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Title: Too many debts
Description: Hanging up the boots for Eddy

Golgotha - June 8, 2011 10:01 PM (GMT)
OOC: Due to the apparent failure of the casino, I think it's best that I have Eddy dead. And is there any other way to go than death by angry investors? Any way, you guys aren't ready for a casino yet. ;)


Eddy woke up slowly, a breeze terminated in the room from an open window. He was high up in The Stint, he gripped his head and groaned, his brain throbbed thunderously from the drinking last night. The casino was failing all around him and the urge to give in was tempting, he sat up and swigged at a glass containing some brown tinted water, the horrible concoction drooled down his mouth and he swore the taps were slowly killing him. It was only then that his eyes opened wide, his window wasn't open when he had returned to his room earlier on. The catch was faulty, that was all. He stood up, stretched and yawned then walked over and leant out the window to try and see outside. Hearne really didn't stretch very far into the wastes, he had a good view from here and -

A hand grabbed Eddy's neck and pushed him forward so his chest was pushed out the window, practically dangling over the edge his legs lashed out and a voice made a muffled oompf, the grip on his neck loosened then tightened with conviction. Eddy's eyes watered and then, he was pulled back inside. He turned but the attacker anticipated the move and swerved to stay behind the midget, before planting a fist firmly into his spine, bowling Eddy forward.
"You have debts Mr. Gauss," said a quiet hissing voice.
"Wh-at?" Eddy cracked and tried to pick himself up but a kick to the back of the head forced him back down onto the floorboards where he splayed out like an exotic carpet.
"And I am a debt collector!"
"Manticore, you dirty - fuck," Eddy shouted and tried to pick himself up, this time he succeeded and swung a punch without looking, he collided with nothing more than the dusty air. But now he was face to face with the back stabbing bastard.

"What is this ghoul?" Eddy questioned, hurt more by the betrayal than the forceful blows.
"You have debts," he repeated, "I am taking over and I need your petite arse out of the picture, you aren't a survivor, let alone a businessman, your a child who never grew up now go back to your slaughtered family!" And with one swift movement, he drew a pistol from his pocket and shot Eddy through the chest.
He gasped and made an effort to clutch at the man but he could not and instead stepped backwards, forced off balance by the power of the blast. He stood by the window and growled, his gun lay agonizingly far away so he tried to lunge but another shot rang through the air and again, dug into his chest, this time making a terrible red exit wound.

Eddy fell back and this time, tripped out of the window. The dissent was short and arguably undeserved but no one survives a fall from twenty stories up and sure enough, he landed with a splat, living only long enough - for a fraction of a second - to see a familiar black car parked outside. The investors were taking their assets, as had been their plan from the start. The Stint, was under new management and eddy was dead.

Zilabus - June 9, 2011 09:36 PM (GMT)
You know, it's a bit of a shame. I mean, it's hard to run a Casino in the climate, undoubtedly, but I think I would've liked to see a harder run at it. On the bright side, perhaps this will help spawn other characters on missions to build their own wealth in fun ways?

Anyways, I suppose that's all she wrote for Eddy.

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