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Lethuron Windwolf - October 9, 2007 04:45 PM (GMT)
A history of magic

Use of warrens.

The use of a warren of magic requires one or more of your character's powers. This ensures that they remain at an appropriate level, and prevents excessive use. Almost every type of character has the potential to make use of some form of magic, and some even require it.
To give your character the ability to use magic, one of their powers will be devoted to one of the warrens listed below. The name of the power will correspond to the type of magic you choose, and should be followed by details such as how they use it, and came to possess such power.

Inherent; Many races or bloodlines within races have espeically strong ties to magic, and will be more adept at its use than others. This is usually the same for every member of such a bloodline, and they will have a long-standing tradition of its use. Many of these will be powerfull and well known families, with generatons of notable members of the Coven, each taking after the last.

Learning; Through years of practice, one's command of magical energy can be built upon, and made use of. Although time consuming, and very difficult, it is possible for almost any sentient being to become a proficent magic user with time and determination. However, without a background in magic, they are at a disadvantage compared to those born in to the art.

Gifts; Gods, Demons and other powerfull beings are known to have great influence on the power of magic, and can, if so inclined, bind and sever one's ties to it. Through worship, commonly involving ritual sacrifice, indeviduals or groups can take a "short cut" to power by a pact with a demon or god. However, this is a gift which can be taken as soon as given, and the most cruel of Demons will lead followers to commit even greater acts of destruction to fulfill their lust for power.

Note that more powers/longer training/greater sacrifices will be required for greater degrees of power. For example ritual killing of livestock could be used to buy one the power to throw fireballs, but greater creatures would be required if one desired the ability to incinerate buildings. Likewise decades of research will yeild more effective control than a few months. Unless part of an especially large ritual, most magic can be used at will, with no preparation required.


Below is a list of the various warerns, or paths, of magic that one can choose from. Each is seperate from the others, and only one can be taken per level. List the name of the warren, and a short summary when you choose one of these for your character.

Curativo: The Path of Healing; allows treatment of injuries and diseases. Wounds can be repaired in seconds, by accelerating the healing process. At higher levels, even usually fatal wounds can be repaired as the power of the healer stemming bleeding and mending shattered bones. This power can also be used at the cellular level, to purge people and places of bacteria and viruses, although this will require a great degree of control to specify targets. Those able to use this magic are in demand at the city hospital and arena, where many lives are saved each day.

De'eminai: The Path of the Stone; allows petrifaction of wood and passage through solid stone, and other earth related powers. Users can change the landscape, for example saturating a patch of dirt in to mud, or shaping a rock/stone surface to resemble a bed of nails. A less violent use for their power is for maintaining, or sculping, staues and buildings.

May'nata: The Path of the Mind, allows manipulation of thoughts and emotions of individuals and groups. Users of this path of magic can blind, deceive and trick the thoughts and sences of others. While often used as a cheap trick in battle, theives too have a use for this power. More civilised practitioners make excelent actors or performers, capable of controlling the emotions and perceptions of an audience.

Alcar: The Path of the Water, allows manipulation of pressure and summoning of underwater creatures. Users of Alcar can summon torrents of water to drive off or drown foes, or open fords for passage though rivers. Those with such power are essential for travel by sea.

Dalímraku: The Path of Darkness, allows concealment through Darkness, grants control over the dark. Shadows can be manipulated by a user of Dalímraku, to create terrifying creatures of darkness, or else use it for their own means. This path is most commonly used by vampires.

Saihr: The Path of the Sky. Grants mastery over coulds, and weather. Those who practice Saihr can summon storms, or winds to change environmental conditions. mages capable of this are in great demand for travellers, and those who hold outdoor events. With the re-advent of air-travel, the future looks bright.

Fiasc'air: The Path of Fire, allows control of fire. Users of Fiasc'air tend to use their powers in a more deadly way than others. Cooking without fuel is fine, but torching homes and their occupants is better. Throwing up walls of fire, and igniting stuff with the power of one's will are the kind of thing to expect from this path.

Luminai: The Path of Light. Allows one to manipulate light, and create blasts of energy. This path is strongest during the day, when sunlight can be harnessed to amplify one's power tenfold. Some uses for this power are employed in battle, directing withering lances of energy to destroy targets, while others are used for more civil purposes. The lights of the city are powered by Luminai. Users of this path have an unplesant history with those who favour Dalímraku. X

Icina'lai: The Path of the Cold; allows powerful blasts of ice. Those skilled in this path can quick-freeze a rom in moments, or summon glaciers to crush buildings.

Croh'ila: The Path of Poison and Disease; it allows the manipulations of illness. Most commonly practiced by evildoers and assassins, this path can be used to alter and spread disease. A simple cold can be made into deadly flu, wildly contagious or more subtle to wipe out entire opposing camps or factions.
Also usefull for the creation of deadly poisons. No good assassin would operate without poisons blessed by a user of Croh-ai.
Users of this path are cast out by the city Hospital, and healers in general, carrying a well deserved reputation.

Chaotica: Path of Chaos; Allows one to manipulate death and destruction as a weapon. A common warren for Death cultists and berzerkers. Dangerous to use, and almost impossible to control, Chaotica draws out the natural entropy of magical energy, from before the Wordsmiths, usefull for only wholesale destruction. In this way, it is not really a warren at all, however its use is similar.
When a user of chaotica draws on this power, they open the floodgates to madness. Torrents of fire, and terrible forces of nature are released at random on the target, often with the collapse of space and time. Inherently hard to control, this can create magical tempests which lay waste to leauges of land, and makes no discrimination between targets.
Anyone known to use Chaotica, or even possess lore related to it, is a hated enemy of the Guild, who see this as a violation of everything they work to acheive. The potential for large scale destruction is such that anyone associated with this kind of magic will most likley become the target of assassins and autorities long before they are able to use it.

Orius Mortuus: The path of death; and warren of choise for death cultists. Allows one to raise the dead for his own gains. These "undead" that have been raised will be more numerous and more animated depending on the user. An apprentice may be able to command a couple of shambling zombies, while a master would be capable of rasing a legion of skeletal warriors.
Note that there must be bodies nearby to ressurect, and that they will remain in their rotting/decomposed condition despite the best efforts of the user, unless one combines it with Curativo, a forbidden combination with unpredictable results.


These are weapons or other items suffused with, or bound to, magical energy. Their creation is and art all but forgotten, requiring prefect harmony between a master of the warren, and a master weaponsmith, able to create a suitable container for the power. Not only this, but there are precious few rare materials capable of storing and absorbing this energy.
However, the results are impressive. The particular attributes of the weapon are as variable as the warrens themselves, and can lead to many exotic and deadly weapons. Swords, which lash out with chains of fire, or guns which fire bolts of pure light are a few less imagiantive examples.
Usually a power is required for your character to weild a warreneer weapon, as their power and rarity is on par with any supernatural ability or skill.

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