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Title: Stinky's Tournement Army...
Description: An ATTEMPT at the Ultimate Tourney Army

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 10, 2011 09:53 PM (GMT)

You may have seen the thread in the Army List Forum called 'The Ultimate Tourney Army' (TUTA).
I tried to re-start the thread and build some interest to try and develop a competive tourney army. I really wanted lots of Generals to contribute but it didn't work out that way. I eventually found I was steering it too much which I didn't want to do so I thought I would just start my own thread and steer the list to my hearts content. :D
I have taken the list from the TUTA thread and added to it to make a list for a tourney I am going to this weekend. It is for 2400pts and there are 100 players so it will be a good test of the list. I hope to learn lots and improve it.
There is a comp of no more than 40 models or 450pts per unit.
The list...

Savage Orc Great Shamen General
L4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencers Blade, Obsidian Trinket 305
Black Orc Big Boss, BSB, Banner of Discipline, Shield, 132
Night Goblin Shaman, L1, Dispell Scroll, Ruby ring of Ruin, 100
Goblin Big Boss, Wolf, LA, Dragonhelm, Shield, GW, Potion of Foolhardiness, 70

37 Savage Orc Big'Uns, Command, AHW, 442
40 Night Goblins, Standard, Musician, Nets, 185
5 Wolf Riders, Standard, 60
5 Wolf Riders, 50

30 Squigs 10 Herders, 270
30 Squigs 10 Herders, 270
Wolf Chariot additional goblin, 55

2 Doom Divers 160
2 Rock Lobbas 170
2 Manglar Squigs 130

Total 2399

I've spent a bit of time building the army and I thought I would share a few photos along with the results of the tourneys and the things I learn.

So here's the army. Lets start with the characters.
First the General
user posted image

and from the back...
user posted image

The Battle Standard Bearer
user posted image
on his effigy :D

The Night Goblin Shaman
user posted image
Standing on a massive mushroom....not for Line of sight honest :cheese:

and finally the Goblin Big Boss
user posted image

Well that's it for now.
I apologise the photos are not the best but I'm really not sure how to take good photos.

Please let me know your thoughts on the list. I already want to do some changes but the list has already been sent in so it's too late. More on that after the tourney.


Stinky :D

Morten C - November 10, 2011 10:40 PM (GMT)
Hey mate.

Fine looking models you have. If you wanna take better photos here's the most important advice: Use indirect lighting. It's the easiest way to take better pics. Use white paper sheets or anything else to create a shadow shot in a good lighted room. Sometimes it's when you think the conditions are worst, they're actually best ;)

As for the list, it's fine I think. I'm not the biggest fan of all the expensive hordes though. I would rather have smaller hammer units (blackorcs, Savage Big 'uns, trolls etc), and big 30-40 cheap anvils(goblins, orcs). I'm sure they'll do fine though, I just like the flexibility of the other type of list better :)

My biggest problem with the list is probably that the main elite units are so fragile... I know they hit like ton of brigs, but they're terribly vulnerable to flank charges from chariots or monsters. They're very much designed for starting in horde formation right? so you'll have a hard time keeping them withing the BSB and general bubble? 4 big blogs, all with terrible LD. A chariot to the flank and you're stedfast on a 5 with the squigs unless he rolls bad. If you do this list i would suggest you go 5 or 6 wide with all units. Then you have the LD to deal with flank charges, and you can combat reform into hordes once in combat :) I know it gives you fewer attacks in the first round of combat, but you can't really afford taking the other chance, as it leaves a weak link IMO.

I don't get the standard on the wolf riders? Why not take a musician instead? Standards are to expensive to loose on a unit like that.

You have and excessive amount of warmachines as well. I know they are perfect for a lot of stuff, but they're not gonna do much against anything that isn't a gunline, giving you 2 rounds of shooting before you're in combat. Besides from that they're pretty easy points for any army with ambushers or who gets something through your battleline. Don't get me wrong. I think warmachines are great, but I think I would settle with one of each.

The Mangler squigs are perfect. They're gonna take a lot of firepower away from your fragile elite blocks.

The ruby ring on the shaman is okay, but it's only ten points less than upgradig him into a second level shaman. I think I would prefer that. Having +1 to cast and dispel for ten points is quite nice IMO. And I love the goblin spells ;)

Some things to think about :)

Thitanium Prince - November 11, 2011 09:40 AM (GMT)
Nice models, I expecially like the shaman ^^

mickkk666 - November 11, 2011 11:13 AM (GMT)
Nice models!

The list is ok,but I see a couple of things that IMO you shouldn't risk with them. The first one is to name the great shaman as your general. That can be a problem. LD9 with reroll is pretty cool, but your general's brain can explode or travelling to the chaos realm. Not nice stuff :S. Instead, you can include a cheap big boss.

Your BSB is kind of naked. I wouldn't go with a BSB without +4 ward. Just my opinion ;). Hope it helps!

Wazoo - November 11, 2011 11:25 AM (GMT)
Nice models! What model is the shaman, it's not GW right? Very cool though!


Morten C - November 11, 2011 01:38 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Wazoo @ Nov 11 2011, 11:25 AM)
Nice models! What model is the shaman, it's not GW right? Very cool though!


It's from avatars of war :)

theorox - November 11, 2011 06:18 PM (GMT)
Hello Stinky, that's some cool stuff! I especially like the skin highlights (Especially especially on the shaman), they're so smooth and just...beautiful! :)


Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 11, 2011 08:25 PM (GMT)
@Morten C
Thank you for your comments. I have taken some more photos using what I think you mean by indirect light (I switched all the lights on and didn't use a flash). Are they any better?
You're absolutely right to worry about the steadfast on the big blocks. The N Gobbos will almost always be 5 wide 8 deep. Most other things deploy as a horde unless I'm opposite better fighters. Everything deploys very close never getting out of Leadership range. It's tight but I've played a few games and hopefully can manage it. I'll try and take some photos of my deployment this weekend to show how it turns out in practice. It could be a disaster, in which case I will definitely change things a little.
I too don't like the standard on the wolfies, but I needed another banner because game 1 is blood or glory. I will probably hide them all game :)
I have to disagree with you on the warmachines, they are cheap and can take out a lot of threats. In my last tourney they were incredible...possibly due to luck. Perhaps this is a taste thing.
You're right about the ruby ring, I would change it if I could. I thought I could use the N Goblin's extra mushroom on the bound spell. I was wrong and now wish I could have that 2nd level and spell...baaahhh!

Yes the Shaman as a general is a risk, and the naked BSB is a risk, perhaps a risk too far. Having said that I haven't lost my general and BSB for a long time. I don't tend to fight things that are hard enough to kill them. I usually avoid those things or tie them up. If they perform poorly this weekend I will change it.

@Theorox, kind words but as you will see the rest of the army is a true refelection of my painting skills....average at best :)

Now for some more photos. The core are not painted to the standard I would like, they need a few more highlights but I want to post pics of how the army is at the moment. Then if the units prove good I will improve them.

The core

Wolfriders 1
user posted image

Wolfriders 2
user posted image

Night Goblins front
user posted image

Savage Orc Big'Uns front...
user posted image

...and with a slight angle.
user posted image

More photos soon but probably not until next week because of the tourney this weekend.

Thanks for the comments

Stinky :)

Kera Foehunter - November 11, 2011 08:57 PM (GMT)
cool beans!!

I love the savage orcs and the little clumps of grass :wub: :wub:

Morten C - November 11, 2011 11:41 PM (GMT)
Glad you appreciated the advice :) I'll have to say that even though I love discussing rules and tactics I'm not very experienced with 8th edition, so I might he wrong about a lot of stuff :)

I do believe you'll have problems holding a high LD stedfast line, if there is just a single piece of terrain, but like you say, experience might be the best way to determine that :)

As for the banner, do you have a breakingpoint of 2 or 3 with a 2400pts army? Cauz really you have a general, a bsb and two banners beside the wolfs. If you only have a breaking point of 2 u think you'll be fine without the banner :)

I know warmachines are great, but two are the same price at 5 trolls. I think those could come more in handy, considering the rest of your army is so agressive. but it all cones down to whatever role you planning for them :)

Morten C - November 11, 2011 11:46 PM (GMT)
Oh, and as for the pics, It's definetely better, and the models are bloody cool!, but you need to create a shadow for the model to stand in. It can be done with some books or a piece of paper. It's just to make sure that the light isn't hitting the model from a distinct angle and thus causing shadows and bright spots. There are some great guides at you can use :)

Otherwise ill try to explain tomorrow, as I'm on a smartphone right now ;)

Wazoo - November 12, 2011 05:18 PM (GMT)
Good looking models! I would have added another highlight to the goblins if I were you but otherwise they are real nice! Also I like the greenstuffed stones on the movement trays! Nice little detail!


Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 14, 2011 07:58 PM (GMT)
Back from the tournement and it's time to put up photos of the rest of the army. They come with a 'I rushed these models to take to a tourney' warning. However I intend to improve all the units that prove themselves in 'The ULtimate Tourney Army'.

Chariot with extra Goblin...
user posted image
...why oh why did I give it an extra Goblin?

Squig Herd 1
user posted image

Squig Herd 2
user posted image

Squig Herd 1 plan view
user posted image

Mangler Squigs
user posted image

user posted image

Well thats the whole army as it stands. Will post pics as I improve and adapt. After the tourney this weekend some of the units are out and some need a tweak. Most of the changes I have thought about making have come from suggestions from this thread so cheers for that.

Next Post...... Game 1 of the Valhalla tourney in Portsmouth UK :)


Stinky :)

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 14, 2011 08:46 PM (GMT)
This was the first ever Valhalla tournament. I was really pleased to see it advertised on TWF as there are so few tourneys close to where I live. I was even more pleased when I saw 100 people had signed up for it. This was to be my second Tourney with the the OnGs since I started playing with them again. My first was Cardiff Carnage and I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep going with them. The aim to make TUTA…
Game 1 (Blood and Glory) Vs Will Goodwin's Empire

L4 Shadow and L2 Light (both in 20 swordsmen)
War Alter, Engineer (10 Crossbowmen)
Pegasus Captain
Mounted BSB (10 Knights full command suspected magic resistance banner) Stank, 2 Cannons, Hellstorm Rocket Battery
3 units of 5 freecompany

Will is a good player, he has been the England ETC Captain and is regularly on the team and attends the UK masters each year. Suffice to say I was intimidated and I think it showed in my deployment….

user posted image

..and his annoyingly good deployemnt....

user posted image

(More to come soon)

Stinky :)

swampy - November 14, 2011 11:01 PM (GMT)
Hi i remember seeing your army at cardiff carnage i can say it looks awesome all those squigs are a fearsome sight! you got a good finish in the tournament if i remember rightly you were up on the top tables, i finished last but one which is good for me :D

Thitanium Prince - November 15, 2011 09:08 AM (GMT)
WOW that's a loooooot of squigs :o I really love those herds :wub:
And actually I love the entire army, looks amazing on the battlefield :)

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 15, 2011 09:52 AM (GMT)
Hi, I think I remember you at Cardiff and we had a few chats about the greenskins. I think I also played you at War out West (Westbury). If I remember rightly I had DEs and you were OnGs. I charged your Trolls with my COKs and you needed to make about 12 out of 16 regen saves not to break. Before rolling the dice you prayed to Gork (or possibly Mork) for the saves. Your praying was so convincing I almost felt you believed in the greenskin deities. Suffice to say you were in Mork's favour that day and you made nearly all of the saves. Made me laugh so much :D

Yes Cardiff was a great first tourney for the greenskins to go to. I was confident they would do well as the comp for Cardiff Carnage did not allow any Lord choices. I think other armies need their lords more than us and in that tourney it proved right. I managed to fluke 3rd place out of 59 players. That kind of got me hooked. Valhalla allowed Lords and was going to be the first true test of the Green Machine. Hope to see you soon Swampy :)

@Thitanium Prince.
Thanks for the nice comments, I really love Squigs too... :)

Stinky :)

mickkk666 - November 15, 2011 01:11 PM (GMT)
Your army looks pretty cool :).

Can you do a battle report against that empire army you showed on the pics?

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 15, 2011 04:37 PM (GMT)
...your wish is my command :) (apologies for the repeats from another post. That won't happen again)...

This was the first ever Valhalla tournament. I was really pleases to see it advertised on TWF as there are so few tourneys close to where I live. I was even more pleased when I saw 100 people had signed up for it. This was to be my second Tourney with the the OnGs since I started playing with them again. My first was Cardiff Carnage and I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep going with them. The aim to make TUTA…
Game 1 (Blood and Glory) Vs Will Goodwin's Empire

L4 Shadow and L2 Light (both in 20 swordsmen)
War Alter, Engineer (10 Crossbowmen)
Pegasus Captain
Mounted BSB (10 Knights full command suspected magic resistance banner) Stank, 2 Cannons, Hellstorm Rocket Battery
3 units of 5 freecompany

Will is a good player, he has been the England ETC Captain and is regularly on the team and attends the UK masters each year. Suffice to say I was intimidated and I think it showed in my deployment….

user posted image

..and his annoyingly good deployemnt....

user posted image

Will deployed in a corner and as you can see he has planned on keeping me at bay with Stank and Walter whilst he shoots the points away from me. I paid too much attention to the scenario and hid my wolf unit with banner behind the house on my left flank (not shown on pic). Mistake I should have used the 2 wolf units, chariot and wolf hero to block up his Stank and sneak by to the points. Still that would have been hard as you can see the building will slow the advance. Sneaking by was made even harder by my deployment. It was supposed to protect my Blood and Glory points (ie the savages with general and BSB) however it just slowed me down and Will was never even worrying about the Bood and Glory scenario. Will played it well and the Stank did it’s job with a most annoying irresistible time warp, doubling the Stank’s move so it could charge 24’’...
user posted image
...into the side of my Squigs, which then blocked me up good and proper and with one spell there goes any small chance I had of winning the game...Boo Stank!
Perhpas I could shoot and magic my way to points...
Sadly my expert goblin warmachine crew had been at the goblin juice all night which meant their shooting was terrible, they totally failed to hit the Peg Captain and managed to blow up two of the warmachines early on. :blink: The cost will come out of their pocket money...
user posted image

...and as for magic well I don’t recal getting any spells off, the Empire have such good Magic Defence. Will inevitably whittled me down to a 5-15 loss.
Still I learned a lot, Will was good fun to play and I was then itching to play another Empire player to play out the things I had learned which are…
1) Rush Empire (Hand of Gork could help)
2) Fire D Diver at Peg Captian then Walter. As it’s a template I believe it does double hits.(not sure can someone confirm how hits from a D Diver are allocated on Lectar and Alter?
3) Hide D Diver from Cannons as they are better than Lobba Vs Empire.
4) Stank is just wrong. :cheese:
5) You need to play good players to get better and not just theory hammer in your head :rolleyes:
6) All units should deploy 5 wide so you can slip by the Stank.

Next Game 2 (Skaven in the Mist...)

Stinky :)

Wazoo - November 15, 2011 10:35 PM (GMT)
Nice army, I like the squigs, normal and mangler! What did you use for the riders on the manglers?


Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 19, 2011 05:39 PM (GMT)
@Wazoo I think the Manglar models are rackams minatures but I can't find them on the site so I'm at a loss there sorry...

Game 2 (Fog of War)
Skaven Steve Akinlade
Going into this battle I was feeling a little disheartened tournament wise. There’s little worse than opening a tourney with a loss. I felt the chances were that I wouldn’t do very well in this tourney as I couldn’t see me winning 4 games in a row from here to finish in a decent position, I would just have to enjoy the experience and try and learn as much as possible. So I pushed my doom and gloom aside only to be faced with a new gloom…. The fog of war!!!!
I’m sure most are familiar with this idea but I’ll briefly explain for those that don’t. Roll for sides and the winner draws a map of the table and it’s terrain and on the map draw your proposed deployment. The opponent then deploys his whole army on the table, finally the player that drew the map then deploys his army as the map details and we all laugh at how ridiculous the coming fight will be. I chose sides and whilst drawing my map I stared very hard at my savages and the right side of my deployment and kept doing this and pretending to draw in the right side of my paper. I even motioned how they would move. All my true drawings were done under the table out of sight. When I was done I placed my map in my army book and went to powder my nose (It’s sweaty work being a general). When I came back Steve had deployed…
user posted image

Steve had a nice looking army and was great fun to play, he was a very relaxed guy. His List…
Grey Seer, BSB (35 Clanrats), Warlaord on bonebreaker (30 Stormvermin), L2 Engineer (40 Slaves), another 40 slaves, Hellpit, Warplighning Cannon, 30 Plaguemonks with plague priest and Furnace and 2 units of Gutter Runners.
Steve had deployed his whole army trying to guess what I had drawn, when he finished I showed him my map...
user posted image
Steve found my attempt at a map childish and laughed a lot at it(some people just don't get post impressionism)
and then I deployed.
user posted image
I was chuffed to see the plaguemonks all on their own. Did he place them there because of my mind games? He assured me no but rather he thought I would naturally want to deploy in the space opposite. I felt I had a tactical advantage here and I was sure I could rush his army and kill it before the furnace swung around. He went first and did very little. On my first turn I was aware if I could get some good animosity rolls I was going to rush him. This would be good, my finest hour. And then it happened. I rolled a 1 for animosity on left the squig unit, the result was another 1 so both squgs units squabbled. I then rolled a 1 on savages, not a problem they lost some Orcs due to quell, then I rolled a 1 on the N Goblins who squabbled, followed by the roll of a 1 on the wolf unit behind the savages, which rolled a 1 on the animosity table to cause my savages to squabble again aarrgh! The only unit not squabbling was my right most unit of wolfs. So with no magic and Shooting doing nothing, that will be my Turn 1 over then. What a shame. Steve thought this was hilarious as he was now given a second quick go to magic and shoot me. However once turn 2 was in play it all went well. I took a few wounds off of the Hellpit with shooting then tied it up with N Gobbos to be flanked by Squigs to finish it off (who needs a flaming banner). Then Hand of Gorked (easily the best spell in the Orc Deck) the Savages toward the stormvermin, having nowhere to run they charged me and broke and were later recharged and fled off of the board. The savages overran into the Grey Seers D Diver depleted clan rats who were wiped out, the Grey Seer ran away and could not be caught but he later copped a foot of Gork to the head. The Plaguemonks were very distracted by my wolfs and eventually they had a nice wolf stew and made some fine Sparkling Wolf Champagne from fermented Wolf Pelt and Eldiflowers. High on pop they didn’t do much else. 15 – 5 to me.
Lessons learned.

1) There is too much animosity in my army. Wolfs need to be sacked.
2) The Hand of Gork is a lifesaver. Basically when you’re in a jam or have skrewed up tactically it’s there to change the game completely. It’s the generals get out of jail free card. Imagine how good it could be if used by a well-rehearsed and skilled player. I think it’s better than Vanhels.
3) Every army must have enough diverters to tie up a furnace. With it’s frenzy and being forced to overrun it can soon be out of position. Try and get it to overrun into things like impassable terrain, it don’t like that much do it.
4) Skaven are a good match up for OnG I think. Bring on more I say.
5) 40 N Gobbos are good at holding up a Hellpit. Due to swift reforms you can pin the hellpit by arranging in a straight line next to it stopping it turning and forcing it to charge you.

Game 3 (Objective Markers) Warrior of Chaos

Wazoo - November 19, 2011 11:57 PM (GMT)
Interesting report and some food for thought!


Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 21, 2011 07:06 PM (GMT)
Game 3 (Objective Marker)
Objectives were deployed and shared out equally and so had no real bearing on the game.
Greg Dunn: Warriors of Chaos
Glen is a funny guy and he made me chuckle a lot. Most of his humour was based around the bad match up that he believed was in my favour. Wrongly or rightly his defeatist attitude, which he played out as jokes, kept me entertained throughout.

Tzeench Choas Lord on Disc, Tzeench BSB on Disc, L2 Tzeench 3rd eye, L1 Fire, 30 Khorne Maruaders Flails, 30 more Khorne Marauders Flails, 40 Khorne Marauders GW, 20 Slannesh Maruaders, 5 Nurgle Chaos Knights, 8 Tzeench Chaos Knights, 2 units of 5 hounds.
user posted image
Glenn was far too afraid of the Manglar Squigs and my Squig Herds and thus he advanced but always out of my charge range. I was confident the Squig Herds could take on the Great Weapon Marauders but not the Flail wielding Marauders. For some reason I thought that flails gave +2 Strength every round of combat so I too kept back.
user posted image
I also reformed 5 wide with one Suig Herd and with my Savages to minimise the damage the mighty Flails could do to me. After a while though the flail brainfart worked its way out of brain. I kicked myself for my ignorance and pushed them up. Having the Savages and Squigs 5 wide now helped a little too. This proved fruitful and eventually I killed all his Khorne Marauders. Sadly they’re not worth a great deal. Fortunately the D Divers had killed 3 Chaos Knights (to be later mopped up by N Goblins) and the Tzeench BSB. The Chaos lord was poised on my flank and threatened to ruin my Squig munching party.
user posted image
...but then I dropped a rock on the Chaos Lords head, he failed his 3+ward and I did 4 wounds. Game over at that point. One thing of note is during the combat between the savages and the Marauders I lost my BSB and N Goblin Shaman. Something I was not happy with as this is huge points. I need to address this. My favourite moment came at the end of the game when my N Goblins charged 2 Chaos Knights in the rear and beat them in combat, they broke and the N Goblins caught them netting a sweet 300pts. Good times!
13-7 to me.

Things Learned.
1) Squig Herds need not be afraid of Khorne Maruaders. Rank up 5 wide for flails and in hoard formation for GW
2) D Divers and Rock Lobbas will have a game where they don’t earn their points, they will be average in other games and then in others games they will change the face of a game by killing or severely wounding a major threat and net you close to 600pts in the process. Take two of each for maximum effectiveness or don’t take any.
3) OnGs Vs WoC is a good match up.
4) People are overly afraid of Manglars….but don’t tell them they’re not that good especially when I constantly roll low for the amount of hits they do.
5) As people have told me time and time again at Da Warpath my BSB it too vulnerable and/or too expensive. His easy death cost me getting a 15 – 5 something that with a slight tweak I might be able to change. More on that later.

Next Game 4 and Battleline Vs The Empire

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 23, 2011 07:50 PM (GMT)
Game 4: Battle Line
Chris Fitzimmons: Empire
I was looking for a chance to play Empire again. I felt like I was much better prepared to play them so when I found out I had them I was chuffed but I was even more pleased to see I was playing Chris Fitzimmons (or Fitz as others may know him). I have played him twice before in Tourneys (His WEs Vs my DEs and his Skavan Vs my VCs). All close games but more importantly both tactical and great fun. He’s a top bloke.
Fitz had…
Walter, L4, L2, Peg Captain, Engineer, 3x5 Detachments, 2 units of 5 archers (I think), 35 swordsmen, 2 Cannons, Hellstorm Volley Gun, 2 units of Crossbows and the Stank boo!
We both deployed slowly and both played slowly (not sure why think we were just chatting and having fun and time ran away from us).
user posted image
I deployed the wolves so they could block the Stank and hopefully I could slip by. Sadly the wolves squabbled so I couldn’t get into position. The Hero Gobbo on wolf filled this roll instead most admirably and eventually slipped past and charged a cannon. Another setback happened when he used his spell eating thing to get rid of the Hand of Gork spell. Shame because I think it would have been instrumental in getting past the Stank and into the good points. With my main strategy gone it was left to manoeuvring past the Stank. Not easy as my Squig Herds were constantly being diverted by the free companys and archers, but eventually I killed them and started to move in on the swordsmen. The Stank charged one of the herds but it didn’t look like it could kill the herd and so the stalemate was a trade I was happy with. My army began to surround the Empire and the Doom Diver took out the Peg Captain. Then in my magic phase I got a cheeky ‘Ead Butt at Strength 5 on his L4 and killed him. I think this was the end of Turn 4 and things were looking good for me. Sadly we had run out of time. This game ended 11-9 to me. Shame as I think I had the upper hand and was possibly on for at least a 13 – 7. Ah well fun game and much improved from my earlier attempt in game 1.

Things Learned
1) Too much animosity with the wolves. The Wolf Hero is just as good and possibly more survivable. Perhaps I should drop Wolves for Heros. They are the same points but come with no animosity and can character assassinate have better leadership and higher toughness. The downsides are less wounds and it will mean I lose 2 drops for deployment. Should I replace the wolf units for cheap hero Goblin big bosses on wolves?
2) It would really help if I had a good way to kill the freecompany. Perhaps the Hero Wolves could charge them and divert later…not sure. Or perhaps once I’ve killed the peg captain put all firepower against them.
3) D Divers are ace at killing well armoured lone characters.
4) I must play this army quicker as it’s costing me points. Not only that I must speed my opponents up as well.

Next Game 5 and Battle for the pass Vs VC


Stinky :)

Morkmillian - November 23, 2011 08:54 PM (GMT)
incoming newb question!!!

in the skaven battle your chariot and his abomination i think it is?? are deployed facing a flank.
whats the reason behind it?

army looks nice on the field enjoy reading the reports.
awsome seeing so many squigs on the table at one time :D

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 23, 2011 09:18 PM (GMT)
Great question, well spotted.
The Hellpit is deployed 12" in, at the limit of Steve's deployment. By deploying it sideways he gains an inch or so when he gets his free pivot in his movement (the :cheese: -ey get :) )

My chariot is at an angle trying to deter his gutter runners coming on (using their 'sneaky infiltrater' rule I think) in a bid to destroy my W Machine.

Stinky :)

enrgie - November 25, 2011 09:58 AM (GMT)
Love the batreps. Wish there were more pictures but your account of the important bits made it interesting!

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 26, 2011 03:41 PM (GMT)
Hopefully this final report will satisfy your thirst for photos…

Game 5 (Battle for the Pass)
Simon Adams VC
Vamp Lord L3 Infinite Hatred Redfury +3 A sword, Wight King BSB Drak Banner Steed, Vamp Infinite Hatred Dreadknight Hellsteed Blooddrinker Dragonhelm, Vamp Forbidden Law Shadow Scroll, 13 Black knights, 37 Ghouls ghast, 36 ghouls ghast, 14 skeletons, 3 x 5 dire wolves, Black Coach.
Sadly no photo for deployment from the event as I just plain forgot. So I’ve mocked up some photos at home with my VC army to try and show the important bits of the game.
At the end of game 4 I felt quite hopeful. Winning 3 games in a row gave me some confidence. Some of the wins weren’t much but I felt in control and if all the turns had played out I think the army would have done well. Sadly all my confidence drained away when I found out I was playing VC. I haven’t played VC yet with the OnGs at a tourney and as a VC player myself I thought his army could rip through mine. He should advance quickly raising his army faster than I can kill it with artillery. He should try and charge me in his magic phase so he can buff units to beat me in combat. If he did this I think he would eventually grind me down and win without too much trouble. My one tactic was to concentrate everything on his knight bus and try and take them out before combat. If they got into combat with a blood drinker vampire I would never kill that unit. Fortunately Battle for the pass gave me a chance to have more time to concentrate shooting on the knights.
Here we have my deployment…
user posted image
His deployment…
user posted image
The face off…
user posted image
Fortunately for me there was an impassable block in the middle of the table forcing him to split his force. I think he did the right thing and went down one side with the cav and coach to flank and support his infantry.
So in turn 1 advancing down my left he moved the dogs, knights and coach then raised 5 zombies to vanhels onto my mangler, but didn't manage to get the spell off.
user posted image
In my turn I decide to charge the zombies with wolves, the idea being to destroy them and overrun and be in the way of his knights, slowing them down for more shooting.
user posted image
Sadly this did not happen as I rolled so many 1s and 2s that the zombie unit actually survived with 1 left. Even after crumbling with me charging and a banner Bah!
user posted image
All the while my D Divers were doing a great job whittling down the knights. Despite the blasted Drak banner (which must have saved 10 knights) I think I killed about 7 of them over a couple of turns.
Eventually he counter charged the wolves with his dire wolves. Drat! Allowing his knights to get by. Double Drats! Then he kills my wolves and overruns towards my war machines. Tripple Drats!
user posted image
Fortunately his coach and knights then allign so that my mangler can bounce through both. (He was unaware how the mangler squig can move through multiple units).
user posted image
Rolling well it moved through both. Doing 1 wound on the coach and killing some knights.
user posted image
Meanwhile on the left flank the Squigs were causing mayhem. He was too afraid to charge them and he was right not to until his lord was ready to charge on the flank. So I took the battle to him.
First killing his wolves with mine...
user posted image
Then reforming with the chariot behind to stop his ghouls charging the wolves and overrunning off the board.
user posted image
Then I used the same idea and moved the wolves and chariot closer and Hand of gorked the squigs behind his ghouls
user posted image
Now this caused him great concern and it took him about 20mins just to make his next move. I found this most annoying as I knew we would not finish this game. He was great to play, a nice guy but a very slow player.
Not wanting to charge my squigs he stayed where he was but was deperate to get his knights into my flank. He decided to charge them through my mangler and into the N Gobbos protecting my flank on the other side, in a combo charge with the coach. At this point there were 3 knights left. The mangler did 4 wounds on his knights, he saved 1 of them, and that was the end of the knight bus. Yay! He then completed the long charges he had and got into my N Gobbos. He decimated them but they held through steadfast.
user posted image
Meanwhile back on the right flank my squigs got stuck in...
user posted image
The Squigs charging in the rear wiped out the 36 ghouls and reformed to face the skellies with a VC hero in. The other squig unit did very well and killed many ghouls.
In his turn he had a powerful magic phase and raised 20 ghouls back and moved his VC hero out of the unit.
user posted image
Meanwhile his VC Lord, VC hero, BSB and coach,who had dealt with the N Gobbos, combo charged into my savages. In the combat phase his replenished ghouls defeated my squigs and overan into my Savages to get a second round of combat.
My savages held to allow the surviving squg herd to charge his skellies, whilst the chariot charged the VC Hero...
user posted image
My Savages kept holding until my Chariot and Squigs could charge in.
user posted image
The combat was intense with me losing my BSB and L1 however the combat-res gained by the combi charge was massive and I ended up winning combat by more than 10 meaning everything crumbled including the VC lord. Game Over.
15 - 5 to me in the end.

A pleasing result.
Things Learned
1) Hank of Gork is incredible
2) My BSB is rubbish, I was unlucky to lose him with bad dice (which was going to happen eventually) but he needs to be better.

Tournement result:
Well out of the 99 players I ended 23rd. I was pleased with this considering how little I have played with this army, and the fact I got thumped in my first game. I think with a few tweaks I could eliminate the BSB weakness that many others have mentioned. Losing the BSB, and not finishing a couple games where I had the upperhand, cost me dearly. Had I just recieved 1 more tourney point I would have finishedin the top 20. It was very tight in terms of tourney points from 25th - 15th.
I feel very enthused by this and have since improved the army and will post the slightly different and hopefully improved 'attempted Ultimate Tourney Army' soon.


Stinky :)

Morten C - November 26, 2011 05:18 PM (GMT)
Great battle report mate :) You army looks fantastic on the table!

It must also have been a very pleasing result for you, considering the fact that you're rather new with the army. Congrats :)

Groznit Goregut - November 28, 2011 12:22 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter @ Nov 19 2011, 05:39 PM)
Steve found my attempt at a map childish and laughed a lot at it(some people just don't get post impressionism)
and then I deployed.

I just saw this and will enjoy trying to read it today. I'm not done yet, but this part made me laugh out loud at breakfast. I get few chances to use my art degree, but that one was funny.

Good blog so far, but why not in the What We Wrote section?

Groznit Goregut - November 28, 2011 05:54 PM (GMT)
Finished the thread and really enjoyed it!

Yes, the most defensive BSB we can get is with Enchanted Shield and 4+ Ward Save. It would give him a 3+ AS and 4+ Ward. No magic weapons, but he should get by.

Did you find much use for the Ruby Ring? I have tried to use it, but either forgot about it or didn't find a use.

I'm really warming to the idea of a Goblin Big Boss on Wolf instead of a unit of wolf riders. I didn't even think of the Animosity, but I think it works better. Here is what I am thinking of giving him:

Shield of Ptolos
Dragonbane Gem
Gold Sigil Sword

He would have a 1+ save vs shooting, 2+ Ward vs Fire, and Init 10 to make him worth while in combat. There seems to be a number of fire mages out these days, or still a number of units with flaming attacks. He can resist the fireballs, but also stymie some unit with the flaming banner, too! If they have enough attacks, they can kill him, but if they don't, the gobo could keep a unit out of the fight for a bit. I could see not giving him the Sword as he is just meant to annoy your opponent. If you do plan on getting him into combat to assassinate characters, fast cav, or war machines, the sword could be worth it.

I just deleted the Squig Herd from my list as it was too small. I think it would be awesome to have a unit of that size. I just don't have enough squigs!

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 28, 2011 10:14 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Groznit Goregut @ Nov 28 2011, 12:22 PM)
Good blog so far, but why not in the What We Wrote section?

Yes you're probably right. I wasn't sure which thread to put it into. I decided my army was not only be going to battle but also going to be improved. Units performing well will recieve more attention, time and love and then posted here (as the N Goblins will be) and new units will be added (like a new Goblin Big Boss on wolf, just bought a tasty model for it and waiting for it to be delivered).

I like your BSB set up and your ideas for a goblin big boss on wolf. Far better than my old ideas, (love the wolf gobbo in particular) I have another idea which I will post soon, with my thoughts on why. Not saying my idea will be better but it solves a few problems from a different angle. I am of course open to your ideas and look forward to your comments on mine. More later but I'm a little more busy today than usual.....

Stinky :)

khordale - November 29, 2011 01:49 AM (GMT)
First off, I have really enjoyed your battle reports! Good picture support (makes it easy to follow) and I like the summary of your conclusions after each game. great job! I hope to read more soon :)

About your BSB, did you find that you relied on the Black orc "Quell" ability very often? Did it kill a lot of orcs? I have conisdered adding a BO to my LV4's block to prevent animosity, but haven't tested it yet. How badly did animosity hurt you over-all (mostly talking about your big blocks here) during the tourney?

Your LD8 (9 with banner) General is probably enough, but if you lose that banner of discipline (by kitting out your BSB with magic items) I think you will have problems at LD8. Frenzy is easy to exploit IMO and at LD8 it makes it very scary.

Great job with your models! Keep up the awesome coverage. :)


enrgie - November 29, 2011 01:51 AM (GMT)
Thanks Stinky! Really enjoyed your batreps - fully painted minis, nice terrain and good highlights.

Groznit Goregut - November 29, 2011 02:03 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (khordale @ Nov 29 2011, 01:49 AM)
About your BSB, did you find that you relied on the Black orc "Quell" ability very often? Did it kill a lot of orcs? I have conisdered adding a BO to my LV4's block to prevent animosity, but haven't tested it yet. How badly did animosity hurt you over-all (mostly talking about your big blocks here) during the tourney?

That's a good question. I've not found that Animosity really hurts me much. I've had people tell me my list building thread that I should have 'em, but I just haven't found the need for it. I don't really feel the pain when I do fail Animosity. If I'm close, I charge. If not, I don't feel the hurt too bad.

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 29, 2011 08:21 AM (GMT)
@Khordale and
Having a Blorc character in the Savages for me is essential. I need my L4 and L1 to be casting spells, at times his Hand of Gork saved games and created point swings. In the tourney I never lost the savage orc unit but did lose my BSB twice, both times in the last turn of the game (so I never trully needed to cope with Ld8 and animosity for long). The savages must have failed their animosity test about 5 times in the tourney in total. Each time quell killing about 2-3 savages which I thought well worth it so I could still cast spells. More concerning was when my wolves squabbled and caused the savages to squabble. I felt that one! With a turn of no magic I lost opportunities to draw out scrolls, thin advancing units with foot, get off that cheeky Ruby Ring on the advancing hellpit...

@Groznit Goregut
The Ruby Ring was nice to have. Only tried to cast it when playing against a Hellpit I think and it was dispelled. I may well keep it in to stave off etherials but more likely I will drop it. I think we can deal with Hellpits and Hydras with squigs and perhaps a little help from the N Gobbos, etherials suffer from our combat res due to crumble. I think next tourey I won't use it.


Stinky :)

Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - November 30, 2011 03:08 PM (GMT)
Had a busy few days and not been posting much, but I have a good reason. The snotling spores have been positively flourishingl in the Squig manure I planted them in. As a result I, the mighty 'Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter' have at last a whelp and air to my hoard of green skins...
user posted image
His name is Snotling LittleBoss EvenStinkierBedWetter :) hatched Nov 28th. He chewed his way out of his fungus shell and promptly soiled himself with a satisfied smile. That's ma'boy :)

I'm now off work for 5 days and have a few moments to post some thoughts and pics.

First off as I was saying from the Valhalla tourney I've made a few tweaks to the tourney army. Here it is...
Savage Orc Great Shamen, L4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencers Blade, 290
Black Orc Warboss, Shield, Talisman of Pres, Dragonhelm, P o Toughness, 247
Night Goblin Shaman, L1, Dispell Scroll, 75
Goblin Big Boss, Wolf, LA, GW, Dragon Gem, Charmed Shield, 61
Goblin Big Boss, Wolf, LA, GW, 51
Night Goblin Big Boss BSB, Flaming Banner 65
30 Savage Orc Big'Uns, Command, AHW, 365
40 Night Goblins, Musician, Nets, 175
20 Night Goblins, Bows, Musician, 70
30 Squigs, 10 Herders , 270
30 Squigs, 10 Herders , 270
Doom Diver, 80
Doom Diver, 80
Rock Lobber, 85
Rock Lobber, 85
Mangler Squig, 65
Mangler Squig, 65
Total 2399

The main difference is the BSB set up. I've concluded there is no way to protect any OnG BSB in combat. This guy will hide in the Night Goblin bunker unit mostly providing re-rolls. His Flaming banner will grant flaming shots or he may join a combat for flaming attacks but probably not. If he dies he is cheap so the extra 100pt BSB hit is not too bad. I still need Ld 9 so we now have a Ld 9 Warboss Blorc General. He's gonna be a bugger to kill and hopefully whoever tries will be smashed by him and the savages. Wolf Riders are gone and replaced with 2 cheap Goblin Big Boss Heros on wolfs. They could be souped up but they are meant to divert and die....possibly also they could get to a warmachine as well which they will do quite well I think.

So I now have some hobby to get on with...
1) Paint up another wolf character
2) Add 20 N Goblin Archers
3) A Black Orc WarBoss
Then it's on to improve the units that remain.
4) Improve the 40 N Goblins
5) Create better movement trays for the Squigs

I ordered a different type of goblin wolf rider from Gamezone
user posted image
He's not one of their heros in the range but I think he will do for me. I heop he's slightly bigger than a regular gobbo wolf rider.

He hasn't arrived yet so I finished my Arachnarock (well every painting blog has one)...
user posted image
Side View
user posted image
user posted image
Howda from the front
user posted image

I can't see me ever playing a competative game with him but I do so like the model and I will certainly play some less competative games with him.
Any comments on ways to improve? I've seen some nice blue spider-eyes in Groznit Goregut's blog (meant to comment but thought it was perhaps too long ago).


Stinky :)

Groznit Goregut - November 30, 2011 03:56 PM (GMT)
First off, that first picture is perhaps the best mini you have completed so far! Aces!

As for the Spider, I think it looks good! I do like the blue eyes I used (thank you, by the way), but there can be other options. I not sure, but I wouldn't rule anything else out. I think I looked at one on a GW page or WD for inspiration. You might want to bleed the black tips on the legs out a bit more. Water down some black or medium black-red out to even out the effect. I spent absolutely way too long on my blasted spider and I'm still not happy with how smooth the effects can get. It's just so flippin' big! Water down paints or mixed color paints go a long way to evening out the colors and making it look better. I also think a flesh wash on the fleshy bits under the carapice will look good. I was happy with mine.

As for competitive play, I have been really surprised by the Spider! It usually lives through war machine fire and is quite fast. You can get it stuck in and out of war machine's way pretty fast. It does fantastic against light infantry of any kind. It does not so good against lots of high S attacks. It can kill almost any enemy monster. Even medium infantry don't do well against it. Anything with Mindrazor will hurt it bad, but other than that, I thought it was pretty good in tournament play. I found it massive vs. Undead.

Wazoo - November 30, 2011 11:35 PM (GMT)
Congrats on the kid!

Also a nice spider!


Snotling Warboss StinkyBedWetter - December 5, 2011 02:00 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the nice comments :)

I think the first mini is my best as well.. :D
I agree with your comments on the spider and will feather out the black lines on the legs using the blending you suggest. However I will put that on hold for a while as my Hero on wolf has arrived from Gamezone and I'd like to make a start on it.
Here's the wolf part...
user posted image
I really like the look of the wolf. I don't know if it's clear but the join is pretty poor on the belly of the wolf...
user posted image
and on the neck and tail
user posted image

Now I've just ordered liquid green stuff from GW to fill the gaps. Does anyone have experience with it? Will I need the traditional putty as well? I'm very interested to see how well the liquid works.
I will try it and post the results.


Stinky :)

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