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I detest rules. But let's face it, if you want things to run smoothly, there do have to be a few.

1. Keep on topic. Post every post in the right category for it. Inuyasha posts in the Inuyasha forums, Kenshin in the Kenshin forum, etc.

2. Spam is OK ONLY in The Land of the Bakaz. Please don't use the board as a chat room or IM session except in The Land of the Bakaz, or better yet use the PM feature.

3. Please do not double post, ie posting twice in a row in the same thread. Please click on Edit and add to the post you just made. The only exception to this is in the RPG and FanFic forums where double posting is sometimes necessary.

4. No flamewars. Flamewars are unnecessary and drag a good message board down. This includes name-calling. Name-calling of any kind (ie calling people stupid, asshole, moron, etc.), even in jest, will not be tolerated and will result in the thread being locked. The only exception is in RPGs, where this is sometimes necessary.

5. Only one user name per member. Don't try to sign up for another user name because I can see your IP address and will know. Anyone doing this will be warned the first time, suspended the second, and banned if they do it again.

6. If you want to change your user name, PM me and I'll change it for you. Only one name change per month per member is allowed.

7. No hentai, yaoi, yuri because I have a lot of kids.

8. Do NOT ask me for custom user group icons or titles. The user groups are the way I want them and will stay thus.

9. Do not PM me asking to be a moderator or administrator. I grant mod and admin privileges as I see fit, period.

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