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Newz: We'z got a new Big Boss (Global Mod).


 Ong Book Update, section 1 attempted.
Posted: May 19 2009, 04:57 PM

Da Waaagh has come!

Group: Members
Posts: 95
Member No.: 3,670
Joined: 12-April 07

I have tried to update the Orcs and Goblins army book to be in line with the other released army books. I have not just lowered the points cost stupidly low, I have done properly.

Section 1: Army wide rules and Lords. Soon I will have the rules and stats for the new lords up.

Orcs and Goblins army book update:

Army-wide rules:

Animosity – as current army book

Waaaagh! – as current army book

Size matters – as current army book

Follow da big uns! – Snotlings in 6” of a goblin character may use his leadership. Snotlings and Goblins may use the leadership of an orc character within 6” may use his leadership. Orc, goblin and snotling units within 6” of a Black Orc unit or character doesn’t need to rest for animosity and may use the black orc unit/character’s leadership.


Choppa – as current army book

Big spear – follows the rules for lances as detailed in the main rule book.

Smash stikk- follows the rules for flails as detailed in the main rulebook

Army list: All stats as present unless stated

Special characters: as current army book

Orc Warboss – 115
Savage orc warboss- 120 Frenzy, Warpaint
Black Orc Warboss – 135 Quell Animosity, Armed to da teef

All warbossess come with choppas. Black orc warbossess come with a huge array of choppas. Orcs and savage orcs may choose a great weapon (+ 6 pts), an additional choppa (+6 pts) or a Smash stikk (+6 pts). If mounted may take a spear (+ 3pts) or a big spear (+6 pts).

Options for armour stay the same. Options for mounts stay the same. 100 pts magic item allowance.

Orc Great Shaman – Stay the same

Goblin Warboss – Goblin warboss – 60 pts Fear Elves
- Night Goblin Warboss – 50 pts Fear Elves, Hate Dwarves
Weapon options remain the same.

Common Goblin mount options remain the same. Night Goblins may take a Giant Bat-Squig at +70 pts, or a Great Cave Squig at +50 pts.

Goblin Great Shamans remain the same.
NEW UNIT: These are designed to bolster your lines. They work similarly to an Empire Warrior Priest.
Orc Waaaaaagh! Priest

Orc Waaaaaagh! Priest - 140 Blessings of da Waaaaaagh!, Unbreakable
Savage Orc Waaaaaagh! Priest – 145 Blessings of da Waaaaaagh!, Frenzy, Warpaint, Unbreakable

May take a Boar at +20 pts.

May take up to 100 pts worth of magic items from the Common or orc&goblin magic item list.

Goblin Waaaaaagh! Priest - points and stuff being decided at the moment.


Posted: May 19 2009, 05:05 PM

Da Ravening Luna-Tics

Group: Members
Posts: 1,035
Member No.: 4,745
Joined: 22-September 08

the quell animosity might have no effect as all units within 6", including the one he's in will have no trouble with animosity
Posted: Jun 23 2009, 02:39 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 181
Member No.: 5,208
Joined: 24-March 09

Orc Shamans should be able to choose a chariot for a mount, like their Goblin Shaman cousins. wink.gif

I like the notion of Waaagh! priests, sounds useful and somewhat fluffy at the same time.
Florentine Pogen
Posted: Jul 7 2009, 04:57 PM

Florentine Pogen

Group: Members
Posts: 69
Member No.: 5,383
Joined: 3-July 09

I've been trying to do something similar by incorporating ogres into my army and creating some new units.

Check out my army blog.

It's under Heresy, farting and that. Of course it is.

Not being allowed heavy armour for a non-blorc warboss is silly - that's one of the things I want to alter/Big Boss, I can't always afford Magic armour. the idea of Blorcs being better than a general/hero is inimical to my vision of boss orcs.


I like the Waagh Priest by the way!

This post has been edited by Florentine Pogen on Jul 7 2009, 04:58 PM
Florentine Pogen
Posted: Jul 7 2009, 05:05 PM

Florentine Pogen

Group: Members
Posts: 69
Member No.: 5,383
Joined: 3-July 09

I think we don't get lances or equivalent to offset the power of the Tusker charge.

That's the way I see it - lances are much more fun - I model them on there anyway and just field them as spears.

I think 1 unit of BBs should be allowed heavy armour in games above 2000 pts.
they can't quite compete with heavy cavalry otherwise

This post has been edited by Florentine Pogen on Jul 9 2009, 11:28 AM
Posted: Aug 7 2009, 12:56 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 80
Member No.: 5,207
Joined: 21-March 09

I think the main thing that GW forget when making the OnG book is that greenskins are suppose to be a horde army. What we're finding now is that huge units of core choices stand absolutely no chance against newer special choices (cold one riders, chaos knights) So, there should be rules of having huge orc and goblin mobs more appealing. To offset these rules, Orc boyz should be raised in cost to about 8 pts per model.

Oi, quit pushin'! -Orcs can benefit from a further +2 rank bonus if they have enough models.

Don't tell me wot to do! As in 40k, a boy backed up by a regiment of his mates is a good deal more confident than being followed by that idiot Grok. Orc units may add their rank bonus to their leadership.

The WAAAGH! rule should affect all Orc units so that Boarboyz can also benefit from this (seriously who takes 4 ranks of BB with a boss?). Roll a die: On 1 the unit takes D6 wounds. Goblins remain unaffected by the WAAAGH rule.

Gaze of Mork- D6 S1 hits. If the shaman is within 6" of an orc unit, he may add +1 strength for every rank in the unit.

Evil eye of Mork- 18” 9+ casting cost. Amount of shots is determined by the number of troops in the unit, the strength is determined by the rank bonus of the unit (up to 4) Uses the casters ballistic skill. For instance, a 30 strong unit of Orcs would get 30 shots at strength 4. However, every roll of 1 (to hit) results in a str 4 hit on the caster. (Shamans may use units within 6)

And of course, new rare choice: Black Orc Boar Boyz biggrin.gif
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