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Title: 1500 Goblin Party
Description: Need a bit of advice

Ironhide93 - February 3, 2012 12:10 AM (GMT)
Ok so, i've ran a mixed army for quite some time now in 8th and decided that it's time to play just a good ol' fun goblin list! I have an idea of what I want to run (i'll probably use it in our escalation league that starts here in early may) So here it is! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Night Goblins - (48) Full command w/ nets and 2 fanatics (269)

Night goblins - (30) Boss/Std Nets and short bows (155)

Rock Lobba - (85)

Doom Diver - (80)

Goblin Warlord - (General) Armor of silvered steel, talisman of preservation, and ironcurse iron (166)

NG shaman - lvl 2, dispel scroll (110)

NG big boss - GW, LA, Potion of foolhardiness (I had a extra 5 points) (41)

NG big boss (BSB) LA, shield, Banner of the bad moon

Wolf riders (9) - Command, bows, shield, spear (147)

Goblin Big boss - Wolf, Bow, light armor, Enchanted shield, Talismin of endurance (88)

2 Manglers (130)

2 Spear chukkas (70)

Goblin Chariot (50)

Total: 1500

The plan is to keep the Goblin warboss and the cheap NG hero in the front rank with the full command of the big night goblin block. The BSB will go in the second rank. I will put the shaman in the block of archers. I gave them nets a boss and standard so they can reform to 5x6 and maybe hold a round or two if someone gets near them.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks! :)

Boss_Redcap - February 3, 2012 09:15 AM (GMT)
You need a musician to help you reform not standard i'd drop the boss on the shooty unit

Noisy Assassin - February 3, 2012 03:05 PM (GMT)
Banner of the Bad Moon isn't all that great unless you think you're going to be facing a lot of BS-based gunlines. Otherwise the +1 Ld banner is cheaper and more effective.

I would use the extra points you used to buy the potion of foolhardiness to instead put a GW on your warboss.

Overall though, the list looks like it can be pretty destructive with 2 Manglers and some decent artillery, put you'll struggle to win many/any combats with NG's. The wolf riders won't be much help, leaving you with a single chariot to generate combat res. I suppose this could work as a sort of modified gunline where you try and pick off opponenet's chaff and maybe a single unit then go points denial for combat?

Ironhide93 - February 3, 2012 04:57 PM (GMT)
I have a boss in there in stead of a musc because i didn't think swift reform on LD 5 would work well (assuming they are outside the LD bubble) I put the boss in there just in case someone happens to declare a challenge. I may just add a musc anyway :D

Ok, i'll drop the Bad moon banner and add the standard of disc. What would you suggest for more of a punch? Squigs? Arachnarok? Trolls?

Ironhide93 - February 3, 2012 05:00 PM (GMT)
Oh, and the boss already has a great wep i believe :)

Noisy Assassin - February 3, 2012 08:22 PM (GMT)
If the Shaman is the only character in the bow-gobs then your opponent would be daft to declare a challenge! That would mean you can send your Shaman to the back of the unit, all safe from harm. Now having a boss to challange away really scary characters for a turn isn't the worst idea though.

As for punch units, Squigs A-Rocks and Trolls are all decent contenders, as are more wolf chariots and pump wagons. It's kinda flavor to taste when it comes to all gobbo armies and these things I think.

Cannibalbob - February 3, 2012 11:20 PM (GMT)
I like squigs for adding punching power. They have some advantages in an all-gobbo list. For the cost they are one of the most potent offensive units we can muster. They explode when they die, which with a goblin list will generally do more damage to the enemy than the goblins (unless you have your chariots, manglers, etc nearby). They are also immune to psychology which lets them ignore fear, terror, panic, etc. This means that you can use them outside of your general's leadership bubble if necessary - which is something you cannot do with Trolls unless you dedicate a character specifically to babysit the trolls.

However, trolls are more durable than squigs. You can pretty much take whatever appeals to you the most.

Ironhide93 - February 7, 2012 01:00 AM (GMT)
I would love to add a decent sized squig herd, but sadly i am lacking enough models currently. I only have about 15 squigs. I like the trolls but I have had very little success with them.. Ever. Maybe i'm just unlucky on the dice with my trolls. At higher points i'm going to add my arachnarok for some hitting power unless he takes a cannonball or 5 to the face :rolleyes: lol Has anyone had success with squig hoppers (for fun) My LGS isn't super competitive, we usually play for fun (we've had a league once a week for 7or so months now) , so I feel for that type of a game Squig Hoppers could be very entertaining. Thanks for the suggestions guys! :)

Ironhide93 - February 8, 2012 07:11 PM (GMT)
Alright ye gits, this is a revised list. :)

Night Goblins - (48) Full command w/ nets and 2 fanatics (269)

Night goblins - (30) Boss/Std Nets and short bows and 1 fanatic (180)

Rock Lobba - (85)

Doom Diver - (80)

Goblin Warlord - (General) Armor of silvered steel, talisman of preservation, and ironcurse iron (166)

NG shaman - lvl 2, dispel scroll (110)

NG Bigboss - GW and LA (36)

NG Bigboss (BSB) - LA, Shield, Standard of Discipline (74)

5 Wolf Riders - Shield, bows, spears (65)

5 Wolf Riders - Shield, bows, spears (65)

2 Spear Chukkas (70)

2 Manglers (130)

2 Goblin wolf chariots (100)

Snotling Pump Wagon - Spiky Roller, Outrigga (70)

Total: 1500 on the dot

Ok guys, what do ya think? Thanks for the help! :D

Noisy Assassin - February 8, 2012 07:48 PM (GMT)
Looking better! Now you actually have some decent ways to punch through combat res (as an opponent of mine with VC learned...a combo charge of Pump Wagon + Wolf Chariot + NG block = serious combat res)

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