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Title: Prayers to Thoth (Djehuty)

Raven - March 13, 2005 05:50 PM (GMT)

Lichtheim, Miriam, _Ancient EgyptianLiterature, Volume II : The New Kingdom_, ,University of California Press, Berkeley, c. 1976, ISBN 0-530-03615-8

(P. Anastasi V.9,2 - 10,2)

Come to me, Thoth, O noble Ibis,
O god who loves Knmun,
O letter-writer of the Ennead,
Great One who dwells in Un!
Come to me and give me counsel,
Make me skillful in your calling :
Better is your calling than all callings,
It makes (men) great.
He who masters it is found fit to hold office,
I have seen many whom you have helped.
They are (now) among the Thirty,
They are strong and rich through your help.
You are he who offers counsel,
Fate and Fortune are with you.
Come to me and give me your counsel,
I am a servant of your house.
Let me tell of your valiant deeds,
Wheresoever I may be;
Then the multitudes will say :
"Great are they, the deeds of Thoth!"
Then they'll come and bring their children,
To assign them (to) your calling,
A calling that pleases the lord of strength,
Happy is he who performs it!

Prayer to Thoth

(P. Sallier 1.8, 2 - 7)

O Thoth, convey me to Khmun,
Yout town where life is pleasing;
Supply my needs of bread and beer,
And guard (my) mouth in speaking!
If only I had Thoth behind me tomorrow,
"Come!" They would say;
I enter in before the lords,
I leave as one who is justified.
You great dom-palm of sixty cubits,
On which there are nuts;
There are kernals in the nuts,
There is water in the kernals.
You who bring water (from) afar,
Come, rescue me, the silent :
O Thoth, you well that is sweet
To a man who thirsts in the desert!
It is sealed to him who finds words,
It is open to the silent;
Comes the silent, he finds the well,
(To) the heated man you are (hidden).

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