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 MADDOCK, sebastian
+Sebastian Maddock
Posted: Jan 22 2010, 12:41 AM

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sebastian alexander maddock
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elder pricuspureblood

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whacha look like?
Sebastian is a tall man, almost six foot, and decently built. He has muscle, wide shoulders, almost threatening in physical strength. His face is harshly cut, sharp, severe, with higher cheekbones and thinner cheeks, with a nose straight down, a slight hook on the end. Though he has a threatening physique though, one will notice he has a calm, serene face. At peace with the world, a world he knows a lot about.

His eyes, blue, are softly set and his hair is longer, a dark brown, and more often than not slicked back or falling in front of his face. Normally, his face is slightly covered by fuzz of a beard, some sleepless nights where he forgets to shave.

Wearing the “correct” clothes, Sebastian normally looks like a rich, proper man. Some sort of politician’s son. Rarely is he seen in “grungy” clothes, unless… again, he finds himself too busy to care to wash.

don't ever look back
where've you been?
Born August Second, 1503, Sebastian Maddock was not born alone. Next to him was his twin sister, Zara, with whom he would grow to find himself linked to mentally and emotionally, physically, and telepathically. Since their birth, they had been practically attached to the hip, their odd telepathic link a thing everyone marveled at, their closeness a surprise, it seemed there could never be one without the other. It seemed if you lost one, you lost both. And so, Sebastian and Zara grew up treated as one, allowed to wander as one, and they practically became one.

Tragedy brought them closer. When the hunters came, they were told to run. It was hard, of course, when you’re witnessing your family being butchered before your very eyes, but they managed it. He tore his sister away from the deaths, and hid them for a few days, until they could be sure the hunters had passed, giving up on the children. They went back, to see what they could salvage.

There was nothing.

And so they moved on, traveling together. Alone together, as they had been before birth.

All this, they saw many things before stumbling upon the politics and decisions of the vampire world. Sebastian found himself so involved with the Pricus clan and their decisions, that when offered a spot as Elder, he took it gladly, for the first time in his life (unless you count choosing to run instead of watching their parents’ deaths in shock) choosing a different path from Zara.

Even though he finds himself loyal to Pricus and busy with politics and decisions, Sebastian’s main loyalties lie in his sister, and they still haven’t separated very long or far. When those of Pricus and the other clans came to the idea of a peaceful, human and vampire school, Sebastian pushed Zara to help him with the idea. It’ll be a wonderful experience, he’d told her, We’ll be able to teach others, move towards some sort of peace. He was always the pacifist.

Happy when she agreed, they both entered (as Sebastian wasn’t just going to leave Zara in a school of humans and hunters while he had a cushy seat, kicking back with some of the Elders under the image of a “school board”).

Not only does he take classes (Sebastian has always felt he could learn more) and teach a few, but he’s also involved in some major decisions, and often finds himself overwhelmed with his work.

Boy needs to relax.

And for a while after coming to Worthington, and meeting one Katherine Harper, he sort of did. Sure, bonding to the seer wasn't a cake walk, and the girl tended to get herself into trouble a lot, she had a calming affect on his mind. He found a sort of love, a sort of peace in being around the girl.

Of course, this wasn't to last very long.

In the yearly Legacy ball, our friend the Harlequin decided to FUCK MAJORLY with this bond. Which caused Sebastian to realize he has to take care of himself (rather than just his twin/bonded) sometime, which caused Katherine to block their bond and give him this time.

Still, he feels an odd tug her way, and he can't help but wonder why...

[[ u__u most paraphrased from Salleh’s version, though I hope I wrote it in a different perspective at least ]]

don't sell your heart
who are you?
Calm, gentle, caring. Not your typical vampire here, Sebastian would be your typical good guy. He’s willing to help, always, and if you find yourself in a conflict (whether it be a cute little spat or a full blown war), he’ll play the mediator. The death of his parents because of some form of racism has caused him to be a peacemaker at heart, a pacifist, always looking to solve other people’s problems for them. Sebastian often finds himself spending more time on resolving someone else’s problems, he forgets to worry about himself.

And here, you’ll find something silly, almost stupid in him. On a normal day, with everything else, Sebastian is highly intelligent, observational, wise, and has a good amount of sense and problem solving skills. However, he is stupid in prioritizing. More than anything, Sebastian places his sister and Katherine first, always feeling he must take care of them, make sure they're safe, second you’ll notice is everyone else. His own safety, his own needs don’t even occur on his list, he holds their importance so low.

Because he is always running around trying to do something for everyone, and forgets to take time for himself, Sebastian is most often stressed, ready to crack at every second. And his ways of stress relief aren’t very good for him either. Masochism, while he wouldn’t hurt another person unless absolutely necessary, he will cause himself physical pain and wounds in a situation where it is not necessary.

When talking to others, he is softspoken, tries not to offend, and tries to keep an unbiased opinion about everything. Friendly, outgoing, he’ll approach the loner, and stay with them, no matter how rude (masochist, remember).

However, he’s not perfect, he gets angry. It takes a lot, and when I say that I mean a fucking lot to make Sebastian snap. But when he does, its scary how violent and cruel he can be. Almost mindless as he tears the person apart (or at least shouts and shuns and shoves them out, tearing down every bit of their credibility). That being said, do NOT mess with Zara Maddock or Katherine Harper (most of all), and do NOT hurt the students of Worthington (vampire, human, or hunter), and DO NOT screw with his work, hurt it or destroy his chances at making peace. He doesn't like that much.

run, baby, run
First, to understand Sebastian’s main ability, one will also have to know his talent. Over everything else in his five hundred years, Sebastian’s greatest talent is art. That being, he draws and paints, simply a hobby, but has some skill, man. Five hundred plus years of it. And he loves to do it. When he isn’t working, or causing himself major pain, he’s drawing, sketching. It calms him just as much as the injuries (though that may be when his hand cramps up…).

His power is that of illusion. Where Zara can actually make things move, Sebastian can give the illusion of things moving. But… more often than not, he doesn’t do just that. His most powerful illusions are the ones he draws out, they seem to come off the page, and are so realistic
Of course, this all depends on where you’re standing. If you get too close to any of Sebastian’s illusions, close enough to try and see details that no pen could easily draw, the illusion will seem to shift, turn into a mess, a blob of color, before disappearing altogether.

However, if one person steps back and watches another walk up to the illusion, it will not disappear until something seemingly impossible happens. Such as, walking straight through a brick wall. Psychology and perspective of the people he is trying to deceive matters, and really, its all a matter of what you believe and see.

Sebastian also has a telepathic connection with Zara Maddock, and they can send messages to each other from a certain radius. As they are rarely very far from each other, the limit of this connection has not been tested as of yet.

He’s also got an amazingly high tolerance for stupidity, and pretty great patience. Does that count too? imhappyplz.gif

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name. Calli the Bee \o/
your age. Seventeen, sir
experience. some time now
faceclaim. Kevin Zegers

She needn’t have worried about this menos. He didn’t use a gun, he didn’t normally have many weapons on him other than an old knife, tipped with gold. He used what he could, he found the challenge thrilling. Juste also wasn’t the boy to leave some demon alive. There was that one exception, that one that attracted him so… but he’d gotten away from her. He’d redeemed himself in killing twice as many demons. He’d played the good boy. And he wouldn’t stop, he would continue being good. He was the righteous one here after all, shedding all of the ones who’d held him back…

Though he missed them, he denied it. He hadn’t seen Jacqueline in months either.

What better way to get over this frustration, this fear that he would lose her, than hunting though? It seemed perfect, the way he stalked, the way he waited for the lack of soul to ring around him like a sickly bell. … there was laughter, and he winced, feeling sick already. They preyed on the fallen, oh how dramatic you are, Juste, darling. What would Jackie tell you, with all these thoughts piling in your head, thinking you better than them a--wait, who cared what Jacqueline thought.

He didn’t. No. No, not at all, of course he didn’t. Why would he. Why would he ever… and it hurt.

Juste may have been careless at that point. But he wanted to get away from her, from them. That was what mattered to him. He stepped out, into the way of the demon and the woman, giggling. The demon noticed him instantly, knew what he was, and grinned. They were getting so gutsy with that Gasira woman out, goddamn.

“Leave her alone.”


This started things. The girl, drunken, was practically thrown to the side, collapsing against the wall, not sensing the danger, she watched them with tired eyes. Juste, Juste fought this demon, younger than him. Stupider than him. Violent and wild, it wasn’t that hard to duck, dodge… he cut across the chest. And then, while the demon was staggering back, Juste used all his force to shove straight through the chest, into the heart. Twist, turn, cut.

And there it was.

Juste stepped back, checking his work. Just in case you didn’t really get it, Juste, just in case. And then, when he was sure, he went to the girl. “Madmoiselle, please. Can you stand…?” Giggle a response, and a slow slur before she passed out. Juste… Juste was disgusted. But he wouldn’t leave a lady, his morals so high strung at that. Don’t leave a lady.

He lifted her, murmuring some comforts. Of course… he had no idea he was being watched. Even Juste could be blind to some things (as much as he bragged against that).

But then, there was something else to explain the pause, he hadn’t walked away just yet. Throwing a curious glance in the direction of the late demon. But we’re not calling it guilt, no. Now why would we do such a silly thing?

they'll tear us apart
the lovely credits
so, guess what? this cute little app was the brain child of chelsey of caution aka
vintagesummer of RPGU and she aint gonna be happy if you don't put her name
on it. so just do it. thanks! ps: lyrics courtesy of we the kings.

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<3 Ama
Zara Maddock
Posted: Jan 22 2010, 04:05 PM

Priscus [ Junior ]

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You're amazing u_u
Can't post this in the cbox.
At school ;___;
Also, I want to add something to Zara's history but it should affect Zara more anyway XD
;__; Just letting you know.
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