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 Forum Rules
Posted: May 16 2007, 12:27 AM

Offical Welcome Admin, and Master of Chug an' Lug
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Although the forum rules are already posted by the board (and are located here), we've found that not everyone knows where to find them. So, for ease of reference, they are posted here also. Some sections of the forum have additional guidelines (which aren't generally rules) and those will be noted before the actual forum rules.

Forum Rules

1. Copyrights: GW Intellectual Property is closely guarded. To that end please follow these guidelines:

Please do not post a stat-line in its entirety. Discussion is fine, and reference to a particular part is also acceptable, but not the whole line. This also includes complete army lists, and the entire listings of point values.

Never directly quote out of a Games Workshop publication. If it is essential that the exact wording be seen by those participating in the discussion please give the page number and location on the page.

Never reproduce, even in part, an article from a Games Workshop publication of any kind including White Dwarf or any of Games Workshop's online publications. It is OK to discuss them and paraphrase parts of them that relate to a discussion. You may however provide links to the article on the appropriate GW site.

All other copyright issues: If you need to quote something or post a picture for reference, please ensure that you give proper credit, including the sources name.

Violations of these guidelines will result in warning increases.

2. Forum Behavior

Freedom of speech: Discussion is based on freedom of speech, meaning that one is entitled to his or her own opinions. Respect each other’s opinions, even if they clash with your own. This however does not extend to discrimination, flaming, and spam as discussed below.

Flaming and Trolling: Flaming is a post (or portion there of) made purely to insult another member of the board. This is not allowed, and will result in an immediate warning level increase of 20%. Note: If both sides are flaming at each other, both will get the warning level. Trolling is a post that incites members, with the goal of hurting their feelings or instigating retaliation. As above, a 20% warning increase. Thoughtful wording can prevent both of these issues.

Spam: Flooding the boards with non-constructive posts is against the rules. There are several variations on the theme here. Taking posts off topic is considered spam, (if you wish to discuss other things pm the person). Reposting entire strings of quotes and pictures again and again is considered spam. One word or small phrase answers can also be considered spam, unless the original poster simply requested a yes or no type answer (but that often be accomplished with a poll.)

Discrimination: Discriminating against race, sex, religion, political conviction, or any other form of discrimination is unacceptable. Depending on the severity of the violation, the punishment will be raised warning levels of at least 20% up to and including being permanently banned. As an aside of similar vein, members should not be discriminated on by post count, join date or status within the forum. Newcomers may have the most splendid ideas!

Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Please extend a level of civility and respect that all members deserve, just as you do yourself. Please refrain from being snide, condescending, and belittling.

3. Posting Guidelines

Forum Language: The language of this forum is English. It does not have to be perfect, but please take care to ensure that meaning is being transmitted. Also, please endeavor to include punctuation for ease of reading. 1337 or ‘leet’ speak and typing entire posts in capitals is not allowed and will result in a verbal warning.

Topics: Please put the right topic in the right forum. Should you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact one of the moderators, or another member for a suggestion. If all else fails, place the topic in General Discussion, and notify a moderator.

Subjects: This is a forum on Warhammer Orcs. It does include an off topic board and other boards, but they are all warhammer related. Political discussions, religious exclamations, and pornography are prohibited. Transgressions of this rule will result in increased warning levels, from 20 to 100% depending on the severity of the violation.

Threadomancy: Reviving old topics without considerable contribution is also frowned upon. A good rule of thumb is that if the post is over a week old, or not on the first page of the forum, and you do not have definitive advice or consideration to add – please refrain from posting. Exceptions to this rule can be made if a promise for update was given, or, for example, the pictures of the model are done.

Signatures: Images and text in your signature should not exceed 400 pixels in height, and should not stretch the forum edges. The size of the files should not exceed 150KB. All content in signatures must conform to all other forum rules.

Advertising: Advertising, whether for a product, service, invisionfree board, etc is frowned upon. This includes personal messages, and email advertising. It is perfectly acceptable however to include linkage in you signature. As well, if someone is asking about a product review, or where to find an item, a member can feel free to suggest something.

4: Legal Concerns

Actions: Do not engage in any unlawful purpose, or use this site in a manner that is contrary to any law or regulation or promote or encourage any illegal activity. Do not publish, post, distribute, or otherwise disseminate content that is libelous, defamatory, that invades privacy, or is obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing, or otherwise unlawful or objectionable or which infringes on any intellectual property or other rights of any entity or person.

Forum Functions: Do not interfere with this site's availability to other users, transmit advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or make any commercial use of this site. Do not impersonate another person or site personnel, modify without permission, or violate the Terms of Use or the site's posted rules.

5. The Warning System

The Warning System is in place to give all of us a way to moderate ourselves. All forum goers, from Administrators down to the newest member must adhere to these guidelines. Should you feel someone has abused one of the rules, please hit ‘report to moderator’ or send the appropriate moderator a personal message informing them of the possible infraction. Be assured that all members will be held to these standards, including the staff.

Verbal Warnings: Often, a member might have just slipped across one of the rules and a verbal warning is given. This is used most often for a first offence or in cases where a misunderstanding has occurred. A member repeating the offence will receive a Warning Level Increase. Please be aware that a violation may instantly receive a Warning Level Increase, without receiving a verbal.

Warning Levels: They breakdown into six levels –

0% - You are a member in great standing.
20% - Member has made a minor mistake and received a warning level bump.
40% - Member has made several mistakes – or has infracted one of the listed serious offences.
60% - Member has made repeated violations, refused to follow moderator’s suggestions, and/or has infracted one of the listed serious offences. Member may be placed on Moderator Preview at this point, dependant on a Moderating Group discussion.
80% - Member has continued to violate rules, been recalcitrant, and/or has severely infracted a legal or discriminatory guideline. Members at this stage will be placed on Moderator Review of all posts, after a one month temporary ban from the site. A Moderator Group discussion lead by an Administrator will precede this action.
100% - Member has caused severe impairment to the site, and shall be banned permanently. At this point the Moderators have met, and an Administrator makes the final decision.

Warnings will remain on a member’s record for a period of one month. At that time, if no further violations have occurred, the warning level will be decreased by one category. So if a member has a warning level of 60%, it will take three months to return to 0%. However, a second violation of the same rule, even six months later, will result in a return to the original warning level, plus another bump for the violation.

5. Moderators

Powers: Moderators are here to see that the rules of the forum are upheld. They are not allowed to use their moderating powers for their own benefit or to steer topics into a more favorable way for them. Violations should be reported to the Administrator(s). Depending on the severity, punishments can range from verbal warnings to demotion.

Warning Level Increases: Please report all increases in the Moderator section, including a clear explanation for the increase. The moderator that increased the warning level also becomes responsible for decreasing the warning.

Behavior: Moderators shall treat everyone with the utmost respect. Should a moderator disagree with another moderator, polite discussion is allowed. For more thorough discussion, please post in the Moderator Forum.

Privacy: All information discussed in the Moderator Forum is private. No information shall be discussed with a member outside of that forum, unless express permission is granted by an Administrator.

6. Forum Specific Guidelines:

Please check the individual forums for a pinned list of forum specific guidelines. Below is a brief summary of the suggestions:

Newbie Central: Please stop by here when you first arrive to tell us hello, and give us a little insight into who you are, and what you play.

Painting and Hobby: Please keep you criticism constructive, and only include it if the poster has requested it. Please ensure that your posted photos do not warp the forum edges. A good rule of thumb here is keep images less than five inches wide. To that end, also consider cropping out the parts of the picture that are not pertinent

7. As we are not able to foresee every possible scenario, these rules are not the be all, end all to every situation. Rather, they are general guidelines to give you the general idea of the behaviour we as a community expect. The moderating staff has been granted the leeway to deal with individual complaints and breeches of proper behaviour as they as a group see fit. Many factors come into play during the decision process such as, but not limited to, member's previous behaviour, timing, mood, perceived intent, context, and severity. These rules and arising situations are subject to interpretation by the moderators and administrators, and will therefore not always be dealt with identically. The bottom line is, the staff has the authority to deal with situations as they arise in an appropriate manner as needed. These rules cannot cover everything; we all know how to act in a civil, mature manner, and this is what is expected.

Last, but not least:

8. Repeat Offenders:

Members who continue to behave in a manner that they have previously been warned over, and have previously been on Moderator Preview for, are therefore under a higher level of scruitiny once they regain their posting rights. Therefore, any member who re-offends after their Moderator Preview period is likely to be permanmently banned for being unable to control themselves in a manner appropriate for a member of our community.

That concludes our forum rules. Should you feel something has transpired, you have a suggestion for the site, there are problems with the functionality of the forums, etc. please do not hesitate to contact any of the moderators or administrators.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Moderating Team
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