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  1. In memory of Maude (Dickson) Jones
  2. 10 Oldest People per year 1940-1949
  3. Important dates Jiroemon Kimura until 31.Dec.2013
  4. In memory of Rebecca Hewison, nee Ramsdale
  5. In memory of Tama Taira
  6. In memory of Mary Fillebrown
  7. In memory of Maybelle Stansfield Montgomery
  8. In memory of Mary Belle (Murphy) Whiffen Crombie
  9. 2 Years Without Walter Breuning
  10. Koto Okubo Photo?
  11. Learning about past supercentenarians.
  12. Mathew Beard
  13. Smallest age difference between WOM and #10 living
  14. How long would Henny van Andel have lived had her
  15. How long would Walter Breuning have lived without
  16. Matthew Beard
  17. Jeanne Calment, photo at 80?
  18. The GRG - Tables
  19. Mamie Rearden 115th
  20. Jeanne Calment song
  21. Edna Parker (1893-2008) 'NEW'!!!
  22. Calment bed-ridden
  23. Maria Gravigi
  24. Susie Gibson's Age
  25. How long will it take for Kimura to get double-
  26. Kimura's family claims he was born on March 19
  27. Funny and notable grave of a specific SC
  28. Question about the 20 year rule
  29. Most easily preventable male and female SC deaths?
  30. How old was Robert A. Early when he died?
  31. Would Besse Cooper Have Lived to 117
  32. Oldest female & male SCs to go outside
  33. Travelling SCs?
  34. George Frederick Ives(place of birth)
  35. Maria Capovilla lived to their full potential?
  36. Besse Cooper
  37. What is the highest age someone has reached
  38. August 4, 1997 was a historic day...
  39. Should the GRG allow age to be used as a DOB proxy
  40. Favorite Male SC?
  41. Fun fact about SCs week days
  42. Question About Verfying Past SCs Who Died Long Ago
  43. wikipedia msitake about sue utagawa!
  44. SC Age Milestones Broken by Less Than One Month
  45. 116 clusters
  46. Have Any SCs Ever Survived Pneumonia?
  47. similarities between Kimura and Calment
  48. Very robust SCs who became bedridden and died
  49. Most amazing supercentenarian
  50. How old was James M. King when he died?

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