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Title: Caleb Wolff
Description: The Big Bad Wolff

Runner4 - April 11, 2009 05:35 PM (GMT)
Level 7

Name: Caleb Wolff

SPECIAL: 7 - 7 - 7 - 1 - 7 - 8 - 3

7 Strength: Caleb is above and beyond the average in terms of sheer physical power. He's not the strongest man that'll ever be seen wandering the wastes, but he's more than strong enough to break some heads as the situation demands.

7 Perception: Sharp-eyed and alert, Caleb has practiced his observation skills his entire life as a hunter and ranger.

7 Endurance: Again, Caleb sticks out from the crowd. Described as being tough as coffin nails, and able to run for miles without tiring, he can take a lot more punishment and exertion than your average Wastelander.

1 Charisma: Caleb, while he can talk to people, prefers not to. Just as his appearance would suggest, he is something like a bear. He may seem to be large and somewhat amiable, but most of the time, he just wishes you'd shut up before he makes you. The fact that bathing is not high on his list of priorities does nothing to help. Between the smell of stale sweat, the permanent angry face, calloused hands and propensity for foul language, it could be said that Caleb is an assault on all the senses.

7 Intelligence: Caleb is an intelligent man, and this intelligence is tempered with worldly wisom. He's likely to make the smart decision, unless under life-threatening pressure.

8 Agility: Quick on his feet, Caleb's movements are much quicker and smoother than those of people around him, and he moves with a boxer's grace.

3 Luck: Caleb will never be counted among the luckiest men in the world. He's not so bad as to be tripping over his own feet and falling down stairs as a result, but when a luckier person would be flying along, Caleb's progress would be decidedly average.

Race: Human (Irish, German, Russian, Haitian, Jamaican, Samoan, Navajo, Apache, Comanche, among others)

Age: ca. 32

Caleb's personality is rarely displayed, like all of his settlement's inhabitants, he displays nothing to outsiders other than an aura harder than granite. He is calm, cold and calculated. He has spent his life adapting to the harsh day-to-day life in the Wastes, and has become accustomed to firends waking up, going out, and never coming back.

He is very difficult to identify with, and sees weakness as a byword for impending death. He is a typical frontiersman, aiding the group in survival, but at the same time, looking out for number one. Any newcomers to his little itinerant group will have to work hard to earn his trust and acception.

In spite of being calm and level-headed at most times, if pushed sufficiently, Caleb is a notorious hot-head. Generally, this is most noticeable in combat. He has a ferocious temper when fighting, and if he decides the situation necessitates it, he will, and does hurt people badly. Put bluntly, as a man, he's cold and calculating, but as a fighter, he's about as vicious as they come.


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Height: 6' 4"
Weight: c. 245lbs

Caleb is a large, lean, well built man. His body is adapted for strength, rather than bulging muscles. Every movement hints at deceitful speed and whipcord strength. While it can be said that he is not ridiculously broad, he is heavily muscled in the fashion of an all-round athlete, and years of natural selection in the group he grew up in have put him on a level comparable to, if not marginally above Pre-War Olypic Athletes.

His face is angular, and always seems to be scowling, giving him the appearance of a much older man. His long hair is tied in Dreadlocks, and his goatee is surrounded with stubble. He has ritual tribal scars on both of his cheekbones and intricate tattos on his back, chest and shoulders. His body is also a criss-crossing network of battle scars, which he wears with pride, as symbols of his prowess.

He also wears a necklace made with the teeth of the Grator he killed.

Caleb was born into the Kurgan Tribe, a force of die-hard, shamanistic warriors whose warlike ways have scattered their legends far and wide throughout Texas. The group is incredibly tight knit, although any outsider can join, provided they are willing to share with the others. It comprises of mainly mixed-race individuals, and the ethnicity of the original members is little-known outside the tribe, thought long-since lost to time and the shifting sands of the Wastelands by outsiders.

Caleb was born into one of the hunter families of the group, and was expected to be able to kill wildlife such as Brahmin and Mole Rats from a very early age. The first creature he killed was a bird, with his bare hands. His parents were kind, but firm, and he was forced to learn to think on his feet from the word go.

He grew up fast, and he grew up mean. Though he had a slow fuse, it was extremely short, making him slow to start a fight, but quick to finish one. Being the Tribe's best hunter, he is often away from them for extended periods, hunting larger or more dangerous creatures than his less skilled tribesmen, to provide the tribe with more valuable hides for trading, or for more exotic food for the tribe's many and varied special occassions. This has led to a somewhat gruff "Frontiersman" personality, due to isolation from society for days on end. It isn't that he can't sit down and have a conversation, he just prefers not to. What other people have to say or what they think rarely interests him. He also suffers from a sense of extreme wanderlust, and has explored much of the area around his Tribe's land, knowing many of the local landmarks, and travelling routes that few others know and even fewer dare tread.

His tribe are closer to Scavvers than Tribals, but when the technology failed, many of them began to take on shamanistic beliefs, praying to whatever spirits could help them. As such, they are Earth-worshippers. This Shamanistic lifestyle has led many observers to think that they are primitive. Quite the opposite. They are all apt fighters and hunters, and all of them are literate. More than can be said for most "civilized" Wastelanders.

It should be noted that the hardline survivalists that founded the group wished to rebuild society, and the tribe is in possession of a large collection of Pre-War books, including many informational tomes such as Dean's Electronics and Pugilism Illustrated. There were also a significant amount of people who were well-versed in various martial disciplines, and several sharp-eyed hunters and soldiers. These traditions were kept alive and gradually evolved into the two main Kurgan fighting styles, Kurgan Infighting and Kurgan Boxing, both of which are taught extensively to Kurgan children and practiced intensely by adult Kurgan. Due to his size and strength, he has a distinct advantage in close combat, as most foes find it very difficult to get past his crushing jabs and kicks, which, as his fellow Tribesmen say, "Go on for-bloody-ever".

Strengths and Weaknesses
Caleb's strengths lie mainly in being able to kill things. He is capable with his hands, his higly versatile martial arts abilities really coming into their own against the likes of Raiders and Feral Ghouls, although less so against wildlife such as Brahmin and Wild Dogs. He is a good shot with a rifle, though a self-proclaimed lousy shot with thrown weapons and most explosives at anything but the closest ranges. His ability in human-to-human combat with melee weapons is largely limited to offensive ability, as he rarely uses his club on human targets. He is also an above-average lock-picker, given that his group often break into Pre-War buildings for supplies. He is physically strong enough to fire his Stoner from the shoulder with reasonable accuracy, particularly when the fire selector is set to single shot or five shot bursts.

His main weakness is his rough-and-ready personality. He dislikes people who do not belong to his survivalist tribe, seeing them as soft-bellied and impractical. As such, his people skills are atrocious. He is a terrible hacker as well, given that his family group have little to no access to terminals. He is hopeless with energy weapons, and so rarely uses them, in spite of a willingness to add their power to his repetoire of skills. His medical abilities are largely limited to first aid and field medicine, using a hot gun barrel to cauterize wounds and on one occassion using an industrial staple gun as a substitute for stitches.

Physically and mentally, he has been described as being tougher than nuclear coffin nails. He has a freakishly high drug tolerance, and can push through injuries through sheer grit. His size and powerful build bely his incredible speed, and years of running, fighting and hunting have given him great stamina. Were it not for the fact that he is the conversational equivalent of being hit hard with a blunt object, he would be an asset to any Wasteland group.

-Chem Resistant

Karma: -40

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Inventory Moved To Follow-on Post.

Augmented Desert Clothing, with extra plating and a rubber armour vambrace on the right arm

Stoner 63 (Good Condition Mounted Machinegun)

10mm Pistol (Good Condition)

Hard-knuckled Motorcycle Gloves (Rock Knucles)

2 x Primitive shortswords - (1 - Poor Condition), (2 - Good Condition)

1 x Rusty Pirate Dagger

Caleb carries an old Sports Bag for those times when he sees something worth grabbing. It also serves as a useful distraction when thrown at an enemy to draw fire or attention while Caleb opens up with his MG or closes the distance to snap a few necks.

Nuka Cola x 1

Jet x 1

Large Hide x 1

Ear of Corn x 2

Leatherneck Magazine x 1

Eyepatch x 1

Smart Maker x 1:
Actually called a minature mental quanitfier, this odd device seems to run on some silly notion that if you put it to your head and let it blast you with minor bouts of radiation it can show on it's dial how intelligent you are. Product placement seems to indicate it once hooked to a machine that would kick out a Sincerely Sweet Tea if you got a high score. It goes all the way from "Dumb as a bag of hammers." to "Nuclear powered idea machine".

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Recent History:

Stayin' Alive
Caleb met with Eli Ambrose, Betty Brown, Jonas Sheckley and Josef O'Brien. Between them all, they fought off a pack of Wild Dogs.

Keeping the Order for O'Boyle
Caleb, accompannied by Jonas Sheckley and Josef O'Brien, cleared out a large-scale brawl in Bobo's Bar in Bucket Town. The pitched battle that erupted drew O'Boyle's attention towards Corroto and his operations.

O'Boyle on a Mission
Again accompannied by Sheckley and O'Brien, and one Dejan Malik, Caleb captured, tortured and executed the mobster known as Miguel in connection with the brawl at Bobo's.

In a brief reunion with Betty Brown and Eli Ambrose, Caleb found himself caught in another bar room brawl in defence of old friends and new acquaintances.

Caught in the Hunt
Along with Darrel Cohen and Judas Sanford, Caleb hunted and killed a pack of Molerats who were preying on travellers and traders.

O'Boyle Brings the Pain
Along with Josef and Willaim Bureaugard, Caleb stormed Corroto's mansion and eventually captured a man assumed to be Corroto. Caleb, in particular, slew an inordinate amount of mobsters in the assault, while Josef O'Brien was killed by enemy fire.

As the Dust Settles . . .
Released from prison for his multiple acts of vigilantiism in Bucket Town, Caleb was given the choice of exile or joining Gerade's efforts at spreading justice. Caleb was tasked with the destruction of a laboratory cooking methamphetamine for adding to the local Jet supplies. Caleb killed the three Meth-Burners and their four guards. He also allowed the villa the laboratory was set up in to burn to the ground after one of them attacked him with a makeshift flamethrower. Replaced his BAR with a Stoner 63.

I've Got a Chair
Caleb met up with a trio of mercenaries, Ben Ezio, Sam Steigmin and eventually Jack Dunn. The four of them invaded a Steel Mill with the intent on looting scrap metal from the creaking shell of the building, but came under heavy attack by the Raiders and Radscorpions that occupied the Steel Yard and Steel Mill, respectively.

Law Enforcement
Caleb joined forces with a man named Keagan to investigate a feud between two local families, the Boothes and the Linconsons. After a short investigation of the Boothe farm, which was found to be empty, they moved on to the Linconsons. However, it was discovered that the Linconsons had killed the Boothes and were in fact members of some strange cult. .

Out of Dodge
After escaping the Linconson house, Caleb engaged in a short running battle in the Linconson fields, and came under pursuit by several attack dogs as well as the Linconson Farm Hands. After a lengthy and exhausting chase, Caleb killed the last of his pursuers when he returned to the Steel Yard, but was severely wounded in return.

King of the Road
Caleb was picked up from the Steel Yard by a stranger named Paul English, who had Caleb nursed back to health to have him scout out the Sabine River Mental Hospital. En route to the asylum, Caleb guided a group of Ghouls to Unity Bridge and killed a Grator.

Hunter Hunted
Paul English double-crossed Caleb and led him into the hunting grounds of a trio of Wastelanders paying English to find human prey for their twisted game. Caleb killed all three and prepared to head down the warpath against English.

Lights For The Metro
Caleb joined several other adventurers to acquire a power source to light the settlement in Westfield Metro Station. The mission failed, however, when progress grew too slow and the Ghouls inhabiting the target mall began to gather and block the path to the generators whose fuel cells they were to loot.

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