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 Shimmergloom's 8th Edition Battle Reports., w/pics. But no punch or pie.
Posted: Apr 14 2011, 05:44 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 22-April 05

I played in a local Indy GT this last weekend. I had really barely played any 8th edition at all until recently. I played like 6 or 7 games. 1 of those was a turn 1 loss, so not sure if you can count that. I went 4-3 or 4-2 depending on how you looked at it.

So with that little bit of playtesting, I went into the bash, hoping to at least not get shut out. So far in this indy GT I was 2-8 with greenskins and 2-1-2 with Dark Elves.

The rules for the tourney were no power scroll and no special/named characters. Comp was judge banded, 0pts for hard lists, 5 for medium and 10 for soft. I got a 5 for medium.

We did all scenarios from the book except battle for the pass which it seemed obvious that there was not enough space to do properly.

In addition there was 5 objective cards, you chose one before the game started and could earn +2 battle points for achieving your objective.

Battle points were: 15pts for a win, 10pts for a draw and 5pts for a loss.

You also got +1 pt for getting 500vps from the enemy, +2 for 1000 and +3 if you got 1500 or more.

So you could say lose, but if you killed 1500pts in vps from the enemy and got your objective accomplished, you would have 10 battle points from the game.

There was also max 30pts for painting and 32pts for sportsmanship for a max overall of 172.

Ok with all that said, here was my army list:

1. General: Graulz, Orc warlord
Lt. armor, great weapon
4+ ward talisman, glittering scales and ironcurse icon


2. Braun: Orc BSB
Shield and armor of destiny


3. Torgo: Orc Shaman lvl 2


4. Kemp-Fana: Savage Orc Shaman lvl 2
Shrunken Head


5. 45 Orcs w/shields and Full command


6. 34 Savage orc Bigíuns w/2 choppas and Full Command


7. 96 Night goblins w/shields and Standard/Musician
Nets and 2 Fanatics


8. 5 spider-riders: 65pts.
9. 6 Common Trolls: 210pts.
10. 2 spear chukkas: 35pts. Each.
11. 2 mangler squigs: 65pts each.
12. 2 pump wagons: 45pts each.
13. Doom Diver: 80pts.
14. Rock Lobba: 85pts.

Total: 2500pts.

Hereís a pic of my entire army in front of the Orc Fort that I made for the tourney.


First game was vs Wood elves with the scenario, Dawn Attack.

Hereís a pic after set up.


You can see that my orcs w/general got separated from my trolls and night gobos who needed his ld the most.

Iím going to try and do brief synopsis reports with some pics. I often forgot to take them, plus I had some come out badly since I apparently had it set to low light for some reason.

I won roll to go first. My objective was to keep my most expensive non-character unit above half strength by the end of the game.

Greenskins turn 1:

1. Failed animosity for my spiders. did pass stupidity for the trolls.
2. Magic was so low and with just the savage, I donít think I managed anything.
3. In shooting, a chukka killed his bsb outright.

Wood elf turn 1:

1. His shooting killed a couple of night gobos and did 2 wounds to my trolls. He forgot and show a regular unit at the trolls first before the firebanner guard shot. Hail of doom arrow also killed 3 or so orcs.
Pic after turn 1:


Greenskins turn 2:
1. Failed animosity from the orcs and spiders. The spiders were forced to charge a unit of dryads and failed the charge.
And failed stupidity for the trolls.
I tested to not charge my orcs at his waywatchers since I didnít want them off on their own without the support of the orcs next turn, since I was sure they would flee and then Iíd get hit by multiple units in his turn.
I did around 5 wounds to his treekin from chukka and doom diver fire.

2. Wood elves turn 2.
Wood elf fire now killed 2 trolls, they panicked and fled.
His characters also killed a few orcs with magical bowfire.


3. Greenskin turn 3.
My night goblins failed animosity but rolled a 6 so moved up more into the woods. I canít even remember what kind of mysterious terrain it turned out to be. Maybe the cause fear one or something.

My savages failed animosity and were forced to charge his waywatchers, but it was a failed charge, which was lucky with my mangler sitting right there.

I charged the night gobos at his dryads.

My trolls actually rallied.

In magic, I used hand of gork to lift my orcs over the river to avoid more dangerous terrain tests since it was a raging torrent.

In combat, my night gobos routed his dryads and ran them down. They pursued into a unit of glade guard.


Wood elves turn 3:

1. With a mangler in front of his sorc lordís glade guard unit, he couldnít just shoot at my trolls again. So first he shot his 10 strong unit at the mangler, but only did 2 wounds. So he had to waste his fire banner unit at the mangler as well. He did kill it, but it was a round he wasnít shooting at the trolls.

He charged his treekin and a hero kindred at my orcs. And his other dryads at my wagon.

2. My night gobbos passed fear this time(they had failed vs the dryads) even on ld5. So even without my general I was making ld4 and 5 checks for these 2 units.
He killed 3 or so night gobbos, but I killed around 7 or 8. I had expected the night gobbos to be flanked charged by that other small guard unit, but I guess he was more worried about the mangler. It might have been worth the risk to attack the night gobbos, use the lordís unit exclusively on the mangler and then just worry about the trolls later, who were so far away and ld4 for stupidity, that they were not a big threat to the lordís unit.

Anyway, that guard broke and fled, but outran the night gobbos. My wagon was destroyed, he overran to m spiders, who fled.

In the other fight, my lord challenged and his hero accepted. He did a wound to me, but I only did a wound back to him. He killed a few orcs, but I killed 2 treekin. The treekin broke, but the hero held his ground.


We were rushing more at this point so I don't have anymore pics of this game.

Greenskin turn 4:

Trolls failed stupidity.
My savages tested to not charge, since the mangler was right in front of them.
My night gobbos charged the fleeing guard unit and pursued them off the table.

Spiders fled off the table.

My mangler went through the waywatchers, treemen and treekin. I wiped out the watchers, did nothing to the treemen and finished off one more treekin.

My shooting did a couple of wounds to his kindred lord.

I didnít hurt his hero in combat and he didnít hurt me, but he did break and run this time. I didnít catch him.

Wood elf turn 4.
1. He charged his treeman at my orcs. He rallied his hero, but his treekin kept fleeing.
2. His shooting wiped out my trolls. Magic killed about 5 or 6 savages. I think he was using dwellerís below or something like that.
3. His treekin focused on my lord cause his objective was to kill my general. He did nothing, but I did 1 wound to him total with all my attacks. He held.

Greenskins turn 5:

1. My savages failed animosity and failed their charge they were forced to make. My mangler went flying off toward the right side of the table.
2. I was concentrating what magic I had(we rolled really low all game and magic paid almost no part in the game) and shooting on killing his lord who had one wound left.
I hit him with a chukka and rolled a 1 to wound and hit him dead on with my doom diver but rolled a1 for hits and a 1 to wound. The lobba then misfired and I rolled another 1, so it destroyed itself. Sigh.
3. He wounded my general one more time and I did a wound in return, he held again.

Wood elf turn 5:

1. He charged his eagle at my doom diver. Moved his guard units away from my night gobbos and rallied his treekin.
2. Dwellers this time killed about 9 savages, which was enough to bring them below half strength, ugh.
3. He wasnít able to kill my general and I wasnít able to kill the treeman. His eagle then wiped broke my doom diver crew.
We had to add up the scores since we only had about 5 minutes left and they gave us a bonus sports point for turning your card in before time was called.

When we added it up he was up by 46pts. So a draw. The last turn letting him get my diver and lobba took him from losing to almost winning with these crappy new vp rules. Which would have been stupid, cause this battle was clearly a draw.

The two things I wish I had done differently was just for one, tested my general and bsb separate from the orc unit for dawn attack, to try and get one of them close to the trolls and night gobbos. And 2nd been more aggressive with the savages. I just had a mangler stuck in front of them for a long time.

Final score:
Wood elves: 595
Greenskins: 549

Battle points: 11


Game 2 would be Watchtower vs Lizzies.

Ok Game 2. Itís watchtower and we are using a hill instead of a tower. I won control, but had nothing that could occupy it. He got first turn.

My objective was to successfully flee one time. Seems easy right?

Pic as he started his first turn.


Lizzie Turn 1.
1. Not much really happens. This river was a more calm non-dangerous terrain one. The woods were dangerous terrain however on both of them.

Greenskins turn 1.

1. I lose around 2-3 orcs to the woods. Otherwise Iím heading straight for the hill. My spiders are sitting at the edge of the woods ready to be charged so they can flee and get me 2 battle points.
2. My magic and shooting manage to do a couple of wounds to his carnasaur and krox.


Lizzies Turn 2.

1. He charges his sallies at my wagon. He moves a saurus spear unit into the building. And he shifts his skinks/krox so that if I charge them with my generalís orcs they would be way out of position.
2. His magic is again weak and does nothing significant. He destroys my wagon, overruns and draws out my fanatics, which both fail to make it to him.


Greenskins Turn 2:

1. My spiders fail animosity and are forced to charge his skink/krox. Ugh. They make the charge.
2. My mangler goes through his oldblood/carny and does 1 wound to each. I donít quite know what happened to it after that, since itís not showing up in my pics. My fanatics both tear into his sallies and send them running.
3. Otherwise I lose a few orcs to the woods again.
4. My doom diver and a chukka manage to kill the carny and the oldblood. A lobba lands on the saurus killing a few. Then a couple of warpath foot stomps kill many more. Heís down to 10 out of the 20 saurus + the scar vet.
5. My spiders are annihilated in combat. The problem is that this is pretty much the only unit that I wanted to have flee.


Lizzies turn 3:

1. He stays in the building and moves his eotg up for burning alignment.
2. He uses that to kill a couple of gobbos, a wound or 2 to my trolls and a wound to my mangler. He then used chain lightning to kill more gobbos, go into the trolls and do another wound and then into the mangler and kill it before running out of power.


Greenskins turn 3:

1. With his saurus depleted, I go after his krox with my generalís orcs. I think this was the only time all tourney that I called my waaagh! My wagon crashes into his depleted saurus. My last mangler has spun off who knows where at this point.
2. I was worried about his eotg sitting there that could flank my night gobbos or even hit them in the front. With my general and bsb now far away, I used hand of gork with IF to move them back into generalís range. The miscast wounded my shaman and killed a couple of savages.
3. My combined shooting kills his skink priest. Meanwhile my wagon only kills a couple of saurus before being smashed. My orcs kill a couple of krox and lose a few in return. I believe I only won by 1 or 2, he passes his test.


Lizzies turn 4:

1. His skinks/krox charge my chukka on the far right, which he destroys. His eotg moves up to the flank of my savages.
2. I tear into his krox again and he needs double 1ís to not break. He gets them.

Greenskins turn 4:

1. My savages charge his depleted saurus. I worry his eotg will nab the hill at the end, so move my night gobbos up as much toward the hill as possible.
2. My shooting continued to be great as I managed to kill his eotg and end the threat to him getting a last minute victory on the hill.
3. I get a warpath off on the krox/skinks and hit them like 4 times straight with minimal scattering and wipe the unit completely out. Then gork lets him stomp on me, which he uses to stomp on my savages, I think.

4. In combat, I finally break the remaining 1 or 2 krox and run them down. My savages wipe out the remaining saurus.

Thereís really no way he can win at this point since all he has left are his saurus which he kept in the building and a lone scar vet.

So Victory to the greenskins. I get 18 battle points, I missed out on my objective again.

I'll get up the last 3 games over the next day or so.

Game 3 will be vs Beastmen using the Blood and Glory, Fortitude scenario.
Brog Ironfang
Posted: Apr 14 2011, 06:17 PM

Grand Painting Inquisitor
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Group: Veterans
Posts: 3,727
Member No.: 94
Joined: 31-January 04

Awesome read smile.gif Thanks for writing it up.

You did use hill for the "tower" in 6th scenario but did you use hill rules (or were you simply short on towerterrain features)

If you used hill as a hill - how did it influence a game? Is this a better way to play it in your oppinion. I ask coz I'm not the fan of the last scenarion and Im searching for improvements smile.gif
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
Posted: Apr 14 2011, 06:21 PM

Motm july 2005, the goblin mad mod, WAAAGH!!
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Group: Veterans
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Nice write ups so far, I'm looking forward to the other ones.

Posted: Apr 14 2011, 06:39 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,259
Member No.: 2,177
Joined: 22-April 05

We used the hill as a hill. We weren't short on actual towers. It was just deemed that the tower itself was too imbalanced. I agreed with this. If he had won the roll he could have plopped a unit of 20 saurus into the building and it would have been nearly impossible for me to get him out, since he'd be steadfast on coldblooded 8. He didn't have a bsb, but if he had, then it would have been nearly impossible for me to win, just based on a dice roll at the beginning of the game.

So I like the hill much better, since eventhough whoever controlled the hill was steadfast(which didn't matter, since I had the hill for all the combats and didn't lose any combats on it), you'd still have many more models that could fight and get ranks and standard so it would be a more balanced fight.

So in this instance if he had won the roll, put his 20 saurus on the hill, it would have been difficult but not impossible for me to win.

Posted: Apr 15 2011, 09:33 PM


Group: Members
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Member No.: 2,177
Joined: 22-April 05

Next up game 3 vs Beastmen. This will be a fortitude scenario. My objective now is to keep all my power/dispel dice users alive. But mainly I played that card because the special rule for it was that in turns 1-3 all enemy casters will miscast on double 6ís and double 1ís. But the double 1ís will not be IF.

Unfortunately he plays a card that nullifies my special rules. So much for that.

His army was in a lot of ways the mirror image of mine. He had better magic and initiative. I had better shooting. He had 4 chariots, while I had 2 wagons and 2 manglers.

In both cases we could win the game by wiping out one unit. He just had to kill my orcs w/general and I needed to take out his 40 gors, w/beastlord and bsb.



Beasts turn 1:

1. He moves his scout harpies to where they can charge my doom diver next turn.
2. He moves very little, since we both know one battle can pretty much win this.

Greenskins Turn 1:

1. My spiders charged a chariot. My wagons just couldnít make it to his lines. My manglers were close to his bestigors.
2. I used hand of gork on my doom diver to try and save it. But my range was not good enough to really get it out of harms way. So I moved it close to my night gobboís so at least my fanatics could hopefully deal with his harpies.
3. Shooting took 2 wounds off a chariot and killed a bestigor or 2.
4. In combat, my spiders did 1 wound to the chariot, he killed 1 spider.


Beasts Turn 2:

1. His harpy scouts charged my doom diver, which released my fanatics. One couldnít even make it to the doom diver to go through it and out the other side. The other one did and went through the harpies as well. I did 1 wound to my doom diver and then only managed to kill 1 harpy.
His other harpies charged a wagon.

In regular movement, he ended one ungor unitís movement on one mangler and I killed 15. They panicked and fled. His other ungor unit landed on the other mangler and I killed 17. They panicked and fled as well.

2. He made my savages I think less toughness. Or the orcs. One of the two.
3. This time in combat, he killed 2 spiders and ran me down as I fled. His harpies did 1 wound to my wagon, I did 1 back for a draw. His other harpies killed my diver crew.


Greenskins turn 2

1. With my wagon blocking the way I couldnít charge my savages at his gor unit. I should have charge his bestigors with my orcs and trolls, but I didnít. I was being too cautious about separating my battleline. My unengaged wagon hit his gor unit.
2. I dispelled his toughness spell.
3. I tried to finish off his fleeing ungors but only killed 1 with shooting.
4. This time he popped my wagon due to being unstable. The one in the gor unit killed maybe 2 and then was destroyed.


Beasts turn 3

1. He charged his gors and one chariot at my generalís orcs. I held.
2. He charged his bestigors at my trolls. And his harpy scouts at my chukka.
3. His other harpies flew to try and block my savages from supporting.
4. He rallied 1 of his ungor units.
5. In magic he got off the toughness spell with IF. My orcs w/general now had -2T. Then he rolled 20+ for the strength spell, I rolled all my dice but it wasnít enough. So now my orcs and general had -1S as well. Ugh.
6. In combat he killed 23 Orcs altogether. I only killed like 4 gors at the most and did 2 wounds to the chariot. I got the double 1ís on the re-roll from my bsb, so I would prolong the inevitable.

My trolls killed 9 bestigors, but he killed 2 trolls in return(flaming banner). I broke and was ran down. His harpies didnít wound my gobbos and I failed to wound him. I lost by 1, but held.


Greenskin Turn 3.

1. My night gobbos charged his bestigors. My savages charged his harpies, since I had no real choice anyway.
2. In magic I only had 4 power dice and I needed to dispel 2 spells. I needed a 13 to get rid of the toughness spell, so I rolled all 4 for it, knowing there was no need to save 1 dice in the hopes that I would roll a 6 for it(I needed 8 total to get rid of that one) and I didnít want to risk not getting rid of the T spell. I did dispel it, so I would at least only be -1T now.
3. In shooting my lobba landed right on his cygor and I rolled a 1 to wound. My chukka missed him as well.
4. Well it was down to this. I did the night gobbos first. I killed a few, but he killed a bunch of night gobbos. They held from steadfast however. My savages then ripped apart the harpies for some small satisfaction.

I issued a challenge with my warlord, which I should have done the previous turn. He just answered with a champ. I killed the champ, then he killed around 6 orcs this time. I took out around 4 gors. I needed a 5 with the re-roll this time. But failed to get it. I broke and he ran me down with his chariot to end the game.

I was broken at fortitude 3 now.

Loss to the Greenskins. Battlepoints = 5


Next day would be a Meeting Engagment vs WoC.
Posted: Apr 15 2011, 11:44 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 28-April 10

gpd reports there but i noticed in the firat one you said your trolls paniced from shooting casualties. i was pretty sure stupidity made them immune to psychology so no panic tests.
Posted: Apr 16 2011, 04:09 AM


Group: Members
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Member No.: 2,177
Joined: 22-April 05

crap you're right.

I forgot all about that. I am still learning 8th edition and am use to them not being ItP so I've been taking panic tests for them in every game.

I'll have to remember that for the future.
Posted: Apr 16 2011, 08:41 PM


Group: Members
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Member No.: 2,177
Joined: 22-April 05

Game 4 vs Woc.

Meeting engagement. He only rolled a 1 for his slaneesh marauder horsemen. I rolled a 1 for my general, night goblins, spiders and a mangler. Ugh.

My objective this time was to kill a character in a challenge. I believe his characters were a lvl 4 tzeentch on disc, a lvl 2 nurgle and a khorne bsb.

He got first turn.

Woc Turn 1:

1. His hellcannon and gateway killed a few orcs and he did a little moving, but overall not much his turn.


Greenskin turn 1:
1. My trolls failed stupidity and made the river a raging torrent. Before I had been taking dangerous terrain tests, I wasnít sure if I was suppose to do this for infantry, he told me you didnít have to for infantry. I figured that made sense so didnít take any.
2. I managed to hand of gork with IF on my pump wagon behind his lines so he couldnít charge it. My savage shaman took a wound.


WoC Turn 2:

1. He charged his marauders into my orcs w/bsb.
2. He got the toughness spell off on my savages.
3. His hellcannon misfired. It then reduced his nurgle to lvl 0 and did a wound. It killed my savage shaman and reduced my orc shaman to lvl 0. His sorc lord was fine with a 3+ ward. So now I had no magic after just getting one magic phase.
4. The marauders were able to beat my orcs, but I held.


Greenskin turn 2.

1. I basically over thought things here. If I charged his marauders, I felt they would break and then he flees and I turn my savages and pursue with both leaving me safe from a flank or rear charge.

But if I charged his warriors, his 2nd warrior unit was set up to flank the savages the next turn.

So I went with option A and charged the marauder flank with my savages. I then sent my mangler through his 2nd warrior unit killing about 5. My wagon then hit his hellcannon.

When my reinforcements arrived, I moved up my night gobbos 4Ē which was enough to trigger my fanatics. One hit the warriors killing one more.

2. My shooting was abandoning me, as I managed only to kill 2 horsemen who were threatening my doom diver.
3. I did TOO well in combat. I completely wiped out his marauders. Killing like 20. This meant my orcs had no pursuit and my savages must overrun, which left them open to his warriors.

For the wagon, I forgot that impact hits being like shooting would not distribute to his crew. So I only did 1 wound to his machine while losing my wagon.


WoC turn 3:
1. He did rear charge my savages, who had to take it.
2. He charged my diver as well.
3. He tried to gateway my orcs but did only 2 S2 hits and killed nothing.
4. He ripped apart my savages, who broke, but outran his warriors and destroyed my diver.


Greenskins Turn 3:

1. I pretty much was down to really needing to break his warriors with a flank charge here by my orcs w/bsb. So I charged in.
2. I rallied my savages, then my manglers and fanatics were all whirling around and creamed his other warriors w/halberds apart, knocking them down to 4 models. I moved my spiders to redirect his horsemen away from my lobba.
3. I was able to kill the rest of his crew and make his hellcannon go beserk as well.
4. Unfortunately in the combat that matter, while I won it, I was unable to break him. I took a wound to my bsb as well in the challenge vs his bsb. He was able to combat reform to face my front.


WoC Turn 4:

1. He charged his halberd warriors remnants into my night gobbos and his khorne knights into my trolls and his horsemen into my spiders. His hellcannon landed on a mangler, but the mangler only managed to do 1 wound to it.
2. He tried to gateway my savages but failed.
3. His warriors tore into my orcs and I was unable to make much headway back(he had used his shrine earlier to give them +1 armor, so they were at 2+ armor save). Luckily I was barely steadfast, so I held and hoped my savages could do something to help.

My night gobbos and warlord wiped out his remaining halberd warriors, but his knights killed 3 trolls before I could strike back. Vomiting only killed 1 knight in return. My trolls broke and were ran down.

His marauders killed 2 spiders and I only got 1 back. I managed to make my break test.


Greenskin turn 4:

1. My savages charged the flank of his warriors in an effort to turn things back around.
2. Fanatics and manglers were all spinning around but really did nothing but hurt me and I think they did another wound to his cannon.
3. My shooting failed to do any damage to his knights.
4. My spiders did break this time, but outran him.

In the fight that mattered, even with my savages(who were no longer frenzied), I couldnít crack that 2+ armor enough to matter. I also lost my bsb in the challenge(I made 2 out of 3 needed wards saves). This meant no re-roll. Both units failed and were ran down by his warriors.

WoC Turn 5:

1. His cannon landed on my other mangler. This time I did enough damage to destroy the hellcannon.
2. He cast gateway on my night gobbos with IF and then destroyed the entire unit with one roll.

Greenskin Turn 5:

1. It was over, but I was just trying to get some more bash points. All I had left was my 2 chukkas and lobba on the table. Both chukkas missed his warshrine and the lobba wildly overshot by 10Ē.
Massacre Loss to the Greenskins. Battle points = 6.

During lunch, I went to one of the vendors and bought new dice.


Game 6 was vs Empire. Regular pitched battle. My objective this time was to kill the enemy general. This was the only hard list I faced in the tourney, all others were medium.

He had 2 arch lectors, the general was on the war altar. A steam tank, huge unit of greatswords and 2 cannons, 2 mortars, plus 2 low level battle wizards. Along with 3 units of swordsmen with a couple of small archer detachments. I am assuming the 2 archlectorís and the mortars + tank are what made it a hard list.

Again I was stuck with another river to worry about. This was another raging torrent. My opponent didnít think you needed to take dangerous terrain tests for it again with infantry, but at this point, I didnít know what to think, so I just went to ask the organizers. They explained it to me in detail that I would have to, because I didnít have the strider rule.

So I would be spending most of the game again taking dangerous terrain tests.

He won the roll to go first.


Empire Turn 1:

1. I lost 29 night goblins to a mortar and cannon. His other mortar killed around 6 orcs. He also did 2 wounds to a troll with his other cannon.


Greenskin turn 1:

1. My savages failed animosity, but then rolled a 6 to surge to within 1Ē of the building.
2. I moved across the river killing more orcs and about 15 more night goblins. Both fanatics came out but both failed to make it to the steam tank.
I moved my savages into the building.

3. I failed to get foot of gork off and my shooting was ineffective against the tank. I killed maybe 2 or 3 greatswords with my lobba.


Empire turn 2:

1. His mortars killed more night goblins and orcs while his tank shot steam and killed 2 or 3 more gobbos. One cannon destroyed a pump wagon, while the other one misfired shooting at my lobba and could not fire this turn.


Greenskin Turn 2:

1. My night goblins passed terror to charge his tank, I managed not to kill any of my unit doing this. I sent one mangler through the back of the tank and then over the war altar. It did like 1 wound to the tank and 1 to the altar.
My other mangler went through an archer detachment but again only killed 3 of the 5 and he didnít flee. So since he didnít, I sent my remaining wagon into the detachment. He didnít flee, but I wonder if he should have since that would have killed the detachment most likely, but then would my wagon have to crash into the mangler? Or just stop an inch from it?

Finally I got my orcs out of the river with more losses and my savages left the building, ready to unleash havoc.

2. Shooting takes out a few more greatswords. But my doom diver misfires and is destroyed.
3. My wagon wipes out his detachment. My night goblins canít wound the tank.


Empire turn 3:

1. His altar w/general charges my orcs.
2. He tries to concentrate on my orcs with a cannon and indirect mortar fire, but only manages to kill 2 or 3.
3. Another cannon tries to shoot my trolls but overshoots and misses.
4. His tank only manages to take out around 3 night goblins with is grind attacks.
5. My warlord challenges his arch lector, because I forgot the speculum exists. He does 2 wounds to me, I do 1 to his lector.


Greenskins turn 3:

1. I can finally get into real combat as my savages charge his cannon. I move my compulsoryís in a way to allow for a double combat. I move the random mangler first, who goes through the swordsmen killing a few, while the other spins through his greatswords and stops behind his mortar, killing a few greatswords. A fanatic doubles and dies, while the other spins back toward me. With all the uncontrolled stuff out of the way, I am free to move my wagon into his swordsmen. Now I can take out the cannon and hopefully overrun enough to take out those swordsmen in one turn.

I also charge my trolls into the tankís flank.

2. I finally get a warpath off with IF and kill maybe 4 more greatswords before gork wanders off. I forget the spell in the miscast.
3. More shooting at the greatswords to whittle them down for a fight that should happen in my next turn vs the savages if all goes well.
4. Now my savages rip apart his cannon crew and overrun into the swordsmenís flank. In the 2nd fight the combo of my savages and wagon nearly rip apart his swords w/battle wizard to nearly nothing. However since he got to fight after impact hits, he did manage to destroy my wagon first. Heís lost so badly though that he needs double 1ís and breaks. I catch him and pursue into a mortar. I fight the tank battle first, cause I fear for my warlordís life. My trolls do nothing even with vomits(I lost one troll charging through the river).
My night goblins then roll and get 4 6ís for wounds. I couldnít get one for my trolls. He makes all the saves of course. However then my troll stomps do manage an unsaved wound.

In the last fight, he kills my warlord.


Empire Turn 4:

1. He doesnít reform his greatswords, nor does he bring back a sword unit which was way out of the fight. He just tries to charge his far left sword unit w/2nd lector at my trolls, but fails his charge.
2. His last cannon misfires and destroys itself.
3. His tank is able to grind, but he puts them at my trolls, which does no wounds. My trolls do another wound with vomit.
4. My savages rip apart his mortar crew and overrun into the greatsword flank. They have to end their move on a mangler and he kills like 7 savages.
This time he challenges, I refuse and my bsb is moved out of the fight. I canít wound his lector, but do a wound to his altar, he kills maybe 1 orc.

Greenskins turn 4:

1. Now here weíve completely lost track of the turns. He seems to here get a double turn, since we at the end think we only played 3 turns and this is turn 4. I told him and the tourney organizer when he asked how close we were to finishing, that I think weíve lost track, he is sure we hadnít.

He puts a lightning speed spell on his swords which I scroll. He has no shooting. He doesnít try to charge this time. I have no idea how this was slipping by me, I guess in game 5, your mind is shot. I only remember this later, because I know what happens with the greatsword fight, that two combats are fought.

Anyway going into combat. I kill his arch lector, I do another wound to the tank. I kill some greatswords, but he is stubborn and then reforms to face me.

1. Now letís go into what was thought to be my turn 4.

2. My last mangler flies way to the other side of the table. My last fanatic comes flying back through his altar and my orcs, killing some orcs and maybe doing one more wound to the altar.

I think I skip magic entirely since there's nothing I have anymore that matters.

I try shooting his remaining swordsmen, but really do nothing.

3. My savages kill all but 1 greatsword. I really wanted to take that stubborn away. He kills 2 or 3 savages with is bsb, last greatsword and lvl 1 battle wizard. Heís stubborn and holds(he does roll a 12 at first though, lol so close).

4. I think I do another wound to his tank and canít kill the altar at the end.

So we add it up and itís a minor victory for the greenskins. Most of my stuff took a ton of casualties but gave him no vpís. While I got none from his greatswords or tank. I did kill his general for the extra 2 objective points, for the only time the entire tourney that I got those points.
The savages really tore through his battleline, while most of my army was never able to make it past the river to fight.

And I finally found out what spiders excelled at: Hiding in the woods for nearly the entire game.

Battlepoints 18. Total battlepoints 58. 2-2-1 overall.

His extra turn really didn't matter so much since he had no real magic or shooting, but it did mean that I should have gotten one more turn. Maybe I could have killed the altar and I am sure I would have wiped out his greatswords. That would have netting me at least one more battle point, maybe 2, but no big deal, since we weren't playing for anything important at this point.

So really I made no improvements on my overall 2-8 greenskin record at this tourney. But on the bright side I won as many games with the 8th book as I won total with the 7th book, in one tourney.

I figure since I had only very little experience with 8th to begin with and a new book to try and learn, that this was a good outcome.

In conclusion, savages and manglers are great. If I could take 10 manglers, I would. Also, buy new dice as often as possible.
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Apr 26 2011, 05:42 PM

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Thanks for the report! It took me a bit to get to read it. It's a shame I couldn't go this year. Adepticon was fun, though.

You seem to throw max dice at your spells, I noticed. You don't ever try to just roll a few dice and try to get them off? It might blow up less of your stuff.

Thanks for sharing. I know it was a bear to remember and write up. biggrin.gif
Morten C
Posted: Apr 28 2011, 03:03 PM


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Thanks Shimmergloom. Great battle reports smile.gif

But how come you don't insert the pics directly into the posts? It's a bit annoying having to open pages to get to see the pics wink.gif
Posted: Apr 30 2011, 06:21 AM


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QUOTE (Groznit Goregut @ Apr 26 2011, 05:42 PM)
Thanks for the report! It took me a bit to get to read it. It's a shame I couldn't go this year. Adepticon was fun, though.

You seem to throw max dice at your spells, I noticed. You don't ever try to just roll a few dice and try to get them off? It might blow up less of your stuff.

Thanks for sharing. I know it was a bear to remember and write up. biggrin.gif

Well, the first game, we were only getting like 3 or 4 power dice each time on our rolls. So I really had no choice but to throw them all at hand of gork(didn't have foot that time).

3rd game lasted 3 turns and I spent most of my magic phase trying to dispel the - stat spells that were in play, which eventually got me the loss.

4th game, my shamans were either dead or level 0 after the top of turn 2 when his hellcannon misfired.

5th game he had 2 archlectors so was getting +4 dispel dice each turn. He had more dispel dice than me every time, so I might as well throw my dice at one spell and hope it got IF.

It was only in game 2, that I had a magic advantage, which let me try and get more spells through. I got a lot of hand of gork's and foot of gork's off in that game.

As for the pics, I have been linking them because way back when I first started making battle reports, some people said that putting the pics directly into the posts was making them take too long to load and slowing things down. So I've just been linking to the pics ever since.
Posted: May 4 2011, 11:41 AM


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Nice reports there, thank you for spending the time to put them up!

Definitely want to use some manglers when I get my army together, especially after their glorious performance Vs. the beastmen!!
Posted: May 5 2011, 04:37 AM

Da Fang

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A bit late for the party, but thanks for the reports! Good to see what I'll be up against tomorrow with chaos warriors.
Posted: Jul 18 2011, 03:51 AM


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Here's some more reports. Other than tournaments, I am having a really hard time finding people who want to play warhammer.

Vs WoC 2500pts.

This is the first of 3 tournament games. The scenarios for this were all storm of chaos based. However the tourney organizer, gave an opt out clause since this was determined last minute and a lot of the players there would just be steamrolled by magic heavy armies when they had not prepared for a magic heavy tournament.

But to opt out you had to do so at the start of the tourney and for all scenarios. So you couldnít say I want to opt out of scenario one, but then play scenario 2. Scenario 1 was making winds of magic 4D6, which I did not like, so I decided to opt out. So by opting out, all my games were just straight up battlelines.

Now for this first game, there is not much for a reader to leran from because there is a few problems here. First he took 3 warshrines, which I should have realized was illegal, but it just never registered with me. 2nd he took a power scroll which was illegal in this tourney. When he declared he was using it, I thought it was illegal and said so, but a couple people around us said that only special characters were banned in this tourney. About 2-3 turns later, we were informed that the power scroll was not allowed. By then it was way too late to do anything about it. The 3rd thing was that he apparently thought this was a 2250pt tourney and not a 2500pt one. So take out the warshrine and the power scroll and suddenly he had several hundred points less for games 2 and 3(I think he just upgraded/proxied his marauders to chaos warriors to make up the points difference).

So because of all that, the result of this game is heavily skewed.

My army is exactly the same as in the ogre battle report. His army was:

1. Sorc lord w/power scroll and 4+ ward, I think this one had the puppet.
2. Sorc level 2, donít know what he had.
3. Bsb with banner to make frenzy
4. 35 chaos warriors with halberds, shields and 6+ ward mark.
5. 25 or so marauders w/khorne mark and flails.
6. 5 marauder horsemen w/throwing axes.
7. 3 warshrines

On his first turn his shrines give the warriors +1 to armor save, stubborn, 4+ ward to stack with his 6+ ward for a 3+ ward total and +1T.

I already know then the game is pretty much over. There is really nothing in my entire army that can deal with that.


I'll give a different sort of synopsis for the rest of this battle. I'll post pics of the battle at the end.

My boars destroy his marauders, but I lose 9 boars in that fight. His power scroll purple sun kills 7 night goblins and 34 orcs in one blow. This changes even the little that I can do, since I was trying to set up night goblins to his front, orcs in one flank and savages in his other flank or rear and try and grind him down. But now that my orcs were combat ineffective, they just charge a warshrine, which breaks but gets away.

I move my savages through a building but then roll double 6ís for eadbutt. I roll a 6 on the miscast chart which he changes to a 4. I kill 4 or 5 savages and do a wound to my shaman, but my shaman survives. I then get my hand of gork off so I can set up a rear charge on his warriors which are tearing into my night goblins(along with one of his warshrines), but I roll IF again, which he is able to change to a 4 again. This time I kill more savages and my great shaman disappears into the warp.

To add insult to injury, by one night goblin, my gobbos lose steadfast and are run down when they break. In his turn heís able to turn to face my savages, so now I would be facing a frontal charge against 34(I have managed to kill a grand total of 1 chaos warrior with 2 manglers and 100 night goblins + 3 gobbo characters fighting them) chaos warriors, sorc lord, bsb and sorc lvl 2.

So I donít bother charging, we then find out that power scroll is banned, so he says just put the dead orcs back, this is nice, but the game is too changed by now for that to matter. He then purple sunís them again, killing 25 this time.





At the end I do charge my savages, but I look it over and I concede since I cannot conceivably do anything to those chaos warriors, who will likely kill most of my savages before I can even strike.

Horrible loss. If I had really thought I had a chance to win the tourney, I would have probably asked for a draw once it was determined that the power scroll was banned, because that forced me to change my entire plan. Also the 3 shrine powers made it near impossible for me to do anything to the warriors. I cannot believe that they allow 3+ wards on chaos warriors. No core unit should have a ward that good. Sometimes I think the 5+ ward on my savages is pushing it, but at least they have no armor and animosity to balance it out.

The next game is vs another interesting Greenskin army. It was probably the most fun game I've had in 8th, probably because magic played almost no part in it.
Posted: Jul 18 2011, 03:55 AM


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Game 2 vs Greenskins.

His army:

1. Orc warboss(general) on wyvern
2. Orc warboss on wyvern
3. Orc bsb w/great weapon and 4+ ward
4. Night goblin shaman lvl 2, scroll
5. 24 savage orcs, full command 2hw
6. 24 savage bigíuns, full command, 2 hw
7. 20ish night goblins w/spears, command, nets
8. About 20 squigs and 20 night goblins
9. 2 units of 3 wolf chariots.
10. 1 unit of 2 wolf chariots.
11. 2 mangler squigs.
12. Arachnarok spider

He won roll to go first.

Evil Greenskins Turn 1:

1. He passed animosity
2. He moved his chariots up so be able to shoot at my manglers
3. He was able to get the poison spell off on his center chariot unit.
4. However he did no wounds to my manglers during shooting. He did kill 2 wolves and cause them to panic, they stayed on the table however.


Closer look at his spider lurking behind the ruined temple.

Good Greenskins Turn 1:

1. I passed animosity and stupidity.
2. My troll was about 13 inches from his mangler, so I could not kill it.
Both my manglers rolled about 5 to move, so barely moved forward at all.
I did rally my wolves.
3. I managed to get gaze of gork off on his chariots, which also hit 3 bigíuns. I did not wound the chariot, but did kill 2 bigíuns.
Evil Greenskins turn 2:

1. He rolled the 1 and 1 for his regular savages and they fought his regular night goblins, doing a couple of wounds.
One of his manglers was able to clip my night goblins, but just land short of my mangler. He killed 8 night goblins.
2. He was able to get his 3D6 S3 spell off on my mangler, which did 2 wounds. It was IF, so he wound up with a wound on his shaman.
3. He then tried shooting my manglerís again, but could not wound.

Good Greenskins Turn 2:

1. My orcs w/bsb failed animosity. I was forced to charge. I was about 15Ē from his chariots, so I thought, no big deal, Iíd fail the charge and keep my battleline mostly together.

So then I rolled double 6ís for my charge and now my orcs and bsb were completely out of my battleline. He held with his chariots, which might seem wrong, but since I was way out of line, he was sacrificing a unit to surround a much bigger unit later.

To add insult to injury, my boars fail animosity. Since you canít charge manglers, I donít think I had to charge him there.

2. I rally my wolves. My mangler with 2 wounds just crashes into the mangler In front of it, killing each other.

I think I can just turn my troll around and land on the 2nd one, but we are unsure if a single model unit like this, benefits from those rules, since it is monstrous infantry. Since we donít know, itís decided that I canít pivot freely, so canít land on the mangler as itís more than 6Ē away.

In desperation, I try hopping my other mangler to his mangler(it is right in front of my boars) but roll low again and canít make it to him.

3. In more desperation I try to hand of gork my boars. We are again unsure if you can hand of gork them if they failed animosity and were squabbling. We just roll off for it and it comes up that I can. I get the spell off, but he wisely scrolls it.

Iíve tried everything and canít get rid of that mangler. I think I may have even sacrificed my orc big boss on boar if I hadnít been squabbling.

4. In combat, my orcs w/bsb take out 2 chariots. He flees and I decide to pursue, just because I know Iím gonna be triple charged next turn anyway, so might as well get the +1Cr for charging.

His chariot gets away and I pursue into his night goblins. No one panics from the chariots breaking.

Evil Greenskins Turn 3:

1. He passes animosity.
2. He charges his spider, savages and a warboss on wyvern at my orcs. His general on wyvern charges my troll.
3. His remaining mangler goes through my boars, killing 7 of them.
4. I lost 10 orcs and my bsb to all his units. I kill some night goblins, but lose badly. I do manage to pass my steadfast check though, so hold.
He only does 2 wounds, so doesnít kill my troll, which I wish he had, since now the fleeing troll was blocking my bigíuns.

Good Greenskins turn 3:

1. I pass animosity.
2. I charge my night goblin horde into the big battle on the left.
3. I donít rally my troll.
4. Still not much magic to speak of.
5. In the big fight, I kill a couple of night goblins and savages, but lose about 7 more orcs. He still wins easily. My orcs are still outside general range and this time pay for it by breaking. I get away from his night goblins(the only ones to pursue).

Evil Greenskins Turn 4:

1. His warboss on wyvern charges my fleeing orcs, cutting them down.
His spider and night goblins, hit my night goblins in the front, while his squig herd hits my night goblins in the front.
His general on wyvern and a chariot unit hits my boars, who I had moved up to try and avoid his mangler.
2. In combat, he cuts apart my boars and wipes them out as they flee.
I throw my nets on his squigs this time since they have more and stronger attacks. In a challenge, I lose a night goblin big boss, but do manage to do a wound to his bsb. I lose bad, but hold due to steadfast, with help on the way.

Good Greenskins turn 4:
1 . Waaagh! Declared. Animosity passed. My savage bigíuns charge into the fray to try and turn this game around.
3. My wolves land on his mangler killing them both.
4. I get ereí we go off on my savages.
5. In the big fight, his bsb is now fighting another night goblin big boss. He flubs his rolls and I manage to kill his bsb.
My warboss kills 5 squigs, my savages kill many more. This is a hugh bloodbath on both sides. But thanks to getting +3CR for waaagh! I win the combat by 1. 25 to 24.

He fails every break test. My bigíuns chase and cut down his squigs and pursue into his savage bigíuns.

However my night goblins only roll double 1ís for pursuit and his spider gets away. His spear goblins, his savages both stay on the table.


The game is turned around, but they say we have to stop. My opponent says that since we are being forced to stop, this should be a draw, eventhough he is ahead on points and would get the victory. He feels that since a large part of his army is fleeing and that since in another turn my bigíuns would most likely take out his bigíuns + shaman, that I had done enough for it to be a draw.

Conclusion: Draw

I think we could have played another turn since there was another game still adding up their score after I had re-ranked my guys and was going to the bathroom. But also the 2 of us spent a lot of time in game talking about 3 editions of greenskins.

If there was a turn 6 it would have been up to his 2 wyverns to see if they could knock out my night goblins, along with whatever rallied from his 3 fleeing units.

I think if the spider and night goblins did not rally, which is possible needing 6 to rally, that I could have held out during turn 6. But if both wyverns and the spider and the savages were all fighting me, that should have been enough to remove my steadfast and then I break easily.

Anyway, this was a fun one. Lots of huge combats and no superspells that just wipe entire units away.
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