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 First Whfb Game - 500 Pt Warband Rules, O&G Massacred
Warboss Gorbolg
Posted: Mar 8 2012, 01:25 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 12-December 11

I'll try to be brief. I'm a long time Mordheim player that has been flirting with WHFB for probably a decade. Finally taking the plunge with a friend and a small group of players at our LGS and of course, I've picked the green tide.

Had my first game last night and got absolutely wrecked. In fact, if we had realized that mortars used the large template, it would have been over Turn 2. I'm building my force off of a BfSP box that I had sitting in a closet for a long time, although eventually I'm looking to make it into a 'Badlands Themed' force. My opponent asked to be able to use the old warbands rules and I was fine with it.

Approximate Forces:

Goblin BB, GW, LA, Dragonhelm (General)
NG Shaman (Lvl 1), Gift of the Spider Gods

33 NGs, Spear, Shield, Std, Mus, Netters, 2 Fanatics, both heroes
6 Spider Riders
3 Common Trolls

The Evil Empire
Wizard (Lvl 2), Fire Lore, Ruby Ring, Flame Storm, Fireball, Ruby Ring Fireball
Perceptor (Inner Circle Knights Champion, General)

24 Halberdiers, Std
12 Swordsmen detachment
3 Inner Circle Knight (including Perceptor)

Approximate Turn Results:
Terrain: We had 4 pieces of terrain on probably a 4 ft x 4 ft table

Deployment (from my perspective): I dropped my NG unit first centrally and in horde formation, he dropped a mortar in the right corner. I deployed my Spider
riders across from the mortar in a shrine, he then dropped the Inner Circle Knights in front of the mortar and across from the Spider Riders. I deployed the Trolls to the left of the NG unit, and his Swordsmen detachment bascially deployed to the left of his halberdiers, basically across from the trolls. Seeing that I had no shooting, his wizard was placed outside but near the halberdiers.

Ideally I should have left enough space for both the spider riders and the trolls to be deployed to the right of my NGs, but didn't. Perhaps I would have had better luck to try to use the speed of both units to overwhelm the right flank.

I won the roll to go first.

Approximate battle results (sorry didn't write them down)

Turn 1
O&G: NG unit marched forward. The Spider Riders probably moved about 8 inches, to the edge of the shrine (was worried about getting too close of the Inner Circle Knights). Trolls failed stupidity and shambled forward 2 inches.

Empire: Nothing moves. IF Flame Storm on the trolls kills one outright. Wizard takes 1 wound. Direct hit mortar kills 11 NGs (using the small template...).

Turn 2
O&G: Trolls failed stupidity and shambled forward 2 inches. NG unit marched forward, but stayed within 12 inches of the trolls. The Spider Riders marched forward and angled left into a forest, towards the halberdiers and wizard. They would be able to charge the wizard easily next turn, but leave themselves open to a charge into the forest by the Inner Circle Knights. After the last Empire magic/shooting phase, and the fact my trolls weren't interesting in fighting apparently, thought I needed to just try to get engaged.

Empire: Inner Circle Knights pass dangerous terrain tests and successfully charge the Spider Riders. They are also just within 8 inches of the NG unit. I release the fanatics and intend to sling-shot them through the Spider Riders into the Inner Circle Knights, however the Spiders are in the forest and after rereading the fanatic rules (there was a lot of rules reading last night), I realize they would die before reaching the Knights due to the forest. I send both fanatics towards the wizard and Halberdiers, nothing makes contact.

Another direct hit from the mortar (again using the small template) kill 9 more NGs. Empire magic fireball and ruby ring fireball kill the 2 fanatics. Knight only kill 1 Spider Rider but have a flank and the Spiders flee through the NGs, also pancing the NGs.

Rest of Game: Spider Riders never rally. Empire magic kills another troll. He gets another IF in there somewhere but does no wounds to the wizard. NGs rally to be charged by the Inner Circle Knights. His perceptor challenges my Goblin BB and I accept, and over a couple of turns barely kill the perceptor (my Boss almost died a couple of times). The lone troll charges the rear of the Knights and finally I break them but hold and reform instead of chasing. The halbs and detachment were in position for flank charge if I didn't reform. The 2 IC Knights rally. My NGs end up in a last ditch charge at the wizard that would also get them out of all empire charge arcs. Need an 8, but only get the 7. They are now set up the be charged by the halbs + detachment.

Anyway, at that point I had killed the 1 Knight, who was also his General. I had 10ish NGs left and the 1 troll. If we continued, I could have easily been mortared and magicked to death, or he could have set up some combo charges. The store owner was ready to close up and it didn't seem worth asking him to stay open to see the battle to the very end.

Lessons Learned:
My level 1 was useless. Should have learned the magic rules better. It just didn't seem to be worth the points investment at this points level. The signature spell seems pretty underwhelming, so you're hoping to roll something useful with just 1 die. Guessing if I went with a level 2 and magic some magic items, he could work out fine, but I think the gobbos really need more leadership.

In hindsight, I will leave the shaman at home next time and try a Goblin Warboss and a BSB. The BSB could have made a huge difference in regards to the trolls and probably would have allowed the spider riders to rally. Would still get thrashed by magic though.

The mortar is scary, not sure what to do about that one. He rolled well with 2 early direct hits, but we also were only using the small template...

Anyway, I felt like a bunch of weedy goblins last night.

If anyone has any advice for small battles, would love to hear it.

This post has been edited by Warboss Gorbolg on Mar 8 2012, 01:27 PM
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