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Title: Amplebob's Blog - The Creeping Fang
Description: Forest goblins... (slowly re-uploading)

amplebob - March 21, 2012 10:38 AM (GMT)
Hi all,

After years of watching the incredible array of armies that are posted on these forums I finally decided to bite the bullet and post up some of my Orc and Goblin figures. Its an army that hasn't seen much love since I started it on the Battle for skull pass release date. Its generally taken a back seat to my Lizardmen and TombKings, but I recently started a slow grow league, and decided to use it to make me build up a forest goblin force...

A while back I posted up this wip of a spider shrine/pump wagon...
(photo lost to time)

It is now finished...
user posted image
user posted image
I dont have many more or decent photos of my troops at the moment, but i'll take some as they come in over the next few days and post them up. For now here's a shot of a wip unit filler for a forest goblin unit. I was originally thinking these would be big drums, but they've kinda turned into a throne... Guess it'll depend how I paint it up/place the goblins...

user posted image
Any and all comment welcome... Stay tuned for BFSP spiders on 20mm bases...

Snikpik - March 21, 2012 02:00 PM (GMT)
Nice good start. I will keep an eye on your blog me thinks.

amplebob - March 23, 2012 05:45 PM (GMT)
Well, I've taken a couple of pictures of some of my completed stuff. There's also some fluff and coverage of the slow grow league i've been playing in the past couple months. (warning: big post)

Warboss Nabba on Gigantic spider Fido. Just a straight up greenstuff conversion of a BFSP spider with a couple of goblin shields to make the saddle, was a lot of fun to make and paint. Not the most competitive option, but a massive part of my theme, and they've done me proud in a couple of matches.
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Forest goblins with spider unit filler. I run these guys as night goblins with nets. The nets represented by setting the spider on the oppo, but sometimes it attacks the goblins instead.
user posted image

Spider squigs. Everyone wants a cheaper squig right (GW squig prices are terrifying)? 2attacks at WS4 S5 I3 is great, especially in the smaller games i've been playing with this army. I wanted squigs, but also wanted to keep going with the spider theme, and originally bought a bunch of plastic Halloween spider toys to be my squigs. They just weren't big enough or detailed to represent their stats or look good and the warhammer quest spiders were also slightly too small. It was then I had a brainwave. I could use all the spare spiders from my converted forest goblin infantry as the squigs. They're a pain to rank up, but actually fit ok when on a movement tray, and i'm quite happy with the look of them crawling all over each other.
user posted image
Bolt throwers from ramshackle. At £4.50 each, it would have been rude not to, not the best models, but at least they stick together unlike the GW ones...
user posted image

I'm working on a boat load of projects at the moment, not really getting anything finished. The drums from the first post are currently in quickshade and I have 3 chariots nearing completion... Then there's 10 BFSP trolls that i'm going to convert with ogre arms and weapons and a massive amount of common, forest and night goblins to paint. There's also a very big spider that is yet to be constructed. But really, I should paint a shaman first...

The slow grow league I'm in just completed its first phases of 500 and 750 pts on monday night. We played a multiplayer 3000pts a side battle to conclude the league. Going into the game the title would either go to me or a lizardmen player who'd been bombarding everyone with comet's for the past couple of months. One of the other guys wrote up a scenario and story giving bonus victory points for killing characters so I wrote some pre-fluff:

Forest goblins chanted in the night, their ugly faces and red eyes illuminated by the fires of their torches. Shaman Ugla and Warboss Nabba stood atop the spider shrine, rousing the boys to frenzy. A giant, silken egg had been discovered, wider than Nabba's gigantic spider and taller than a troll. The lads had toiled for days and sacrificed much to drag it back to camp. Big boss Dubnit and his entire contingent had been slaughtered distracting a horde of bloodthirsty daemons, and warboss nabba had had to do some walking. He hated walking.

Back at the camp the boys had arrayed themselves in a circle and began to chant. Ugla, mutated by skullback spider venom and the the wierd magical fungus the tribe had discovered growing on the cadaver of a defeated night goblin shaman, was entranced. Casting aside the visions of gork and mork, he exposed himself to the many eyed gaze of the arachnid gods of the forest. Communing with them, he was made aware of their demands. Sacrifice, offering and flesh. To hatch the egg, to be deemed worthy of the spider's blessing, the tribe would have to bring forward the bodies of the heroes of their enemies as tribute.

As a red moon faded into the dawn and a glowing comet burned down across the sky, the goblins of the Creeping Fang marched to war.

In the end the forces of evil (me, vampire counts, warriors of chaos and daemons) defeated the forces of order (lizardmen, empire and ogres). I wrote up a report of how my characters got on in the battle...

Nabba and Ugla had seen it all before, those pesky Lizards were ruining his day. The big scary saurus had decimated the squigs and driven off the creeping fang's best fighters, the huge stegadon had splintered their precious spider shrine and that damn skink priest had thus far been immune to his most vindictive and ugly glares. Though the rest of the battle was going well, the creeping fang would have few offerings for the spider god if things continued this way and ugla didn't like the idea of sacrifices...

The priest was summoning yet another comet, but as it was no direct threat to himself ugla did not attempt to dispel it, he had more sinister plans. On his middle finger, was a ring of spider teeth, teeth that could harness and then reflect the winds of magic. As the priest's spell reached its climax the ring began to glow and vibrate, it began to burn into ugla's skin, so that he began his own chant of profanities. Hearing the comet roaring closer, seeing the skink rise on its toes in triumph and unable to control the ring any longer, Ugla made his feelings clear. Raising his gnarled and wart ridden middle finger squarely at the priest and calling him an elf, ugla unleashed the power of the ring. Purple bolts of pure revenge shot across the battlefield and struck the lizard in the chest, punching through his scaled hide and making a mess of his inards. The priest slumped forwards with a gargle, seeing his last comet burn up in the atmosphere while ugla celebrated a new offering to the spider gods.

Across the battlefield, Nabba had been doing his best to avoid doing anything, however, he would later tell the lads that he'd just been waiting for his time to strike. He did need a sacrifice for the spider gods though, and he wasn't sure how to get it. The stegadon running over the spider shrine had enraged him, and would be a great offering, but he wasn't too confident about taking on the beasty on his own. He was just considering that backstabbing a few of the big sworded red headed daemons would be a good plan, when he witnessed ugla's impressive and brutal murder of the skink priest. Nabba could afford a lot of things, but being outdone by his pesky shaman was not one of them.

Instilled with new courage nabba spurred his steed fido towards the roaring stegadon, which, spotting them, also began to charge. Seeing the vast bulk and enormous horns of the beast, nabba knew a head on collision would only end one way. Forming a sneaky plan in his mind, while the giant lizard thundered towards him, nabba waited until the last moment before making fido jump above its horns and into the skinks on the howdah. The puny little gits were taken by surprise and nabba and fido slaughtered them, while the stegadon was still trying to work out where he'd gone. Realising the spider was on its back the beast started running and trashing about, nabba was startled, but he was chained to his mount, and fido would never let go. Inching along the stegadon's back fido waited for her moment to strike, before plunging her fangs deep into the beasts neck behind its crest and killing it dead with her ruinous venom.

Looking up from atop the carcass of his newest trophy and seeing the allied forces arrayed against him driven from the field Nabba roared in triumph, the glory of the day, the offering, the sacrifice and soon the blessing of the spider god, would all be his...

Was quite pleasing to win this little league. I found that goblins can be really powerful at these small points levels with cheap and powerful units. It could also go horribly wrong having a top leadership of 7 though...

cb_rex - March 23, 2012 06:16 PM (GMT)
This army blog is shaping up nicely. I like the blue and red on the spiders they look nice. You might want to make larger bases for your Bolt Throwers that you can place the crew in, it makes it much easier for playing with.

Keep up the good work!

amplebob - April 4, 2012 10:08 PM (GMT)
Time for an update...

The drum filler for the forest goblins is finished. Think it came out ok, not amazing, but goes nicely in the unit.
user posted image
The unit is now 50 strong, so a good laugh to field. Though in my most recent game against warriors of chaos they got stuck in a fungus forest and failed stupidity 3 turns in a row. One of the few times i've been trying to fail an animosity test...
user posted image
Here's one of my spider chariots done. Its a simple conversion using a tomb king chariot. The other two are painted and based, just need some crew to arrive (40 more forest gobbos are en route from hoard o bits, love that store).
user posted image
I've also been working on converting up some battle for skull pass trolls with some ogre bits. I'm fairly happy with how the arms have come out, but i'm interested in ideas for making the bodies and faces different.
user posted image
Finally there is my night goblin shrine/pump wagon to go with my night goblin contingent. Cant really see too much of the detail yet cause its all black, but i'm looking foward to painting it (will be based and finished after both parts are painted). Its being drawn by a dunger from ramshackle.
user posted image
My shaman is painted up, just sitting in my shed waiting for the quickshade to dry. An i'm two colours away from finishing batch painting 46 of the old single piece goblins with spears.

On the gaming front, I've played three matches at 1000pts as my slow grow league grows.
I lost against skaven. An early doom rocket acounting for almost half my horde and plague also bringing the pain. But the squigs and chariots fought back and going in to the last turn, there were 4 models left, a doomwheel in combat with a bigboss on gigantic spider, while my lvl4 night goblin shaman, and the last model of a 50 strong night goblin horde were moving away. Doomwheel kills the bigboss in combat then uses warp lightning to kill the last two gobbos. 560pt swing in the last turn, ouch!

I drew against Ogres, my lvl 4 blew up 2nd turn and invincible single sabretusks accounted for my pump wagon and chariots. This sent my squigs and spider bigboss into a rage, where they accounted for most of the ogres and salvaged a draw.

I also drew against warriors. A huge curse of the bad moon taking down 20 marauders from a horde and the chariots causing mayhem. But his death magic general slowly stole the souls of my characters and my goblin horde were too busy being stupid in a wood to charge him.

We're taking a break over the easter weekend from gaming, but i'm hoping to get some stuff finished.

Any and all comments, advice, criticism would be welcome. Also, if anyone knows where you can get left arms with bows that would work with the forest goblin spider riders i'd be grateful. The night goblin ones are all right arms, most vexing...


EntertainMe - April 5, 2012 11:43 AM (GMT)
I love the dark red + blue colors for an army!
Really looks great in the larger shots.

Also, great idea to use Ogre parts on the trolls.
Not sure if I like it enough to steal it, but I'm keeping an eye on this thread for the painted pics.

As for make the trolls different.
for the bodies try adding trophies (chopped heads, skulls, an Ogre gutplate).
For the faces you'r probably going to have to use green stuff.
Most effective are making the teeth longer.
Other stuff is cutting the chin or filling up the gaps.
The gaps in the nose can be easily filled as well.

Small changes, but it changes the overall look.

Btw, this army is starting to look pretty great!


amplebob - April 5, 2012 04:50 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you like the look of it so far. I chose red and blue cause they're colours that I feel confident painting. This might be because they are the main focus of my Tomb King and Lizardmen armies, but i'm not a natural artist, so I stick to what I'm ok at.

@ Cb_rex: Yeah, maybe I should put them on bases, especially as the crew often find their way on to the floor when deployed under my elbows at the back of my deployment zone...

@EntertainMe: Thanks a lot for the face tips. Filling in the gaps in the nose should be within my capabilities and should do the trick. I've given one of the trolls an ogre gut plate, but the ogre models are so much fatter, that they dont fit to well. Changing the trinkets and trophies could certainly make a good difference.

I've been trying to mock up a mangler spider today, but 60mm suddenly becomes very small when you've so many legs and bit of chain to contend with... The shaman is varnished and waiting to dry before being based.

Have a good Easter people.

Morten C - April 5, 2012 05:16 PM (GMT)
You've actually made a gigantic spider out of a giant spider.. AND made it look good. Impressive :) Really like the rest of the blog as well!

Groznit Goregut - April 5, 2012 05:19 PM (GMT)
Looks good! I love the basing. The colors of spiders are good, too.

If you wanted some variety in the rank and file, you might be able to do something like clip the wrists at an angle and re-attach them at slight angle to give them variety of holding spear up. Or even just sit them at angles on the base! I like it, though.

Wazoo - April 6, 2012 02:37 PM (GMT)
Nice looking army! I really love the gigantic spider and the drums conversion! Keep it up!


amplebob - April 12, 2012 10:09 AM (GMT)
Woah, hectic easter over. Great to see such friendly comments on here. Thanks a lot.

I'm just off to play a 2k game against a mate, not sure what i'll be up against (he could bring ogres, dwarves or any kind of elves). But will be using the arachnorok for the first time, very exciting. Will post pictures of progress and respond properly to comments this evening.


First i'll respond to some of comments:

@Morten C: Thanks man, that spider took me plenty of time to green stuff into submission though. The legs were breaking all over the place and I gave up on it several times, but i'm pleased with the final results for sure.

@groznit goregut: Thanks man, the basing was a revelation of a friend of mine. He found cheap 1 foot square cork boards from wicks (uk hardware chain) for about £1 each. You can just break off pieces and glue them to the base. Really easy to drybrush a nice stone finish on the cork too.
Yeah, the spiders are painted red and blue because I'm very happy painting those colours, hopefully the scheme will transfer nicely on to the arachnorok.
I know what you mean about the regimented look of the forest goblins, I quite like it personally, having spent a lot of time with 1 piece models. But I think your right, variety would help the overall look, I'll mix things up a bit more on the next unit of 50.

@Wazoo: Thanks, the drums were a lot of fun to put together. The mad thing about making unit fillers is you almost feel silly "when am I going to take 9 models off in one go", but then you actually play a game with your goblins and realise there are endless situations for taking off more than 9 models.

So I ended up playing two games. The first was against my friend's high elves. He pincushioned the Arachnorok, but fell foul of fanatics. We ended up playing out a very close draw with a victory pts difference of 17.

The 2nd game was against a small, character heavy dwarf army. The archnorok did better, eating some thunderers and a rune lord, while the trolls brought the pain on the other dwarf units.
user posted imageThe rest of my army spent a lot of time squabbling, but I was actually pleased as it meant I could use my animosity marker.
user posted imageBut in the end I ran out the comfortable winner.

I finished my shaman Ugla, so here's a picture. Not the most extravagant paint job, but i'm happy with how he came out:
user posted image
The arachnorok is built, but I dont think i'm going to start painting it up until i've finished a few other things (and written some fluff for its hatching). Most urgent is good looking forest goblin warboss on foot, any suggestions of a good model? But I should really test paint up a troll or 2.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments.

Wazoo - April 16, 2012 07:43 PM (GMT)
The shaman looks cool, I really like the blue and red on the spider legs! His skin could use a little more highlighting but I am fond of over-highlighting models so it may not be to your taste...


Thitanium Prince - May 3, 2012 03:04 PM (GMT)
How could I have missed such an awesome blog? :D that's plenty of awesome ideas, the drums look amazing and the spider boss is a great conversion ^^
I like the modified trolls. Regarding faces and belly: you can easily substitute the stuff hanging from their necklaces, or remove them totally, you can convert the heads by adding some horns/bone protrusions, or adding lomg teeth like EM said. You can also try to make a greenstuff hood for one or two of them, or add some feathers, to make them fit more your army theme :D

azhagmorglum - May 3, 2012 05:26 PM (GMT)
Nice little forest shaman. The base on the arachnarok looks promising with all those cork rocks

Morkmillian - May 5, 2012 03:34 PM (GMT)
the forest goblin boss that rides the gigantic spider is a very cool model.
tho i havnt seen him sold seperatly on auction sites before so you may have to get the whole kit for him.

you could probally convert a cool forest goblin boss out of the arack crew to.

amplebob - May 6, 2012 05:27 PM (GMT)
Hi guys, time for an update, cheers for all your comments:

@Wazoo: Yeah, I'm trying to keep the red and blue through the army, glad you thin it looks good. I know what you mean about the skin, but i'm trying to paint the skin on all the models pretty much the same, (and using a fairly simple method) to keep the pace going.

@Thitanium Prince: Thank you very much, glad you like some of the stuff. Cheers for the trolls suggestions, definitely going to try and find some feathers for them now. But I'm kinda putting them off at the moment just cause I think it'll be a fairly big job and there is so much else to do...

@azhagmoglum: Thank you, as per the arachnorock base, I need to build it up a lot cause I dont have the little trees for the legs to rest on, not sure what im going to do...

@Morkmillian: Yeah, I do like that model, I just hear bad things about putting it together and i'm desperately trying not to bbuy more stuff. If I do bite the bullet and get it, I think I might use it as a goblin warboss on foot and convert up the gigantic spider to be a mangler spider.

So, I've been doing a lot it feels like, but not too much to show. First is another forest goblin shaman, Draba.
user posted image
Draba aquitted himself fairly well as Ugla's understudy in a recent game against empire. Draba cast itchy nusciance on a horde of 50 greatswords with warrior priest and captain, dropping their initiative to 1, before Ugla unleashed curse of the bad moon (large initiative version) and this happened...
user posted imageThose 5 models in front are all that survived. I like that you can also see warboss Nabba and the spider squigs munching through an archlechtor and his bodyguard.

Here are some nasty skulkers i've been converting for 45 strong goblin unit that is nearly finished and will be posted tuesdayish...
user posted image
And another 3 that will be in another goblin unit for the future (sorry for bad quality pic)...
(photo lost)

Otherwise my time has been taken up by plenty of these...
user posted image

Thats it for now, going to start on the arachnorok once i've based and ranked up those spiders. Going to stick with the same red/blue colour scheme, and just hoping it'll hold up on such a large model.
Obviously there's still the trolls, mangler spider, night wagon, fanatics, skulkas, rock lobbas, blah blah blah to be done too... I wonder where I can steal a time machine to get it all done.

Cheers for all the comments, really appreciate them, keep em coming.

Red Skullz - May 6, 2012 06:30 PM (GMT)
Now why haven`t I commented on this plog yet..

I really like the direction you`re taking and I`m excited to see more :)


Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - May 6, 2012 07:50 PM (GMT)
That seems like a fun bad moon curse :D, it can be quitte nasty sometimes. Also the nasty skulkers look nice to me.

Keep up the good work.


amplebob - May 8, 2012 04:25 PM (GMT)
@Red Skullz: Thanks man, I'm just trying to keep on this direction and not get distracted by other stuff in my other armies that needs done...

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Yeah, it was a good giggle, I just love combo-ing bad moon with itchy nusciance to really bring the pain. It's just tricky to roll up both spells.

So, a couple of things that I said I'd do the other day:
Finished old style one piece goblins with spears and shields. (not the best photo, they look a lot brighter in real life)
user posted imageNot sure about how competitive these guys will be, but if i'm running goblins, I have to have at least one common unit.

And here is my horde of spider squigs:
user posted imageReady to munch on any and all oppo that come's their way. Have a match against ogres coming up on thursday, so we'll see how this lot does.

Now that these two units are done I can try to quickly mock up, paint and send an entry for the community unit project. I dont actually have any of the common goblins bodies(have heads and arms though), so i'm having to think outside the box a little.

After that's done ill get to work on the trolls and arachnorok. Not sure whether to put the red and blue colour scheme from the spiders on to the trolls, or to make them green or grey. Anyone have any good examples of blue trolls?

Any comments appreciated, cheers.

BorkBork - May 8, 2012 05:03 PM (GMT)
very cool spider squigs.....but how on earth did you manage to rank them up?

amplebob - May 8, 2012 05:48 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (BorkBork @ May 8 2012, 05:03 PM)
very cool spider squigs.....but how on earth did you manage to rank them up?

Hehehe, yeah, it took a while to rank them, and the herders are actually poking out the back of the movement tray a little. To give them any chance of ranking up I used the cork on their bases to help with the height and angle so that the legs wouldn't get in the way of eachother and essentially made three levels of spider:
- front rank - put flat on a single piece of cork (they kinda stick into the enemies front rank, but it's not a big issue where I play)
- middle ranks - angled upwards on two pieces of cork
- back ranks - angled more steeply on two pieces of cork
They were a pain to hold in place while the glue dried, but it's paid off in the end.

I also have a bunch of the warhammer quest spiders which'll probably get dotted around to make two units once they're done, so ranking will become slightly easier. I should also really help myself out and make a unit filler too, but i worry it'd look more like a gap than a filler...

DaShee - May 9, 2012 09:50 PM (GMT)
That Spider unit it so good it give me the shivers! :blink:

Well done on such an effect unit!

Bolg - May 9, 2012 11:58 PM (GMT)
Great idea those spider squigs! and I love the look of it!

amplebob - May 10, 2012 01:59 PM (GMT)
@Bolg: Thanks man.

@DaShee: Thanks a lot, glad all the legs made you shudder a little bit. Hopefully it'll do the same to my opponents...

No hobby here today, been working far too much the last few days. But I am playing a match up against ogres with the spider horde tonight, so will hopefully get some good shots of them in action. Link to the list i'll be using: Any comments on the list would be muchly appreciated.


Kees (aka Ghenkadh) - May 12, 2012 09:05 PM (GMT)
Great blog!
Nice to see the use of the spiders in so many ways!
And some fine painting too.



amplebob - May 16, 2012 05:03 PM (GMT)
@kees: Thanks man, I'm enjoying the conversion side of things, but it does get a bit fiddly with the spider legs...

A couple of updates...

Have played a couple matches vs ogres in the last week. Got a big win against a tournament list at 2400pts, the spider squig horde performed ok, taking out some maneasters before being combo charged by to big blocks. But I did have 2 big slices of luck that helped the result when my rock lobber scattered 10 inches on to his bsb's head in the same turn as his slaughtermaster cascaded off the board...
In some kind of dice based revenge, in a 1250pt match for the mini league I play in, literally everything went wrong. The arachnorak was killed in two cannon shots, sabretusks took out my chariots, the 3 fanatics did a total of 5 hits on 4 dice, my squigs and main goblin unit fought with each other for the first two turns (so no magic) and then in combat I failed steadfast ld9 with a bsb re-roll. Table by the end of turn 3. Could only laugh at that one...

On the painting front, I've not done too much, my community unit project goblin is nearly finished (currently in quickshade). But after finally finishing some mammoth financial budgets for work, i spent a couple hours doing these conversions:

1st up is the fiddliest conversion ever, my Mangler spider. My fingers are covered in glue at the moment.
user posted image
user posted image
Its going to be a nightmare to paint too, but i'm quite happy with how it looks for now.

2nd is a Forest goblin BSB, made from a gnoblar and spare parts from the arachnorak howdah...
user posted image
That's all for now, but hopefully I'll get something painted soon. The arachnorok is screaming to be started, but its a little intimidating...

Loving the comments guys, keep em coming.

snotgit - May 16, 2012 05:09 PM (GMT)
Love the mangler spider
hope to see more from this thread
keep up the good work!

Thitanium Prince - May 16, 2012 06:57 PM (GMT)
Awesome conversions! The mangler is expecially nice ^^

Gornak - May 16, 2012 07:27 PM (GMT)
Loving that BSB and Mangler spiders really clever use of the spare parts.



Wechselbalg - May 16, 2012 08:22 PM (GMT)
Awesome conversions and the spider squid idea is simply stunning! :wub:
But why on earth it“s hard to rank them up? I have 20 spiders and they“re 5x4 without any problems at all and I just put them on that little stick that is meant to put them on.

amplebob - May 19, 2012 01:37 AM (GMT)
Thanks again for your comments guys, they really keep me motivated with this.

@Wechselbalg: The spiders are tricky to rank up because I'm using them as squigs. I'm putting a model designed for a 50X25mmcavalry base, on a 20x20mm infantry base.

As for the Mangler, its mostly a spider rider spider with a 3 warhammer quest spiders, one of the arachnarock crew and a lot of chain bits from bits and kits. I literally searched for chain and bought almost all of it. Still have some left over for the second one which'll use the Gigantic spider as a base.

On the gaming front I've put up a battle report of a 2400pt game vs skaven today here:

Earlier in the week I played 2400 against empire at a local gw. The spider was unsurprisingly shot off by turn 2, but the rest of the army did its job and got me a solid win. Here's a couple of action shots:
Fanatics bring the 6d6 pain on charging greatswords.
user posted image
Forest goblins and squigs fighting away.
user posted image

On the hobby front I've put some basic colours on the BSB but he's not finished yet. Otherwise i've finished my community unit project goblin, im not that happy with it, but my 3am single model photo skills don't help i guess.
user posted image
That's all for now. Check out the bat rep.

amplebob - May 20, 2012 02:51 AM (GMT)
I know this isn't hobby related at all...
I just got home, slightly hammered from my rugby end of season dinner, and I was voted players player of the year!!!!

EntertainMe - May 20, 2012 11:13 AM (GMT)
Indeed, that's not hobby related at all. That just tells us your not spending enough time on your army! Get to it Bob!

And congrats on player of the year! That sounds like quite an honor!


amplebob - May 22, 2012 10:22 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (amplebob @ May 20 2012, 02:51 AM)
I know this isn't hobby related at all...
I just got home, slightly hammered from my rugby end of season dinner, and I was voted players player of the year!!!!

Hahaha, saturday was a good night... Completely forgotten that I'd posted this. Still chuffed about it though.

@Entertain me: Thanks man. Yeah, rugby is something that takes me away from the hobby a fair bit. I just like that I have the opportunity to do both. I have done some hobby though, so hopefully that will appease you...

Small update really...

Ive finished my BSB now:
user posted image

Also had some fun on monday night fighting against 1500 wood elves, allied with 1250 warriors of chaos, with my 2400pt goblin list, and taking them down...
user posted image

Getting to work on my mangler spider now... Still need to choose a colour scheme for my trolls and arachnarok though... Would still appreciate any thoughts on my battle report vs skaven.


EntertainMe - May 23, 2012 09:06 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (amplebob @ May 23 2012, 12:22 AM)
Completely forgotten that I'd posted this. Still chuffed about it though.

Which means that you probably had a little victory drink. Followed by a rather bigger one most likely :D

Anyway, balancing warhammer and other hobbies is always a challenge. Good work for finding a balance!

Also the BSB is looking good. But I think there's some dirt on the edge of his base. You might want to get that.

Also the link to your battlereport isn't showing so people might wanna use this one in stead:

Also amplebob, you might wanna invest in a game table. This makes games much more fun.

Foldable ones can be stored away pretty ease in a 4' x 1' space (about 6" thick).


amplebob - June 8, 2012 11:48 AM (GMT)
@entertainme: Yeah, serious amounts of boozing that night. Thanks for giving me a fixed link. The game was played at a mate's house, where we put the bed supports on top the mattress to give ourselves a table. A proper table would be nice, but i've no idea when i'd get time to make it.

As it is, i've been struggling to get much painting time in since the last post. I have managed to put some basic colours on the night wagon and mangle spider, but that's about it. I've just been working a lot.

I've been trading my old bretonnians and have put a lot of stuff on ebay recently, but in one trade I did manage to get my hands on this little fella... He'll certainly find some work as a big boss...
user posted image

Still nothing new painted, so here are some photo's of some of the stuff I had done before I started this blog. They often get fielded in the larger games.

Night goblins. A unit of 21 with bows as a bunker for my bsb and great shaman has been really solid for me in all my matches. But most recently they managed to resist and then run down a doomwheel...
user posted image

Savage orc boar boys. Old, old metal models... You never know what youre going to get with this unit, animosity and frenzy make it very tricky to control...
user posted image

Night goblin characters. The shaman in red was the original master of my Orcs and goblins, Angry bob, the night goblin great shaman. He was made out of the battle for skull pass archer champion and a couple bits...
user posted image

Orc Characters. I love the avatars of war shaman, really has life to it. An the black orc is the old morglum necksnapper model.
user posted image

That's all for now, but i'm really looking to get a couple hours on the mangle spider tonight...
Thanks again for all your comments.

Vermillion - June 8, 2012 11:59 AM (GMT)
You've really done the AoW shaman justice with that paint job there, hope to see it in person soon :). Even the old stuff looks nice, and they bring back some momories!

Will you be doing some WiP shots of the spider to keep us updated?

amplebob - June 21, 2012 02:49 PM (GMT)
@vermillion: Cheers mate, was good to finally play you the other week. Your khorne warriors made a mess of the spider, but it will get its revenge, I swear...

So been a while since a proper update, i've been a busy boy trying to sort my life out and dealing with the prospect of moving to South Africa for a couple of years...
But, here is an update...

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Really happy with this model, and it is performing well in battle, but I feel like the paint job came out a little duller than i'd hoped, mostly pleased though.

2nd the Night Goblin Moon Shrine...
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Like the spider shrine before it, it is based on the battle for skull pass hut. The beasty pulling it is a dunger from ramshackle. Only real problem I had was basing the dunger, its tricky to get it to line up with the cork, and as you can see, I haven't been totally successful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Not sure what i'll be painting next, probably a spider to pull the spider shrine along. Still very afraid of actually getting the trolls or arachnarok started, need to sort that out really...

On the gaming front, Nabba and the lads have managed 3 1250pt games.
I was ruined by skaven, reducing my two main combat units to 2 and 4 models in the first turn via plague, dreaded 13th and doom rocket, ouch. Managed to avoid a massacre though which was nice...
Against vermillion's chaos warriors things looked to be going badly when the arachnarok was cut up like butter by the frenzied khorne tin cans, but the spider herd went on the rampage and brought home the win...
Finally I played against VC and was getting ruined by multiple ethereal units until a lone chariot managed to sneak around the back and decimate his necromancers zombie bunker, causing his entire army to crumble away.

Tonight I'm playing 2400 against empire again. I'll try to get some good shots of the army in action.

Keep the comments coming, really appreciate them, ad they do motivate me to get things done.

Thitanium Prince - June 21, 2012 05:13 PM (GMT)
Nice ideas and awesome conversions, I love that mangler :wub:

Pilgrim Pod - June 21, 2012 05:29 PM (GMT)
I just love this blog! I love the name of the army (I want to steal it!), the conversions and character of everything. It's a massive source of ideas and inspiration for me. Keep up the great work amplebob. Oh and get a shift on with that Arachnarok, I'm looking forward to it.

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