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Posted by: GStick Feb 10 2008, 10:44 AM
This topic will include all of the system mechanics for Showdown Academy. Since the fighting system and sub-systems change constantly, I won't go into fine detail on everything just yet. It'll be a rather basic outline for now until things start to get to be a little more set in stone.

QUOTE (Normals)

Showdown Academy (SDA) uses 4 Attack buttons based on the range of the attack:
Close Punch (CP)
Long Punch (LP)
Close Kick (CK)
Long Kick (LK)

QUOTE (Specials)

Most specials are performed by a combination of directional presses (Down to Down/Forward to Forward) followed by a button press (+P) Each special has 2 versions that can be performed (A C version, and an L version). Some Specials have an EX version of the move that can be performed by pressing two of the same button instead of one when enough Super has been gained.

QUOTE (Blocking)

To block in SDA, just hold Back. You can Stand Block, or Crouch Block. Blocking completely reduces the damage received from all Normals to 0, the damage received from Specials is only reduced. This is called "Block Damage", or "Chip Damage". Stand Blocks can block standing and jumping attacks. Crouch Blocks can block standing and crouching attacks.

QUOTE (Throws)

As of v2.9, Throws are performed by pressing Forward or Back + CC (Close Punch and Close Kick at the same time). The direction pressed will affect the direction of the throw. Throws cannot be blocked, but they do have an animation just as any other move. Some characters (like Jiro) have an Air Throw, which is performed in the same way while in the air. Some characters, like Aroon, have a second throw which is performed with Forward or Back + LL (Long Punch and Long Kick at the same time).

QUOTE (Defensive Roll)

After a knockdown (fallen on your back), press KK (both kick buttons pressed at the same time) to roll forward. Rolling allows movement while recovering from a knockdown and can pass through the opponent. Rolling isn't invincible however, and leaves you open for an attack.

QUOTE (Air Recover)

After a knockdown (while in the air), press PP (both punch buttons pressed at the same time) to flip out of the knockdown and land on your feet. Attacks may be performed after an Air Recover is used.

QUOTE (Counter Hit)

A Counter Hit is an attack that lands successfully on an opponent who is performing an attack of their own. A successful Counter Hit drains 3 Super from the Defender's Super rather than building 3.

QUOTE (Guard Crush)

Guard is located underneath the Lifebars. Guard is reduced while Blocking attacks. When hit, Guard is received. Once Guard is empty, you will enter Guard Crush. Guard Crush is a small period of time where you cannot block, thus making all attacks performed on you completely effective.

QUOTE (Dashing/Dash Jumping/Dash Attacks)

Double-tap Forward or Back to perform a Dash in that direction.
A Dash Jump can be performed by pressing Jump after some time during a Dash. You can only jump in the direction of the dash.
Dash Attacks can be done by pressing both Kick buttons after some time during a Forward Dash.

QUOTE (High Jump)

High Jumps are "super" versions of Normal jumping. A High Jump is done by quickly tapping Down, then Jump. Wall Jumps (if a character has any) cannot be performed during a High Jump.

QUOTE (Supers)

Super can be gained by performing and successfully landing attacks. Performing an EX Special and Counter Hit reduce Super from the Attacker and the Defender respectively.

QUOTE (Matches)

In SDA, matches are stuck to 3 rounds. Best 2 out of 3 wins the match. Each round is set to 60 full seconds.

QUOTE (Winning)

Players must reduce their opponent's health to 0 or have the most health at the end of a round in order to win that round. If Double KO occurs, that round is restarted.

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