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Sylvan Weyr
Weyr Info
Weyrw.: None
Weyrl.: A'der of Bronze Arreleth

Time: 1st Turn - Winter

Dragons, Whers
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The Gather has begun!
Check out the Gather at Sylvan Hold, it's a great chance to dust off some of your characters and to spend some of your hard earned marks!

Habit called all Weyrlings for a Research!
Go and attend that special plotpoint to find out if your dragon can chew firestone or not...

Also don't forget to attend to your next Weyrlinglesson!
E'uan would be very mad if you did...
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 Holder Contest, Three in one!
Posted: Dec 26 2009, 03:03 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 272
Member No.: 1
Joined: 6-April 09

Yus, this is not just one contest but three in one for you during the holidays.
They will all close on the 6th of January, a few days before the Gather begins.
The gather will not just include the turns-end-fest but also a formal council.
Attending this Council will mainly the Craftmasters, the Lord of Sylvan Weyr and the Weyrleader. There might be some other well-known faces to show up too but the Craftmasters, the Lord and the Weyrleader will be the ones to decide. To decide about the future of the new colors.
Also, before the council begins, the largest minor hold will be raised into true hold status, making its ruler a true Lord/Lady and thusly another voice to be hear during the councilmeeting.

I wish you to take part in this via not just one but three contests.

Part I: Name the hold!
You are to think of a clever name for the Minor hold that is raised into full hold status. It is a dark place, shaped out of a mountain and settled in an area where living is quite hard, crops do not grow as easily as on some other places but it is the oldest settlement after Sylvan Hold and was chosen when founded due the natural caves the mountain held.
You are to think of 1-3 possible names and post them in this Thread.
1st Place: Your name gets chosen as the name of the Hold and you earn 10 Marks for the upcoming gather and everything else
2nd Place: Your name doesn't get chosen but you still gain 5 Marks for your Bankaccount
3rd Place: You gain 2 Marks for your Bankaccount

Part II: Be a Lord!
Yes, that's right. The Lord Holder of Sylvan Holds needs not just a name, he needs a player. He took over the Hold from his father before he died and the hold is again flourishing under his firm grasp. He has yet to find a wife and has no heir either but the holdfolk loves him and he has a good relationship to the Weyr and A'der himself. He will, however, do whatever is necesarry to ensure the safety of his hold. He wouldn't like it but if it became unavoidable he would even go as far as work against the Weyr and A'der himself. He is around 28 Turns of age and has yet to prove his true worth as a Lord of Sylvan Weyr.
You are to create a full profile for the Lord and post it here, the most fitting will then be chosen to be the new Lord and take part in the Council-Meeting.
1st Place: You are the new player of the Lord of Sylvan Hold and recieve additional 5 Marks
2nd Place: You may choose between: Create the younger sister of the Lord and 5 Marks or gain 10 Marks for your Bankaccount
3rd Place: You gain 5 Marks for your Bankaccount

Part III: Be a Threat!
With the promotion of a new Lord/Lady at the beginning of the council-meeting, we need a player for that person too! You may choose his/her gender and he/she should be around 35 turns of age. The new Lord/Lady has lost his/her wife/husband and almost their only son to Thread and blames the Weyr for that. He/she had never really liked dragonriders, being jealous of their freedom but now it turned into hatred. The new Lord/Lady will do everything to harm the Weyr, work against it and vote for whatever causes the greatest unrest inside the Weyr, trying to make others do the same.
The new Lord/Lady is clever and strong willed and would have been chosen as Candidate if he/she had not been the Heir to their Minor Hold, never forgiving all the mistakes the dragonriders have done. What once has been done to protect their own hold is now twisted and dark, the entire Holdfolk swiftly following in their Lords/Ladies footsteps, sharing what begun as distrust and has now turned into hatred. They do not understand why the hold that has the hardest living has to pay the same tithes as others do, why they have to hunger (which they rarely do) while the dragonriders grow fat...
You are to create a full profile for the Lord or Lady of the new hold, who will at the start of the Gather finally gain the full rank of a Lord or Lady and then take part in the meeting that might change Sylvan Weyr forever, for the better or the worse.
1st Place: You are the new Player of the newest Lord/Lady and recieve an additional 5 Marks for your Bankaccount
2nd Place: You may create the only Son of the newest Lord/Lady and gain 5 Marks for your Bankaccount
3rd Place: You gain 5 Marks for your Bankaccount
Posted: Dec 26 2009, 03:36 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 63
Member No.: 3
Joined: 7-April 09

Part I
-Tenebro Hold
From the word tenebrous, an adjective meaning dark and gloomy from [Middle English, from Old French tenebreus, from Latin tenebrŰsus, from tenebrae, darkness]
-Diheus Hold
A mixture of the words "hide" and "us"
-Madoutik Hold
A mixture of the words "dark" and "mountain"
Posted: Dec 26 2009, 06:55 PM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 164
Member No.: 4
Joined: 8-April 09

Part I:
Cliff Hold
Belinius Hold
Autos Hold

Part II:
user posted image
Username: Morgan
Character Number: 5th!

Name: Admon
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: Sylvan Hold
Rank: Lord Holder
Appearance: When it comes to facial features, Admon is far from perfect. His nose has been broken in three different places, usually from trying to break up fights between his brothers, and as a result it is very off-center. Where is lower lip is on the voluptuous side, his upper lip is rather thin. His smile has always been crooked, with the left side of his mouth lifting higher than the other. His blue-gray eyes are thin and heavily lidded, making him look more cunning than anything. That, however, is farther than the truth. His hair is curly and dark brown, but cut short so it is usually straighter at the sides.

Admonís build is bearish. He is an imposing man, and stands quite tall. However, he is also very fit, neither letting himself soften nor avoiding physical work. His clothes are all very nice, and fit him well, so they do not detract from his image at all. His mother helps him with this, as does his sister, but the complain that he needs a wife to help him, instead of getting them to do it.

Personality: Affectionate, Busy, Courageous, Efficient, Free-wheeling

Admon is, first and foremost, a very loving person. He smiles when he is happy, and is not shy about sharing his feelings. He has not found that special girl, yet, but will make an excellent husband, some day. His favorite people are his mother and sister, becasue they are so kind to him, but he feels rather lacking for any real love, so the hunt for a wife is on. When he is not doing anything, Admon feels unfulfilled. He absolutely needs something to keep his mind occupied at all times. When he does have something to to, he gets it done with great speed and efficiency, mostly because he is excellent at organization.

No one will ever call Admon cowardly, because he is just the opposite. He stands up for what he believes is right, and no one will ever see him go against his very high moral standard. His Hold comes first, then his duty to his Weyr. He is not afraid to look anyone in the face. He can be rather independant sometimes. When he gets told to do something, he will take it as a suggestion but does what he thinks is best overall. He strives for approval, and will take calculated risks to get it.

Biography: Admon was born the first son of the Lord Holder and his Lady before him. As a child, he played with his siblings (all sisters) and was taught the proper Lord manners and lessons. He was going to take over the Hold some day, and veiwed this prospect with excitement, if with proper respect for the responsibility and intelligence required for the job.

As he grew older, he became more aware that his father was also ages. At first it was little things, like the occasional absent-mindedness, but it grew to be more of a problem. Finally, the man willingly gave up his post as Lord. Admon took over at age twenty-three, and a turn later his father died of old age. Admon became more morose after his death, which interfered with his search for a wife, but sprang back with renewed vigor.

Pets: None

Part III:

user posted image
Username: Morgan
Character Number: 5th

Name: Zuleiya
Age: She's not telling, but rumor has it she is 35
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: the new Hold
Rank: Lady Holder

Appearance: Zuleiya is a stately woman. Her carriage is dignified and her skin has the palor of someone who never had to work a day in her life. She is not very tall - she stands at a mere five-foot-four. She makes up for this lack of stature with an air of superiority that she has with her at all times. This garners respect for her from most of the people in her Hold. Her build is rather stocky, but she still has all of her curves.

Zuleiya's faces is very angular. Rather than being heart-shaped, it seems to be a diamond. Her cheekbones mark the widest point on her face, with a pointed chin and a rather thin forehead. She has thin, stormy gray eyes that are set deeply in her face and are constantly marked by dark ringd, making her look tired or ill most of the time. Her nose is small and petite, and her lips are full and usually pouted.

Often piled atop her head, Zuleiya's hair is softly curly and light brown. Loose, it falls to the middle of her back. When it comes to clothes, Zuleiya knows and understands the fashions of the time. As a young woman, she often set the fashions. She enjoys wearing pretty things, especially when they are in green, which she considers her best color. The clothes are always of the most flattering cuts and finest fabrics, but the way she takes care of them (well) makes the necessity of getting new ones made almost nonexistant.

Personality: Proud, ruthless, caring, intelligent, strong

Zuleiya has always been a proud woman. She was proud of her heritage as a child, being the first child of the Lord Holder of her hold. She has always been, if not beautiful, handsome. She has never been without. All of this shows in the way she addresses others, as if she expects them to kneel or bow before her. In fact, that is exactly what she expects. She keeps this to herself, however. Conversely, those who do actually show subservience immediately lose her respect.

This woman is not one to mince words or skirt around a problem. In fact, she can be downright ruthless when it comes to serving her Hold or getting what she wants in general. However, when she is not trying to get someone, she has a softer side reserved for those she cares about. In fact, she cares quite a bit about her children, and part of her hatred for dragonriders is that they did not properly protect the husband that she loved. The problem is, she can begin to care too much and she will be hurt even more when she loses something.

To the people of her Hold, as well as the rest of the continent, Zuleiya presents a strong and intelligent face. She may have Impressed a queen, if she did not need to serve as Lady Holder. Instead, though, she became jealous. Despite all the power and glamour of being a Lady, Zuleiya has always chaffed against the restrictions of her lifestyle.

Biography: (because I am pretty tired, I will just do a rough outline for now)
Parents: Zulairne and Miya (deceased)
-Zulam, brother, deceased @ 1
-Miyrne, brother, deceased @ 1
-Milai, sister, 30
Husband: Marjen, deceased @ 37
-Mazul, son, 16
-Mariy, daughter, 13
-Jeniya, daughter, 9

Zuleiya was the third child of the Lord and Lady Holder of her Hold. Before her, there had been two boys, Zulam and Miyrne. Both died within a turn of their birth. By the time her mother gave birth to her, her parents were willing to settle for a daughter to be Lady Holder as long as she survived to marry and have children of her own; she was welcomed into the world. Only a sister, who was five years younger than her, survived childhood as well. As it becam evident that her mother would not have any more children, especially no boys, Zuleiya started training for Ladyship.

Zuleiya saw her first dragon up close at age fifteen. It was a bronze and his rider that came to her hold to feed. Her first thought after seeing it take three herdbeasts was, "What a waste of space and resources." She married Marjen at age eighteen by her parent's urging. He was twenty-one at the time. Marjen was the son of a rich holder, and a good match for Zuleiya in rank and temperment. It was said that Marjen was Zuleiya's better half, and in losing him she lost a part of herself. If that was the case,s eh sure does not let it show.

She had her first child at age nineteen, a son she named Mazul. She was quite proud of him: smart, handsome, and healthy. He would live, unlike her brothers. She had two other children, daughters, at age twenty two and twenty six. After that she was unable to conceive, to her disappointment. As strong as she was, she liked her children. When her husband was killed saving their son from Thread, Zuleiya decided that dragons were not only a waste of space but useless. She also began campaigning for her Hold to become a major Hold to have something to take her mind off of his death.

Pets: None

PS: I did all of Zuleiya's color myslef. I am rather proud of it~
Posted: Dec 27 2009, 08:35 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 122
Member No.: 6
Joined: 10-April 09

Part I
    1. Aenoi
    2. Dar
    3. Dairken
totally original ^.^
Posted: Dec 28 2009, 04:30 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 18
Member No.: 25
Joined: 28-December 09

Part 1

Kyrco Hold (rocky hold)
Gyre Block Hold (grey block hold)
Ulraef Hold (fearful hold)

All original wink.gif
Posted: Dec 30 2009, 05:32 PM


Group: Moderators
Posts: 111
Member No.: 11
Joined: 10-May 09

Part I: Name the hold!
1. Grotta Hold (It's in the mountains, which means it's a cave.)
2. Idyll Hold (Someone has a sense of irony.)
3. Magara Hold (It's Turkish for cavern.)

I think some of these should be accepted as minor holds that don't get raised in status! We could pay everyone half a mark whose names are selected. I could put them on a map if you wanted.

Part II: Be a Lord!

user posted image

Username: obeah
Character Number: 4th

Name: Seeley
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: Sylvan Hold
Rank: Lord Holder
Dragon: ---
Fighting Wing: ---

Appearance: The responsibilities Seeley has faced as Lord Holder have prematurely aged him, streaking grey through his dark hair and giving him a few frown lines. He still carries himself with athletic grace, and his reflexes are quick, belying his true age. He dresses in well-tailored clothing with clean, crisp lines, and moves like a gentleman. Though he stands at only 5'9", he cuts an imposing figure. His younger brother is considerably taller than he is, and has been since Seeley was ten, so he is used to making himself look large. He talks with his hands. His voice is sharp, but he often repeats himself as if he feels he isn't getting heard.

Personality: Seeley was always the calm one in his family. He had to be, with his father's tendency to rage and his mother's fits of tears whenever things didn't go her way. Only in recent years has he started to believe that he is in fact capable of running the Hold, because he was always afraid that his younger brother would do it better than he was. Instead, Lynane was Searched three Turns ago and Impressed blue Heskith at the last gold's clutch at Sylvan. As a dragonrider's brother, he works hard to keep a good relationship between Sylvan Weyr and Sylvan Hold.

His Hold is the most important part of his life, before searching for a wife or creating an heir. Right now, he is working as hard as he can to ensure that the Weyr and the Hold can get along, as new discoveries come to light. He will always put the Hold first, and would kill to keep it safe--or work against the Weyr and its fearless Weyrleader.

Biography: His father Selwyn married Leelane early, when both of them were sixteen. It took over twenty-five years before she bore him a son, Seeley. Seven Turns later, Seeley was a rambunctious if small lad, and his brother Lynane followed. Nine Turns younger, Sellane was always the smartest in the family, but she had her mother's small build and couldn't make much influence fore herself. Selwyn taught both Seeley and Lynane well, but he was old. By the time Selwyn was twenty-five, Selwyn and his wife were pushing sixty-seven Turns of age. Selwyn forced Seeley to step up as Holder, and he and Leelane died in the two Turns after. Lynane couldn't stand to see them declining, so as soon as Seeley got himself promoted. Lynane got himself searched, and became L'yne of Heskith soon after. Seeley hasn't yet finished grieving, and he finds himself overwhelmed by the amount he has to handle often. Still, he keeps the ironclad appearance of Lord Holder well, and nobody suspects, not even perceptive Sellane.

Pets: ---

Part III: Be a Threat!

user posted image

Username: obeah
Character Number: 4th

Name: Yilka
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but before she was made Lady, her eye wandered.

Location: ____ Hold
Rank: Lady Holder
Dragon: ---
Fighting Wing: ---

Appearance: Yilka never has a hair out of place. She is tall, standing 5'8" without shoes, and whip-slender. Her shoulders and hands show you she has never felt hard labor, though she has the calluses on her fingers from years of knitting and needlepoint. Her eyes are brown with green shot through in the light. Her hair curls nicely, a chestnut brown that reaches her shoulder blades. Any jewelry she wears is delicate, and occasionally gets swallowed by her strong features: stark eyebrows, impressive cheekbones, and a firm jaw. She has a slim waist and wide hips,

Personality: Yilka is like a snake constantly coiled to strike. Clever, cunning, and remarkably defensive, she keeps everyone at arm's length. At the same time, she is good at giving whatever impression serves her best: she can play the weakling, the easily confused, or the overly devoted without batting an eyelash. Her

She is ambitious and ruthless, and her current focus is the corrupting influence she sees the dragonriders as being. They failed to protect her husband and her son, and now they want more support. So she has turned her hold against them, refusing to tithe whenever she can, and causing strife with families who allow their children to leave as candidates, though some of them--Berlioz, Myrddin, and F'rion in the most recent clutches--have done quite well for themselves.

Her main flaw is her jealousy, and it is the reason she first took a distaste to the riders. She was Searched alongside one of her sisters, but only her sister was allowed to go. Yilka was forced to stay at home and work under her father to learn how to run a hold.

She plans to work against the Weyr in whatever way she can, and this ascent to major hold will only strengthen her position.

The new Lord/Lady has lost his/her wife/husband and almost their only son to Thread and blames the Weyr for that. He/she had never really liked dragonriders, being jealous of their freedom but now it turned into hatred.

Biography: Daughters run in Yilka's family. She was the oldest of six girls, and her mother died giving birth to the last.

Pets: Canine Muut
Posted: Jan 4 2010, 08:32 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 40
Member No.: 5
Joined: 9-April 09

Part 1
Capiam Hold
Tirone Hold
Connell Hold
(Honoring some important people of the past. Capiam was a Master Healer during the time of Moreta, and Tirone was the Master Harper during that same time. Connell was Sean and Sorka's family name.)

Part II

Name: Teval
Age: 28
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bisexual, but keeps his relationships with men secret.

Location: Sylvan Hold
Rank: Lord Holder

Appearance: Teval is fairly average in looks, but his attitude lends him some sort of attractiveness for some. He is medium height, about 5'9, and slender. He has the thin, healthy build of a man who does no hard work but who is too young to grow a gut just yet. His has a naturally darker complexion and his skin has a tanned, healthy glow to it from his time spent outside (playing, rather than working). He has shoulder length black hair which has a slight wave to it, and it gets curlier in humid weather. His eyes, one of his best features, are a deep shade of blue. They are often lit up with delight or mischief, and his charming smile comes easily to his face.

Personality: Teval is beloved by many of his Holders for his cheerful and friendly nature. He is extremely outgoing and he will socialize with anyone and everyone. He isnít snotty at all, although he doesnít always understand not everyone has the same privileges he grew up with. On the downside, he can be flamboyant and reckless, and he is also quite the flirt. He is known a known womanizer and certain young men are not safe from his ways, either.

Teval hides a steely will beneath his outwardly naive, bubbly nature. He would do anything to protect his Holders. He sometimes acts as if he's a lot stupider than he is to gain information and keep the element of surprise. Politically savvy, he can be surprisingly ruthless if he needs to. He gets along well with A'der and considers the man a friend. However, he puts his Hold first and would never be accused of pandering to the Weyr.

Biography: Teval is the oldest son of the late Lord Kevrin and his wife Lady Bade of Sylvan Hold. He was raised by his mother with help from several loyal creche workers. Like any Lord Holder's son, he had a privileged upbringing with basically anything he wished for. He was an only child for two turns, and after that he was quickly joined by younger sister Kanta and little brother Brendin, both within nine months of each other. Teval and his two closest siblings never got along particularly well. Teval and Brendin were constantly in competition, and when they did reconcile, it was usually to team up and pick on Kanta.

As a small child, he didn't really understand the implications of being the oldest child of a Lord Holder. When he was older, he realized he was the heir to the Hold. His father started taking him to different parts of the Nyocia area, giving him lessons on running a Hold and politics. Teval was smart enough to be good at the lessons, but he usually hated them. He wanted to be riding a runnerbeast around the Hold, playing with his mother's fire lizards, or going on adventures with the other kids.

His rambunctious side never wore off, even when he approached his teen years. Bade had more children, making it more difficult for her to keep an eye on the older ones, and Teval rarely asked permission to do anything. He often visited Gathers or went camping with friends, preferring the "great outdoors" to being cooped up inside the Hold.

Like most teenagers, he became interested in girls after he reached puberty, and as a future Lord Holder, there was no shortage of young ladies ready to flirt with him. His curiosity about other young men was more disconcerting, and he knew better than to mention it to anyone. He thought it was just a phase, but when he "got to know" a handsome Greenrider on a drunken Gather night, he decided he could indulge himself in such pursuits once in a while. He liked girls too, so it wasn't a big deal, right?

Within four or five turns, Teval had grown out of a somewhat awkward adolescence into a somewhat more mature, but at least more politically savvy, adult. He started spending more time with his father, learning how to lead the Hold. This was a good thing, for Kevrin died not long ago of a heart attack, leaving Teval in charge of the Hold. Things have been a whirlwind since then as Teval adjusts to his new position.

Part III

Name: Maxen
Age: 35
Gender: male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: New Hold
Rank: Lord Holder

Appearance: Maxen is handsome in a delicate, old-fashioned way. He is tall, about 6'1, and he has a slender build. His features are refined and elegant, with sharp cheekbones and a rather aquiline nose. He has dark brown eyes and straight, reddish brown hair down to his shoulders. Maxen is unusually pale for a Pernese, a trait which runs in the family, and he sunburns easily. If he is out in the sun for a long time and remembers to wear sun block, he will only get a scattering of freckles across his face, rather than a tan. Maxen has little fashion sense of his own and allows his house drudges to choose his outfits for him, but he favors dark colors, and is often seen wearing black. Despite being relatively young still, a few strands of silver are seen in his hair and there are creases at the corners of his eyes, signs of the stressful life he has led.

Personality: Maxen is very quiet and unassuming. He seems almost shy at first, but he is merely reserved. More like still waters with whirlpools hidden in their depths. He may seem gentle, but he can snap at any moment. He doesn't lose his temper. Instead, he gives deadly orders in a calm, quiet voice, with a sweet smile on his face. Incredibly affectionate and loyal to his loved ones, he simultaneously harbors an intense, passionate hatred for his enemies. And the biggest enemy is the dragonriders. Maxen has built up his dislike for the Weyr to almost mythical proportions. He spreads propaganda around the Hold, igniting the Holders to turn against the Weyr as well. Maxen nurses the sorrow of losing his family like something precious, allowing the pain to fuel his hatred and drive to see the dragonriders brought down.

Biography: Maxen was born in ____ Hold, the only son of the Lord Holder. The rest of his siblings are sisters. As a child, he was timid and sickly. He suffered from a breathing disorder and would begin "suffocating" if he exerted himself too much. Maxen spent much of his time alone, in the company only of servants. He chafed against his restraints, wishing to run outside the Hold and be free. As a child he would stare out the window and watch dragons fly by, envious of their freedom. He longed to be in the air, where no one could tell him what to do.

When he was thirteen, Maxen saw a dragon close up when one came on Search to the Hold. He snuck out of his room to watch the Search with the other boys and girls. The blue dragon turned to him and stared, and then the rider came forward. "Young man, my dragon says that you could be a dragonrider." Maxen was elated. He opened his mouth to accept the Search, but then his father ran out and explained things. Both because of his rank and because of his illness, he could never be a dragonrider.

After that, Maxen's admiration became perverted to envy. He started to hate the dragonriders for having what he never could. As he grew, he became healthier, but his mind became darker.

Then, at age 18, he met the woman who could change his life. Her name was Vanozza. She was sweet and kind, and understood Maxen perfectly. He fell in love and, against all odds, she fell in love too. A year later they were married in a respectable wedding. A year after that, a son was born. They named him ____.

The following turns were bliss. Maxen was unbelievably happy with his wife and son. It seemed too good to be true, and then it was. The happiness shattered one fateful day when Thread fell unexpectedly and Vanozza and ___ were outside, taking a walk. They could not make it back to the Hold in time. Vanozza was killed, and their son was horribly disfigured, which was almost worse than death. [the person who ends up playing the son is welcome to change this, but I thought it would be interesting.] Maxen's heart twisted with bitterness and hatred. from that day forth, he has vowed to do whatever he can to punish the dragonriders who let him down.
Posted: Jan 4 2010, 09:28 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 4
Member No.: 23
Joined: 15-December 09

Part 1

Helder Hold
Luminoso Hold
Sole delle Montanga Hold

(Just because something is dark, doesn't mean the name has to be. The first two mean 'bright' in danish, and italian, the last one is Sun of the Mountains Hold)
Posted: Jan 8 2010, 12:45 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 272
Member No.: 1
Joined: 6-April 09

Part I: Name the Hold!
You gave me a hard time here and I had to take three rounds of slowly lowering the possible names and narrowing them down until I finally had only a few left.
I hate the fact that I cannot choose all of them, not even half... and I can't say I'll ever be statisfied with the results because all of these names were just too awesome to pass up...
But there can only be one name for a Hold, right?
I finally decided to go with something sounding rather simple but also as rocky and dark as I imagine the Hold to be...
  1. Gyre Block Hold - Sever, 10 Marks
  2. Magara Hold - obeah, 5 Marks
  3. Tenebro Hold - Eyo, 2 Marks
but... and this is where your amazing ideas get a little more Attention...
I also decided to give our three other Minor Holds names too and give some people a few more marks (Information on all those will follow soonish)
  • Madoutik Hold (Minor), furthest down South at the rim of a small Desert - Eyo, 1 Mark
  • Tirone Hold (Minor), eastern one of the two sea-holds - Bookworm, 1 Mark
  • Helder Hold (Minor), western one of the two sea-holds, closest to the Weyr - Lucia, 1 Mark

Part II: Be a Lord!
Please post your character profiles in the Character profiles section, I will then move them to the right location!
  1. Lord Teval by Bookworm, play him + 5 Marks
  2. Lord Seeley by obeah, choice between: younger sibling and 5 Marks or 10 Marks
  3. Lord Admon by Morgan, 5 Marks

Part III: Be a Threat!
see above!
  1. Lady Zuleiya by Morgan, play her + 5 Marks
  2. Lord Maxen by Bookworm, play the Heir + 5 Marks
  3. Lady Yilka by obeah, 5 Marks

If the Heir and the younger sibling is not chosen to be roleplayed, they might be obtainable in a later contest again.

Gratz everyone!
I hope you enjoyed these contests.
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