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Title: Bobbi Morse-Barton
Description: Mockingbird

Barbara Morse-Barton - April 2, 2009 01:59 AM (GMT)
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Personnel File:

Full Name:Barbara "Bobbi" Morse-Barton
Code Name: Mockingbird
Date of Birth: May 5, 1981
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Next of Kin: Martha Morse (mother), Dan Morse (father), Clint Barton (estranged husband)
Team Affiliation: Beta
Known Enemies: None
Physical Stats:
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Build: Thin, lean.
Uniform: Pictured here. Bobbi's uniform is black with a white strip down the front torso and down the back with bell sleeves and cut off like a bathing suit. She wears over the knee boots, with a small heel in black. She has a face mask in black and white.
Face Claim: Kirsten Bell
Picture: user posted image
Psychological Profile:
Personality: Barbara is a serious, quiet type. She's always been so dedicated to whatever she's doing at the time, often times it can seem like she's got blinders on. However, Barbara is more than aware of things that go on around her and while she might not seem compassionate she very much is a person who cares and has a great passion for life.
Barbara can hold a grudge, especially if she is hurt but she tends to give in easily if someone manages to say the right things at the right time to placate her.
Habits/Hobbies: Gymnastics, enjoys shopping, coffee, vodka, and warm baths.
Human Weapon
Powers: Superbly trained athlete and gymnast, various unarmed combats, and espionage. Expert with battle-stave weapon.
weaknesses: Bobbi is human, and has no special defense or super power in order to withstand going up against any other super (she does so anyway...)
History: Barbara grew up in San Diego, California in a stable and loving home. She had begun to train in gymnastics at a very young age, most of her time was divided between her training and her schooling. Eventually her skill level was at the point where she qualified for the Olympic gymnastics team for the 2004 Summer Olympics, a dream since childhood achieved especially after wining multiple medals in those games. There she unexpectedly met the love of her life, Clint Barton and the two began a whirlwind romance, shortly thereafter, marrying.

After a year or two of living off of funds gained from advertising and sponsorships, Bobbi got bored with a passive sort of life. She mulled through different sorts of jobs, bit took a vested interest in the martial arts, training and mastering in karate. Eventually her skill landed her a job with S.H.I.E.L.D, helping to train recruits. They found Bobbi's skill and tenacity to be such an asset that, her, as well as her husband were contacted by the Avengers and placed on the BETA team due to their particular skills. Bobbi took on the mantle of "Mockingbird" and Clint, "Hawkeye". While Clint commitment to his duties as an Avenger grew, it seemed to parallel his lack of commitment in their marriage. Leaving for weeks on end, she became more than aware of his numerous affairs when rumors began to leak back to her about Clint's wandering eye. This left Bobbi devastated but she refuses to let it be known that it bothers her in the least. In public she and Clint seem to get along just fine, but she barely speaks to him outside of a team situation. For now, Bobbi is concentrating on getting her life back together but has stalled in pushing through the papers for their divorce. Its obvious she still has feelings for him.

For the moment, she seems content to bury herself in mission after mission.
Player Details:
Name: Amy
Age: 88
RP Sample:

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