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 Shakira's Attack
Posted: Sep 24 2006, 10:51 PM
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“So… What is this again?” Inuyasha asked, eyeing Kagome who snorted. She gripped her pencil harder than she had in a long time. “Its homework…” she growled, feeling her eyebrow twitch out of anger. He had been annoying her for what felt like forever, but it had only been half an hour. “I have to finish it or else I might get left behind.”

He tilted his head to the side and tried to comprehend what Kagome had just said. “Left… behind? What’s that?”

Her glance at him was piercing. “I thought we were left behind when Miroku and Sango went scouting out up ahead so I could finish my homework…” “Yeah but-” “I have to finish my homework! “But-” “No buts! Homework comes first!” “Yeah, but-” Kagome’s patience was at its end. “SIT BOY!!!”

Miroku and Sango came up as Inuyasha plunged headfirst into the ground. He sat up spluttering and glared knives at her. “Kagome, Inuyasha,” Miroku said, out of breath. “We’ve have just heard something from a dieing demon… and it’s extremely strange.”

Kagome looked up, a questioning look crossing her face. “What is it?” “The demon said that just before he had been injured, he seen Naraku with a woman. Apparently he was trying to consume her and receive her powers, but he failed. He had been trying really hard… If Naraku wants to become one with him that bad, then it must be a dangerous demon indeed.”

Inuyasha jumped, up, his hand moving to his side as he gripped the tetsaiga. “So… Naraku is up to something? How did the demon know anything about Naraku?”

Miroku shrugged and shook his head sadly. “That’s the one part we don’t know. It died before we could extract any more information from it,” Sango said, sitting down and leaning against a large stone. Kilala jumped down and mewed softly as Sango stroked her. “I wonder if it’s the truth… Will he send Kohaku after her?”

Kagome sighed and put her pencil down. “I’m sure Naraku won’t! I mean, why would he? All Kohaku can do is kill, and he can’t do much with a-”

She gasped slightly as Inuyasha punched the ground. “It doesn’t matter. I just want him dead,” He growled. Kagome put her hand on his shoulder, hoping to calm him, but he shrugged her away. “How long will it be before I can avenge Kikyo’s death?” he growled.

Kikyo seems to be the only person Inuyasha cares about,’ Kagome thought, her hand moving instinctively to the sacred jewel shard that hung around her neck. Her eyes moved down to the ground. ‘I bet he hardly thinks about me… The only reason he’s after Naraku is to get the sacred jewel fixed, avenge Kikyo, and become a full fledged demon. Not to stick around me or any of his friends.'

A scream brought Kagome, temporarily, out of her depression. She jumped up and grabbed her bow and arrows. With her quiver on her back, she began to run with everybody else. The gang entered a wood and trees whipped past Kagome. One cut her arm as she tried to duck under a branch, and warm blood began to stream down her arm. Inuyasha looked back momentarily and saw that her sleeve was slightly scarlet. “Kagome, your-” “It’s nothing. Just a scratch,” she muttered, putting her left hand to her arm. Inuyasha looked worried as he always did when Kagome began to bleed, even if it was just a slight prick, but nodded and turned away.

Finally, they skidded into a clearing. There, in the middle, lay a young woman. She wasn’t bleeding, but was bunched up in a ball. Her long black hair fell to the ground and covered her face. Kagome stepped forward to try and help her… but Miroku was faster.

Sango groaned as he walked forward. Miroku bent by her and smiled kindly. “My dear lady,” he said calmly, his hand inching up her leg. The woman looked up, her face mournful and sad. “You… you are a monk, are you not?” she asked, tears slowly spilling down her face. “Father said I must bare the child of a monk…”

Miroku started as she hugged him, but smiled. “Why, of course! I would be glad to-” He started and pushed her away. “You are no human!” he growled. Sango blinked and gave him a puzzled expression, then snorted. “I guess her saying that only a monk could be the father of her children proves it… and the fact that she chose Hoshi-sama for it…” she muttered, her hand clenching into a fist and her face turning away.

Kagome shook her head and knocked an arrow to her bowstring. “Miroku, how can you tell she’s a demon?” she asked, eyeing Miroku. “I could feel some spikes break past the skin down her spine,” growled the monk, clutching his staff and scrambling away from the woman.

She stood up and began to laugh. “I guess I’ve been found out,” she growled. Suddenly, spines ripped out of her back and she began to grow. Soon, she pushed back the branches that were beginning to cover the clearing’s top.

Kagome gasped. This demon looked a lot like another Godzilla, though much smaller! “Inuyasha!” she shouted, turning to him. “We need to stop her growing!” He nodded and unsheathed the Tetsaiga. “Kagome, get behind me,” he growled.

“Oh, no you don’t,” roared the demon. She raised her hand and brought it swinging down at Kagome, who screamed. “KAGOME!” came Inuyasha’s voice.

He rushed towards her, his heart racing. The demon swatted him away like a fly.

“INUYASHA!” Kagome’s voice echoed eerily around the clearing as the hand sped towards her. She closed her eyes. This demon wouldn’t be the last thing she saw before she left this world. No. She pictured Inuyasha. He would be the last thing she saw before death.

“Jaykala, stop this. I told you just to hold them off for a while, not to eat the girl,” growled a voice, as a beautiful woman stepped out of the shadows. She had long black hair that fell down to her waist. A long black dress covered most of her body. It was ripped at the bottom, but a slight grey one was underneath. That was also ripped, and a long white skirt was left. It covered her feet, and she seemed to float across the grass towards the demon and Kagome.

Long pointed ears poked through the curtain of black hair, and part of her hair was put up in a bun. That part was white, and it was pinned to the back of her head. As Inuyasha looked strait at the woman who turned towards him, it looked like a white sun was shining just behind the woman’s head.

“Who… who are you?” Inuyasha stuttered, shivering as a cold wind blew away the forest. “Where… What happened to the forest?”

“There never was a forest. You are on the edge of a cliff. It’s been called the cliff of death, for many have walked along its edge and fallen within, never to be seen again.” The sound of a crashing river below almost drowned out the woman’s words. A single lone tree sprouted, and the woman clicked her fingers. The tree’s branches reached out and grabbed Inuyasha, who cried out, but his Tetsaiga was stuck in the ground five feet away.

The tree pulled him towards him, sucking him in. “LET GO OF ME BITCH! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” Inuyasha yelled, struggling to free himself from the branches that were still pulling him towards the tree.

“I? Who am I, you ask. I am Shakira, the wish granter, time stiller, and the tree mistress. You wish to become a full fledged demon? Your wish shall be granted.”

The bark of the tree hurt as Inuyasha was pressed against it. A groan came from his lips. “Why would you change me?” Inuyasha growled, glaring at her.

“I am surprised you would even have to ask,” hissed Shakira, smirking slightly. Inuyasha didn’t like that look. “Wait… ‘Time stiller’? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He already knew.

As Inuyasha looked around the clearing, he saw Kagome still screaming from under the demon’s hand, Sango and Miroku running to save her, but two more trees suddenly appearing behind them and was sending their tendrils out to stop them.

A smile spread itself across Shakira’s lips. “I can see you know what I mean.” She reached out towards Inuyasha’s chest. He tried to squirm himself away from her, but it was no use.

He cried out as her fingers entered his chest. Inuyasha could almost feel her fingers searching around inside of him until they gripped his heart. This Shakira lady gave one squeeze to his heart before ripping part of it out.

Inuyasha slumped against the vines. Black hair fell into his eyes, and he realized his senses were dulled. ‘She’s…she’s turned me into a human!’ he thought, looking up dazed. Time was moving again, and another Inuyasha was out there. It looked exactly like him.

“Iron Rever Soul Stealer!” the fake Inuyasha cried, destroying the demon in one blow. ‘Why didn’t he just use the…He doesn’t have the Tetsaiga!’ Inuyasha thought, looking down at his side. “KAGOME! SANGO! MIROKU!” Inuyasha tried to yell, but no sound came from him. ‘I… I can’t talk,’ he thought, horror and fear running through his human veins.

“Thanks. If you had come a second later, I’d be a gonner,” Kagome said, standing up on wobbling legs. The fake Inuyasha smirked and cracked his knuckles as Sango and Miroku were grabbed and pressed against the two trees that had suddenly appeared. Kagome gasped and lunged towards them to help them, but the fake Inuyasha grabbed her shoulder.

“Inuyasha?” she asked, turning towards him with a question look. “What are you doing?” “Finishing some business that was interrupted the day we first met,” growled the fake Inuyasha. “Wha… What ‘business’?” Kagome shuddered, shivering and trying to pull away from him, her voice breathless with the fear that was creeping into her eyes. She could tell what was coming.

“You know what,” he hissed, slashing out at her. Inuyasha cried out, struggling against the vines as Kagome fell dangerously close to the edge, dazed and frightened. “Inuyasha!?” Sango called as she and Miroku fought against the vines. The fake Inuyasha just ignored them and moved closer to Kagome who scrambled backwards, her fear increasing tenfold in her eyes.

“What’s gotten into you!?” she cried, putting her hand out as she came to the edge, and finding that it only touched air. She gasped slightly and pulled it back. The fake Inuyasha’s eyes flashed evilly. He never answered her question.

With one sweep of his claws, Kagome went flying over the edge, her screams echoing within the canyon and Inuyasha’s ears. “KAGOME!!!!!” he screamed. His own name was the last thing she had said before plunging into the waters to her death.

The vines released the human Inuyasha who slumped to the ground, weak from struggling with the vines, having half of his heart ripped out, and the loss of Kagome.

Shakira smirked and emerged from beside Inuyasha and walked over to the fake one, who growled slightly as his eyes turned red and streaks appeared on his cheeks. This explained it all. ‘That… monster that killed Kagome… was a demon me…’ Inuyasha thought, looking up through his curtain of black hair. He looked up to see his demon self looking at Shakira with thanks in his eyes… and obviously some fondness. It sickened him beyond words.

“BITCH! BRING KAGOME BACK HERE!” Inuyasha cried, lunging for Shakira, but she just flicked her hand and he went flying. “It’s too late. I did nothing. It was all you. You killed Kagome. You destroyed the only person who cared not who you were, the bastard son of a stupid cur, and a human whore.” She snorted. “You are nothing now. Even you’re so called ‘friends’ care about who you are and what you are.

“And,” continued Shakira, digging deeper into Inuyasha’s deepest, closest insecurities and fears, “Don’t forget, the same would’ve happened if you had used the Shikon no Tama to become full demon. She would’ve perished at your claws sooner or later, no matter what you would’ve done. Humans are such odd creatures. They cling to the people they love and don’t let go… even if it kills them.”

Sango and Miroku watched, amazed. Shippo and Kilala were nowhere to be seen, and the trees holding Sango and Miroku were ripping their roots out of the ground and walking away. “INUYASHA! DON’T LISTEN TO A THING SHE SAYS!!!” Miroku cried, struggling against his vines, but Inuyasha shook his head. “Except, that she’s right…” he murmured, drained.

Her cold and evil laughter filled the clearing as Inuyasha glared at her. “And now, to return your demon self back to you. He has done his damage. And if you thought it was painful to rip a heart in half, think of how painful it’ll be to put it back…”

Kagome groaned and shifted uncomfortably. A woman stood before her, her long black hair touching the back of her legs, and a white bun behind her. Her dress was the oddest thing about her… that and her eyes, which frightened Kagome.

The woman took a step forward, and Kagome crawled away slightly. “Don’t be frightened of me,” said the woman in almost kind tones that sent shivers down her spine.

“I have resurrected you,” the woman said, smiling slightly to reveal teeth that were too white. “Res… resurrected?” stuttered Kagome, confused. The woman nodded. “You died. It is rumored, at the claws of a hanyou. Inuyasha? Is this true?”

Kagome sat up, her knees pressed up against her chest as she remembered every detail about her life in the feudal era. Most of the memories were ones with Inuyasha, though the one that hurt the most was Inuyasha and Kikyo kissing… and that look in his eyes only moments before he killed her.

“I… I don’t know… I think so. He said he had… Inuyasha only tried to kill me once before, when we first met, and that was only because I had the Shikon no Tama, not because he hated me…”

“The Shikon no Tama? I heard that a priestess put it back together, named Kikyo. Apparently, Inuyasha joined up with her after your death…”

Tears stung Kagome’s eyes and she looked away from the woman who spoke again. “It was put together, but a demon stole it, and it got lost after the demon’s death. When Inuyasha didn’t need this Kikyo, he left her in a village with her younger sister so that she’d be safe, and went after it with a demon slayer, a monk, a young fox demon, and a two tailed fire cat.”

So…’ Kagome thought, not looking back at the woman as tears slid down her cheeks and she felt her heart break. ‘He didn’t need me anymore, did he? He just wanted to make way for Kikyo. I guess he was worried that I would get in the way…

“Kagome?” The woman’s voice brought Kagome out of her thoughts. “I resurrected you so that you could find the Shikon no Tama before him, for I fear that he might do something to it that might make it tainted.”

Kagome shook her head and turned away from her. The woman’s hand turned into a fist behind her back as she contained her anger. “Do it or I will kill him and your friends.”

Her eyes widened as Kagome gasped slightly. Then, they shrunk to their normal size and she grew calm and looked over her shoulder. “Don’t you have a short temper?” she said softly, acting more like Kikyo than herself. “And how would you do that?”

The woman smiled evilly. “It’s easy to pick of people, human, demon, or hanyou, when you’ve put them to sleep. When they die, they will be covered in each other’s blood, and their own.”

Kagome looked away and stared up at the cavern. “And why should I protect Inuyasha when he tried to kill me?” she asked, tears slipping down her cheeks again.

“He travels with your friends, and you still love him. You ARE Kikyo’s reincarnation, after all.”

Inuyasha gripped his Tetsaiga angrily. It was that time of year again. As dreaded as when the moon disappeared behind the stars and he became a human once again. It was the day Kagome had died.

A grave and small shrine stood where Kagome had fallen off of the cliff, and all of her friends were there. Inuyasha stood near the edge of a forest that had grown close to the cliff. He stared off into the distance, thinking about everything. He bent his head so that his bangs would cover his eyes, but Sango, Miroku, and Shippo knew what he was thinking about, and where he was looking.

It had been nearly three long years since Kagome’s death, but every time Inuyasha came back to her grave and shrine, he always felt anew, the feeling of his heart breaking and her last scream as she fell into the water. ‘Ironic, is it not, hanyou,’ that damned woman Shakira had said. ‘Her last cry was your name, and you were the killer. I’m surprised that she didn’t shout ‘Koga!’, or ‘Hojo!’. Guess it was just out of habit.’

Inuyasha growled at the memory. She had insulted him and Kagome’s memory as he lay, mentally wounded and almost dead because of how she had returned his demon heart to him. “She will pay,” he growled softly clutching the Tetsaiga, his claws clicking softly on its steal-like leather.

A roar disturbed the people who were praying for Kagome’s soul to find peace. Inuyasha looked up and grinned. “I’ll take care of this one,” he growled, darting away. “If I’m lucky, it might have a Shikon Shard!”

Inuyasha raced across the woods, his heart thudding as the scent of demon grew closer and closer. He stopped suddenly and gaped. The scent of demon had suddenly disappeared, and, in it’s stead, the scent of an arrow. One of either Kagome’s or Kikyo’s, and he was positive it was Kikyo’s. ‘It would be impossible to be Kagome’s,’ he thought bitterly rushing forward.

He skidded into a clearing and looked around. A silhouette caught his eyes, but he stopped, feeling his heart stop. It wasn’t Kikyo’s silhouette… but Kagome’s. He would never forget what she always wore, and how her hair rustled softly in that way that always made his heart jump into his throat. “Ka… Kagome?”

Kagome clutched her bow as Inuyasha skidded into the clearing and locked eyes with her. She blushed furiously and sighed softly. Turning away from him, Kagome began to walk away, but Inuyasha’s voice made her shiver silently, sad that she had to leave him, but she couldn’t stay with somebody who had tried to kill her.

Inuyasha seemed stupefied at seeing Kagome alive for she reached another clearing in the forest, smaller than the one she had seen Inuyasha in, with branches serving as a roof, before she felt him fly past her to stare her in the face.

Kagome was silent, watching him with a silent solemn face. “Kagome…” Inuyasha said softly, his hand brushing some hair away from her face. She trembled at the touch, but snorted softly. Something that she hadn’t done that much when she had been alive. “KAGOME! YOU’RE ALIVE!” Inuyasha cried, clutching her too him. What was he doing!? HE had been the one who had murdered her!

She pushed him away and knocked an arrow to her bow. “Stay back,” she growled, glaring at him with cold eyes. Inuyasha looked shocked, and then he seemed to remember. “You… you still think I killed you, right?”

Kagome snorted and aimed the arrow at him. “I know you killed me!” Inuyasha shook his head, his silver hair flying everywhere. “No, I didn’t! Well… I did, but I didn’t mean to! It was my demon side. A woman ripped… ripped half of my heart out, and that half attacked you.”

Her eyes were cast downwards as Inuyasha watched her. What must be going through her head right now?

He inhaled her wonderful scent, the one that had always made him happier than he had ever imagined. “But you’re alive again, and we can go back to the way things were before that damned woman Shakira!”

“Shakira?” Kagome asked, looking up. “She… She’s the one who… revived me…”

“But,” stuttered Inuyasha, confused. “But, then why don’t you smell of burial dirt and pottery. You smell exactly the way you did before…” “It’s probably because I was plunged into a river, so I didn’t have a burial ground, and she revived me when I still had flesh on my bones.”

Inuyasha took a step towards her, but her grip on her arrow tightened. “If you’re going to shoot me, do it now. I don’t want to have the fact that you’re alive making me happier than I’ve been since your death, but the fact that I’m at arrow point and can’t protect myself hanging over my head.”

Tears slipped down Kagome’s cheeks, and she shook her head, her bangs falling into her eyes as they always had. Inuyasha felt awful, watching her cry like this. He took a step forward, but when she didn’t raise her bow once more, he came forward until he was standing right in front of her, and pulled her into a deep, heartfelt hug. She began to struggle against him, but soon leaned back into him, her hands slipping under his arms to curl about his back. She buried her face in his shoulder and he heard her take in a shaky breath.

They stood there for what felt like forever, and he was positive he could’ve stayed there for the rest of his life, holding her so close to his heart like this, just like the way he had held her close to his heart when she had been dead, but Kagome loosened her tight grip and leaned away from him.

Their eyes locked and he felt a tightening within his chest. His breath shortened as he saw her eyes sparkle again. They hadn’t sparkled like that since before Shakira had shown up. They held something that he had always been left unnoticed by him with his frantic search for the salvation of Kikyo’s soul and Naraku’s demise. Something Kikyo had left behind her when she had died, even if she had been resurrected. Something…

Something he could tell was reflected in his own eyes.

She blinked once before closing her eyes and leaning forward. His heart sped up as he leaned forward as well. He could feel his breath against his own lips and he felt his hands trembling slightly.

It was in that moment that a cry came from the trees and Kagome ripped herself away from him with a look of wild terror in her eyes.

Inuyasha blinked. They had come so close too… He shook his head slightly and looked towards the trees. The sound of arrows hitting the sides of a quiver and one being knocked to a bow distracted him and he turned towards Kagome who stood only a few feet away, and arrow lodged in her bow. It was aimed at him.

“Kagome?” came his startled response as he watched her eyes fill with pain. Then, she let it go.

Inuyasha’s eyes closed, waiting for the arrow to pierce his robe, but it never came. The sound of her feet running away and a small sob was all that he heard, but it tore his heart in two.

Opening one eye, he looked behind him and saw the arrow lodged within a tree. Inuyasha wet his lips and looked in the direction Kagome had run away in. Her wonderful intoxicating scent made him flush all over again.

“YOU WHORE!” Shakira cried, her hand rushing into Kagome’s cheek with the force of a rampaging herd of elephants. “YOU MET WITH INUYASHA, THE MAN WHO KILLED YOU! I CAN TELL! YOU’RE FACE IS FLUSHED AND YOU’RE EYES ARE ACUALLY SHOWING EMOTION.”

“You make it sound so bad,” Kagome said softly from her place on the ground. That slap had sent her flying, and she put a hand to her cheek and swore softly within her skull.

Shakira took a deep breath as if explaining for the hundredth time to a child not to place their hand on the burner. “It is, when you are trying to…” A sigh came from Shakira’s lips and she shook her head, black hair falling over her shoulder and her ebony bangs falling into her eyes. The white bun that stuck up in points behind her head didn’t move as all, as usual. “Having emotions on the surface is dangerous, as I have told you before. It makes the enemy know more about you than you want them to know… and you have ruined your three years of training by being with Inuyasha, the one who killed you, for even a moment.”

Kagome looked at Shakira, tears trickling down her cheeks. “I LOVE him. I actually LOVE him. Nothing matters to me more than him.”

Shakira shook her head, not that much different than Kagome’s mother had shook her head, worried that Kagome was getting in too deep only weeks after entering the well and coming back on regular biases. It was full of sadness, as though Shakira knew something Kagome didn’t. “You poor poor girl,” she said softly, crouching to look Kagome in the eye. A hand held her face up, nails sinking slightly in Kagome’s soft pink flesh. “He’s using you,”

“NO!” Kagome cried, knocking her hand away and backing away. “He’s NOT! He… he…” Her voice grew soft and quiet. Did Inuyasha love her back? Did he care for her as much he did for Kikyo? Did he like her more than Kikyo? Was her love like Koga-kun’s and Hojo’s; one sided?

The slight tap tap tap of Shakira’s shoes approached Kagome’s conciseness and a long nailed hand thrust her face towards the sunlight. Tears slipped down Kagome’s cheeks and she cringed away from the necromancer and sorceress, but it didn’t do anything. Kagome’s back was suddenly against a tree she didn’t know as there, and Shakira leered down at her. “You know the truth, as do I.” She took her hand away and Kagome’s head fell down in defeat.

Inuyasha stared up at the stars. It had been a month and a half after his meeting with Kagome, and he still couldn’t get his mind off of her. He thought about her every moment of the day…

It confused him. Why had she aimed that arrow in the first place, just to miss? She was only a few feet away from him, and even when she had first picked up a bow and arrow, way back when she had tried to aim at that stupid crow yokai that had swallowed the Shikon no Tama, she couldn’t had missed. Not if she had truly tried to hit him.

And then, what did that mean? Did she not want him dead, as he was sure she believed she did. Had she missed just to make him look away from her so as she could escape? And if so, then why?

He shook his head. ‘Too many damn questions!’ he thought irritably. But the question that tugged the back of his conciseness was this: What was that sound that had made Kagome so terrified?

A sighed escaped him and shook his head again, letting it fall to his chest and his silver bangs hide his golden hawk eyes. It was so confusing… his feelings for Kagome had increased, seeing her a young woman, no longer just a scrawny 15 year old, but a strong confident 18 year old… just like Kikyo, but more beautiful, and alive.

Inuyasha hadn’t seen the dead miko for a good amount of time, and instead of wanting to find her, he felt strangely glad that she didn’t show up. ‘I owe her my life and my soul in hell…and I love her, but then, why don’t I want to see her?’ he thought, snorting softly. He had seen her only days after Kagome’s burial sight and shrine had been put up.

Kikyo stood before the burial sight, a slight smile on her lips. Inuyasha started when he saw her, hoping for a moment it was Kagome back from Kaede’s hut after perhaps ripping her clothes so that she was forced to wear a miko’s garb.

She must’ve felt his eyes on her, for she looked up and fixed him with a strong, cold look. “Inuyasha.” Her voice had no emotion. No warmth. No coldness. Just emptiness.

“Kik… Kikyo,” Inuyasha stuttered, watching her. “She’s dead, isn’t she?”

He started at the odd question. “Kagome?” The dead miko nodded and he looked away, keeping his tears at bay. “Yes. I…My demon form killed her.”

“Your demon form?” Kikyo asked quizzically and he felt her scorching eyes on him. She had noticed how sad he was. How he looked away at the mention of Kagome. How guilt obviously gnawed at him and his stupid half demon heart. Her words hurt the most.


His head shot up in surprise and a gleeful grin had spread across Kikyo’s lips. How… How could she say such a thing? Kagome was HER reincarnation! Kikyo helped the living and prayed for their souls! What was different about Kagome from any other human, other that she had saved Kikyo’s life more than once and without a single ‘Thank you,’ back from Kikyo! How could she say such a thing about a girl who was so close to what Kikyo had once been, and yet not exactly. Kagome was her own person, and yet that person made almost everybody around happier than before, and made them believe that she would help them out with everything!

“Good?” he repeated, disgusted. “Kikyo! How… how DARE you!” he snarled. “What did Kagome do to you?”

Kikyo just smirked. “She stole your heart from me.”

Inuyasha’s breathing quickened as he was brought out of the memory as his eyes focused on a single silhouette. He gripped Tetsaiga and eyed the figure, but jumped as Miroku stepped out from Kaede’s hut. Inuyasha eyes turned to the lecherous monk who plopped down beside him. “Did Kaede-baba send you out here?” he asked his voice rather bitter. What had that silhouette been? Whose had it been?

Miroku sighed and shook his head, still holding onto his staff. The bangles chimed softly in the still night air. “I couldn’t sleep.”

Inuyasha snorted. “What? Did you try hitting on Sango in her sleep?” The monk fixed him with a stare and Inuyasha’s eyes widened how stupid the monk was. “Pervert! I meant it as a joke, but I guess I know you too well…”

Miroku sighed and rubbed his cheek, which Sango had slapped as he had groped her. “I don’t get it! She gets angry when I ask other women to bare my child, but get angry when I do the same too her.”

Inuyasha sighed and shrugged. “You know women less than me!” he growled, exasperated.

A scent on the wind made Inuyasha jump up. So did Miroku. “It’s that bitch,” Inuyasha growled, unsheathing the Tetsaiga. Miroku blinked. “But there’s such a strong holy power with her!” “That must be Kagome!” Inuyasha cried, jumping away. Miroku made to follow him, but Inuyasha was gone in the blink of an eye, and an arrow stuck his robes into the side of Kaede’s hut.

Kagome followed Shakira silently, an arrow knocked to her bow. “How much farther?” she asked irritably.

“Not that much farther,” the necromancer replied. “What’s wrong?” Kagome just looked away. “This is Kaede’s village,” she said softly.

A muffled curse came from Inuyasha’s lips as he moved as silently as he could through the underbrush. He saw the miserable witch that had made him kill Kagome.

A voice came from behind Shakira and Inuyasha ripped his hateful eyes off of her and fixed them onto Kagome. His heart skipped a beat to see her so sad, and looking off in the direction of the village.

“Does it really matter!?” Shakira said, stopping and grabbed Kagome roughly by the arm. Kagome tripped slightly and stumbled, but managed to stay upright. A glare was given to the witch her just ignored it and snorted. “We must hurry!”

“And where are we going again?” Kagome asked, a snarl just threatening to take over her delicate features. Shakira smirked. “You’ll see…”

Kagome growled and extracted an arrow from her quiver as Shakira started off again. “Tell me where you are taking me,” came the snarled reply from an armed and pissed off Kagome, aiming her arrow at Shakira.

The woman just looked behind her and smirked. “My oh my, aren’t we acting up today!”

“You took me from my friends, from my family, and from my life, and you won’t even tell me were you are taking me!” Kagome cried. It was more of a statement than a question.

Shakira turned round in a full circle to face Kagome. “You want to know? I’ll tell you this much. Your life just might be cut short.”

Inuyasha snarled and made to jump out of the bushes, but a hand covered his mouth and pulled him back. A long knife fixed itself to his throat and his eyes opened wide. That scent…

“Kikyo?” he asked softly, tilting his head to get her hand off of her mouth and to look up at her cold, dead brown eyes. He felt his legs become weak and he felt queasy. “But…”

“The only reason Naraku wanted Shakira is because I was using her,” Kikyo hissed, half crazed. “And remember the day that your demon half killed Kagome? Kagome’s arm was bleeding, was it not? Shakira ordered one of the trees to scratch her so that she could tell how Kagome would react if you attacked her. My word wasn’t enough. I told her to kill Kagome, and to use you against her, but the bitch chose to resurrect her!”

Inuyasha’s eyes turned to slits, but he turned back to the conversation he didn’t know was happening in front of him.

“… that arrow down. Do you really want to hasten your death yet again?” “I don’t CARE anymore!” Kagome cried. “I’m not frightened of death anymore! I cheated it once right?”

Shakira glared at Kagome. “What are you talking about?” she asked suspiciously. “I never died, did I? You found my body on the side of the river, but I was alive. That’s why I didn’t smell of burial dirt and pottery. At least if I was resurrected, then I’d smell of pottery, right? That’s why I don’t need souls to keep me alive! You knew that if you killed me right then and there, you’d lose a valuable weapon in getting the Shikon Shards, and that if you just resurrected me, I wouldn’t take in the souls!”

Kikyo’s grip on the knife around Inuyasha’s neck grew tighter as Shakira’s plot was laid bare.

A snort escaped from Shakira and she smirked. Kagome growled and let the arrow fly, but Shakira just stopped it, and turned it around. Kagome gasped slightly and took a step back. Shakira blew on it, and it went flying right into Kagome’s shoulder, dangerously close to her heart.

Inuyasha cried out and pushed Kikyo away from him, but she slashed out at her arm. Blood dripped down his robe as he bent by Kagome. Her eyes opened and they were full of pain. “In… Inuyasha?” she asked, focusing on him. He attempted to swallow down the lump that grew in his throat, but he couldn’t. “Kagome…don’t die on me. Not when I’ve realized how much you mean to me…”

A tear slipped down Kagome’s cheek as he put her hand on Inuyasha’s cheek. “You know I can’t stop these things…” she said softly, letting her hand fall onto her chest.

Inuyasha almost doubled over as he began to cry. “Not again… I can’t loose somebody I love again… Please, no…”

Shakira grabbed him by the scruff of his robe and dragged him off of Kagome’s body. “You disgusting little-”

He slashed out at her, claws alight in an attempt to kill her. Shakira jumped back and snorted. “You’ll have to do more than that, half breed.” Inuyasha cried out and lunged at her. They moved like two dancers, trees being ripped to the side and rocks being splintered by Inuyasha’s attacks. Shakira just smirked as they moved, not attacking, just making Inuyasha angrier.

Finally, Shakira made her move, bringing her nails down to slash at Inuyasha, but a sacred arrow ripped through her flesh. She turned and saw Kagome struggling to stand, her hand clasped to the gaping wound of her shoulder. “Your enemy is me,” she said through clenched teeth.

Kagome stood tall, but when she took a step towards Shakira, but stumbled as a second arrow embedded itself into her back. She cried out and was brought to her knees, breathing heavily, before falling to the side, dead.

Tears slipped down Inuyasha’s cheeks as he looked at Kagome’s killer. “Kik… Kikyo!?” he whispered. Kikyo shook her head. “I will have your soul,” she said softly, turning and darting away.

Pain ripped through Inuyasha’s body as Shakira stabbed him with a knife. “You will be the last to die,” she hissed. With a flick of her hand, she tossed him to the side. There, in a pool of his and Kagome’s blood, he saw demons slowly trickling into Kaede’s hut, which was on fire. Kirara lay dead. Shippo lay nearby, staring up at the sky, all light in his eyes gone. Sango and Miroku clutched each other’s hands, still together up until the end.

Inuyasha’s long silver hair fell into the blood as he bent his head down. Then, with an anger more dangerous than him in his demon form, he launched himself at Shakira. She hadn’t expected this attack, and took a step back, but his claws ripped through her hand. Shakira cried out and stumbled back, watching as Inuyasha snorted and approached her. “You should never have laid a dirty hand on Kagome or the others,” came his voice, raw with pain and emotion.

His hand reached down and ripped her heart out. Her body fell to the ground and Inuyasha stumbled towards Kagome, knowing his time was coming. He knelt by her and turned her around, her beautiful brown eyes staring up at the sky. “Kagome…”

Inuyasha clutched her to him, knowing it was his fault she had died. “If… if only that damned Shakira hadn’t had… had…”

What looked like a firefly floated towards him. He lifted his head and gaped. The entire clearing was turning into fireflies. They settled on him and his wounds disappeared. They landed on Kagome and the arrow turned into some fireflies. They healed her, and she gasped, her eyes blinking and coming alive.

She sat up, her long ebony hair falling past her face. Inuyasha gasped slightly and smiled as she turned towards him. “What… what happened?” she asked. Her face was just like it had been before this whole affair. She was sixteen again.

“KAGOME-SAMA! INUYASHA!” came Miroku’s voice as, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo approached them. They had all became three years younger, and everything was just like it had been.

“So… she was an Illusion yokai?” Kagome asked, leaning against Kaede’s hut, amazed. Sango nodded. “Hai. The Illusion yokai can make time pass and change almost anything they want to their advantage, but when they’re killed, everything goes back to normal. Even time its self reverses and it was like they never existed.”

“Keh,” scoffed Inuyasha sitting cross-legged with Tetsaiga. “I knew she wasn’t dangerous.” Miroku raised an eyebrow. “But, Inuyasha, she was.”

Sango nodded. “Hoshi-sama’s correct. If you hadn’t had killed her, we all would’ve stayed dead, and you would’ve died.”

Inuyasha snorted and stood up. He moved towards the door, but stopped. “Kagome, can I talk to you for a moment,” he asked, looking back behind his shoulder.

Kagome felt the blood rush to her face and she was positive she blushed seven shades of red.


Inuyasha sat by the river’s edge, Kagome sitting next to him. “Kagome,” he began taking a deep sigh before continuing. “I… I still remember when you died. I’m positive that that bitch wanted me to see the light leave your eyes.”

Kagome eyed him. She placed a hand on his shoulder, but he shook his head. “Kagome… I don’t want that to happen again. You’ve almost died too many times.” He turned towards her, a pleading look entering his eyes. “Please. If you really did die and we couldn’t revive you-”

Inuyasha stopped abruptly as she kissed him. His eyes opened in amazement.

When she pulled away, she smiled. “Baka! It’s not like I care what happens to me. One of the main reasons I come back over and over again is… so that I can see you.”

Inuyasha blinked and his heart skipped a beat. He leaned forward and kissed her back. They both closed their eyes and stayed together for the rest of the night.

As the morning sun began to make the sky turn read, Inuyasha opened his eyes and looked around. Kagome lay on his chest and he smiled. His robe was thrown over her. “I must’ve thought she looked a bit cold in just those weird clothes of hers,” he said softly, placing a hand on her back, and one behind his head. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes again, happier than he had ever been in his life… just to be with her.

The End

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