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 Graphics fixed!
Posted by Sango - 02-27-05 22:16 - 0 comments
Finally got access to my computer and was able to fix the graphics. Everything looks good again, IMO at least.l
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 Missing buttons and such
Posted by Sango - 01-27-05 23:02 - 0 comments
A lot of the buttons are missing because I canceled my cable account, whose free space I was using to host the board graphics. The graphics are backed up on my computer, but at the moment it's unusable. Until I'm able to use it again and get ...read more
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 Board cleanup
Posted by Sango - 10-22-04 00:43 - 0 comments
I cleaned up the forum and did some major pruning. I removed all the old threads from the anime forums because no one was posting there anyway.

Hopefully this new look will make the board more palatable.
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Posted by Sango - 06-17-04 21:34 - 0 comments
I added a new category: Computers and Other Tech Stuff. This will be a forum where you can discuss opinions, problems and benefits of computers and other tech stuff. Have fun!
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 Please introduce yourself
Posted by Sango - 05-22-04 21:30 - 0 comments
When you sign up, feel free to introduce yourself in the Meeting Place forum. Just say hi and a few words about yourself.
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 New member ranking system
Posted by Sango - 02-9-04 18:09 - 0 comments
I implemented a new member ranking system because I guess nobody understood the old one with the anime characters. The new one is based on karate belts.

0 posts: White Belt
50 posts: Yellow Belt
100 posts: Green Belt
150 p ...read more
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 YuGiOh XL and YuGiOh Forum XL
Posted by Sango - 02-5-04 23:39 - 0 comments
YuGiOh Forum XL
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 Server Error
Posted by Sango - 01-26-04 02:20 - 0 comments
If you get one of these server errors, just reload the page until it loads properly. Please bear with us, as this is a problem with the Invision boards and isn't something I can fix.

If you're making a long important post, I' ...read more
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 Tell your friends about the board!
Posted by Sango - 01-24-04 23:43 - 0 comments
If you have friends who enjoy anime, please please tell them about the board. The more people we have, the better. Everyone is welcome as long as they honestly love anime and manga.
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 Daimyo announcement board added
Posted by Sango - 01-23-04 11:01 - 0 comments
I added this board for my daimyos (mods in English) to post their announcements at. It's a good idea to read this board from time to time.
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