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 The Carnivores Saga Discord
Posted by glitchhunter09 - 01-26-17 05:43 - 2 comments
I started it in light of recent events. Also because not everyone has access to the steam group chat. Through here, we should get more people tha more
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 The forum is back
Posted by machf - 01-23-17 16:54 - 5 comments
Hi, guys. In view of the recent developments over at the newer Carnivores Saga forum, we're reactivating this one. Old accounts are still here, so just login and post. If you can't remember your password, well, I guess you should contact me more
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 The forum goes on
Posted by machf - 03-4-13 22:53 - 0 comments
Contrary to recent speculation, this forum isn't going to close down. I've been considering the events of the past weeks, and this weekend I reached the conclusion that the creation of a new forum doesn't require the disappearance of thi more
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 New Logo-Banner thing
Posted by Rexhunter99 - 01-27-13 07:34 - 3 comments
Here it is in it's medium-res glory, I have a 2000 pixel wide version too.

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Posted by Rexhunter99 - 12-11-12 09:34 - 0 comments
Apparently Carnivores 2 was entered into best app awards on SlideDB (which is a child of ModDB but for apps)

Let your friends know and get them to vote so it can get a good place and more publicity!

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