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Title: Helping out in Bucket Town

Bren - July 2, 2010 10:40 PM (GMT)
(Note that the "Mission" is a combination of small jobs within Bucket Town, and the reward for the end would be written as the total reward for all the Jobs)

Bren smiled looking at his two small hides that he earned, he may have almost got killed but a hard day's or in his case, Night's work certainly feels good with a hard day's pay.

"Didn't think that my caps would be useless here....I even brought 50 just in case....oh well guess I have to get more jobs" Bren thought walking around the town.

Bren then stopped and noticed something, a Brahmin Caravan and a merchant talking to some customer's, and buy the looks of it, cheating them off with a laser rifle.

The merchant was lanky with slicked back hair, he had the eyes of a thief, and the movement's of a con man.He wore a standured merchant's outfit and at his side was an old 10mm pistol with a silencer. His guard was a ghoul in combat armor, on his back was an assault rifle. He just leaned against a cabin wall keeping an eye out for any trouble.

" will take the head right off a Super Mutant and even a Deathclaw, this here is the Shockomatic 5000, and for the low price of 10 large hides, I will even throw in the ammo" The merchant said, his words were like music to the people who never even seen a laser pistol, or at least an advanced one.

Bren walked up and got closer to the man and the pistol.

"You look like a smart fellow, care to buy the Shockomatic?" The Merchant asked

Bren smirked at the merchant, after looking over the rifle he knew a few things.

"Not much is going to be shot with this Phazer that is painted to look like a laser pistol" Bren said

The Merchant was surprised and the Ghoul's eye's perked up and he reached behind for his assault rifle. The merchant made a hand signal to stand down and he turned to Bren.

"I...what do you mean" The merchant asked pulling the collar of his shirt as he sweated.

"Well first off, the design is smaller then a laser pistol to begin with. I can also see saw marks near the front where the laser comes out of, most likely to cut off the Phazer's front end. And the most damning evidence is the ammo slot. The slot is in the wrong spot for a laser rifle." Bren said to the merchant, and the people began to mutter among themselves.

The Merchant leaned closure to Bren and hissed," What the fuck are you doing? You tying to ruin my business?"

Bren quietly said, "I don't like con men, I suggets you leave, or I tell someone with a bigger gun then the ghoul over there" Bren said pointing to the angry ghoul guard.

"...fine" The merchant said, he pulled up, knowing he was defeated, and if he shot Bren it would only make even more trouble in the town.

"Uh people, it would seem I got cheated myself on er, the merchandise. This young fellow here was kind enough to let me know, so now I won't have the death of one you fine people on my head now" The merchant said, trying so hard not to get shot by an angry customer.

The crowd seemed to take the lie and nodded their heads muttering some agreements and such, and the Merchant and the Ghoul took their brahmin and went out of the town.

The people began to scatter and Bren smiled knowing he did the right thing. Bren looked around and noticed the nearby shop and figured he could get some supplies.

(I will head into the shop, and then depending on what happens I will write what happened inside)

Bren - July 3, 2010 07:58 PM (GMT)
Bren stepped out of the Trader's shack, he couldn't find work and since he had a lack of funding, couldn't find anything to buy. But he didn't seem upset.

"Don't worry, I'm sure something good will run into me" Bren thought walking around the small town looking at people talking to each other, playing some cards, a couple of kids playing kick the can.

"What a nice tow-" Bren thought but the next thing that happened was him falling to the ground with the wind knocked out of him. He wasn't looking ahead and he crashed into someone else.

"ow..." Bren groaned looking up and hoping his vision would stay focused enough to see who it is.

(This part is for another member to join in, he already agreed to this so now I wait for him to post)

Bren - July 11, 2010 11:54 PM (GMT)
(As the person to join in this adventure has yet to reply or do anything, I've decided to continue without him...)

Bren was helped up by a young man, might have been in the mid 20's, he had short black hair, messy with dust and he wore some Prewar Relaxation wear with a Brahmin skin vest.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going" The man said and Bren rubbed the back of his head

"No sorry that was my fault" Bren said and the man chuckled a bit

"Its ok, names Rick" The man said shaking Bren's hand

"Bren" Bren said

"So you been here long?" Rick asked

"Not really, came down from Megaton in the DC Wasteland. Just looking for work" Bren said

"Never heard of Megaton but if its work you want I was looking for some help building a cabin" Rick said

"Ok I'm willing help out with that" Bren said smiling and the duo walked across town to the outside where Bren could see a half finished Cabin, the walls were already put up and the roof was currently in construction.

"I was able to get some of it done but I still need help before the Rain starts coming in" Rick said

"Right" Bren said picking up a nearby hammer and nails

"Shall we get started" Bren said as he climbed the ladder to the roof.

The work went by very smoothly as Bren and Rick both worked hard on the construction and once nightfall came, most of the roof was completed. All they had to do was put on some more wood for the roof to keep the water off and the construction of the outside would be done.

"Hey Rick, and friend come on down, I got some dinner ready" A female voice called out

Bren looked down to see a young woman in what looked like a Red Racer Jumpsuit, only a light blue looking at him. Her red hair flowed out like silk despite being messy.

"Oh hey Anna, this is Bren. Bren, this is my wife Anna" Rick explained

"Hey" Bren said getting down

"Well come on, I got some dinner ready for us" Anna said as they went around back and Bren freaked out when he saw what was on a large plate. A roasted Rad Roach

Bren pulled out his Laser pistol from his side and fired a shot right into the side of the meal and Rick held his shoulder

"I'm assuming you don't like bugs" Rick said

Bren shook his head

"Thought so. Don't worry my wife's cooking has yet to kill a man yet...least I don't think it did" Rick said

Bren calmed down and sat on a small rock and began to munch on some Rad leg, Anna was a decent cook if she could make a disgusting insect taste good

"So Bren, got a place to stay?" Rick asked

"Sorry I don't, I just came into town, so I don't have much money" Bren said between bites

"Well you are welcome to stay, I have a hammock you can sleep on in the back if you want" Rick said

"Thanks, thats real kind of you" Bren said smiling

"Of course, besides I still need some help working on the inside anyway" Rick said and both he and Bren chuckled a bit.

(So ends this small adventure, I got a place to sleep, and I don't expect much in the ways of reward but this was mostly to help settle Bren into the town.)

Run4 - July 12, 2010 02:52 AM (GMT)
You have a good sense of description. You do need to work on grammar and spelling: you capitilize random words. You also need to work on realism. If you mouth off to a merchant, who has a pet ghoul, chances are, you can expect some payback.

Rewards time!

1 x Hatchet - "The merchant dropped this on his way out. He won't miss it, so you slip it into your belt and say nothing to no one about it."

1 x Small Hide - "A pair of rat skins sewn together. Not worth much, but it's a fur trading settlement. Give it a shot."

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