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 Guide To Fighting The Wood Elves (8th Ed.), Post your anti-WE tips and strategy!
Posted: Jul 17 2010, 08:42 PM

The Ratty One
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Group: Veterans
Posts: 2,544
Member No.: 694
Joined: 2-May 04

Got tips and strategies that work well against the Wood Elves? Share them here with other warlords! Since the release of the new 8th edition, the game has changed a great deal and new tactics must be developed and discussed in order for da greenskins to crump ‘em good!
Posted: Jan 30 2011, 05:17 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 131
Member No.: 5,993
Joined: 31-October 10

Only one tip

Don't get into a fight with the tree kin.

Think they are I5, WS5, S5, T5, W2 A3 and stomp with 4+AS for tough skin and a 4+Ward.

My opponent may have cast something on them to beef them up but they are pretty much stone trolls but not stupid

Very nasty
Posted: Mar 3 2011, 10:36 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 3,413
Member No.: 5,573
Joined: 4-December 09

Gonna face 'em with the new armybook this saturday!

Any of you had any experience with them in 8th ed? I heard their shooting got a bit weaker with the new rules, but that dryads and treethings are man.

The guy I'm playing is supposedly doing a bit more of a shooty and mobile army. What does that mean?

Is magic very common when it comes to Wood Elves? Thought I'd try out feedback scrolls and things like that smile.gif
Posted: Mar 5 2011, 05:22 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 33
Member No.: 6,125
Joined: 5-March 11

Tree kin are very nasty. They actually have three wounds but only have I3. I believe that their WS is only 4 as well. Now with stomp there are probably not a of of units that could take them on in a fair fight. However, anyway tat you can get magical or flaming attacks will be good. Try black orcs with the flaming banner. With great axes they will be strength seven and wound on twos, and then do double wounds for flaming. biggrin.gif

As for a shooty and mobile army, I would guess that it includes a lot of glade guard scouts and glade riders. He'll probably have wild riders as well. Unfortunately with this fast army approach you'll probably do a lot of hopeless infantry marching towards his units only to get shot and to have them flee. Fast troops may be a better bet. I'm glad that the wood elf player I know uses more of a forest spirit infantry list.

Good luck
Posted: Apr 4 2011, 07:49 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 52
Member No.: 6,220
Joined: 30-March 11

Treekin & such are flammable, go for the banner of eternal flame for some hard hitting unit. Shooting is something you have to watch out for, that short range STR4 really hurts; everything just dies. I usually play against wood elves, and this guy always takes like 70-100+ archers in our 1500-2400 point games. This doesn't leave much points for other cool stuff, but those arrows.. a lot of them flying.
Goreaxe Skullcrusher
Posted: Apr 20 2011, 09:04 PM

warlord of da grand armie

Group: Members
Posts: 270
Member No.: 6,240
Joined: 9-April 11

the wood elves themselves arent really much to worry about. eternal guard and wardancers just dont have high enough strenght to do much damage. and glade guard arent much to worry about either. its the trees you need to worry about. dryads, tree kin and treemen are all nasty and against them its best to shoot them or use units like giants and trolls. so id take alot of trolls, a giant, an arachnaroch, an orc block and a goblin block and a bunch of cav to chase down pesky archers.
Da Git
Posted: May 26 2011, 07:41 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 787
Member No.: 6,067
Joined: 1-February 11

Against Tree Kin:

Use a big block of black orcs (I'd use at least 30 to be sure to maintain the rank bonus for the first round). If you go 6 wide and have the flaming banner you'll do 6 wounds on him on average the first round. If he's got 6 Tree-Kin (the usual number) 3 wide he'll do 8 wounds on average. With 30 Blorcs you'll win on static CR, regardless of who's charging. The second round you'll do around 5 wounds. He'll do 6. You win again on static CR, and further reduce his attacks for the next round. Against Tree Kin you just have to try not to get flanked by Dryads...

This post has been edited by Da Git on May 26 2011, 07:42 AM
Morten C
Posted: Dec 7 2012, 12:00 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,732
Member No.: 5,542
Joined: 1-November 09

So Far, I have't tried having problems with treekin or treemen. They're very much like all other tough MI/monsters. What I do find though, is that I struggle against WE MSU builds. All those glade guards, just do a ton of damage! Our infantry isn't nearly fast enough, and faster stuff like our trolls gets shot to bits by flaming. Wolf riders etc. cannot take on 10 glade guard.

Now I don't think the problem is to create a list that deals well with WE. I can do that, but it won't be an all around good list then. If I field a tournament army fx, I would be prone to play in a certain way, in order to win. First of, my experience is that pushing forward isn't the best solution. They'll just jump around you or have you charge double fleer's, while shooting the crap out of you. The moonstone in particular is a mean bugga, making it really hard to pinpoint the high value units!

Focus on the Characters! They are where the points are! Dryads, eagles and gladeguard is freakishly cheap!

Our best counters, which isn't specialised in killing WE, are our warmachines and the big Waagh. They molest the wood elfs pretty nicely.
Posted: Dec 12 2012, 06:36 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 11
Member No.: 7,069
Joined: 3-October 12

My friend is building a WE army around a Lord on a dragon and heroes on eagles. They will be reinforced with archers on foot and by forest spirits including at least one treeman and units of treekin and dryads. I think a similar list has done well at various tournaments including the recent Australian Masters. That tournament player values the flexibility that flyers potentially have along with the Wood Elf's tactical flexibility.

Anyway I think the Wood Elf dragon lord has a 3++ save, and with heroes on flying eagles with wargear like hail of doom or buffed with lore of life, it could be a very interesting (or frustrating) guerilla warfare styled battle.

I am building an all-comers Wyvern list, and might even field two of them for 2500+ points which would make for an entertaining game of chicken against the Wood Elf flyers.

Foot of Gork seems like it'll force a lot of wound rolls on the forest spirit units. The Dryads skirmishing formation almost acts like a bigger footprint for Gork to step on, and the trees have large infantry bases. But the boosted Goblin vortex spell is also outstanding when it comes to flushing out the camping trees and archers wub.gif .

Posted: Dec 21 2012, 11:14 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 77
Member No.: 6,799
Joined: 14-March 12

As a Wood Elf player as well, my strategy is generally to let you chase me around the board (shooting you the whole time) for four or so turns then, just when you think you'll never have a combat phase, I turn around and combi-charge you on turn 5.

A good Wood Elf player is going to bring lots of smaller units that he can either disperse quickly or drip feed you to slow you down while he builds up his charges. So my advice on combating them is as follows:

1. Savage Big Uns (with the shrunken head) and Black Orcs (with shields) are great - S4 weakens the effect of Dwellers Below and T4 with 5++ or 4+ save negates a LOT of bowfire.

2. Put the flaming banner on something. Probably Black Orcs to hack up their tree spirits with S7 great weapons but don't discount Boar Riders as well to charge in early and do the damage.

3. Arachnaroks - They just have too many wounds at too high toughness for Wood Elf fire to soak up.

4. NO FANATICS OR MANGLERS - When I play with my Asrai I hope people will bring these. I'll throw away a great eagle and enjoy keeping you on your side of the board with your own S5 hits.

5. Take a level 4 Orc - you need to contest the magic phase or he'll suddenly have T7 elves which should just not happen.

Finally, and most importantlly:

6. MAINTAIN THE INITIATIVE - This means pick a target and go for it till it's dead, then pick the next target etc etc. The more of his Glade Guard you kill off, the more victory points you get and the less small arms fire he is throwing at you. That means that he has to bring his charges forward a turn or two to stay in the fight, which means your units are a lot bigger than he wants them to be when his squishy elves (who believe me cannot take being hit back by an orc!) end up charging them

Posted: Dec 21 2012, 11:24 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 77
Member No.: 6,799
Joined: 14-March 12

Oh and a couple of other things -

The Dragon Lord with 3++ save, if he fails that save once then it's gone forever - so chuck a doom diver at him and it shouldn't last long

The cheapest model in the Asrai list is 12 points. That's the same as a Black Orc. On that basis, there's no shame in going after units of 10 Glade Guard to get your victory points.

10 Wolf Riders with light armour, spears and shields costs 120 points - the same as 10 Glade Guard and they should be able to take them in combat. At the very least it's a good cheap arrow magnet to draw attention off your main units.

If you see a unit hanging around a forest DO NOT GO INSIDE. If you're lucky then the unit will simply disappear and teleport to another forest on the other end of the board (then keep shooting you) but if you're unlucky then it's a trap and every model you send into the woods will take a S5 magical auto hit. I once took out a horde of Witch Elves worth over 450 points with this 25 point magic item.

Remember that the Treeman has a shooting attack as well - and he doesn't need line of sight to use it (this includes standing and shooting)

Posted: Dec 10 2014, 11:53 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 97
Member No.: 6,782
Joined: 5-March 12

One weakness I've found also, is that as they tend to spread out, there will be units outside the bsb bubble. As units tend to be small in number a good magic missile or war machine shot can force a panic test. As their characters are so expensive, a lvl 4 will be general more often than not, meaning ld9.

They are so mobile, I almost wonder if it is worth castling to protect our war machines, and trying to absorb missile fire with big units 5+ ward, or lots of gobbos. Foot is kind of good. Scatter can mean we miss the small units, they skirmish, and sisters have a ward save.

Woodies also don't like orc chariots and wyverns for the high toughness, and impact / stomp.

I wonder if lots of cheap shamans with things like feedback scroll might also help.
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