Turn 538, 30th Turn of the 3rd Pass
The season is
Early Summer

Current Events

Sr. Weyrwoman: Liesse of Gold Veyth
Weyrleader:Ad'yin of Bronze Izonath

WeyrWoman's Second: Rahki of Gold Chioneth
WeyrSecond: M'res of Bronze Ekath

Jr. WeyrWoman: Soros of Rose-Gold Mambath

Weyrlingmaster: Ly'rett of Bronze Belachth
B'ram of Brown Kaitoth
Dae'na of Blue Scalaith

Candidatemaster: Gh'not of Brown Tronth
Osyri of Blue Aegeanth
Tillini of Green Neamth

Wher-Candidatemaster: Narrel of Blue Narresk

WherlingMaster: Tarance of Brown Taransk

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Summer 523

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