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  1. Could Mortensen or del Toro have reached 116?
  2. Should Jeanne Calment be called supercentenarian?
  3. In memory of Clara da Conceicao Lopes dos Santos
  4. Supercentenarians that used cell phones?
  5. Mathew Beard: Oldest Black Man Ever?
  6. did shigechiyo izumi really reach 120?
  7. Supercentenarians as Representatives of Humanity
  8. In memory of Elsie May Steele
  9. In memory of Susie Nelson.
  10. In memory of Elizabeth (Reinart) Neu
  11. James McCoubrey-The new WOM
  12. Last person older than who?
  13. What do you think Kimura's real birth date is?
  14. Kimura would have been oldest Japanese
  15. Do you think Thomas Peters was a true case?
  16. Did Jeanne Calment really reach 122?
  17. Autentication in digital era
  18. Aarne Arvonen
  19. Video of the late Reg Dean
  20. In memory of Ersilia de Costanza
  21. In memory of Aurelia Ratto Marotta
  22. In memory of Katharine (Hardman) Davenport
  23. Jiroemon Kimura illnesses in 2013 questions
  24. Could Jeanne Live More
  25. First real supercentenarian
  26. Very interesting facts/observations
  27. In memory of Maxine Burnside Ashinger
  28. Supercentenarians who could have lived longer
  29. In memory of Yukichi Chuganyi
  30. In memory of Abbie C. Stewart
  31. In memory of Elin Karlsson
  32. In memory of Nobu Abe
  33. In memory of Maria Luiza Beires Nunes da Silva
  34. In memory of Dora (Swyers) McRae
  35. In memory of Elsie Kate (Merrington) Day
  36. What is Delma Kollar's true date of birth?
  37. In memory of Etta Howe Parker
  38. In memory of Fannie Forman Buten
  39. Last person to have actual memory of the 1800s
  40. In memory of Ida Phoebe Keen
  41. In memory of Maude (Dickson) Jones
  42. Important dates Jiroemon Kimura until 31.Dec.2013
  43. In memory of Rebecca Hewison, nee Ramsdale
  44. In memory of Tama Taira
  45. In memory of Mary Fillebrown
  46. In memory of Maybelle Stansfield Montgomery
  47. In memory of Mary Belle (Murphy) Whiffen Crombie
  48. Koto Okubo Photo?
  49. Learning about past supercentenarians.
  50. Mathew Beard

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