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Newz: Da Warpath's 8th Conversion Competition: Rank and File Edition - ENTER HERE!

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 Guide To Fighting The Vampire Counts (8th Ed), The new 8th Ed book as of 2012
Posted: Feb 20 2012, 04:36 PM

Decidedly Average
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Group: Moderators
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Joined: 21-April 10

Dispel Invocation of Nehek. smile.gif The entire army kinda builds on that spell quite a bit, and with healing down you should chew through them in combat pretty well.

Posted: Feb 20 2012, 06:21 PM

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Group: Global Moderators
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Joined: 1-July 09

Please dont forget to check out the official da-warpath army specific tactics section before you ask about tatics vs particular opponent races.

Posted: Feb 27 2012, 07:17 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 201
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Joined: 23-March 10

You can expect your units of trolls or arachnarok to be hit with an ethereal and held up doing nothing for the whole game. Be carefull to stay out of their charge range till you can charge something you can actually wound. Cheap characters with magic weapons are very helpful.. like goblin hero on wolf with any 5pt magic weapon.

Vamps usually pack a necro with little/no ward or protection. This is a good target for 'Eadbutt. Last week I killed a necro with wolf cav and then got murdered by the troops, a fair trade!

You now need to kill EVERY wizard with vamp lore so they crumble. Good luck.

My choice for killing the vamp lord that is a mini bloodthirster would be trolls or squig herd. Trolls can often weather the attacks and if you are able to hit him with 4 pukes you might get lucky. Squigs are WS4 so likely hit on 4s wound on 4s. In hoarde that could be 12 attacks, 6 hits, 3 wounds.. pray for failed wards.
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 05:24 PM

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Group: Veterans
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Joined: 10-August 05

What are the ward saves on the various big items they have? That includes Corpse Cart and Black Coach?

I would think that Rock Lobbas would be great at taking these guys out. One hit has potential to destroy a Corpse Cart and their buffing ability. Same for the Mortis Engine and all that. I know the bigger ones have to have ward saves, but what about the carts?

I would also think that Rock Lobbas would be good at hitting Skellies. Sure, they can grow back, but he has to throw dice at it.

All the snipe spells from OnG sound like the way to go, as well. Curse of the Bad Moon can help clear out those big units of Undead.
Posted: Mar 18 2012, 04:32 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 16
Member No.: 6,642
Joined: 7-December 11

Mortis engine Give Regen to all Undead unit in a range of 2D6+(turns remaining). Every round ! It start to 6+ and go in 3 rounds, to 4+ Regen to all is undead unit in the range. Its awesome so, have to kill it with Rock lobbas, DD or whatever fast.

Carts only have Regen, so (if hes not buff with the Mortis engine) 6++ save. I'll try the rock lobbas to one shot him.

I play with them yesterday, and hes unit of 10 Hexwraith? (etheral cavalry) was blocking 30 Marauders with Wulfric. But they suck if they don't pass trough it. They were loosing all combat, only because of the rank, Banneer.

Posted: Jun 5 2012, 03:29 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 187
Member No.: 6,514
Joined: 31-August 11

I found very hard to deal with ethereal chaff units like spirit host... This wolf rider big boss is now in all my list! It doesn't cost too much and he's useful himself to redirect or to hunt warmachines... What do you think?

Goblin Bigboss, Giant Wolf, Light Armor, Shield, Shrieking Blade (61 pts)

This way, he won't get feared too!

You can change the shield by the enchanted shield (Armor save 3+) for 64 pts but I usually use the shield on a black orc boss.
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Jun 25 2012, 05:03 PM

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Group: Veterans
Posts: 8,228
Member No.: 2,381
Joined: 10-August 05

I like to give him the Dragonhelm, if possible. It increases his armor save and makes him 2+ ward vs. flaming. If you know someone has flaming on their unit, this guy has a good chance of holding them up! Or just be resistant to flaming cannons or shots.
Posted: Aug 5 2012, 08:56 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 174
Member No.: 6,355
Joined: 30-May 11

Ok so I played against the Vc my first time yesterday with my orcs & goblins.
And this is what I have learned.
Dispel Invocation of Nehek, if you want to kill some units.
I rather take the curse of years on one of my units. Then let the Invocation of Nehek go off.
I will never take a Great orc shaman as a general again tongue.gif
Dispel scroll is really good to have in you pocket wink.gif
Crypt horrors is a pain if your unit with flaming banner is in combat with a other unit then the Crypt horrors.
10 Arrer boys are a good chaff killer. If the chaff is dire wolfs.
Wolf chariots is really good.
One chariot saved my game, killing hes general and a skelli unit in one charge cool.gif
Trolls are great against Vc.
Posted: Aug 23 2012, 09:50 AM

Da rekroota fer der big boss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,160
Member No.: 5,660
Joined: 31-January 10

magic can be good against the VC

curse of da bad moon, doing initiative on 25+ will destroy most of his units.

gork'll fix it ruins ghouls.

take ruby ring and try for vindictive glare to snipe out ethereal chaff

Wurzag's revenge can be nasty versus vc

low level spells are good to draw out dispel dice, or else his corpse carts will hold it over for his casting phase.

in combat i've found a death star-lite to be useful, orc biguns, war banner, bsb full ranks and charge

ASF on your warboss is a good deal.

aside from casters your better off hacking up his troops than characters, as they'll take wounds form crumble soon enough,

Skarsnik can be so cruel to VC as they cant march outside a certain range of the general, and i could see a rear ambush charge from snagla causing troubles too.

snotlings versus zombies just for laughs. no one breaks (zombies win slowly thru ranks)

avoid fanatics and manglers due to ethreal spam and raise dead.

giants and aroks are surprisingly good points denial provided their not caught by ethereals. they will reap their points in undead core options.

Posted: Aug 23 2012, 10:35 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 3,413
Member No.: 5,573
Joined: 4-December 09

Not too many points to reap from zombies though, and ghouls are not ideal for Arachs/Giants tongue.gif Don't think I've seen anyone use skeletons.
Posted: Feb 24 2013, 02:36 AM

big boss of da holy hammers tribe

Group: Members
Posts: 44
Member No.: 7,235
Joined: 8-February 13

well my dad plays VC so i verse them often. and i hate every minute of that game, you kill they come back you kill they come back annoying right? obviously the first thing you have to do is make a beeline for the general's unit kill him and all other casters then not only can he not raise units but his army is crumbling (sweet).

All i can say about NGs is strength in numbers! i had the coolest victory with them a bit back. dad had 3 vargiehst one had a wound i believe, i was able to charge thier rear with the NG (after they over ran the big uns sad.gif ) then in 2 rounds of combat i killed each of them, my dad was so ashamed that filthy goblins killed his prized varghiest. so that is my advice with NGs strength in #s .

as for etheral the hexwraiths are hard b/c if they come in contact with your boyz. b/c they are fast cav they can reform to face the opposite way thereby having all the wraiths come in contact then they can go 1" beyond the unit (which is a bit more than half a cav base) then reform and do it again till they run out of march mvmt which could result in, if it is unit of 10, could be 30 or so S5 hits Vomit.gif but every time b4 they reach me i use my NG shamans glare spell (b/c orcs have no cheap direct damage against a unit spell) to take them out, works almost every time.

i always like an orc warboss on wyvern to get to the etheral and tuff urty units quickly. then i will use him to help my usually 40 unit black orc (5x6) with the general's unit. I hope this helped some people.
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