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Newz: We'z got a new Big Boss (Global Mod).


 2500 - 6 Games Tournament, 'ere We Go!, Not one for long reports though
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 03:37 AM

Big Boss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,883
Member No.: 3,745
Joined: 4-May 07

6th General out of 44 over 6 games - quite pleased, lost against the #1 Overall so its ok~

My list.

[215] Orc Warboss - Basha's Axe, Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon
[305] Savage Orc Great Shaman - Level 4 Wizard, Lucky Shrunken Head, Warrior Bane, Obsidian Lodestone (MR3)

[069] Night Goblin Big Boss - Battle Standard Bearer: Banner of the Eternal Flame, AHW, Light Armour
[075] Night Goblin Shaman - Level 1 Wizard, Dispel Scroll
[085] Night Goblin Shaman - Level 2 Wizard
[056] Goblin Big Boss - Giant Wolf, Spear, Light Armour, Charmed Shield

[055] 5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spears
[055] 5 Goblin Wolf Riders - Spears
[301] 38 Orc Boyz - Additional Hand Weapon, Musician, Standard Bearer, Boss
[439] 39 Savage Orc Boyz - Additional Hand Weapon, Musician, Big'uns

[280] 8 Trolls
[280] 8 Trolls
[085] Orc Boar Chariot
[085] Orc Boar Chariot
[050] Goblin Wolf Chariot

[065] Mangler Squigs

All games were scored over 25 pts

Game 1 - Challenge game vs new VC - Win to the Greenskins, 17.5 to 7.5
~MR3 with 5+ Ward = 2+ ward save against Curse of Years (:
~Vampire with ASF Sword in unit with Flaming banner = no ASF Flaming attacks! Opponent learned this rule the hard way.
~Animosity stalled my entire Savage Orcs which meant flank charge, break away, flee and fail to rally next turn, off the board... would've had a 25 to 0 game otherwise! That one Animosity roll ]:

The scenario was to capture 6 objectives worth 3 pts each, last 7 pts of the scenario depended on Victory Points (900+ = 7 pts)
My fast cavalry forces quickly grabbed 2 to safety while my trolls and general's unit took up the left flank for 2 objectives and facing off 2 of my opponent's main infantry blocks
His Varghulf and General's bunker nabbed one each meaning, due to that bad Animosity roll, that I could never get them!
I found a way to get rid of a Banshee running solo after leaving her bunker - Flank charge by a T5 Chariot - I won by 2 due to Flank + charge, poof~ Of course had she been lucky enough to deal one unsaved wound then I'd only have won by 1. But hey, the chances of that are quite small!
I have to admit also that my bad animosity roll wouldn't have been so bad had I not been greedy in taking a victory reform to take on his annoying flying Vargheists, then I would've still stalled but NOT flanked by his army! Frontal charge would've seen me the victor. Argh!

Game 2 - vs Warriors of Chaos - Loss for the Greenskins, 0 to 25 (dice + 1 big mistake, oh well! Throgg is really the Troll King ]: )
He had 2 units of 4 trolls, one unit of 5 trolls with Throgg and a BSB, a hellcannon, marauder horsemen, dogs and 6 ogres. Plus a random lv 2 tz wizard running around and 2 'Stall lords' on Discs which is what probably cost me the game - he managed a sneaky flank charge I hadn't seen (on the lower corner of my unit as my flank was blocked everywhere but there - since he has Fly and a higher line of sight... ugh! Its legal though and I can only bow to his strategy, as it worked.
AND AGAIN! Animosity stalled my 'Savage Star' making me lose an important turn of maneuver. I am quite mad now ]:

I abandonned on turn 5 - my dice were simply not helping, I charge my 8 trolls on his 4 and I get turned around, this should not have happened! Curses!

Oh and the scenario was a 'capture the center', so I definitely lost there haha.

Game 3 - vs Skaven - Win for the Orcs, 25 to 0 (Back in the game!)
New player so made a bunch of mistakes, diagonal deployment did not help his case, so I overpowered him everywhere and he did learn which is good, since he won his next game from something he learned playing me biggrin.gif

Objective of the scenario was that our chosen Reserve unit had to reach the center by the end of the game, arriving from the short edge of our diagonal deployment zone. I panicked his off the board and TELEPORTED (Awww yea!) mine to the center on the last turn (:

Day 2!

Game 4 - vs Warriors of Chaos - Win for the Orcs, 25 to 0 (Foot of Gork rampage!)
Scenario was SPLIT DEPLOYMENT - this was HELLISH to keep my trolls within General's bubble. But I managed to capture the middle building, allowing me quite a bit of fun.
My Magic has never been so potent - Foot of Gork after Foot of Gork (and one on myself, of course - NEVER cast the 18+ version, keep to the 15+ version, ALL 4 TIMES I used the 18+ version which is 4+ = select a 2nd unit, 1 = enemy stomps one of my units, I rolled a 1...... WHY?!) I killed 7 out of 12 khorne chosens on turn 1, and killed many tzeentch warriors afterward - and passed a lucky LD6 (7 - 1 from Hellcannon) panic test on last turn to keep my unit in the scoring zone (Both split deployment zones of the opponent were worth different points each, no Victory Points this game so you could sacrifice stuff more easily to get to your objective)

Also, 2 remaining Chaos Knights charged into my trolls, with Flaming Banner, did absolutely nothing - until everyone had attacked, THEN the horses removed my regen, hah! So I smashed them. (: Nom nom nom~

Game 5 - vs Daemons of Chaos - Win for the Orcs, 17.5 to 7.5 (short-edge deployment, cross to the other short-edge scenario.. no teleport spell rolled but I still pulled through!)
Oh Hell! A balanced Daemon list! Thirster, 5 Flamers + Tz Life Herald, 1 Fiend, 5 Seekers, 12 Daemonettes + siren song, 23 Letters with Flaming Herald, some 19 I think, PBearers with BSB Herald and 2 Beasts of Nurgle

Oh Hell! A scenario played across the 6' instead!
Oh Hell! No Teleport spell rolled!

Aww yea I still won biggrin.gif

deployment was done 9" from the center of the board, so 18" between each, 7 turns to reach the last 18" of the opponent's side (which is 27" from the deployment line on a very tight space)

I got lucky and got to choose table side - I had a building in my deployment zone, space problem solved! 8 trolls in there, easily kept both trolls in my bubble while deploying properly.
Fiend + Mangler squigs duel saw both off the board very early as was planned
Beasts of Nurgle stalled one of my 8 trolls + boar chariot for 4 rounds of combat, ugh, which then saw me smash the chariot into his seekers and the trolls into his nettes - his mistake but I'll take what I can - he siren'd my Warboss' unit which I failed charge of course, not gonna flee there!

He dwellered almost half my savage orcs over two super miscasts which saw him cascaded on the second one if I'm not mistaken. He charged his thirster into my Savages, along with his plaguebearers to break me but the bearers failed two turns in a row by rolling 3 and 3.. Haha, also that -D6 M & Initiative was a gorksend, or possibly morksend.

So his thirster slowly started grinding down my Ld9 Steadfast savage orcs - when I was low on savages I simply sacrificed my BSB and Lv4 Shaman - Victory points did not matter in this scenario either - so I stalled his thirster for the rest of the game, his plaguebearer did make it into combat but not with my Savages - they faced my Trolls and could not run them through to get behind my deployment zone. In the end only his Bloodletters made it through to the objective while my Trolls (those who beat the nettes, not those busy with the bearers), Boyz and a chariot got to the scoring zone.

Mad game, mad fun, GREAT opponent.

Game 6 - vs Dark Elves - Win for the Orcs, 19 to 6 (ANNOYING 2 Hydras 36 RxCrossbows, Lv4 Death and stuff)
Honestly, maybe I was tired, but I did not have fun this game, along with rules issues (of which I was wrong on one I admit) so I won't go into much details but my first 3 magic phases had me with 12, 11, 11 dice so I dominated right there, teleported where I pleased and smashed the elves down - losing my entire savages in the process due to one bad decision on positioning after a teleport, oh well haha, that'll teach me! O:

Kouran + 19 black guards are no match for 8 Trolls + warboss - I had to split deployment due to the table! I put on the left side, my boyz without leadership (so Ld7), my savages and some support while the right side had my 2 troll blocks with LD + BSB in those units - the plan worked great and I simply swam through elves, missing out only on his Cauldron and War Hydra, plus 2 dark riders who danced around my boyz!


Had I not lost so bad against the first WoC I met, I might have been best general, though I would've had different opponents of course - so nothing certain but I had quite the chance of getting it! (: Next time, NEXT TIME!


This post has been edited by Silver on Mar 7 2012, 03:37 AM
Morten C
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 11:04 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,732
Member No.: 5,542
Joined: 1-November 09

Congrats on the placing mate smile.gif

Sad that your last game wasn't as good as the others, but dark elfs is a strange army, and when maxed out on hydras and xbows, it's bound to get even stranger.

Thanks for sharing smile.gif
Warboss Gorbolg
Posted: Mar 8 2012, 02:37 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 423
Member No.: 6,649
Joined: 12-December 11

Thanks for posting. How do you like the AHW boyz? Am about to build some myself but they don't seem popular on the interwebz.

I really like the various troll models (in fact just ordered 2 boxes of the rivers) so I may try something similar to what you're obviously successful with, although doesn't the 2 units make your deployments pretty predictable? Do you always run them 4x2? Sorry, still just a snotling here. laugh.gif
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Mar 8 2012, 04:01 PM

Group Icon

Group: Veterans
Posts: 8,234
Member No.: 2,381
Joined: 10-August 05

QUOTE (Silver @ Mar 7 2012, 03:37 AM)
~Vampire with ASF Sword in unit with Flaming banner = no ASF Flaming attacks! Opponent learned this rule the hard way.

I always forget about that. What happens then? Does he just not get flaming attacks? Or does he not get ASF?

Also, how do you play our common Orcs? Do you hold them back? Or move them up? Do the 2 choppas work well?
Posted: Mar 9 2012, 04:17 AM

Big Boss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,883
Member No.: 3,745
Joined: 4-May 07

compared to NGs with nets, the normal boyz are completely USELESS at EVERYTHING.
Its sad. But it was fun to use them as I cut away all weapons, making them FIST WARRIORS! O:

Thats the only reason I made that unit biggrin.gif<

And you simply don't get the flaming attacks on magic weapons.
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