the true meaning of life. Yet, I was not born of flesh. Therefore, I fear the answer may never come to me.”

On the grassy fields of Nepton Village, Professor Theo is seen frantically running down a hill, unaware that Koyasha is eyeing him from behind series of square blocks with pumpkin-like carvings. Theo then comes to a complete stop by a wall of pumpkin blocks and catches his breath.
“I must” the professor pants… “get to the ship.” He continues to move forward. But when he turns right at a corner, the professor bumps into Tarus and is knocked backwards to the ground.
“Going somewhere professor lame brain” Merco questions rhetorically, appearing beside the professor.
Theo gasps as Lunar arrives on the scene as well. “The Beastector trio.”
“Let me take him” Tarus demands, approaching the professor.
“Not yet you fool” Lunar interrupts, blocking the gorilla from advancing. He then turns to Theo. “This is your last chance professor,” he warns. “We plan to build an army of robots just like yours to serve us, and we need your schematic.” Lunar pauses for a moment. “I suggest you hand it over if you wish to live.”
“Cybot! Marina’s a Cybot,” the professor explains. “And I told you already. Marina was creating from organic materials.”
“Then we shall use you” Lunar proclaims.
“Aagh” the professor cries as the Beastector advances on him, with Merco drawing his sword, and Tarus pounding his fist into his palm.
“Stop right there fiends” a female voice yells out. Everyone looks over.
“Marina” the professor calls.
“It’s her again” Lunar realizes.
As the confrontation gets underway, Koyasha, from her same spot, takes a snapshot of Marina.
The Cybot then jumps forward and lands before her foes.
“Release my father at once and go back to the hole from which you have crawled, or you’ll be sorry” she warns.
“I thought I told you to stay in the ship” Theo comments.
“Don’t worry papa. I’ll have this wrapped up in no time” Marina replies.
“My it seems the little girl has dared to challenge the Beastector head on” Merco observes.
“Then I’ll rip her to pieces” Tarus responds. He charges straight for the Cybot and attempts to strike.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” Marina grabs the gorilla’s wrist before he can strike, and throws him over behind her. Tarus then crashes into a series of pumpkin blocks.
“Let’s see you try your luck with the great Merco” the bird swings his sword. But Marina ducks. He then thrusts it forward, but the Cybot jets backward.
“Not bad” Marina comments. She then jets forward beside Merco. “But you technique is amateurish” she knocks the sword right out of his hand. Marina then grabs Merco by the chest and tosses him directly on top of Tarus.
“Meddling Cyborg” Lunar shouts as he attempts to throw a punch.
“Cybot” Marina corrects. She blocks his punch and throws one of her own, pushing Lunar back about 15 feet. The Cybot then jets forward and attempts to grab Lunar, but the wolf breaks off from her.
“You interfered with us for the very last time Marina Liteyears” he declares, drawing his missile launcher. He aims at Marina and fires a shot. But the Cybot jets right and dodges. “I won’t miss this time” Lunar prepares another shot. But this time, he aims at Professor Theo.
Marina gasps. Lunar then fires a shot.
“Aagh” the professor cries, covering his face as the projectile comes his way. But Marina jets over and literally grabs the missile, halting its course. She then redirects it back towards the wolf. The missile hits the ground right before Lunar’s feet. The impact causes him to be thrown several yards. Lunar then lands by Tarus and Merco, who help him up.
“Retreat” the wolf advises. “We’ll be back” he calls out as the Beastector run off.
“Marina, how many times must I tell you to stay out of danger,” Professor Theo scolds.
“Papa” Marina responds.
“You know that there are still those who want revenge on you for defeating their emperor. You can’t just jump into battle whenever your impulse tells you to”
“But papa, this is how you programmed me, remember” she reminds him. “Don’t you want me to support the cause of freedom and justice? And defend those who cannot defend themselves?”
“Oh dear me Marina” the professor sighs. “If only I hadn’t installed that growth chips in your circuits.” Marina then develops a depressed look on her face.
Then, seconds later, Kevin, Lana, Aaron Maverick, Tal Set, Duke, and Diddy enter through warp that is unusually transparent. In fact, the warp is so transparent that it is unseen, except for the ripples shown upon entry by the N-Team.
“So this is the place” Kevin wonders.
“Should be” Aaron replies, looking at his scanner. “My Videoland mapping equipment indicates we’re on Planet Clancer.”
“And look” Lana points. “There’s Professor Theo, over there. Hey professor” she and the others wave.
“Lana” Theo replies.
“So, more worshippers of the former empire have come to invade Clancer” Marina assumes.
“Marina! Wait” the professor pleas. But it’s too late. The Cybot has already jetted over to confront the N-Team.
“Huh” Kevin wonders.
“Arf” Duke barks, sharing his master’s confusion.
“So, which one of you brutes dares to challenge the mighty Marina Liteyears first” the Cybot chafes.
“Oh great” Tal sighs. He looks at Lana. “Please tell me we did not just travel to a distant planet just to babysit a loudmouth brat with gears in her brains.”
“Loudmouth brat! Gears in her brains,” an insulted Marina repeats loudly. “I’ll have you know that I am Planet Clancer’s most renowned defender. “Now leave, all of you,” she warns… “Before I chop you into pieces.” She does a karate chop motion to prove her point.
“Stop” Theo commands. “That’ll be quite enough Marina.” He turns to the N-Team. Captain N, Princess Lana, gentlemen, I see you have already met my daughter. She is quite the impetuous one if I do say so myself.”
“Did you say she was your daughter” Kevin asks.
“Oh papa” Marina grumbles.
“Yes” the professor confirms. “Now Marina. Please go back to the ship where you’ll be safe. I have important matters to discuss with the N-Team.
“But papa, why can’t I stay” she asks. “Whatever it is, I can help. You know I can.
“No” Theo replies. “This is not something for a child to get involved with.”
“I am not a child,” Marin explains. “I am a Cybot.”
“Marina” the professor taps his foot impatiently.
“Alright, alright, I’m going.” Marina walks off with her tucked in to her shoulders.
“Now let’s discuss business, shall we” Theo continues. As our heroes and the professor converse, Lana eyes Marina, looking concerned.

Scene 2

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, Koyasha communicates with the Campaigner via video screen.
“Your sensing gear was correct” Koyasha informs her master. “I just discovered the super strength Cybot we’ve been searching for here on Clancer.”
“And what did you observe” the Campaigner asks.
“This Cybot called Marina Liteyears singlehandedly drove off three overgrown mutant creatures.”
“Excellent” the Campaigner rubs his hands together with glee. “With that kind of strength in my command, and the infinite production replicas just like it, no force on Videoland would be a match for my power… not even the N-Team.”
“Speaking of the N-Team, they’re here on Clancer” Koyasha informs him.
“Those meddling fools again” the Campaigner clinches his fist in anger. “Koyasha, listen carefully. I will be sending my Ancient Warriors to accompany you. They will bring a scrambler chip with which to neutralize the Cybot. How you choose to deploy your backup forces and deal with the N-Team is completely within your discretion. But here this well Koyasha. Don’t show your face in my domain if you fail to come back with the Cybot,” he warns. “Understood?”
“Understood” Koyasha repeats. When the transmission ends, she makes an angry hissing sound.

Scene 3

Meanwhile, the N-Team and Professor Theo enter a large house, laughing. They are apparently having a good time as Marina watches from a corner.
“Wow! The inhabitants on Clancer are like none I’ve ever seen on Videoland” Kevin comments.
“Arf” Duke agrees.
“Well, the Clancers sure seem quite fond of you professor” Aaron remarks.
“I expected as much” Theo replies. “After all, it was I, the greatest master in robotics, who provided them with much of their newfound technology in the past few years.” Marina turns her head away in disgust. “Now let me show you some of my greatest inventions.” Our heroes then follow the professor into the next room. As Marina stares at herself in a mirror, Lana comes up from behind her.
“Don’t you want to listen to the professor show off” the Cybot asks sarcastically.
“Not really” Lana answers. “My husband and the N-Team can fill me in later. “Right now, I’d like to get to know you better.”
“What’s to know” Marina responds. “Didn’t the professor tell you all about me during his tour of glory?”
“Professor” Lana wonders. “Why do you refer to your father in such a manner?”
“Truth is, he’s not really my papa” Marina explains. Lana looks surprised. “I just call him that when he’s around because it makes him happy.” The two of them then walk over to a nearby bed.
“What about your feelings” Lana asks as they sit down.
“The professor doesn’t care how I feel,” Marina explains. “I was the who liberated this planet from the evil empirical forces.” Lana looks surprised. “And I’ve protected the professor, my creator from danger many times over. And the thanks I get… he restricts me while he’s out there grabbing all the glory.
“Wait a minute” Lana interjects. “Did you say he created you?” Marina nods her head, and Lana feels the metal in her arm. “So it is true.”
“I am sorry about my manners earlier” Marina continues. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m even meant to have feelings at all. I just make those around me unhappy.” Lana places her hand around the Cybot’s shoulder.
“You know, you remind of one of my closest friends.”
“I do” Marina is curious.
“He too was made entire from machine parts, yet he held many feelings and emotions.”
“Really.” Lana nods her head.

Meanwhile, the rest of the N-Team join Professor Theo in his laboratory, a room filled with Gems, Clanpots, miniature Clancer windup toys, and various other features from Mischief Makers.
“This place is incredible” Kevin observes.
“Arf” Duke barks in agreement.
“Did you really create all of this,” the game master asks the professor.
“Sure did” Theo responds. “But you have yet to see my greatest invention of the all.” He leads the N-Team into the garage. “Behold” the professor begins, pressing a red button. A mechanical arm grabs a black covering and pulls it out, revealing a red car.
“Um, professor. The convertible has already been invented,” Kevin reminds him.
“Ah, but this is no ordinary car” Theo responds. Have you ever heard of an All Terrain Vehicle?” Our heroes nod their heads. “Behold... this car not only travels on land, through air, and underwater, but it can also burrow under ground, plow through snow, and withstand volcanic lava.”
“Wow, that is really something professor” Aaron comments as he looks at the gear inside the car. “Mind if I examine it for a while?”
“Be my guest” Theo responds. “If you guys like it, I might even let you have it.”
“Um, prof. I hate to interrupt your grand tour” Tal interjects. “But what’s the real reason you called us here?
“Well, you see” the professor begins. “My motion sensor has detected an unusual presence here on Clancer.”
“What kind of presence” Kevin asks.
“One that is impure and evil” Theo responds.
“Wait a minute prof.” Tal interrupts. “Is this some king of joke? I mean, how can you tell.”
“With this” Theo replies, revealing a black box with an analog screen. “This is my sensory motion detector, or SMD for short. It reads into the deep inner thoughts of anyone within a radius surround this entire planet.”
“Wait a minute” Kevin jumps in. “That thing can read our thoughts?”
“No” the professor answers. “It just measures your purity” he clarifies. “And now, it seems that those loyal to the former empire may be forming an alliance with a most powerful evil since its fall. And I need your help N-Team. Clancer needs your help”
“Don’t worry professor” Kevin reassures him. “We will uncover this mysterious evil and prevent their uprising.
“Arf” Duke agrees.

Scene 4

Meanwhile inside an underground cavern, Lunar stands about while Tarus and Merco sit at a table playing a game of cards.
“Four Ninja-Stars” Tarus declares, revealing his hand. “Beat that you featherbrain.”
“Five Gold Statues” Merco squawks, showing his cards. “I win” the bird proclaims, grabbing the Red Gems on the table.
“Hey no fair” Tarus whines. ”You cheated” he stands up, ready to pound Merco.
“I did not” Merco stands up as well.
“Did too.”
“Did not.”
“Knock it off you two” Lunar interrupts. “We have more important matters to attend to. Blast that robot girl” he clasps his hands together. “Every time we try to apprehend the professor, she interferes.”
“If the weed is giving you trouble, why not pull it up by the roots” Koyasha suggests, mysteriously appearing from the shadows.
“An intruder” Merco responds. “Get her.”
“Wait” the swordswoman motions as Tarus and Merco charge for her. But they just keep coming.
“I’m gonna splatter you like a banana” Tarus proclaims, holding out his fist.
“And I’ll slice you into poultry chops” Merco adds, drawing his sword.
“Very well” Koyasha sighs. “I see I have no choice.” She dives out of the way as Tarus throws his punch, and then trips him up.
“Whoa, not again” the ape cries as he falls head first into the rocky walls. Koyasha then goes one-on-one with Merco. After just two clanks of the sword, Merco is disarmed.
“No! anything but the beak” Merco cries, covering his face as Koyasha prepares to throw a punch. Instead, she kicks him the gut. “Thank you” the bird sighs as he falls helplessly to the ground. Koyasha then walks over to Lunar, with her sword pointing diagonally upward.
“We, we’ll give you anything you want” Lunar stutters. “You can even have our hideout. Just don’t hurt us” he pleads.
“Relax you boob” Koyasha responds, laying down her sword. “I have no interest in your hides. I was sent here by my master to complete a mission… to apprehend and deliver the one you call Marina Liteyears.”
“Marina Liteyears” Lunar repeats.
“Yes” Koyasha reaffirms. “The Campaigner plans to reprogram her under his control, and then make an army replicas to take over all of Videoland.”
“But that’s impossible” Tarus counters.
“Yeah! She always tweaks my beak every time we try to kidnap Professor Theo, her creator” Merco adds.
“But how will we” Lunar wonders”
“My plan is being implemented as we speak” Koyasha interrupts. “All the details are in place.” The Beastector Trio look at her with curiosity. “Don’t think about it,” she continues. “Your brawn completely outweighs your brains. Join me, and you three can be a leading force in a new empire.” She then reveals a microchip in the palm of her hand. “And have your revenge on Marina Liteyears. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Lunar, Tarus, and Merco develop sinister smiles on their faces.

Scene 5

Back at Professor Theo’s house, Marina finishes telling Lana about her story of existence.
“So that’s how it all happened,” the Cybot concluded.
“That’s incredible” Lana comments. “I didn’t know it was you who brought down the empire.”
Well, the professor created me” Marina admits. “So I kind of understand why he takes all the glory. I just wish he’d share some of the credit once in a while.” Lana puts her arm around the Cybot’s neck to comfort her. Then Diddy wanders into the room.
“Ooh, Ooh, Ee, Ah, Ah, Ah.”
“Diddy” Lana looks surprised to see him. “Are they done with the tour?”
“Ooh, Ooh” Diddy shakes his head no.
“Oh, I see. You got bored” Lana realizes. “Well, why don’t you come over here?” She places her hand on the bed right between her and Marina. “We’re just getting to know one another.”
“Ee, Ah, Ah.” As Diddy straddles over, Marina looks a little scared. She then starts to shake when the primate stands before her.
“Marina, this is my good friend from Kongoland, Diddy Kong” Lana introduces. Diddy then extends his hand, causing Marina to lean back. “It’s okay. He wants to be friends,” Lana informs her.
“I” Marina stutters, unable to speak any more. She slowly holds out her hand.
“It’s okay” Lana assures her. “He’s harmless.” So the Cybot finally shakes Diddy’s hand, only to result in a static transference.
“Ee, Ee, Ah” the primate screams as electricity flows through his body. After the shocking experience, his fur all around stands up on end. Lana and Marina chuckle at the sight, but Diddy doesn’t look so amused.

Scene 6

Meanwhile in the marketplace of Nepton, the Clancer people are seen going about their business. The couple with the seven kids walks by a cotton candy counter.
“Can I have that mommy” the youngest daughter whines.
“Now Clara, you know that candy is bad for your clanteeth,” the mother responds.
“Ah mom.” Little do the Clancers realize that the whole town is infested with Ancient Warriors. They are currently positioned behind garbage bins, inside tents, in the sewers, on the rooftops, and many other places. An A-Warrior from inside a tent gives the signal to two others from behind an alley. Those two come out into the open, and the others follow-up. This results in screams of panic from the town Clancers.

Scene 7

Back at the professor’s, Theo concludes his tour.
“Well that’s a wrap,” he tells the N-Team. “Feel free to explore the rest of Clancer on your own.”
“Professor. Shouldn’t we be focused on this looming evil presence,” an irritated Tal Set reminds him.
“But of course” Theo answers, dumbfounded. Then suddenly, a loud continuous knock is made at the door. “Who is it” the professor calls out.
“It’s me! Teran” the voice on the other end answer. Aaron, who’s standing right by the door, opens it. “Professor, you have got to send Marina into town right away” Teran pleads. “The marketplace is being invaded by aliens.”
Did somebody say my name” Marina steps out into the foyer with Lana and Diddy.
“Stay out of this Marina” the professor instructs. “Teran, have you been watching those late night science fiction movies again,” he asks rhetorically.
“But it’s all true” Teran insists. “These skeleton creatures were covered in paint and they attack using baseball bats.” Our heroes’ facial expressions turn to shock as they realize what they’re dealing with.
“That sounds like the Campaigner’s Ancient Warriors” Kevin states the obvious.
“Arf” Duke acknowledges
“Well, it looks like your scanner was right Prof.” Tal comments.
“Come on team” Kevin motions. “Let’s send the Campaigner’s forces back to headquarters.”
Alright” Marina cheers, eager to be part of the actions.
“Not so fast Marina” the professor injects.
“Papa, why must you embarrass me in front of all these people” Marina complains.
“You no darn well that the battlefield is no place for a child” Theo reminds her. Lana develops a frown on her face. “Now go to your room and stay there where you’ll be safe.”
“Fine” Marina stomps her feet. “But you’re not doing this for me” she adds tearfully. “You’re doing this for your own selfish pride.” She starts to run off.
“Marina wait” the professor pleads.
“Just go and save the planet by yourself” she cries, still running. “See if I care.”
“I’ll stay here as well,” Lana decides.
“Lana, why” Kevin wonders.
“The attack is obviously bait for a trap,” she reasons. “At least one of us should be on reserve. Besides, she adds in angry tone as she stares directly at Theo. “The professor seems very protective of his daughter. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having someone watch over her.” The professor shakes his head yes.
“Fine, then let’s go” Kevin prompts. And our heroes head out.

As Captain N and the others run to the marketplace to head off trouble, Merco eyes them from the sky with binoculars. He then presses a button on a radio transceiver, which turns it on.
“Well” Koyasha asks from the other end.
“Your diversion plan worked perfectly,” Merco informs her. “The N-Team is heading for town as we speak.”
“Excellent” Koyasha remarks. “With the N-Team preoccupied, Marina Liteyears is ours for the taking.”

The scene then pans over to the marketplace, where the A-Warriors continue to cause havoc until the N-Team plus Theo show up.
“Shall we” Tal asks Aaron.
“Be my guest” the Colonel replies. So the Turok fires a Tek Arrow straight into the chest of an A-Warrior, causing it to evaporate. Meanwhile, Duke confronts three more warriors by a produce stand.
“Arf, arf, arf” the canine growls as the A-Warriors prepare to club him, Kevin zaps them out of existence with his maser gun.
“You’d better take cover professor,” the game master advises as he zaps another A-Warrior. “The battlefield is not exactly the safest place in Videoland.”
“Absolutely not” Theo insists. “I’m staying right here where I can see the action up close. Aagh” he screams as two A-Warrior fire darts straight at him. Fortunately, Diddy intervenes. The primate swiftly grabs a lid off a barrel and leaps in to intercept the darts before they hit the professor. “On the other hand, I can still get plenty of action from the spectator stand.”

Scene 8

Meanwhile back at the professor’s, Lana opens the door to Marina’s room to find her lying stomach down on her bed, depressed.
“Lana” the Cybot reacts. “I thought you were with the other.”
“Kevin and the others have everything under control” the princess replies. “But I think I’m needed here more.” Marina smiles. Then suddenly, a loud banging noise is heard. “What’s happening,” Lana wonders.
Outside, Lunar, Tarus, and Merco attempt to force Marina out by shaking the place up.
“Come on out and face us little pipsqueak” Lunar yells.
“Yeah! We have a score to settle” Merco adds.
“It’s those vermin I cleaned out earlier,” Marina remembers. “I guess they’re back for more.” She gets up to confront them.
“Marina wait. This could a trap,” Lana warns.
“But I have to” the Cybot argues. “I can’t just sit back and watch while these bullies wreck to only home I have.” She then comes to the front door, kicks it open, and confronts the Beastector. “Alright you clowns” she presses her hands together. “Time to go back to your cages.”
“Why you” an enraged Tarus steps forward to attack, but Lunar blocks him.
“No you fool.” Lunar then faces Marina. “We don’t wish to fight,” he tells her. “We’re here to issue our ultimatum.”
What” Marina braces herself. Koyasha then steps forward.
“Greetings Marina Liteyears. I am Koyasha. I have heard so much about you.”
“What do you want,” the Cybot asks.
“Why, I merely wish to extend an offer” Koyasha replies. “Serve my master, the Campaigner, and you can become ten times more powerful.”
“I don’t serve anyone” Marina retorts.
“But you don’t have choice in the matter” Koyasha informs her. “Now I just you make this easy on yourself and surrender yourself willingly to the Campaigner, or you’ll be forced to serve her.”
“Never” the Cybot jets forward to strike the kunoichi warrior, but she bocks the attack with her sword. Marina gasps at her cunning ability. Koyasha then tries to slice Marina. But she jumps back to dodge. Koyasha then does a back flip. And Marina jets forth for another attack. But the swordswoman flips over her and manages to slip the microchip onto the back of her neck. “Aagh” the Cybot cries out as the shock causes her to collapse on the ground.
“Marina” Lana yells as she steps outside. She then draws her crossbow. “Lay another finger on her Koyasha and you’ll, hey” Lana protests as Tarus picks her up by the backside of her shirt.
“Don’t get in our way,” the gorilla orders, tossing Lana into the wall and knocking her our cold. He then eyes the princess as he contemplates finishing her off.
“Leave her. We don’t need any deadweight” Koyasha remarks. “We have what we came for. Lets go. So Long Princess Lana” the swordswoman taunts as she and the Beastector head off with Marina.

Scene 9

Back at the marketplace, our heroes continue to battle with the A-Warriors.
In midair, Kevin zaps two warriors out of existence. At the same time, another A-Warrior has Aaron in a chokehold.
“Get off me” the Colonel snarls, grabbing the A-Warrior from behind and tossing it on top of three others. He then unleashes his flamethrower, annihilating all four warriors. “Well that takes care of those dead heads” Aaron remarks as he cleans off his hands.
“Well, that was easy” Tal observes.
“Yeah! Too easy” Kevin adds.
“Arf” Duke agrees.

Moments later, our heroes and Professor Theo return to the house to find Lana unconscious.
“Lana,” Kevin gasps, dashing over to her.
“Huh” Lana wakes up.
“Are you alright,” the game master asks.
“I’m fine Kevin” Lana responds. “But they took Marina.
“Who,” the game master wonders.
“Koyasha and these three mutants” she answers.
“Oh dear me” Professor Theo breaks down.
“Looks like the invasion at the market was just a diversion after all” Tal realizes.
“Please” Theo begs. “You must save my daughter from this terrible fate.” Lana frowns and places her hands on her hips.
“Don’t worry professor. “We’ll get her back” Kevin assures him. “I promise.”
“Hold on” Lana interjects. “Professor Theo, before we put our necks on the line, I have one question to ask you. Is Marina really your daughter?”
“What kind of a question is that,” Tal asks rhetorically.
“Of course she is” the professor insists. “Please hurry. Time is of the essence. You must save her.”
“That’s not what Marina told me” Lana retorts. “She said you created her from machine parts.”
The rest of the N-Team gasp as the professor looks dumbfounded.
“Professor, tell me the truth” Lana continues. “Who is Marina Liteyears?”
“Lana, don’t you think you’re overeating just a bit,” Kevin suggests.
“No Captain N” the professor responds. “Lana is right. I did build Marina.”
The N-Team gasps again.
“But Marina is still my biological child.”
“But how is that possible” Tal wonders.
“It all started about 14 years ago,” the professor explains.

A flashback occurs as Professor Theo tells the story of Marina’ coming to be. A space ship is seen traveling the night skies.
”My newly wedded wife Maria and I decided to celebrate our honeymoon by exploring the galaxy in search of new worlds.” The scene then pans to the inside of the ship, where we see a younger version of Professor Theo, with Black hair instead of grey. By his side is his wife Maria, who bears a striking resemblance to Marina, except she has blonde hair instead of green. ”After a lengthy voyage, we landed on Planet Clancer”. The ship lands next to a forest, where it changes into the house that Theo and Marina reside in the present time. Theo and Maria then step to be greeted by the local Clancers. Including Tac, Cat, Geold, and the mother with her seven kids. ”It was a very strange planet with very strange beings.”. In the next sequence, the Clancers have gathered around the professor’s lab, where he and Maria stand before his gizmos. ”We showed the local Clancers around our home. And in turn, the showed us some of their greatest festivities”. The scene then pans to the Clancer games. Theo and Maria watch at front row seats in the audience as a dodge ball game takes place.
”A few weeks later, my wife fell ill”. The scene shifts to a hospital room, where Theo speaks with a Clancer doctor as Maria lies in bed. ”I learned that Maria only had days to live… I also learned that she was pregnant.” In the next instant, Theo is seen alone with the doctor in another room. ”Knowing there was no cure for Maria’s illness, I pleaded to have her child kept alive so that a part of her would always be there with me.” The scene shifts to a graveyard, where Theo places a bouquet of flowers on Maria’s tombstone. ”As Maria lay to rest, the embryo containing her child was preserved in an incubator.” A canister holding a living substance in liquid rests upon a table inside the professor’s lab.
The professor is then seen working with heavy machinery. ”I got right to work, constructing the best body I could out of machine parts to be activated when the embryo was in full bloom. Named after my wife, Marina Liteyears was born”. An infant sized Marina is then shown as the flashback ends.

“Wow!” Kevin exclaims as he processes in his mind the story he just heard.
“But that still doesn’t explain why the Campaigner would take interest in Marina” Tal points out.
“I never meant it to be like this” the professor starts to grieve. The N-Team gives him their full attention. “I knew that as time passed on, the protoplasm inside Marina’s mechanical would develop like any other living creature over time. So I reconstructed her many times over to reflect her natural age. But like any other life form, Marina’s intelligence developed and soon, she began making her own upgrades.” Our heroes look curious. “Marina had effectively turned herself into a fighting machine… her body complete with advanced armor and weaponry. She had successfully fought off many rogue adversaries, even defeating the Empire whose tyranny reigned over Clancer for years.” Our heroes continue to listen. “Knowing her actions draw enemies upon both of us, I pleaded with Marina to stop her senseless fighting, but my pleas were constantly ignored.” Theo lifts his head. “I would gladly give up my own life to keep Marina out of harm’s way” he finishes. Everyone develops sympathetic looks on their faces. Lana then walks over to the professor and puts her hand around his shoulder.
“I’m really sorry I misjudged you.”
“Don’t be princess” the professor responds. “You have nothing to be sorry about. And neither does Marina. Over all this time, I was so consume with my own thoughts and feelings that I never stopped to consider hers.”
“Don’t worry professor. We’ll get her back” Kevin assures him. “Come on N-Team.”
“Arf” Duke barks
“Ooh, Ooh” Diddy gibbers.
“You should come too,” Lana suggests to Theo. “My royal intuition tells me that Marina may need you more than any one of us.” The professor nods his head.
“Um, I’m going to stay here and put some finishing touches on the professors convertible” Aaron informs the rest of the N-Team.
“Huh” Kevin wonders.
“I have a feeling it come in more than handy” the colonel finishes. Kevin and Lana both nod their heads
“Hey wait a minute,” Tal protests. “If Aaron gets to duck out of this, why can’t I?” Lana walks over to him.
”Why Tal. I didn’t think you’d pass up a chance to confront the Campaigner. But if you’d rather stay here and help Aaron in the workshop, I understand.”
“The Campaigner” the Tal realizes. Of course! I knew that. I’m there.” The Turok gives a thumbs-up salute.
“Great, then let’s go” Kevin motions impatiently. And our heroes head off.

Scene 10

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, Koyasha enters the Campaigner’s quarters with an unconscious Marina in her arms, followed by Lunar, Tarus, and Merco.
“Well, what have we here” the Campaigner muses.
“I have carried out your orders to the letter,” Koyasha informs him.
“Excellent” the Campaigner rubs his hands together with glee. “Place her in the Robotic Enhancement Tube” he commands. Two A-Warriors then walk over to Koyasha, take Marina off her hands, and carry the Cybot off. “You have done well Koyasha,” the Cyborg continues.
“But” Koyasha responds, knowing his master has a qualifier to add.
“Why have you brought uninvited guests into my domain?”
“This is the Beastector Trio” Koyasha explains, holding out here hand to introduce Lunar, Tarus, and Merco.
“I, Lunar, and my comrades Tarus and Merco wish to pledge our loyalty and service to you Lord Campaigner” the wolf vows.
“Yeah” Tarus agrees.
“Ditto” Merco adds.
“These three are sworn enemies of Marina Liteyears” Koyasha continues. “They were pivotal to her capture.” Then, everyone gets interrupted by alarm sirens. A monitoring turns on to reveal the N-Team and Professor Theo as they walk on a rocky path alongside a lava bed.
“The Fortress should be just beyond the next hill” Tal informs the others.
“We must reach Marina before this Campaigner dismantles her” Theo pants.
“Don’t worry professor,” Lana assures. “If the Campaigner is after Marina’s power, then he’d surely want to keep her in one piece.” The monitor then goes blank.
“You have failed me Koyasha,” the Campaigner grumbles. “The N-Team still stands.”
“But I didn’t fail master” the swordswoman argues. “Your exact words were ‘How you choose to deal with the N-Team is completely within your discretion.’ I didn’t need to deal with the N-Team, so I didn’t.
“So you didn’t” the Campaigner repeats, clinching his fist as he attempts to restrain his anger. “You’ve delivered Marina Liteyears into my clutches, so your work here is done Koyasha. Now leave me at once” he points towards the doors. Knowing the Campaigner means business, Koyasha bows before him and heads off. The Cyborg then turns to Lunar, Tarus, and Merco. “What about you three deviants? Think you can succeed where Koyasha failed and terminate the N-Team?
“No problem boss” Lunar replies. “We have just the thing that can squash those pipsqueaks flatter than pancakes.”
“Yeah” Tarus agrees enthusiastically.
“Ditto” Merco adds.

Scene 11

Meanwhile, our heroes make it to Campaigner Fortress.
“There it is” Tal points out.
“But how do we get inside” the professor wonders, noticing that there are no doors, windows, or vents. Duke then sniffs the ground for a brief moment before coming to a complete stop.
“Arf, Arf, Arf.” Kevin walks over to where the canine is standing and finds a ring-shaped handle.
“A hatch. Good work boy.
“Arf” Duke acknowledges. The others walk over as Kevin lifts open the hatch. But then suddenly, a thud causes everyone to hit the ground. Our heroes look up to see a giant Mecha straight out of Transformers.
“Going somewhere N-Team” Tarus calls out. He, Lunar, and Merco appear at the head of the mecha. “You still have your appointment with doom.”
“It’s them” Lana realizes as she and the others brace themselves.
“Who,” Kevin wonders.
“The thugs that kidnapped Marina” Lana answers
“That’s right” Lunar loudly confirms. “Marina Liteyears now belongs to our new master, the Campaigner.
“And he ordered us to make sure nobody interferes with the initiation” Merco adds. The Mecha then stomps its right foot, causing the ground to shake.
“Lana, Tal! You and the professor go ahead” Kevin instructs. “We’ll keep them at bay.” Lana, Tal, and Theo nod their heads in acknowledgement, and then enter the hatch while Kevin, Duke, and Diddy face off against Lunar, Tarus, and Merco.

Scene 12

Meanwhile, the Campaigner rests comfortably in his chair at his personal chamber as he watches electronic waves flow into Marina through the Robotic Enhancement Tube (RET).
“In mere moments, you’ll be mine to command.” Then the alarm beeps once more. “Oh what now” the Campaigner scoffs. The monitor screen switches on again, and we see Lana, Tal, and Theo dashing through the underground corridors of the Fortress.
“This place is a maze” Lana remarks.
“Fortunately, I installed a homing chip to Marina a while back so I could keep an eye on her” the professor comments, holding up a scanner. “I think we’re going in the right direction.” The Campaigner then switches off the monitor.
“So… they’re still coming, eh” the Campaigner clinches his fist. “Well I have the perfect welcoming gift. Ha, ha, ha.” The Cyborg presses a red button on the console attached to his chair.

Lana, Tal, and Theo come to a fork as they continue through the maze.
“Which way now” Lana asks.
“That way” Tal points to the left. But when they turn the corner, our heroes run into dozens of Leapers. “Company.”
“Stay behind me professor” Lana suggests. Theo nods his head. Tal then proceeds to slash a Leaper with his blade, casing it to evaporate. He then jabs one to the left and does an upward thrust on another. Meanwhile, Lana destroys four more Leapers with projectile shots from her crossbow. But then one drops from the ceiling, about to claw into the professor.
“Aagh” Theo cries, just as the Leaper is about to strike. Fortunately, Tal eliminates it with a Tek arrow just before it does.
“We’ve not a moment to waste. Keep moving” Lana prompts. And so the three of them continue forward.

Scene 13

Meanwhile, Kevin, Duke, and Diddy struggle in their fight against the Beastector Trio Godzilla-sized Mecha. Kevin fires three blasts from his maser. They strike the chest, left leg, and right shoulder respectively, but nothing happens.
“Oh, it’s not working. No matter where I hit, my shots just bounce right off.”
“Ha, ha, what’d I tell ya. The Alpha-Beta-Gamma is invincible,” Lunar gloats.
“Now it’s our turn to have some fun,” Merco boasts.
“Drink laser suckers” Tarus yells out. He pulls a lever, and a cylinder aims right for our heroes.
“Oh no” Kevin cries as laser shots fire. He, Duke, and Diddy scatter in different directions, avoiding the first blasts.
“Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf,” Duke cries as he frantically avoids the laser fire. The canine makes his way safely behind a shrub. But then a blast completely burns the bush to a crisp. Meanwhile, Diddy tries to escape the laser fire by climbing up a tree. But when he reaches a branch approximately ten feet above ground, his tail gets nicked.
“Ee” Diddy screams, holding his tail in pain.

Moments later, for what seems like hours, Kevin continues to dodge laser fire from the Alpha-Beta-Gamma mecha. The game masters slides forward and then does a backward rolling jump.
“Ha, ha, just like a shooting gallery” Tarus boasts as the mecha continues firing.
“Except this time, we have unlimited ammo” Merco adds.
“And look! Captain N is starting to were down” Lunar finishes as the Beastector observe Kevin coming to a complete stop.
“I can’t… take much more of this” the game master pants. He then looks at his powerpad. “And I’m almost out of juice. Huh” Kevin notices Diddy as he runs out into the open, momentarily getting the attention of the Beastector, as indicated by the turning of the Mecha’s head. “Diddy, what are you doing?”
“Ooh, Ooh, Ee, Ah, Ah” the primate comes to a complete stop just before a lava bed.
“Get out of there” the game master calls out. But the primate shakes his head no. He then motions for Kevin to join him and jumps up and down, causing a small piece of gravel on the ledge to break off and fall into the lava. “I see” Kevin picks up on what Diddy is trying to tell him. “Come on boy.” Duke runs up to his master. Kevin secures him in his left arm, and then does a powerpad slide right through the Mecha’s legs.
“Trying to escape, eh” Merco remarks.
“Huh, looks like Captain N and his animal patrol have gotten themselves in between a rock and a very hot place” Tarus comments as Kevin and Duke settle in with Diddy.
“Then let’s fry them” Lunar turns the Mecha around our to face our heroes. “Your hero days are over Captain N” the Mecha’s right foot lifts up, and prepares to squash Kevin, Duke, and Diddy flat.
“Brace yourselves guy,” the game master advises. Diddy grabs hold of his neck, and Duke remains secure in his arm. “Now!” Using his powerpad, Kevin and his teammates dash to safety just as the Mecha’s foot comes down, causing the ground to give way.
“Oh no” Lunar exclaims as the Mecha falls over uncontrollably into the lava. “We’ll get you for this Captain N.”
“Alright” Kevin high fives Duke and Diddy in triumph.

Scene 14

Meanwhile, the Campaigner watches as the RET completes its electronic transformation of Marina.
“It’s done, at last… Marina belongs to me” the Campaigner gloats.
“Freeze Campaigner” Tal calls out.
“What the” the Campaigner suddenly finds himself face to face with Princess Lana, Tal Set, and Professor Theo. “I don’t know how you made it all the way to my domain, but rest assured you won’t leave here alive.” The Campaigner then turns to Marina. “Come on out, my newest Cadet. I have a mission for you.” The Cybot then steps out of the RET.
Lana gasps as she notices the metal plates on Marina’s forehead. She then looks at the Campaigner. “What have you done to her?”
“Oh nothing that will matter to you princess” the Campaigner responds. “I merely made a few upgrades. Now, she willingly does my bidding.
“No” the professor sobs. “It cannot be.”
“Aw, but it is” the Campaigner replies. “And once Ms Liteyears proves her worth by destroying the lot of you, I’ll make millions of replica’s to march right in and crush Videoland’s resistance. “Annihilate these pests.” Marina then faces our heroes and winds up one of her explosive missiles.
‘Marina, think what you are doing” the professor pleads. In response, Marina starts to lay down her weapon.
“Do not hesitate. Destroy them,” the Campaigner impatiently commands, and Marina raises the missile back up.
“Marina, all this time I only wanted to protect you” the professor explains. Marina develops a look of sympathy on her face. “But I failed to do so because I did not honor your feelings. Remember who you’ve always wanted to be. A warrior for freedom and justice.” Marina then unwinds the missile completely.
“Well, what’s the delay? Get rid of them,” the Campaigner demands.
“Never” the Cybot responds defiantly.
You’re not the boss of me” Marina swiftly winds the missile back up and tosses it directly at the RET, destroying it.
“Noooo,” the Campaigner whines in despair as he gets down on his knees. “My schematics were perfect. How could Marina Liteyears betray me?”
“Because unlike you, Marina has a heart” Lana answers boldly.
“Then her heart can burn with the rest of yours” the Campaigner presses a button, and dozens of A-Warriors enter through opened doors. “Destroy them all.” The A-Warriors advance on our heroes.
“What are these monstrosities,” Theo asks as he takes cover behind Tal Set.
“They’re bad news” the Turok answers.
“Don’t worry,” Marina responds. “This one’s on me.” The Cybot jets forward and karate kicks the club right out of an A-Warrior’s arms. She then grabs it and tosses it straight into the others, knocking them all down. But then, more A-Warriors appear from all directions.
“I think we’d better beat it” Tal suggests.
“I second that” Lana agrees. So our heroes make a run for it, escaping through one of the open doors.

Moments later, Lana, Tal, Marina, and Theo make their way through the underground maze. But suddenly, the whole area fills up with lava and everyone comes to a complete stop.
“Oh dear me” the professor remarks.
“The Campaigner must’ve opened up all the lava vents,” Tal explains.
“What now” Lana wonders.
“Everyone grab hold of me,” Marina suggests. “I can fly us out of here.” Lana and Tal seem uncertain about that, but Theo nods his head affirmatively.
“But you don’t know the way” Tal points out.
“Be my guide” Marina suggests. Tal nods his head. He, Lana, and the professor the grab hold of Marina, and the Cybot lifts off just as the lava engulfs the surface.
“Go straight ahead and make the first left,” Tal instructs. Marina nods her head and makes the turn through a drainpipe, of which the path has a downward slope.

In the next screenshot, Marina pilots the group through a different area. Tal points downward as they move forward, and they head down a shaft as lava spills down the walls.

In the next clip, our group flies over a sequence of pillars standing above the red-hot lava. Tal indicates to turn right as they come to a fork.

Then, our heroes head up an elevator shaft as lava continues to spill, and come to a straight path where there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
“There’s the exit,” Tal indicates. “Make it through and we’re home free.” Marina nods. But unfortunately, the doors before them close vertically.
“Oh no” Lana thinks out loud.
“We’re not going to make it” the professor panics.
“Oh yes we will” Marina insists. She propels her jets at warp speed, and our heroes make it through just in time.
“We did it!”
“Hooray,” Tal, Lana, and Theo all cheer simultaneously. The group then spots Kevin, Duke, and Diddy.
“Hey look” Lana points with her hand.
“Hey” Kevin calls out, waving to Lana and the others.
“Arf” Duke barks.
“Ooh, Ooh” Diddy gibbers.
Lana, Tal, and Theo let go of Marina a few meters above ground and land on there feet as the Cybot steadily propels herself to the ground.
“So, mission accomplished” Kevin assumes.
“”Yes” Lana confirms. “Marina’s safe a fully functional. How goes it here my prince.”
“Everything’s well in hand” Kevin responds.
“Then let’s go home” the princess suggests. But then suddenly, the ground starts to shake.
“Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf” Duke whimpers as the Beastector mecha suddenly makes a return appearance.
“We’re back,” Merco boasts.
“Yeah! And we’re burning mad” Tarus adds.
“Not to worry. Marina can take care of this” the professor informs everyone.
“Sorry Papa” the Cybot responds. “That Campaigner machine really drained me. And I used up the last of my energy getting us through that lava maze.” So everyone turns to Kevin.
“I’m out of power too” the game master states. Our heroes then brace themselves as the Mecha aims its laser arm at them.
“You’re finished now N-Team” Lunar remarks as he prepares to fire. But then suddenly, the Beastector’s Mecha receives laser fire. “What?” Everyone looks up to find Aaron Maverick flying in the professor’s car.
“Hey everyone” the colonel waves to the others as he pilots the vehicle.
“You made it” Lana shouts.
“I knew being in the reserves would come in handy” Aaron responds. He then turns his eye towards the Beastector. “But now, it’s time for the finishing touch.” He readies a missile and aims it straight at the Mecha.
“He’s coming for us” Tarus panics
“Not if we get him first” Merco replies. He attempts to press a yellow button.
“Hey, I want to shoot” Tarus protests. He and Merco briefly fight over the controls.
“Knock it off you morons” Lunar breaks them up and takes over the controls. But before he can counter, Aaron fires the missile straight into the Mecha’s chest at close range and pulls up. “It’s gonna blow” Lunar panics as the Mecha shuts down and a sequence of explosions are heard. “Bail out.” Lunar, Tarus, and Merco escape using jet packs and fly straight over the other side of the Campaigner’s Fortress, just as the Mecha hits the ground and collapses. Aaron then makes a landing.
“Hey guys. What do you think of the new N-Mobile” Aaron asks.
“It’s a life saver” Kevin responds. Everyone else nods in agreement.
“Well you really have professor Theo to thank” Aaron replies. “It was his car.” The professor smiles. “All aboard.”

Scene 15

Later on Planet Clancer, Professor Theo speaks with Marina as the N-Team hangs out nearby in the N-Mobile.
“I spoke with Captain N. He said you would be a valuable asset to the N-Team,” the professor tells Marina.
“But must you leave now” she wonders.
“Yes” Theo responds. “I’ve done all I must do here. Now it’s time to move on.” He puts his hands on Marina’s shoulders. “But your purpose is just beginning. With the N-Team, you can be the fighter for justice you have always wanted to be. And I know in my heart they will always protect you.” Theo and Marina then hug.
“Thank you Papa” Marina cries in joy. The professor gets teary eyed.
“You do not have to call me Papa anymore.”
“But I want to call you Papa.”

A few moments later, the N-Team, along with their new teammate watch as Theo’s house transforms into a space ship and jets off.
“Goodbye everyone. Thanks for everything” the professor waves from an open window.
“So long!”
“See ya.”
Tears run down Marina’s face as the episode comes to an end.

1. First appearance of Marina Liteyears and Professor Theo.
2. Also the first appearance of Lunar, Tarus, and Merco.
3. First appearance of the N-Mobile, a vehicle that becomes the N-Team’s primary mode of transportation.
4. The events of this episode take place after the player beats Mischief Makers.

As planned, after this, I will go back to doing summaries rather than typing out whole scripts, so Hopefully the next episode won't take quite as long to complete.

Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
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Here is episode #227. I hope you enjoy.

227. The Big Blast
First Aired October 11, 1997

Scene 1

This episode opens with the Kevin, Lana, and Duke joining Wesley, a wheelchair bound man, Rafters military base on the video world known as Simian Acres. Kevin takes a brief moment to contemplate through voiceover, how things have changed since he became Prince of Videoland. At the moment, his biggest worry is whether or not he can generate respect amongst the people of Videoland in his new leadership role. After Kevin’s intervening thought, Wesley thanks the N-Team for coming. Then, through a series of questions by Kevin, followed by answers from Wesley, we learn that the N-Team was called to Simian acres to help Wesley’s Rafters crew clear a path to a Nuclear Disposal Site (NDS) just outside the town of Glory Crossing. There, Simian scientists plan to dispose of a defective nuclear missile. After that, Lana asks Kevin why he isn’t at the Argent Towers helping the others. Kevin replies that it just doesn’t feel right to be out in the field now that he’s royalty. He adds that she should understand, given that she is Princess of Videoland. Lana angrily retorts that being ruler of Videoland means far more than sitting on the bench. And she is astonished that Kevin seems to have forgotten why he was called to Videoland in the first place. He may be Prince now, but he is Captain N first. While the two heroes argue, they remain unaware of a hidden camera inside some nearby shrubs.

Scene 2

Meanwhile, we learn that the one monitoring the Rafters base through hidden camera is none other than the Campaigner. He gleefully says that in a matter of moments, the nuclear missile will be all his. The Cyborg then contacts Koyasha for a progress report, and she informs him that everything is in place, and they are ready to hijack the automated truck carrying the nuclear explosive as soon as it reaches Bison Ridge. So the Campaigner then calls in Sonork Nezom, and instructs the insectoid to lead a contingent of Ancient Warriors and march onto the Morgan Hall Research Facility (MHRF). He must know what make this nuclear missile defective.

Scene 3

Meanwhile at Argent Towers, Tal Set, Aaron Maverick, Marina Liteyears, and Diddy Kong join Amber, Clark, and Spike of Blast Corps work together to demolish infrastructure, move debris, and make a clear path for the nuclear missile truck. Aaron drives Ramdozer into a large house-like structure, causing it to breakdown into pieces on impact. After that, Tal uses the tail end of Backlash to push the wreckage away from the road. As he does, the Turok gets a good look at Amber on Ballista. But then Aaron tells him to stop getting distracted and get a move on. Tal Set grumbles at his teammate as he redirects his focus. Diddy also helps out in J-Bomb. The Primate uses the bodysuit to flatten the ground, creating a smooth surface. Then there’s Marina, who’s not operating any vehicles. She lifts about half a dozen large steel bars and tosses them over a trench. Clark inside of Skyfall then drives over the bars, flattening them into the surface. This is followed by Aaron welding them together with his flamethrower. Spike then strikes down three consecutive buildings inside the large mecha known as Thunderfist.

Scene 4

Meanwhile at Bison Ridge, Koyasha and a large group of A-Warrior hide behind a series of boulders as the nuclear missile carrying truck approaches. The A-Warriors ready their spears, but Koyasha holds them back, warning that any sudden impact on the missile could blow them all to atoms. So instead, they throw a net over the truck to slow it down. But rather then stopping the truck altogether, the truck actually drags the A-Warriors by the ropes along the dirt path. However, their weight does allow the truck to slow down enough for Koyasha to make her move. The kunoichi warrior slashes open the front door with her sword and climbs inside. She then looks at the preprogrammed route on a monitor screen inside the truck and reprograms it to go straight to Campaigner Fortress.

Scene 5

Meanwhile at an area identified as Jade Plateau, Kevin and Duke walk along the side of the road. Kevin wonders why Lana’s been so hard on him lately. He’s protected Videoland for nearly a decade, and just because he’s prince now doesn’t mean he’s any less committed to its preservation. Duke barks, and Kevin seems to understand what he’s saying. The game master agrees that people expect more of him now that he’s co-ruler of Videoland, but it just seems so hard to make the transition. Then, suddenly, Sonork drives by on his ATV, followed by dozens of A-Warriors on motorcycles, leaving behind a clod of dirt for Kevin and Duke’s consumption. After the two heroes cough it up, Kevin realizes that they’re the Campaigner’s minions. Whatever they’re up to on Simian Acres, it can’t be good. Since they’re two fast to follow on foot, Kevin has Duke pick up the scent. He places a small homing magnet from his Videocom onto the canine’s collar before the two split up. Duke follows the scent while Kevin goes for backup.

Scene 6

Back at Argent Towers, Aaron, Tal, Marina, Diddy, Amber, Clark, and Spike wrap up their demolition assignment and prepare to head off for the next town. But then Amber receives a red alert call from Wesley. He informs our heroes that the truck carrying the nuclear missile has veered off course and is nowhere to be found. He suggests that carry forward as planned since there’s nothing else to report, but to stay on full alert. Lana then asks if they’ve seen Kevin anywhere, since he’s off his game for quite some time. Aaron replies that he hasn’t crossed their paths, but they’ll keep a look out, and Tal sarcastically remarks that it’s typical of the royal prince to neglect his duties. But then Kevin runs into the Rafters military base and frantically informs Lana, Wesley, and the rest of our heroes (who are still online) that the Campaigner’s forces are here on Simian Acres. He’s not sure of what they’re up to, but he sent Duke to sniff them out. Aaron now realizes that it was the Campaigner who stole the nuclear missile, and Lana fills Kevin in on the details.

Scene 7

Meanwhile at Morgan Hall Research Facility, scientists appear to be going about their business inside the central computer room when suddenly, Sonork and the Ancient Warrior forces break in. The A-Warriors then proceed to round up all of the scientists, with some of the prehistoric minions immobilizing their targets with tranquilizer darts to the necks.

Outside the research center, Duke makes his to the front entrance by following the scent that Sonork and the A-Warriors left behind. He then digs underneath the fence to get to the other side. But as the canine emerges, he finds the whole front area surrounded by Killer Plants from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Duke avoids the razor sharp vines and swiftly gets behind a shrub for safety and whimpers in fear.

Back inside MHRF, all the scientists appear to be tied up as the A-Warriors stand guard. At the same time inside another room that appears to have a one-way mirror peering directly inside the main facility, Sonork holds Dr Felix Monroe, the lead scientist of MHRF by the collar up against the wall. The insectoid advises Dr Monroe to turn over all documents on the H1 Nuclear Missile, or he’ll witness his fellow scientists perish. To prove his point, the A-warriors, who apparently heard Sonork’s words through speaker connected to the other room, hold up their clubs. But Dr Monroe vehemently refuses to give away confidential information… especially to the likes of Sonork Nezom. So Sonork retorts that Monroe will lose everything now, all because he wouldn’t share just a little. The A-Warriors then make their advance. Not wanting to see his associates get hurt, Dr Monroe relents just in time and agrees to hand over the information that Sonork wants.

Scene 8

Back at the Rafters base, Kevin notifies the others that Duke is now stationary at 3 miles North and 5 miles East from where they currently stand. Wesley immediately realizes that Duke followed the enemy to the Morgan Hall Research Facility. He explains to everyone that that is where they develop all of Simian Acres’ advanced weapons, including the H1 Nuclear Missile that they were trying to dispose of. Lana gasps at the thought of a tyrant like the Campaigner having access to such advanced weaponry, and boldly declares that they to prevent it from happening at whatever cost. Wesley agrees, but they have to come up with a plan first. Kevin says he can put a plan in motion, but it involves the entire N-Team, as well as Wesley’s crew, and the demolition vehicles. Right now, they’d better get moving. And so Kevin, Lana, and Wesley head off for MHRF.

Scene 9

Back at MHRF, Sonork is speaking with the Campaigner online as Dr Monroe watches them from a tied up position. Sonork informs his boss that they now have the H1 Missile files online, and the Campaigner instructs him to transmit the files to the Fortress database. The A-Warriors follow suit and prepare the H1 Nuclear Missile Files for transference. The Campaigner then takes a moment to gloat to Dr Monroe about the Nuclear Missile will be his means for conquering all of Videoland. But Monroe sees one problem with the Campaigner’s logic. H1 model he stole is useless. But the Campaigner retorts that that’s where he’s wrong. Once he obtains the necessary information from MHRF, his forces will fix leak in the H1 Nuclear Missile, and make it operational once again. But even so, Dr Monroe doesn’t see the point of having just one Nuclear Missile to destroy a single Video World. But the Campaigner says that there’s much to his plans, and asks Dr Monroe if he’s ever heard of Neuro Lead. He believes from its name, that it has something to do with lead effecting brainwaves. The Campaigner confirms this, and continues to explain his plan. The Neuro Lead he has produced will alter all brainwaves to obey his every command without question. But it would require an impact of tremendous speed, magnitude, and power to trigger its effects… one the H1 Nuclear Missile just happens to have. Then, the Neuro Lead will mix in with the atmosphere, forcing all to breath it in and become his willing slaves forever. Dr Monroe gasps at the thought. And the Campaigner adds that with the plans for the H1 Nuclear Missile at his possession, he can create as many as he needs to conquer all of Videoland. He then lets out a maniacal laugh.

Back outside, Duke continues to whimper in fear as a shadow emerges over him. Luckily, it’s only Kevin. He tells the canine that everyone’s ready to move in. But as the two start up, Duke warns his master. Our two heroes suddenly find themselves confronted by the Killer Plants. Fortunately, Kevin takes them out with his Ice Ray. But there’s still one left. It is about to engulf Kevin in its razor sharp tentacles when suddenly, a projectile strikes and the plant evaporates. Kevin and Duke turn around to see Lana (who fired the shot from her crossbow) and Wesley. Kevin asks if everything is set, and Wesley confirms that the others are all in place and ready to move in on his command. And so the four of them get a move on.

Back inside MHRF, Dr Monroe daringly tells the Campaigner that his plot will never work. But the Cyborg’s plan is already in motion, and he’s grown weary of Monroe’s presence. So the Campaigner orders Sonork to dispose of all the scientists. But just at that moment, Kevin, Lana, Duke, and Wesley bust in. The game master swiftly blasts the TV monitor with his laser gun, causing the Campaigner to go offline. Sonork then says that he was hoping that Captain N would show up, so that he and his friends could join the scientific community… as lunchmeat. Mutant Crabs from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter emerge from all doors leading into the surrounding area, as well as the ventilation shafts. Kevin tries to zap them, but his weapon has no effect. Likewise, Lana’s crossbow projectiles can’t seem to put a dent in these oversized sea dwellers. So since their weapons aren’t cutting it, Kevin decides to call in the heavy artillery. Aaron and Diddy then break through a glass winder the ceiling with the Cyclone Suit and J-Bomb, respectively. Sonork is shocked as J-Bomb stomps several Crabs out of existence. Followed by that, the Cyclone suit knocks away the remaining crabs in view with a somersault attack. But Sonork says it isn’t over yet, and orders the A-Warriors to attack. Six of them charge at Aaron and Duke. But then Clark speeds in with Skyfall rams right into the A-Warrior. And Marina, who once again is without a vehicle, flies in through an open roof, grabs a Mutant Crab that the others apparently missed, and flies off with it She then drops it right on top of Sonork. The crab attempts to eat him alive, but the insectoid knocks it aside. During ensuing battle, Lana and Wesley free Dr Monroe from captivity. They, along with Kevin and Duke then hurry to the next room, where the other scientists are being guarded by more A-Warriors. The prehistoric soldiers fire a round of darts at out heroes, but Wesley shields them with the steel coating on the backside of his wheelchair. Kevin then zaps them out of existence.

Meanwhile, Marina and Clark chase more A-Warriors and Mutant Crabs through the hallways of MHRF. Once they exit the building, Spike grabs the remaining Crabs with Thunderfist, and fried them using the electrons emitting from left shoulder (which has no arm). Also, Amber destroys some A-Warriors with Ballista Missiles, and the others run away as she fires more missiles. It’s as if luring them somewhere. Then suddenly, Tal Set and Backlash emerge from shrubs. Backlash scoops up the A-Warriors and smashes them into the wall of the MHRF building. Amber is very impressed with the Turok’s quick wit. Tal Set in turn says they make a great team and suggests they talk it over more at dinner. But Amber just brushes him off.

Back inside, Aaron and Diddy wipeout the last of the A-Warriors, and then turn their sights to Sonork. Knowing this is bad, the alien general figures he’d better retreat, and makes his escape though a ventilation shaft.

Scene 10

Some time later, the entire N-Team, along with Wesley and crew, join Felix Monroe inside the central computer room. Dr Monroe thanks our heroes for saving the scientific community of Simian Acres from the Campaigner’s evil clutches… but he adds that their work is far from over. Dr Monroe then informs every one of the full details about the Campaigner’s plot to fill Videoland’s atmosphere with Neuro Lead by using the stolen H1 Nuclear Missile’s impact to the surface. Spike doesn’t think this is possible. But still, Kevin suggests they not take any chances. As the N-Team prepares to set off for Campaigner Fortress, Wesley offers his crew’s assistance. But Lana says that Lost Land is full of unknown dangers, so they’d better leave this up to the N-Team. And Tal Set adds that he has dibs on the Campaigner. Looking concerned, Kevin suggests the others meet up with him in the N-Mobile. He has some last minute business to discuss with Wesley.

Scene 11

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, the Campaigner chews Sonork out for failing to destroy the N-Team when he had the chance. Now, they’re sure to learn of his plan and try to stop him. Sonork retorts that the N-Team would have no means to no about the H1 Nuclear Missile carrying Neuro Lead, if the Campaigner hadn’t blabbed everything to that scientist. The Campaigner then becomes furious with Sonork for daring to talk back to his superior. He grabs the insectoid by the neck and holds him up against the wall in fury. As Sonork struggles to break free, Koyasha walks into the chamber. She informs her two allies that the H1 Nuclear Missile is now fully repaired and modified. It will be ready for launching sequence in five minutes. The Campaigner then tosses Sonork aside, stating that even if the N-Team comes for the missile, they’re efforts will be futile.

Scene 12

Meanwhile, the N-Team arrives in the Lost Land via N-Jeep. They drive straight up to Campaigner Fortress, and not a moment too soon. The H1 Nuclear Missile has just emerged on the rooftop. So our heroes rush out to stop the launch. But not before Kevin tells Aaron to remain in the N-Mobile, in they need someone to bail them out.

Up on the roof, the Campaigner, Sonork, and Koyasha bear witness as the H1 Nuclear Missile prepares to lift off. The Campaigner gloat that in just a few minutes, the missile will head straight for the center of Simian Acres, and its entire army will be his to command. Then suddenly, the N-Team shows up. But the Campaigner says they’re already too late. The launching sequence is on automatic. Not willing to give in quite so easily, Tal Set makes a run for the missile in hopes of stopping the launch, despite warnings from Lana. But the Turok gets knocked back by an electrical charge. The Campaigner just laughs before explaining that the H1 Missile is protected by a force field, which will remain intact until launch. But since our heroes came all this way to bear witness to his coronation as new ruler of Videoland, he prepare a little welcoming committee for them. Dozens of Cyborg Warriors merge from all around. They begin their attack by tossing batons at the N-Team, but our heroes dodge the first attack. Marina retaliates by dashing forward, grabbing a Cyborg, and tossing it on two others, eliminating all three in the process. Tal then wipes out another two with Tek Arrows. And Duke and Diddy tag-team against another Cyborg. While the N-Team continues to struggle against the Cyborgs, the Campaigner, Sonork, and Koyasha escape through nearby hatch so that they can attend to other matters. Meanwhile, Lana notices as the H1 Missile jets have already fired up. Unfortunately, while she’s distracted, two Cyborgs get the jump on her. Lana then breaks them off and gets back up, warning the others about the missile. Luckily, Kevin is way ahead of her. He power jumps over the crowd Cyborgs and makes his way to the missile. The game master secures a grappling hook (from his powerpad inventory) onto a missile latch before getting carried away as Lana looks on, worried. In the meantime, Tal repels two more Cyborgs with his blade. But by now, he’s starting to look pretty warn down. And the same can be said for Marina, Duke, and Diddy as well. Our heroes then find themselves backed up against the edge of the roof. And it’s a long way down. But unfortunately, they have no choice but to jump as the Cyborgs open fire. Luckily, Aaron comes to their rescue in the N-Mobile (now in jet mode). As our heroes catch their breaths, Aaron notices that Captain N is missing. Lana explains that Kevin went after the missile to prevent it from impact. And so the rest of the team to decides to follow suit, and Aaron sets the N-Jet to warp speed.

Meanwhile, Kevin makes his way onto the missile and hangs on tight. He then connects some cables from his powerpad to the missile, in hopes of gaining control of it. But neither the D-Pad nor the Analog Stick has the effect of rerouting the missile. Then, the N-Jet catches up to Kevin, and the others offer him assistance, which he greatly welcomes. Aaron activates a giant claw from the lower exterior of the N-Jet, which latches onto the missile. And Marina helps out as well, using her implanted boosters. But even their combined strength is not enough to redirect the missile, which is now descending rapidly (almost straight down) for Simian acres. Then suddenly, a shadow hovers before our heroes. It’s none other than Amber, Clark, and Spike inside of J-Bomb. Lana asks how they found the N-Team. Clark responds that the just homed in on Captain N’s signal. He reveals the same homing receiver that Kevin used to track Duke before. Then Tal impatiently tells the crew to can the chitchat and help out. And so Wesley’s crew grab hold of the Missile with both of J-Bomb’s arms. And so with the combined strength of Kevin’s Powerpad, Marina’s boosters, the N-Team, and J-Bomb, out heroes gain control of the H1 Nuclear Missile just on time and redirect it forward. Everyone then slows down before stopping completely and making a landing, with the missile still in hand and intact.

Scene 13

Later at MHRF, Dr Monroe informs the N-Team that was safely deposited at the bottom of a deep crater just East of Glory Crossing. The resulting explosion caused a cave-in, and none of the Campaigner’s Neuro Lead made it to the surface. Everyone cheers. But Lana is still worried. The Campaigner has the blueprints to the H1 Nuclear Missile. And he could be building more, even as they speak. But Dr Monroe says not to worry. Any unauthorized use on MHRF’s online documents outside the facility will result in a massive virus. It should be taking effect right about… now.

At Campaigner Fortress, the Campaigner orders Koyasha to boot up the data on the H1 Nuclear Missile. He refuses to allow the setback on Simian Acres delay his scheduled takeover of Videoland, and plans to speed up production of more missiles. Koyasha hesitatingly obeys her commander’s orders. But when she inserts to disk containing the data on the H1 Missile, lights start to flash randomly on the computer monitor. Both Koyasha and the Campaigner are confused. He swiftly tells her to shut it off. But it’s too late. The whole Fortress goes dark. Then, Sonork walks in with a lantern, wondering what’s going on, only to trip and fall on top of the Campaigner. The Campaigner then gets the “big oaf” off of him and vows to one day make Videoland pay for humiliating him.

Scene 14

Later at Rafters military base, Wesley thanks the N-Team for saving Simian Acres from evil forces that wish to rule over their world and all of Videoland. And he owes a special debt of gratitude to Captain N, whose bravery and quick wit saved Simian Acres from being overtaken by its own destructive weapon. Everyone then cheers for Kevin. But the game master admits that he could not have saved Videoland time after time, without followers who were willing to give him full trust and cooperation, even when there was reason to doubt him. And it was the Rafters crew that made the difference in the end. Lana lets out a smile, knowing that Kevin now realizes what being a ruler and a leader at the same time is all about. Then, Tal Set suggests they go for a little R&R. His idea is having him and Amber bask in the sunset of Ebony Coast with a little lip-to-lip action. Surprisingly, Amber is intrigued by the idea. In fact, if Tal Set will so kindly close his eyes, she’d be happy to plant him a big “wet one” right now. But as the Turok closes his eyes, Amber grabs a glass of water nearby and pours it over his head. Everyone laughs as the episode comes to an end.

1. Based on Blast Corps for Nintendo 64

Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
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Here's episode #228, finally.

228. Videoland Tremors
First Aired October 18, 1997

Scene 1

This episode opens on the farm world of Harvestland. The screen pans over to a series of potato, turnip, corn, and tomato crops, followed by shots of a well, then the flower garden, a chicken pen (outdoors), and finally, a heard of cows. Simultaneously during the screenshots, Kevin speaks through voiceover about how life has changed so much for both him and Duke, ever since they came to Videoland. But even now, the game master still believes that things can be like they used to be… at least for one of them.

After Kevin’s narration, the screen pans over to a farmer in blue overalls as he brushes his horse. We learn that the horse is named Thunder, right before the ground begins to shake. The cows and chickens immediately scramble inside their stable and henhouse, respectively. The farmer thinks this is an earthquake. But in reality, the vibrations act more like a sinkhole as the crops get swallowed into the ground. As they attempt to make their way inside, the vibrations separate Thunder from his master. The farmer cries out as his horse is swallowed by the sinkhole. But now, he must save himself. The farmer makes a run for his house as the scene comes to an end.

Scene 2

Meanwhile at Video Castle, our heroes sit down in the dining hall as the royal chef serves them Harvest Noodle Soup, complete with Harvestland’s finest assortment of meat and vegetables. Everyone but Tal Set seems to be enjoying their soup. The Turok doesn’t see what’s so special about one recipe. But Aaron informs him that Harvestland Farms are known for breeding the freshest foods in all of Videoland. Kevin then takes this moment to inform his teammates that Duke was born and raised on a farm, and the canine barks in affirmation. Then suddenly, the red alert buzzer goes off. So our heroes rush off to the nearest videophone and find Mayor Harvey of Harvestland on the other line. He informs the N-Team that an unusual disaster just hit Harvestland, wiping out almost all their crops and sealed in all their livestock. So Lana tells him that they’ll be right there, and our heroes head through the Painting Warp to Harvestland.

Scene 3

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, we learn that the Campaigner was the one behind the tremors that shook up Harvestland Farm. On a monitor screen, the evil cyborg communicates with Sonork Nezom, who is currently present at the base of Harvestland Mountain with the Beastector Trio. Sonork informs his boss that the Subterraneans have completely devastated the farm, just as the Campaigner had planned. The Cyborg claims that these Subterraneans are the key to his conquest of Videoland. But Tarus wonders how two overgrown worms will help him conquer an entire universe. So the Campaigner has Sonork explain his plan once again, in terms that even the brainless baboon can understand. So the insectoid explains that the Subterranean species lay between 20 to 30 eggs in their lifespan. Furthermore. The Campaigner’s latest bio-experiment has excelled the growth process of the Subterraneans and their succeeding spawn at an incredible rate. Instead of centuries, these creatures will overrun Videoland in mere weeks. The Campaigner then orders Sonork, Lunar, Tarus, and Merco to collect the Subterranean eggs once they’ve been laid, and redistribute them all across Videoland. Lunar wonders what to do the N-Team shows up. The Campaigner tells them to deals with those meddlers as they see fit, but he reminds everyone that he sustained the Subterranean eggs in cryogenic containment for just such an occasion as this, and warns them not to fail.

Scene 4

Meanwhile, the N-Team warps into Town Square on Harvestland, where they meet up with Mayor Harvey and his daughter, Maria Harvey. After brief introductions, Maria states that there is no time to waste. Her husband Jack Farmer and the children need their help right away.

Scene 5

Back on the farm, we learn that Jack Farmer is actually the farmer from the beginning of the episode, and that his children are named Buck and Willy. The three of them are currently using sledgehammers to clear away the boulders barricading the barnyard. Willy, Jack’s younger son wants to take a break. He getting warn down, and apparently, Jack and Buck are too. Jack says not to worry. Maria and their grandfather sent for help, and they should be here any minute. Buck suggests they use some of their Power Berry stash to give them super strength. But Jack reminds both his sons that those rare berries have been handed down for multiple generations, and they’re only to be used in a life-threatening emergency. He also reiterates for the hundredth time that they are not to tell a soul about these berries… not even their grandfather. At this point, the N-Team, Mayor Harvey, and Maria arrive on the scene. The mayor then introduces Jack and his grandchildren to the N-Team, placing particular emphasis on the Prince and Princess of Videoland. Buck is excited to finally get a chance to meet the legendary Captain N. And he’s also very fond of Duke, as he’s always wanted to have a dog. Jack then fills our heroes in on the full situation with the earthquake and his cattle getting buried in rubble. Aaron develops a curious look on his face. Unfortunately, he and his sons have had no luck removing the boulders. And if his cows don’t get air soon, they’ll suffocate. But Kevin says it’s no problem at all. They have just the Cybot for the job. Marina gets right to work, and one by one, she tosses the boulders off into the distance. Then Lana chimes in, saying that she and Kevin have something for Jack. And so the game master releases and sprinkler from his N64 Powerpad inventory. He explains that this new automatic sprinkler system will help Jack and his family replenish all their crops without inconvenience of having to manually water their large fields every single day.

Scene 6

Meanwhile back at Harvestland Mountain, Sonork, Lunar, Tarus, and Merco spot a Subterranean as it buries it’s spawn by a tree. Merco wonders how they can get to the eggs with that giant worm on guard, and Sonork has the solution. He wants the Beastector Trio to act as a decoy and lead the Subterranean away so he can proceed to the eggs without interference. Tarus is confused, but before he can finish his question, Sonork strikes the Subterranean with a blast from his plasma rifle, and then quickly dives behind a tree and out of view before it can spot him. Instead, seeing Lunar, Tarus, and Merco in plain view, the giant worm pursues them with fury. As the Beastector trio run away, Sonork calls out for them to meet him at Warpzone C-1-5 if they survive. Once everyone else is out of view, the insectoid goes for the Subterranean eggs and gathers them up.

Scene 7

Back on the farm, Kevin and Lana have finished installing the sprinkler system. Jack can’t thank them enough for all their help, but Lana says that his gratitude is thanks enough. They then look over to see Duke playing happily with Buck. Jack observes that his son really gets along well with Kevin’s dog. The game master replies that Duke was born and raised on a farm just like this one before the two of them met. So being in a place like this creates sort of a nostalgic feel for him. Lana chuckles as Kevin’s canine companion, and Jack’s son continue to run about. She then jokes that Kevin should be careful. Duke might want to stay here for the rest of his life. But the game master says no way. He and Duke are best buds, and they’ll always be side by side. Though the look on his face suggests he’s not entirely sure. Then Aaron and Tal run up to Kevin, Lana, and Jack. Aaron says that he analyzed the recent disaster, and it was no earthquake. Rather, some large creature created fissures beneath the surface. But Jack thinks that’s impossible. Gophers don’t come in that size and shape around here. Then a young woman, whom we learn is named Nina, runs up to the group in a panic. She frantically informs everyone that a giant worm ate everything in her flower shop, and now it’s attacking the town. So out heroes hightail it over to town, and Kevin suggests Jack and his family take shelter.

Scene 8

Meanwhile in town, the Subterranean rampages through Ellen’s restaurant, and the customers flee in a panic. Ellen takes cover behind the counter as the creature makes its way into the kitchen. Then our heroes arrive on the scene and make their way into town square breaks out through the back end of Ellen’s place and heads their way. Tal immediately recognizes it as a Subterranean from the Lost Land, but he can’t believe what he sees. Aaron responds that this is no time to question their problems, and our heroes spring to action. Lana swiftly fires a crossbow projectile at the Subterranean, despite warnings from Tal. The creature reacts angrily and starts chasing the princess. Then Marina jets in and attempts to throw the Subterranean, but instead, the creature sends the Cybot flying. Fortunately, Marina activates her jets and hovers in midair, preventing a nasty fall. Kevin and Aaron then ready their weapons. Despite warnings from Tal once again, the both fire a maser blast and flame shot simultaneously. But their shots again bounce right off the Subterranean. It then reacts angrily by spitting acid shots at the two heroes. Next, Duke and Diddy take their turn and attack by biting and grabbing the grand-sized worm. But the Subterranean knocks them aside with its claws, and Duke and Diddy land on top of Kevin and Aaron, respectively. Kevin then realizes that their shots don’t even scratch this worm. All they do is make it angrier and more aggressive; which is exactly what Tal was trying to tell them. The Turok then explains that a Subterranean’s weak spot is inside their mouths. Aaron doesn’t quite follow, but Kevin gets the idea. He tells Diddy to create an opening, and the primate does so by tickling the Subterranean, causing it to open its mouth in hysteria. As that happens, the game master draws a grenade from his N64 inventory, and tosses it inside the Subterranean’s mouth. Upon explosion, the creature collapses to the ground.

A moment later, the N-Team, among others, gather around the slayed Subterranean in Town Square. Lana wonders where such a creature could have come from, and Aaron states that Tal seems to know a lot about it. So the Turok explain this giant worm is known as a Subterranean. These creatures used to inhabit a remote area in the Lost Land. They are omnivores who eat both plants and animals. And although humans aren’t part of their diet, they are very territorial and will attack if threatened. But something doesn’t seem right. Subterraneans shouldn’t even be alive today, let alone inhabiting completely foreign territory like Harvestland. They became extinct over a thousand years ago due to poachers hunting them down. So Kevin suspects foul play. Then Ann, who’s standing with Nina and Ellen, steps forward and informs our heroes that three strange creatures crash through her hardware shop, followed by the Subterranean. She elaborates that they resembled a wolf, ape, and crow. Marina immediately recognizes them as the Beastector Trio; which means that the Campaigner is behind all this. Then, Aaron takes notice that the Subterranean has dried up very fast, and believes that it may be decaying at a far more rapid rate than any other living creature. He then suggests he take a sample of the deceased giant worm back to CCSTF headquarters, where the enhanced bio equipment may be able to tell them what’s going. Tal offers to go with him, since he may be able to provide more information. In the meantime, Kevin, Lana, and Duke will stay with the Mayor and Maria in case any more incidents occur, and Marina and Duke will look after Jack and the children. But before they separate, Lana asks Tal if there’s anything else they should know. The Turok just reiterates that Subterraneans have thick body armor, and that their only weak spot is inside their mouth.

Scene 9

Meanwhile in a tent-filled desert area on an unknown Video World, Sonork buries yet another Subterranean egg in the sand as the Beastector Trio looks on. The Insectoid then receives a call from the Campaigner, who wants a progress report. Sonork informs him that his work is almost complete. He only has one more delivery to make. In that case, the Campaigner has a job for Lunar, Tarus, and Merco. He wants them deliver the Farmer family of Harvestland before him. Word has it they know of a secret power that will greatly benefit him in his conquest of Videoland.

Scene 10

Meanwhile at CCSTF headquarters on Primeland, Aaron joins Tal inside the strategy room, having just returned from the lab. He explains that lab readings from the Subterranean sample indicate that the creature had a life acceleration of 30 thousand times the normal. Tal realizes this was due to one of the Campaigner’s bio experiments. But Aaron doesn’t think this adds up. If the Campaigner wanted to unleash an attack on Videoland, he wouldn’t just set loose a monster that has only two days to live at most. There has to be more to this. Then Kevin contacts them through Videocom, and informs his teammates that Sonork was recently cited on Planet Clancer. He was burying something in the grass, and then he took off. Then it hits Tal. He explains to the others that Subterraneans lay approx. between 20 to 30 eggs in their lifespan, and he believes that Sonork is planting these eggs all across Videoland. Aaron now realizes that the accelerated life rate would extend to the Subterranean’s offspring and beyond, and the Campaigner plans to overrun Videoland with these creatures. Kevin, states that they must warn everyone, but Lana reminds him that the only place to do that is Video Castle, and it would take days acquire the reserve power needed to do that. Tal replies that they don’t days… 30 minutes; 45 tops before the eggs hatch. But Aaron says they don’t need to warn all of Videoland… only the worlds where Sonork planted the Subterranean eggs. The others don’t quite follow. So the Colonel reminds them that Sonork has been one of the most wanted criminals on Primeland for years, and CCSTF recently acquired his bio signs as a way to keep track of him. All he has to do is input those bio signs, and cross-reference them with any warps that have been accessed in the last 24 hours.

Scene 11

Back on Harvestland Farm, Marina, Duke, Buck, and Willy frolic about in the yard as Jack watches from his kitchen window. Buck is currently playing Frisbee with Duke, while Willy pitches a ball to Marina, which she sends way off into the sky. Then Buck tosses the Frisbee behind a tree, and Duke goes to fetch it. But as he does, a shadowy figure creeps out from behind the tree, and it turns out to be Tarus. An instant later, Lunar, Tarus (holding Duke up by the collar), and Merco confront Marina, Buck, and Willy. Tarus then tosses Duke on top of Buck. Jack observes the scene from inside the house and in a panic, goes into another room. The farmer then opens a desk drawer and grabs a bag filled with red candies that resemble cranberries. Back outside, Marina prepares to deal with the Beastector Trio. She braces herself as Tarus lifts up a boulder. But then the Cybot loses her concentration when the automatic sprinkler system goes off, and the giant rock knocks her down. Duke then charges, but Lunar is ready for him, and traps the mutt inside a duffle bag. Merco then swoops down from the air and grabs Willy. Buck makes a run for it, but he is soon caught as well, with Merco snatching him by the shirt collar with his sword. As the villainess trio prepares to set off with their captive prisoners, Tarus asks about the boys’ father. But Lunar says they don’t have time to search for him. They must before the N-Team shows up. Jack then emerges from the house, only to find that he is too late as he watches the Beastector Trio head off in the distance with his sons, Marina, and Duke.

Scene 12

Back at CCSTF headquarters, Tal Set has finished putting together the emergency letter informing Video World leaders everything they need to know about Subterraneans. So Aaron then instructs him to electronically transfer the letter over to the Super Computer. It will automatically be forwarded over to the Video Worlds in the cross-reference. Then a beeping sound is heard, and the Colonel informs the Turok that another warp has just been accessed by Sonork. It’s to this world, right outside of headquarters. So the two heroes rush outside, and sure enough, Sonork is there to be confronted. Unfortunately though, the alien gets the better of them. Sonork fires a shot from his plasma rifle, which strikes the side of the building, causing rubble to fall down and knocking Aaron and Tal unconscious. Sonork then drops a Subterranean egg about ten feet away from them and heads off.

Moments later, Tal and Aaron are awakened as the rubble as apparently been removed from above them. They find themselves in the company of Teammates Kevin, Lana, and Diddy, along with Jack, Maria, and Mayor Harvey. Kevin immediately informs his teammates that Marina, Duke, and Jack’s kids have been kidnapped by the Campaigner’s henchman; which means they were no doubt taken to Campaigner Fortress. Mayor Harvey wonders how they can be sure, and Lana answers that Marina’s emergency signal will let them know. She reveals her Videocom, which obviously doubles as a tracking device. As our heroes prepare to set off, Jack says he’s coming with them. Lana says no and that it’s far too dangerous. But Jack insists that he has a secret weapon that that can help them. Plus, he can’t just sit back and do nothing while his sons are in danger. So the N-Team agrees to let him tag along. Before they go Kevin makes sure that the mayor and Maria know what to do if any more Subterraneans show up on Harvestland, and they nod yes. Then, as everyone splits up, Tal Set tells the N-Team that he’ll catch up to them later. He looks at the Subterranean egg as states that it’s about time the Campaigner got a taste of his own medicine.

Scene 13

Meanwhile at Campaigner Fortress, Marina, Duke, Buck, and Willy are tied to a metal pillar inside an electrical storage chamber as the villains stand before them. The Campaigner scolds Lunar, Tarus, and Merco for failing to bring back Jack Farmer. He is the only one that can give him the secret recipe for making Power Berries. The trio just looks about, dumbfounded. No matter, the Campaigner still believes the little Farmers might be able to give him the information he wants, and he walks up to Buck. But the boy responds that he doesn’t know the Power Berry recipe, and even if he did, he’d never give it to the Campaigner. The Cyborg warlord replies that perhaps his father would divulge their little secret in order to save the lives of his precious little ones. The Campaigner then throws out his mace two inches in front of Willy’s face, scaring the little boy half to death. Marina grumbles and Duke growls in response. Buck defiantly states that their Dad would never give away their secret, even if it cost both him and Willy their lives. The Campaigner retorts that he’ll regret those words. Lunar then hands him a small container with yet another Subterranean egg, and the Campaigner places it on the ground before the prisoners. He then explains that in less than one hour, the egg will hatch, and they will be devoured whole… that is, unless papa Farmer gets to them first. The Campaigner, Lunar, Tarus, and Merco then leave Marina, Duke, Buck, and Willy to their fate. But Marina says not to worry. She knows that her friends will reach them in tie. A red flashing light is then shown behind the Cybot’s left ear.

Scene 14

Outside the Fortress, Kevin, Lana, Aaron, Diddy, and Jack come up to a gated area. According to Lana’s Videocom tracker, Marina and the others are right this way.

From his chamber, the Campaigner observes the N-Team on monitor. Since they’ve all come this far for a reunion with their friends and family, he might as well show them the rest of the way. And the Campaigner presses a blue button on a control panel.

Back outside, Jack wonders how they will get inside. His question is answered when the gate opens upward. Our heroes head inside. Although Aaron expresses reservations, thinking that the Campaigner wants them to go inside. His reservations are confirmed when the gate shuts behind them. But Lana says they don’t have time to worry about that. They must move forward, and she points straight ahead. Jack hastily forges ahead, despite warnings from Kevin. The Farmer then suddenly drops through a trapdoor. Lana calls out to see if he’s alright, and Jack says he’s hanging in there. He is currently holding himself up by pressing his hands and feet against the wall. Kevin prepares to help Jack up, but before he can draw anything from his inventory, Diddy accidently presses his hand up against a loose tile in the wall, setting off a trap. Two doors open; one on the side wall, and other on the ceiling, and in come dozens of Mutant Crabs and Pur-Lins, respectively. Our heroes try their best to fight them off. Lana annihilates a Crab with a crossbow projectile. And Kevin blasts another with his maser. Then Aaron fires his flamethrower at two Pur-Lins. But the enemy just keeps coming. Meanwhile, Jack, who is still struggling below, pulls out his back of candied berries. Back up top, Diddy grabs hold of a Pur-Lin, gets thrown off. It seems our heroes are completely overwhelmed. But then Jack emerges from the trapdoor, and proceeds to literally pick up a Pur-Lin and throw it hard against the other Pur-Lins. This is followed up by several hard kicks and punches against the Mutant Crabs. Kevin is amazed, but Lana says this is no time to be impressed. Our heroes continue running forward as their enemies regain consciousness and pursue them. The team then enters a door, and Diddy make up top to press a button. This causes the door to close downward, trapping the Mutant Crabs and Pur-Lins on the other side. Reading her Videocom signal, Lana claims that the others are just around the corner, so they continue forward.

Scene 15

Meanwhile, Marina and company continue struggling to break free from the ropes that confine them, but to no avail. By this point the egg before them hatches, and the Subterranean grows rapidly. Marina says not to worry because Subterraneans don’t eat humans. But Buck reminds her that there’s no other food around, and the Cybot gets the point. Fortunately, Kevin and company arrive on the scene. Kevin, Lana, and Aaron all fire their weapons at the Subterranean simultaneously, drawing its attention away from the prisoners. Unfortunately, the creature then literally has them, along with Diddy, pinned up against the wall. Jack tries to remove the Subterranean from the N-Team. But his strength isn’t enough. So he tosses two Power Berries towards Buck and Willy, and they literally catch them with their mouths. The kids then break themselves, Marina, and Duke free from the ropes, and proceed to help their Dad. Together, they pick up the Subterranean, and toss it into an electrical field, causing it to fry. Once again amazed, Kevin remarks that those super strength tablets sure are something. Jack replies that were made from a mix of rare berries on Harvestland. That’s all he can. But the Campaigner insists that Jack won’t have problem with sharing the Power Berry recipe with him. Our heroes turn around to find the evil warlord, along with the Beastector Trio, along with about 100 Cyborg Warriors, and several Cyborg Masters as wells. The Campaigner suggests that Jack give him the recipe now if he and his friends wish to live. But little Willy boldly says no, and steps forward to take them all on. But Jack holds him back, stating that there’s too many to handle at once; even on super strength. So our heroes and their friends raise their hands in surrender. Then Merco observes that the one member of the N-Team appears to be missing, and the Campaigner realizes that Tal Set is not among them. Then suddenly, the ground starts to shake and an instant later, a Subterranean emerges from beneath the villains, knocking the lot of them down… though amazingly, the N-Team and friends are unharmed. In the confusion, our heroes slip by. The Campaigner orders his minions to go after them, but they are held off by even more Subterraneans that have just arrived on the scene. Sonork then contacts the Campaigner through transmission and informs the Campaigner that the Fortress is being overrun by Subterraneans, a fact he can clearly see. The Campaigner chides the insectoid for stating the obvious, and remarks that somehow, Tal Set is behind this. He must not let the N-Team escape his place, alive. Merco thinks he has the solution, and pulls a lever. The Campaigner warns him that it opens up the Flood Warp Gates, but it’s already too late. Water pours into the Fortress, washing away the Campaigner his minions, the Subterraneans, and even our heroes as they make their escape. The N-Team and the Farmers link arms, with Aaron taking the lead. Seconds later, Tal Set grabs the Colonel’s hand as he hangs upside down from an overhead pipeline. He then asks how they like his Subterranean party, and Aaron says it’s a real wash out. The Turok then says that he knows of a secret warp through the ventilation system, and pulls everyone up.

Meanwhile, the Campaigner grabs a railing to sustain himself as water continues to flood the Fortress. He then pulls a lever marked “WASTE DISPOSAL WARP.” Following this, the Subterraneans, Mutant Crabs, Pur-Lins, Cyborg Warriors, Cyborg Masters, and some of the Campaigner’s experimental materials go down the drain. Once all the water is drained, the Campaigner looks at the messy remains of his Fortress, and angrily vows to make the N-Team pay for this.

Scene 16

Later at the mayor’s manor on Harvestland, the N-Team is joined by the Farmer Family, and Mayor Harvey. Jack is impressed at how Tal Set was able to maneuver all those Subterraneans. The Turok says it was nothing. All it took was a few hours of intense breeding. But he also heard that Jack was quite a big help himself. Kevin then tells the Farmer to keep his secret. After all, the N-Team has many hidden secrets of their own. He turns to Duke for a second opinion, only to find the canine bonding with Buck. The boy asks him how he would feel about spending the rest of his life on the farm. But Jack reminds his son that Duke belongs to Captain. However, Kevin realizes that Duke has spent so many years by his side combat that up until now, he forgot what living a peaceful life was all about. He thinks that Duke should be the one to decide what he wants. The canine develops a confused look on his face as everyone awaits his answer.

Scene 17

One week later, the Star Night Festival takes place in town square of Harvestland. Many of the townsfolk and visitors have gathered for a dance with a partner. This includes Aaron with Ann, Tal Set with Nina, Marina with Willy, Ellen with Diddy, and Jack with Maria, among others. From the side, Kevin, Lana, Duke, Buck, and Mayor Harvey observe the scene. The Princess is quite amazed at how well this festival. The mayor says it’s all thanks to her, Captain N, and the N-Team. Because of their emergency funds, contacts, and organizational skills, that they were able to restore the town in time for the Star Night Festival. Kevin is eager to join in, and he asks Lana for a dance, which she gladly accepts. But as they start for the dance floor, they are stopped when Duke notices a depressed look on Buck’s face. Kevin suggests they spend some time together now, and invites Buck to visit Duke at Video Castle anytime he wants. Buck smiles, and he and Duke watch over the scene as the episode comes to a close.

1. Based on Harvest Moon for SNES
2. This is the first N64 episode based on an SNES game
3. This is the first episode where characters use a Painting Warp

Creating a parallel universe where Captain N is a successful cartoon.
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