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 Guide To Fighting The Tomb Kings (8th Ed.), Post your anti-TK tips and strategy!
Posted: Jul 17 2010, 08:40 PM

The Ratty One
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Group: Veterans
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Joined: 2-May 04

Got tips and strategies that work well against the Tomb Kings? Share them here with other warlords! Since the release of the new 8th edition, the game has changed a great deal and new tactics must be developed and discussed in order for da greenskins to crump ‘em good!
Posted: Aug 29 2011, 02:22 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 473
Member No.: 1,214
Joined: 2-July 04

The new TK are all about the buffs. Kill the characters, and you can pretty much walk through the army.

Killing the heirophant's bunker is a good place to start. Get him to move to another unit for safety, drop rocks on his head, or a narrow frontage suicide charge aimed at him to take him out early.

The other half of the strategy is stopping the magic. There are 3 ways to do this. 1) take out the heirotitan, it is adding D3 to the casting value of any spell cast by a liche within 12" Usual large monster strategies apply here.

2) take out the casket of souls. It is adding D3 powerdice to the casting phase. Usual artillery killing methods apply here. As an added bonus it damages units nearby when it dies, meaning the earlier you kill it, the more damage it is doing to his army, not yours.

3) do not try to dispel every spell, just the ones that you MUST dispel. Ignore the movement spell, TK cant charge with it anymore. The KB buff, or the wardsave buff turn skeletons into combat machines. Save your dispels for those.

Another strategy is to hit the entire TK line at once. If the TK have several units in combat at the same time, they cannot buff them all, meaning you might lose the one combat against the unit that is buffed, but you will win the rest. TK win by keeping few units in contact, and buffing them to high heaven. Use your numbers, and cheapness to engage everything at once.

Posted: Oct 19 2011, 02:37 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 32
Member No.: 4,664
Joined: 5-August 08

On the surface, Tomb Kings are scary. An entire army that has fear and magic buffs is never a fun prospect.

However, once you get past how the army works ideally, you're left with WS2 T3 Skeletons. Ooh, the Boyz are gonna love that.

The main strengths of the Tomb Kings are their buffs and support units. Tomb Guard, War/Necrosphinxes and Sepruchal Stalkers/Necropolis Knights are all built for supporting the weak Tomb King core. Wily opponents will minimize their amount of core Skeletons and try to maximize the amount of hard-hitting units they can get. In this situation, it's good to have some Magic Defense, though in this crazy edition Magic Defense is a no-brainer. Your main friend in this case is crumble, and by winning combats and/or killing the Hierophant you're setting yourself up for a win.

The 3 main Tomb King threats are

1. Tomb Guard
2. Sphinxes
3. Sepruchal Stalkers/Necropolis Knights

Notice I didn't put magic up there. While Tomb King magic is quite deadly, with much in the way of buffing going around, you have to keep in mind the unpredictability of the magic phase this edition. While there's no guarantee that your opponent will miscast, magic is never guaranteed to go off, and with a dispel dice being determined by a D6, there's not much you can do besides bringing the mandatory Dispel Scroll. Tomb Guard are much scarier, as a T4 unit with S4 and Killing Blow is not something anyone wants to face. However, Savage Orcs and Rok Lobbas are great opportunities to put out wounds on your opponent's elite, and they're still susceptible to crumble. The more attacks you put out, the more wounds he'll have to save. Like many elves, Tomb Kings don't have amazing saves, and as such forcing them is an important factor, and with a maximum 5+/6++ save (with parry) Tomb Guard aren't built to survive a storm of attacks. Ideally, direct your fanatics here.

Sphinxes will, as usual for O&G generals forced to deal with monsters, be a pain. The main reason is T8. That's huge. Spear Chukkas only wound them on 6's! What is a greenie to do? My best advice is to simply avoid it. Warsphinxes are slow, and the inability to march is a huge bonus for you. However, Rok Lobbas can still put out the hurt, needing only 3's to wound if the center hole hits. Tying it up and/or redirecting it is another huge bonus, and it's easy to keep a Warsphinx out of the fight. Necrosphinxes are also the same, thought with a standard 10" move you have slightly less of a chance. Try to keep any redirectiors at least 10" away from a Necrosphinx, as he'll either be forced to land before you or charge you, allowing you to flee with impunity.

Finally, you have Sepruchal Stalkers and Necropolis Knights. While Entombed Beneath the Sands is random, when it does happen you might have anywhere from 3-6 Stalkers/Knights to deal with. Your best bet here is to shoot them with Spear Chukkas, or deny them a rear/flank charge. The most dangerous part of these units is their maneuverability, and a smart TK player can easily send your forces into disarray if you're not careful.

One last fun bit is the humble Orc Shaman. Brain Bursta, Gaze of Mork and 'Eadbutt are two great spells for targeting your opponent's Hierophant. The more hits you cause on your opponent's Hierophant, the better shot you have at killing him and making the game much easier.

This post has been edited by Cryonicleech on Oct 19 2011, 02:38 AM
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Dec 13 2011, 02:11 PM

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Group: Veterans
Posts: 8,234
Member No.: 2,381
Joined: 10-August 05

I'll report that the Arachnarok has kicked every TK monster's butt that I've faced. I even killed a Necrosphinx. Neither of us got off our special attack (venom surge for me or killing blow for him). Their monsters still have a hard time wounding the Arachnarok and our poison is great overall. We get 8 attacks with the spider and that usually tips things in the balance, especially with poison. I found that I was wounding it at least once more than it was wounding me per turn. The Goblins can even help with the occasional wound. If you cause more than one wound, they take crumble damage, too. I found the Arachnarok can really just take them out.

Besides that, except for their Tomb Guardians and Snake Stalkers, we can beat most of their units in hand to hand combat. Just watch out for their chariot units (if they take them).

As stated, sniping characters is good. Even just getting the lesser ones is good at times as it limits what they can cast. Going for the big guy is good, too. The only thing is to watch out for just winging a guy. They can heal up pretty easy. Wait....or can they heal their characters?
Posted: Dec 15 2011, 02:09 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 34
Member No.: 6,108
Joined: 28-February 11

They can heal their characters, but it is ridiculously difficult. You have to move your character out of a unit, heal it, then move it back in with the spell you cast...so yeah, not really a problem.

Posted: Jun 24 2012, 10:11 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 33
Member No.: 6,125
Joined: 5-March 11

They actually can't heal their characters at all, except for the ways in which any army can, like a wizarding hat with the lore of life attribute.

I would give the Arachnarok an advantage over their monsters, but the necro-sphynx could get lucky with heroic killing blow.

The necroknights are also a very dangerous unit.
Posted: Jul 21 2012, 01:27 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 6,986
Joined: 21-July 12

last time i played tomb kings i managed to dish out good propa krumpin, took a lvl 2 shammie on boar, and a warboss on boar, backed up with 5 BB, made short work of his chariots and tomb prince.
my core of 20 SO Big 'uns happily tore through his big skeleton unit, sadly the other flootsloggin boyz didnt get to do much.
My giant took out his necrotech first round he was in combat, shoving the bony git down his britches, then just held that clump of spears up untill the savage orks arrived. ended up with just his tomb guard left on the table. biggrin.gif

This post has been edited by Urbad on Jul 21 2012, 01:27 AM
Posted: Aug 26 2012, 03:17 AM

Big Boss

Group: Members
Posts: 1,883
Member No.: 3,745
Joined: 4-May 07

Just won a tournament but did not face the following:

2500 pts
6 Sphynxes
2 big units of chairots
some archers
and whatever else, I didn't take note of exactly everything but...

6 T8 Monsters?

How does one deal with that?
My list has 2 Lobbas, 1 Doom diver, 1 mangler, 3 chariots, 2 units of black orcs, 1 unit of troll, lots of savage big'uns

but I'd have a hard time doing anything to T8 unless I rolled 6s by the bucket.

So how do we face so many T8 monstrosities?
The Empire player had his cannons and lots of luck and it was only enough for a draw.

This post has been edited by Silver on Aug 26 2012, 03:17 AM
Groznit Goregut
Posted: Sep 11 2012, 01:45 PM

Group Icon

Group: Veterans
Posts: 8,234
Member No.: 2,381
Joined: 10-August 05

The rock lobbas should help. I always found the Arachnarok to be great vs. TK monsters. The poison and lots of attacks helped. Even the Gobbos would wound on occasion. That and crumble.

Cheap heroes with GW can help. An Orc with GW will be S7 in the first round, at least. You just need to do a few wounds and hope crumble does the rest.
Posted: Jun 9 2013, 04:29 PM

Ard Toof

Group: Members
Posts: 761
Member No.: 6,705
Joined: 15-January 12

Tomb Kings are just about the only army against which the giant is seriously overpowered. They have little to threaten the giant and he will eat sphinxes and constructs for breakfast. I worked out that the hierotitan has about a 1 in 10,000 chance of killing the giant before being killed itself. The other monsters fare slightly better but the giant is still the massive favourite. This because yell and ball will cause crumbling, thump with club means they take an I test at I1 and they have no ward save to protect against the eadbutt. Their only chance is passing the initiative test and then rolling a lot of good dice to do damage themselves....

If they don't have big monsters he can always try to stick the hierophant down his trousers...

This post has been edited by sgu97bjd on Jun 11 2013, 09:18 PM
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