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Title: What To Do After My Goblins?

xisor - May 29, 2012 01:51 PM (GMT)
Having built around 5k and painted half of that amount of orcs and goblins in last 3 months i think its time to start a fresh project to run alongside them. Still loving the army but just dont want to burnout by painting too many too quickly. Me and 3 friends are starting a tale of 4 gamers type project to build new armies and they are doing the following: Wood elves, savage orcs and lizardmen. Now i have spent a long time debating what to do and these are the ideas i have narrowed it down to:

Bretonnians - Would be using a lot of non GW minis if i went this route with perry minis for peasants and maybe fireforge knights. Struggling to come up with a theme i like for these though which is my biggest concern although an estilean or tilean style force using bret rules does appeal.

WOC - i have never really played an elite army for some reason i seem to always end up with 200 models in my lists so this would be a change of style for me. The potential new book on the horizon puts me off though as i have a feeling they will be everywhere in a few months.

Beastmen - One word Doombull. I love the model and love how he can wreck someones day but worried they are very similar in style of play to my orcs.

Vampires - I love the wights,banshees , spirit hosts but am not a fan of the whole fluff of vampires. If i went this way would be a wight or necro led force using lots of spirit hosts, skeletons and black knights plus a terrorgheist. Not sure how units of say 6 spirit hosts would work but if you didnt have magic attacks i guess it would really ruin your day. themewise would probably be based around a cursed empire village so statetroops ghosts walking through walls etc

So what do you guys think which idea do you prefer or do you have any other suggestions that i havent mentioned.

theorox - May 29, 2012 02:12 PM (GMT)
I'd go with the Bretonnians or the VC, since they are so different from O&G. With VC you could make an entire Ethereal-themed army...that could be pretty cool. :)


xisor - May 29, 2012 06:24 PM (GMT)
ye those certainly the two i was leaning towards although do you guys think an etheral vamp army will win or lose depending on match uo more than any skill or tactics. For example if i draw daemons i will lose whereas an army with no magic attacks i will walk over.

One other idea i have is for a high elf force themed around attacking a shoreline. Swordmaster running onto the beach. Seaguard stood on a dock etc.

Marukas - May 29, 2012 09:34 PM (GMT)
Empire is very good army if you want to refresh your brain from green color :) empire have knights, artilery, ALL magic lores, good infantry... and lots of painting opportunities.

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