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Newz: Da Warpath's 9th Conversion Competition: Chariot Edition Edition - ENTER HERE!

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 Adm'rul Kurgan's Ironfang Pirate Fleet, Ahoy! A Wealth of Pirate Orcy Goodness!
  Posted: Feb 18 2005, 04:57 PM

Swashbuckling Pirate Orc Admin!
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Group: Admin
Posts: 8,640
Member No.: 198
Joined: 26-February 04

Edit: I have merged all my Pirate Orc P&H threads into one big blog (all the Piratey Goodness is now in one place!), so this thread may seem a bit jumbled and weird in places. The Pirate Orcs idea started small - a Mordheim Warband, then a crew for my ship Da Hogwasha, then a 500 point Border Patrol army. Now it's close to 3,000 points!

Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw and the Ironfang Pirate Fleet don't have any territory as such. They don't like to be tied down to any location and always have one eye on the horizon in search of the next drink/loot/fight. So the fleet is often scattered around the oceans and seas of the known world. They have used Sartosa, the Pirate Island, as a sort of base of operations and meeting point for many years (and if you believe the old Adm'rul, he says he was Pirate Prince of Sartosa for a while). Before that they also used an uncharted island chain known as Hell's Teef, somewhere in the Sea of Serpents.

Adm'rul Kurgan is a veteran of a hundred campaigns in every corner of the known world: from the steaming jungles of Lustria to the bustling cities of the Empire; he has raided and burned ports all along the coast of Bretonnian, raided the coasts of Tilea, besieged cities in the Border Princes, battled on the rivers in the heart of the Great Forest, looted cities in Araby and engaged all manner of foes on land and sea. All the while stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down, and having a go with a claw-hammer at anything that was. He and Da Ironfangs are always ready to run away from whatever the world throws at them!


It's getting a bit huge now, so here's an index:

Page 1 Making Da Hogwasha
Page 2 The first Hogwashas
Page 3 Pirate Banners
Page 5 Adm'rul Kurgan (v1.0)
Page 8 WIP Pirate Giant
Page 10 Broadside the Pirate Giant
Page 12 WIP First Mate Keel'Aul
Page 13 First Mate Keel'Aul
Page 14 WIP First Mate Grognog
Page 15 First Mate Grognog
Page 16 More scurvy dogs and Da Hogwasha, all at sea!
Page 16 WIP Pirate Goblin "Crab Riders" - Count as Spider Riders!
Page 19 Pirate Goblin "Crab Riders"
Page 19 Updated Boyz - Striped trousers and such
Page 20 WIP Adm'rul Kurgan (v2.0)
Page 22 Adm'rul Kurgan (v2.0)
Page 23 Goblin Pirates - WIP Doom Diver and Wolf Rider Highwaymen
Page 23 WIP - The Red Cutter - a small Pirate sail boat
Page 24 Pirate Planz - Scans of my Note Books
Page 27 The Red Cutter - finished photos
Page 27 More Piratical Orcs! - WIP Kommodore Deffgit, Kap'n Rukbadruk (BSB) and another Deck Boy
Page 27 Kommodore Deffgit and a couple of finished Deck Handz - finished
Page 28 Da Ogresuns - Kommodore Deffgit's Mordheim band (WIP)
Page 28 Da Ogresuns: Heroes - finished
Page 28 Da Ogresuns: Kabin Grots - finished
Page 28 Da Ogresuns: More Deck Handz - WIP
Page 29 Da Ogresuns: Another Deck Hand - finished
Page 29 Kap'n Rukbadruk (BSB) - finished
Page 30 Da Ogresun - WIP Orc Pirate Barge
Page 30 More Ogresuns - converted "Black Reach" Orks
Page 31 Great Uncle Gus - sketch of a giant "Squigzilla" sea monster
Page 31 Squid Hoppers! - WIP
Page 33 Squid Hoppers - Finished
Page 33 Throg the Lighthouse Keeper and Wrecks the Dog-Fish-Squig-Hound - Finished
Page 34 Various Piratical things - a rowing boat and a few Boyz
Page 35 A dozen more Deck Hands - WIP using Maxmini resin Pirate Orc heads
Page 35 Pirate Orc deckhand - WIP (1st part of a commission for Da Bank on TBMF)
Page 35 Kaptain Zogurty SandBank - WIP (2nd part of the commission for Da Bank)
Page 36 First 5 of the Maxmini-headed crew - finished
Page 36 Next 4 Maxmini-headed crew - finished
Page 36 Kaptain Zogurty SandBank - finished the commission for Da Bank
Page 37 Whalebelly, Ogre Bodyguard - finished (Hired Sword for my Mordheim warband)
Page 37 Mattius Caboteur the (slightly) piratey Warlock - Finished (Hired Sword for my Mordheim warband)
Page 37 The Gloomwyrms - WIP Mordheim warband (eastern Orc Pirates)
Page 37 The Gloomwyrms - Mordheim Heroes painted
Page 38 The Gloomwyrms - Mordheim Henchmen painted
Page 39 The Gloomwyrms - Mordheim Henchmen (with Great Weapons) painted
Page 39 The Gloomwyrms - WIP Troll and Goblins
Page 39 The Gloomwyrms - Troll painted
Page 40 Pirate Giant - Plastic WIP
Page 41 The Gloomwyrms - More WIP Orc Henchmen
Page 41 The Gloomwyrms - Yung-Qi WIP
Page 42 The Gloomwyrms - Orc Henchmen painted
Page 42 The Gloomwyrms - Yung-Qi painted
Page 42 The Gloomwyrms - Bro-Ching-To, Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword WIP
Page 43 The Gloomwyrms - Bro-Ching-To painted
Page 43 More Orc Pirateers - WIP
Page 43 Grapeshot the Pirate Giant - Finished!
Page 44 Ogresun Big'Un Dredger Zug - Finished
Page 44 The last 4 Pirate Orcs with Maxmini heads - finished, a year and more after they were started!
Page 45 Da Ogresuns - 3 More Deck Handz finished
Page 45 River Trolls - plus nautical nonsense - WIP
Page 45 Da Ogresuns - Orc Pirate Concertina Player - WIP
Page 46 River Trolls - Finished
Page 47 The Wonderlanders (working title!) - WIP: Kap'n, Big'Unz and Shaman for a new Mordheim warband
Page 48 mAlice and Kap'n Hatta - Finished Wonderlanders Boss and Shaman
Page 49 Da Rotmoons - Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva. WIP Estallian Orc Pirate Captain for the Animosity 5 campaign
Page 49 Da Rotmoons - Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva. Finished Estallian Orc Pirate Captain
Page 49 Da Rotmoons - Three more Estallian Orc Pirates WIP
Page 50 Da Rotmoons - Dragante, an Orc Big'Un. WIP
Page 51 Da Rotmoons - half a dozen Henchmen and a Big'Un - Finished
Page 51 Da Rotmoons - El Doctoro - WIP Shaman
Page 52 Da Rotmoons - El Doctoro and Dragante - Finished
Page 53 Da Rotmoons - Troll and Gobbos - Finished
Page 53 Da Rotmoons - Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword - WIP
Page 53 Da Rotmoons - 3 more Boyz and Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword - Finished
Page 54 Da Rotmoons - 3 more Boyz WIP
Page 54 Da Rotmoons - 3 more Boyz - Finished
Page 55 Da Rotmoons - Standard Bearer - Finished
Page 56 Da Rotmoons - musician and Squig-Parrots - WIP
Page 57 Da Rotmoons - Mr Beak the Squig-Parrot - Finished
Page 57 Da Rotmoons - Tambor the Drummer - Finished
Page 58 The Gloomwyrms - Standard and Musician - Unit Finished!
Page 59 Da Rotmoons - last 4 Boyz (repainted older Orcs) - Unit Finished!
Page 60 Sea Wyvern - WIP
Page 60 Ogre Leadbelcher Pirate - Finished (1st of 4)
Page 60 Ogre Leadbelcher Pirate - Finished (2nd of 4)
Page 61 Ogre Leadbelcher Pirates - Unit of 4 Finished
Page 61 Da Ogresuns - Salty Ogbad (WIP and finished. My entry for Da Warpath's Build-a-Boss Competition)
Page 61 Quarter Master Jonah Wail - WIP Pirate Orc Shaman Lord
Page 62 The Cleavermaws - 20 re-painted/updated Pirate Orcs
Page 62 Sea Wyvern - more WIP
Page 65 Da Ogresuns - Standard and Musician - finished
Best Blog Award 2011
Page 66 Da Warpath Big Gribblie comp entires - Fimir Balefield and Sea Troll with Crab Claw
Page 66 White Rabbit and Knave - Finished Wonderlanders Big'Unz
Page 67 The Chimeras - Orc Corsairs of Araby - WIP 3 Heroes, 4 HenchOrcs and a Troll
Page 68 The Chimeras - WIP Fat Gedik - Orc Big'Un
Page 68 The Chimeras - Heroes (Captain Sinbag - Orc Boss, Weird Khaaan - Orc Shaman, Big Uluc - Orc Big'Un, Fat Gedik - Orc Big'Un) - finished
Page 68 The Chimeras - Orc Genie from Dazza
Page 68 The Chimeras - 5 Corsair Boyz and a Troll - finished
Page 69 The Chimeras - 3 more Corsair Boyz and 6 Goblin Urchins - WIP
Page 69 The Chimeras - 3 more Corsair Boyz (Turgut, Kemal & Bukon) - finished
Page 69 The Chimeras - Warlock Hired Sword Razkhadhim the Djinn Binder - WIP
Page 70 The Chimeras - Warlock Hired Sword Razkhadhim the Djinn Binder - Finished
Page 70 The Chimeras - Orc Corsair Shef - WIP
Page 70 The Chimeras - Orc Corsair Shef and 6 Goblin Urchins - finished
Page 70 Looted and Orc-ified Carronade - WIP
Page 70 The Chimeras - 4 Orc Corsairs: Xog, Nart, Rogrog and Skem - WIP
Page 71 The Chimeras - 4 Orc Corsairs: Xog, Nart, Rogrog and Skem - finished
Page 71 The Chimeras - Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword - WIP
Page 71 The Chimeras - Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword: Huge Ahkman - finished
Page 72 River Trolls - 6th member of unit finished (plus shot of whole unit)
Page 73 The Chimeras - WIP Musician
Page 73 The Sea Wyvern - Salty Ogbad and Hullsplitta - finished
Page 74 The Chimeras - 4 Orc Corsairs of Araby: Chama, Old Murrat, Shaka and Haddar - finished!
Page 74 The Cleavermaws - three new hands (Double Barrel, Gunport Pug and Bosun Higgs) for a "new" Mordheim warband- finished
Page 74 The Cleavermaws - four new hands (Kedger Krum, Zogger Slush, Rowlock Duff and Jemmy Squigs) - finished
Page 75 The Cleavermaws - Kaptin Bilgewater and Deadwood - WIP
Page 75 The Cleavermaws - Kaptin Bilgewater and Shaman Jonah Wail - finished
Page 76 The Cleavermaws - Deadwood and Oiler Tunn - finished
Page 76 The Cleavermaws - Groggum and Drabbler Rux, and a group shot of the Cleavermaws
Page 76 The Cleavermaws - Ledger Nud, Kaptin's Clerk - finished
Page 76 The Chimeras - more WIP Araby Orc Corsairs
Page 76 The Chimeras - 3 Corsairs of Araby: Ghazan the Alchemist, Nkarb the Astronomer, Ruk the Watcher
Page 77 The Chimeras - WIP Djinn

How To Paint Pirate Orcs, The Kurgan Way!

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Book 13 - Kaptain Sinbag & The Lost Manuscripts Of Timborktu - Animosity 6.5: The Threads of Fate

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Ahoy There! Ya Scurvy Barnacles! - Collected Piratical BatReps - reposted
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The Long Journey North - another one-off Battle Report (against kawai!!!'s Mortal Chaos)
Tales Of The Cod & Cutlass - Flame On's "Mordheim Day"
No Honour Among Thieves - a Pirates vs. Pirates Battle Report
Mainly Unhappy Returns - Orc Pirates vs. Chaos Ogres (was going to be vs. Dark Elves but my original opponent was given Foo Fighter tickets!)
The Battle of Vercuso Bay - a 6-player, 6000 points-a-side naval battle!
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The Battle of Osso Hills - Battle Lines drawn against the Horn'd Zkull Tribe
The Guns Of Altenweiler - Blood and Glory at the Hogbunker

yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif yarr.gif

user posted image
Kap'n Rukbadruk

user posted image
Da Hogwasha

user posted image
Da Hogwasha

user posted image
Shaman Wyrdtoof

This post has been edited by WarbossKurgan on Aug 24 2013, 09:41 AM
Posted: Feb 18 2005, 05:22 PM

MotM Nov 2005

Group: Members
Posts: 4,230
Member No.: 178
Joined: 23-February 04

very nicely done ship, and i really like the look of kap'n rukbadruk! great work.
Posted: Feb 18 2005, 11:07 PM

common goblin warboss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,579
Member No.: 788
Joined: 12-May 04

all looks good. but maybe a staff that stands out more for the shaman
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
Posted: Feb 19 2005, 06:49 AM

Motm july 2005, the goblin mad mod, WAAAGH!!
Group Icon

Group: Veterans
Posts: 14,278
Member No.: 1,643
Joined: 22-August 04

Very nice ship great job, would you want to say how you have made it.

Posted: Feb 19 2005, 09:53 PM

Banned for abuse

Group: Banned
Posts: 1,897
Member No.: 407
Joined: 18-March 04

Very Swash-buckley!
Posted: Feb 20 2005, 02:52 AM

common goblin warboss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,579
Member No.: 788
Joined: 12-May 04


that is the coolest word ever. I agree
Posted: Feb 20 2005, 07:19 PM

The Ratty One
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Group: Veterans
Posts: 2,544
Member No.: 694
Joined: 2-May 04

Excellent! I really like the checks and the buildings! Great job.

Posted: Feb 21 2005, 10:20 AM

Paint and Hobby Mod === Herder of the famous squig Hairball
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Group: Admin
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Joined: 9-September 04



Runs off to P&H to link...

peace biggrin.gif
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 10:22 AM

Paint and Hobby Mod === Herder of the famous squig Hairball
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Group: Admin
Posts: 3,843
Member No.: 1,717
Joined: 9-September 04


Nice work Warboss Kurgan.

oh, and if you haven't seen it, check out OFTP's boat as well... even if you have seen it, check it out again (or I bash your ead!) tongue.gif

peace biggrin.gif
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 03:00 PM

Swashbuckling Pirate Orc Admin!
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Group: Admin
Posts: 8,640
Member No.: 198
Joined: 26-February 04

Making Da Hogwasha.

user posted image

As requested - a how-to guide for the Hogwasha


*Orc models - Very Important!: have them to hand at every stage of building your ship, for scale and accessibility reference.
*Black foam-core card (this has a matt finish so the glue sticks better and is more forgiving at the black under-coat stage!)
*PVA Glue (AKA white glue or wood glue) don't get the cheap school stuff, it's rubbish. Get DIY wood glue grade.
*Hundreds of Coffee-shop stirrers (like very long, half-thickness ice-lolly sticks) The company I work for buys loads of coffee from a near-by coffee shop for meetings and we get a cup-full of these every week. But I don't encourage you to take a handfull every time you buy a coffee. At all. In any way.
*18x3/4 inch doweling (the mast) If I'd planned it better I would have made two masts.
*12x1/2 inch doweling (the yard-arm)
*2 screw-in metal hooks to attach the yard-arm to the mast
*Thick cotton thread (rope to tie up the sail)
*12" square piece of old cotton bed linen or similar (the sail)
*An "artists" paintbrush - about 12x3/4 inch and tapered (the bow-sprit)
*Some metal icons - I used the Boar's-head from the Boar Boyz Standard as a *figurehead and a Skull and Crossbones 40K Nob Banner pole for the stern.
*Plasticard (the metal teef around the Foc'sle)
*A wheel from a plastic Orc chariot or similar
*A few dozen Pins (to hold the foam-core together while the glue is drying)
*"Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Master and Commander" on DVD for erm…. research


Ship building is not a quick project. It will take most people a couple of months to complete so don't get disheartened if it's taking forever! Having a deadline helps but having three friends racing you to finish their ships helps a lot more! Every time one of them tells you the have got a stage further you will be spurred on towards your aim of nautical warfare!

The lower hull is not an oblong, it tapers toward the front to give at least the illusion that the thing could move through water!
I cut a simple "base" first - 12 inches long by 4 inches wide at the front and 6 inches wide at the back.

The sides of the hull where tricky. I took a while to decided what profile I wanted the ship to have: A low central deck (about an inch above "water-level"), a raised Foc'sle (about 2 inches) and a higher rear Poop-deck (about 4 inches). The Foc'sle and Poop-deck would be separate parts but the sides still had to have a cut-out for the central deck (allowing for the height of a model so an Orc on deck can see, shoot or fight over the sides). The front is at an angle forward but the rear is vertical.

I glued the sides to the base and pinned them in place then I could take measurements for the front and rear foam-core panels. This system of "build, measure, cut" suits my way of modelling much more than cutting all the pieces first then assembling (I always find I've cut them the wrong size and angle - math is not my thing).

The Foc'sle and Poop-deck are squares of foam-core (large enough to put war machines and crew on) with three-quarter-inch high stips fixed round three sides as the gunwhales (again, measure against an Orc model so the crew can see over them!). Both were made completely then attached to the hull. The central deck is supported by several stips of card that run across the width of the hull.

When everything is dry and sturdy (be patient!) mark where your mast will go by drawing round the dowel - mine is right against the front of the Poop-deck so the vertical surface helps suport the mast. Cut the hole inside the lines so it fairly tight fitting. I didn't fix the mast in place so it can be lifted out for easy transportation. If the hole is a bit too big don't panic: you can line it with wood afterwards to making it smaller. The same process applies to the bow-sprit, but the hole has to be a wierd shape so the bow-sprit points up slightly. AGain, line it with wood afterwards to make the angle and fit right.

Cover the entire thing in wood. Don't be too fussy: it's Orc workmanship after all. It still takes ages though. Allow about a month for this bit ! Leaving about a millimetre or less between each "plank" makes undercoating more fiddley but is worth it for how it looks when painted. Much better than the too-smooth look of planks butted-up together.

Take some time to add details like the ship's wheel, trap-doors, hatches, doors, ladders, bodged repairs, etc. Keep the decks flat and uncluttered but don't make them boring. The vertical surfaces can by as busy as you like! This is where the DVD's came in handy. I have no idea what things on ships look like but the nice film makers have done real research for me. I added "kite" shaped plasticard plates (with rivets made of sliced spear-shafts) in to the foc'sle as Orcy teef at this stage.

Screw one of the metal hooks into the mast a couple of inches below the top - make sure it ends up with the "open" side upwards (you might have to push something sharp and pointy into the mast first - watch your finger kids!). Do the same with the other hook into the centre of the yard-arm.

Lay the linen square for the sail on to a piece of polytheen - a plastic carrier bag will do - and paint watered-down PVA all over it. Turn it over and PVA the back as well. Use the thread to loosely bunch-up and tie each end and two other places, equally spaced along the sail. Put the sail by (on a clean bit of carrier bag) to dry for a couple of days. When it is dry it should be a wrinkled looking solid lump. Easy to paint and hard to damage. Hang the yard (and sail) on the mast and you are almost done!

Now paint you masterwork!

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

This post has been edited by WarbossKurgan on Aug 4 2011, 09:50 AM
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 04:27 PM

They see me trollin'
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Group: Moderators
Posts: 2,561
Member No.: 1,417
Joined: 25-July 04


That's...well, amazing!!! blink.gif

Really nice work there!
Squirrel Nutkins
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 04:41 PM

COL Admin!!!!!!

Group: Members
Posts: 955
Member No.: 916
Joined: 31-May 04

OMG well done! I love your captain! He's really piratey (sorry but i must steal your long coat idea) and the paint job is excellant. I wants to see more of your work man.
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 06:58 PM

I'm not here to be nice.

Group: Members
Posts: 166
Member No.: 1,846
Joined: 22-November 04

Wohooo! A how-to-build-a-boat manual by warboss Kurgan!
Gork be praised!
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 07:46 PM

MotM Nov 2005

Group: Members
Posts: 4,230
Member No.: 178
Joined: 23-February 04

niice, you're almost making me want to build a ship of my own.. but just almost smile.gif
Posted: Feb 21 2005, 11:43 PM

Paint and Hobby Mod === Herder of the famous squig Hairball
Group Icon

Group: Admin
Posts: 3,843
Member No.: 1,717
Joined: 9-September 04


Very well done, my boy!

Any chance we can get a second write up on the paint job and buildings too?

peace biggrin.gif
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