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 Mushroom King
Posted by Karak Norn Clansman - 06-10-17 21:57 - 1 comments
Check out Chaos Dwarfs Online for original announcement and a chance to get in contact with the seller.

Ravenswood has released a limi more
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 Darn, Heck And H,e. Double Ll
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 05-6-17 14:20 - 2 comments
Well I had to go and jinx it didn't I!! after paying the removal company I travel north and help unpack the Lorry at my new place..... I then find out that the deal had fallen through, so I had to help repack all my stuff and drive it b more
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 Good News!
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 04-28-17 14:14 - 6 comments
user posted ima ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 The 1st Warpath Fightin' Competition
Posted by DulargSpinesnappaIronnose - 04-15-17 04:53 - 2 comments
The army blog sections overflows with fun and characterful models. It makes me wish I could fight you all but that is sadly impossible. Distance restricts most of our competition to painting and conversion challenges. However, nothing keeps us from more
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 Hail And Farewell (for Now)
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 04-12-17 06:07 - 6 comments
Well folks, A time has come that I never thought would. After breaking up with my girlfriend of 10 years, I find that I have to move out of our lovely home. Sadly this means that it will be a much smaller place I'm moving to.

Because more
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 Wartales Online Campaign: The Dragonback Tale
Posted by DemonSlayer - 03-13-17 14:50 - 7 comments
Video trailer!

< more
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 Hobby Resolutions For 2017
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 12-19-16 17:07 - 12 comments
Yes I know it's a bit early but, well, tongue.gif

To kick off, mine is to paint more. Although my heal more
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 Dance For Christmas Parties!
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 12-9-16 20:16 - 0 comments
Hi everyone!
Well with the festive time upon us with many staff and or family parties, I figure it's time to bust a move ( see I'm hep) or 2 and show off on the dance floor this Christmas

The dance is easy, watch: more
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 Total War Warhammer
Posted by Gruntfuttock - 11-30-16 15:34 - 0 comments
Just got my copy of TW:Warhammer!! it's the edition in the tin box.. smile.gif Read 123 times - make a comment   Print email

 Blood Bowl
Posted by Boss Wargut - 11-12-16 15:53 - 15 comments
Morning guys,

As much as I hate GW for killing the Olde World and replacing it with the bad taste they call AoS, I'm kinda getting excited about Blood Bowl. And the Starter Set Features Orcs (vs. Hummies but who cares).

So, more
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